52 Funny Doormats: The Craziest & Most Humorous Doormats To Welcome Guests!

We here at Awesome Stuff 365 love surrounding ourselves with awesome interior pieces. From creative coffee tables and unique table lamps to the coolest shower curtains, it seems we have covered a lot of stuff you can use to make your space more exciting and inviting. But, how about the funniest doormats to spice up your patio?

However, we as a society, often forget about doormats and usually settle for plain and boring ones. You know, those that you see on sale in a supermarket. But that’s not how you ought to live your life.

Doormats can be astonishingly hilarious, with cool puns and funny quotes. They can make you smile every time you go in and out of your home. Especially if you buy the funniest doormats out there that will instantly lift up your guests’ mood even before they ring the bell. Interested in purchasing one? Let’s take a look at our curated list!

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What Is The Difference Between A Doormat and A Welcome Mat?

A doormat is a type of mat used to wipe one’s feet upon entering a building, while a welcome mat is a type of doormat with an emphasis on decoration and making a statement about the homeowner’s style or personality.

How Often Should You Replace Your Doormat?

The frequency of replacing a doormat depends on the level of foot traffic and the amount of dirt and moisture it is exposed to. On average, it is recommended to replace a doormat every six to twelve months.

Funny Doormats and Welcome Mats

What do you expect when you spot the funniest doormats at the store? Buy it or leave it? Well, you better grab one as they have the potential to make your guests giggle. They also have the power to surprise your visitors or get them in a better mood before entering your house. Don’t bother looking tons at e-commerce, our list below has them all. So strap in and enjoy!

#1 The Neighbours Have Better Stuff Doormat

neighbours-have-better-stuff-doormat - funniest doormats

To prevent your house from getting robbed you could invest money in securing your place, sure. Or you could just buy this doormat and hope that the burglar’s gaze will stumble upon it.

It throws jokes that you are somehow poorer and have nothing that your neighbors can afford. That will also be the perfect payoff for all the cups of sugar your neighbors have borrowed. Grab one and put it on your front door to warn the burglars!

#2 Drama Free Zone Doormat

Drama Free Zone Doormat

The funniest doormats are usually also the most relatable ones. Take this one for example. It might not render your household drama-free. But hey! At least you’ll get a wistful smile on your face every time you enter your home.

Well, sometimes your friends visit to offer some gossip around. If you don’t like such gestures to stab people in their backs, you better put this one on your door to let your friends know that you have no interest in drama.

#3 “Shut The Front Door” Doormat

Shut The Front Door - funniest doormats

If you’re on a search quest for some low-key rude floormats, then welcome. This one showcases a bit of a play on a famous (and sometimes very justified) profanity. Don’t know which one is it. Here’s a hint: it rhymes with “pat the duck cup”.

Moreover, this one of the funniest doormats plays a major role to remind your guests to close the door as your home is full of air conditioners, which they often ignore. But at least you try, aren’t you?

#4 “Every Day Is Hump Day for Our Dog” Doormat

Every Day Is Hump Day Doormat - funniest doormats

Pets are the constant source of joy. But if you find your dog’s sexual frustration endearing doesn’t mean that your guests will share your sentiment. It’s only logical to warn them in advance.

Plus, with this doormat, you won’t have to invest in the “beware of the dog” sign. Just put it on your patio and let the mat works its job. No one will dare to disturb a pup with so much pent-up frustration.

#5 French Bulldog Cute Doormat

Excuse My French Outdoor Coir Front Porch Welcome Mat - Dog Lover Bulldog Frenchie Exterior Door Dog Pet Rescue Lover Rug Doormat House Gift

Cute doormats are also the ones that feature cute dogs, that’s a given. This one, for example, shows the unmistakable profile of a french bulldog that just happens to appear.

You know, Frenchie generally throws tantrums no matter what situation he is in. So, before your guests ramble about your pup’s behavior, you better warn them at the front door with this mat. Well, you never know what your dog would be up to, so we wouldn’t be surprised.

#6 Keys Phone Wallet Reminder Doormat

Keys Phone Wallet Reminder Doormat

This is one of those funny doormats that you ought to have if you constantly struggle with your forgetful nature. Especially if you usually feel like a zombie but still want to appear like a functional human being when you leave the house.

This doormat will remind you of the essentials necessary for that. For this particular and crucial reason, we strongly recommend arranging one on your patio and front door to allow you to double-check your belongings before leaving your house.

#7 Custom Personalised Doormats

Custom Personalised Doormats - funniest doormats

The original purpose of a doormat (apart from keeping the shoes of the incomers clean) is to welcome people into your home. This one will not only do that but will also introduce your family to the guests.

Now your guests won’t be able to use the excuse “I couldn’t find your house” the next time they bail on you. Just read the doormat. Additionally, these personalized doormats would make the perfect anniversary gift.

#8 “Come Back When You Have Tacos and Booze” Doormat

Come Back When You Have Tacos And Booze

Seize the day. Take what you want. Apparently, those are the words to live by in our competitive world nowadays. So if you want some tacos and booze you should go for it!

Or at least let one of these funny doormats send a message to the outside world about your wishes. And a gentle reminder not to come to your house if your guests visit with empty hands. You better set up one in your front door and let your friends read it.

#9 Rap Doormats Gangsta’s Paradise

Gangsta’s Paradise - funniest rap doormats

For all the fans of the 90s rap comes this doormat. If you are on the other hand are Weird Al fan, then this doormat comes close enough to the Amish Paradise as well.

This doormat is so cool as if it depicts that this area is a happy area with no drama and chaos. But be aware of not being able to stay sober. Even if you would get it as a housewarming gift you would be reluctant to part with it.

#10 Coffee or Champagne Doormat

Coffee / Champagne Doormat

For some reason, we consider the funniest doormats to be the reminder ones. It says a lot about your personality when even your doormat gives you a hint that the first thing you need after leaving the house is coffee.

It says even more when it subtly suggests you treat yourself to a glass of champagne when you come back. Well, it’s happy hour somewhere. Put one on your balcony or patio and let the guests guess what happens next!

#11 “Kids Are Also Shady Husband Is Cool” Doormat

Husband Is Shady Dog Is Cool Doormat

You’d think that having a dog would require a “beware of the dog” sign. Well, this hilarious doormat sends this notion into the bin. Instead, it paints a colorful picture for any visitor.

It’s like both husband and wife lurking in the shadows and a dog sitting casually in sunglasses sipping on a beer. Also, this doormat somehow depicts the humorous character of your family so your guests will feel more comfortable hanging around longer. Well, that’s not what you expect, isn’t it?

#12 Shoes Off B*tches Doormat

Shoes Off Bitches - Personalized Funny Welcome Mat - Custom Coir Doormat - Housewarming Decor Present

Rude doormats are the best. Especially if you are a reclusive, grumpy introvert with passive aggressive tendencies. The swirly cute font used with the phrase only amplifies the hilarity of the whole saying.

You better put one on your front door to warn everyone, including your friends and family, to always take off their shoes or sandals when entering the house. Don’t need to say it out loud as the doormat does its best job to do so.

#13 “Drop It Like It Hot” Doormat

Drop It Like It Hot Doormat

Got a tendency to order too many things online? The least you can do is make the delivery guy smile with one of the funniest doormats out there. This is not the intention that Snoop had, but hey if the context works then why not go for it?

Besides, such a doormat somehow saves the delivery man’s time to just put it on the mat and leave a note, instead of shouting out of his lungs to call you to take the package. For that reason, at least put one on your patio to let him know.

#14 “It’s Always Happy Hour Around Here” Doormat

It's Always Happy Hour Around Here

This sassy doormat sends just the right message to your visitors. What’s the message, you ask? Well, this doormat warns your guests to be prepared for margaritas, gossip, and sass. Just what the doctor ordered.

You better let your girls know about this mat so they are aware that once they get in, they won’t get out without feeling happier. And also, it’s such a reminder to bring the driver because it’s impossible to come out sober.

#15 “Zero Fox Given” Doormat

Zero Fox Given Doormat - funniest doormats

Now, if this doormat just made you scratch your head in confusion then you are a beautiful cinnamon roll. If it made you cackle then, my dear cinnamon rolls, you already know that you and the doormat that gives zero fox belong to each other. It’s a match made in heaven.

We recommend arranging one near your doorbell to give that sassy vibe to your guests. Hence, they will be aware of the message you want to tell.

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#16 “Bring Pizza & Peonies” Doormat

Bring Pizza & Peonies

Ladies, if you love your peonies with a healthy dose of pizza on the side then this doormat is the right one for you. If you want to be as straightforward as possible about your wishes then the best way to do it is to write it on your doormat.

What other way is there? Communicating? Nah, doormat it is. However, you gotta know at what spot to have the best outcome. And if you ask what’s that? No better one than your patio.

#17 “Leave It On The Doorstep” Doormat

Leave It On The Doorstep

Age is a state of mind, not the body. So if you already feel like a grumpy old man shaking a fist at the state of the world, then this unwelcome doormat will help you live your life in peace.

Or maybe you’re just a 7-year-old that is Home Alone in need of a pizza, it will do the job to save you from unnecessary meeting with strangers. Oh! And it will work amazing for introvert like you who hate dealing with people. Either way, the doormat works. 

#18 “Come Back with A Warrant” Doormat

Come Back With A Warrant

Wouldn’t it be funny if police came to your house? No, let us finish. Wouldn’t it be funny if the police came to your house and saw this doormat? That would be the most accurate and funniest doormat usage ever.

Might not be that funny for you but at least it would eliminate unnecessary communication in such an intense situation. To make it stand out, you better set one on your patio where you have floor lamps shine on this mat at night.

#19 “Home Is Where My Doodle Is” Doormat

Home Is Where My Doodle Is Doormat, home decor, custom doormat, welcome mat, dog doormat, funny doormat, front door mat, welcome doormat

No matter how poor your people skills are you can be sure of one thing: your dog will always love you just the way you are. So there’s really no surprise that your dog would be associated with home, just like the doormat states. It’s simple logic.

In that case, instead of displaying one on your patio, how about setting this mat under your pet lap? That way, your dog will avoid slipping in winter or running out and in the house.

#20 Movie Quote Doormat: “She Doesn’t Even Go Here Doormat”

Mean Girls Quote Welcome Doormat - She Doesn't Even Go Here - Iconic Movie Quote - Funny Coir Door Mat - Fandom Mat

If you don’t know where the phrase comes from you really need to watch Mean Girls, asap. This is one of the most iconic phrases from the movie which only makes this specimen one of the funniest doormats for the fans.

And for that reason, it would be better to showcase this fun doormat on your front door. That way, you show the world that you are the truest fan of this teen comedy film.

#21 “Come Back with Beer” Doormat

Come Back With Beer

If you were looking for doormats with attitude, did you really expect to not stumble upon this classic? This welcome mat is as straightforward as it gets: bring beer or go home.

All that’s left is to see whether someone will actually listen to those directions. But if you want to make it noticeable, we have a quick tip. Set it on your patio, to the very front of the area. Install floor lamps that will shine on the mat.

#22 Hold The Door Doormat

funniest doormats - Hold The Door

Now, if you’ve never watched Game of Thrones, this phrase would just seem very appropriate for a doormat. Because, you know, door and doormat. But if you are a fan of the series you are probably already bawling with big ugly tears in your eyes trying to hit the “Add to Cart” button.

If that’s the case, there’s no other way than buying one and immediately putting it on your front door once it arrives. To highlight it’s presence, white granite floors or anything that has a lighter color is better.

#23 “Chewie We’re Home” Doormat

Chewie We’re Home

Are there Star Wars fans here? Of course, they are everywhere. This phrase was used in one of the most emotional moments of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Let’s just hope you feel the same way every time you come home: happy, and finally at peace.

To show you are truly a fan, consider arranging one in your backyard or patio that becomes an area where your guests often hang around. That way, you elevate the chance of this mat being noticed by them.

#24 Doorbell Broken Doormat


Do you know what the funniest doormats do? They prank your guests, apparently. Just try to invite someone over, hide in the bushes with a camera, and wait until your guest would be desperate enough to yell “ding dong”.

The video would be absolutely priceless! In this case, look no further than under the doorbell to set this hilarious doormat. Alternatively, you can also put it on your patio, right in front of your front door. So, you will hear them yelling out loud.

#25 “Beware of Our Guard” Doormat

funniest doormats - Beware Of Our Guard

Funniest doormats are great! But if you want to go for something more tamed and you are currently in the possession of a dog, we’ve got something for you. This doormat will gain more hilarious points if your pooch is a tiny little thing that can only reach your ankles.

In another way, you can prank your guests to wonder as if you have a big, giant german shepherd that is lurking and ready to attack unknown people around the house. Put it on your doorbell and see what happens!

#26 “Welcome To Maaa House” Doormat

Welcome To Maaa House

Continuing with an animal pun trend comes this doormat. You can rest assured that every time someone would stand by your door the welcoming sentence will be read in a sheep’s voice inside their brain, making it one of the funniest doormats you must consider buying!

It will surely make your guests giggle as they instantly mimic the sheep’s tone in their imagination. Therefore, you better put one on your front door to greet your guests and lift up their moods.

#27 “Oh Sh*t Not You Again” Doormat

funniest doormats - Oh Sh*T Not You Again

If you would rather stay put on the couch or bed rather than face any visitor by the door, this doormat is your soulmate. Someone really has to be well-endowed to stick to their guns and wait you out after facing such a warm and welcoming message on the doormat.

It will make a perfect doormat on the weekends when you just want to lay on the bed all day or watch Netflix and enjoy snacks along with it. Set it on your patio and let it do the job for you.

#28 Naughty Doormat: No Pricks Allowed

No Pricks Allowed 2.0 Welcome Door Mat

You gotta love the puns, the most sophisticated and often underappreciated form of humor. Just wait until someone confronts you about this doormat and you can feign doe-eyed innocence.

The word “pricks” has got double-meaning? Well, I would have never thought of that! Anyway, it will make an ideal bet for those who want to get away from annoying people or neighbors who often knock on your door asking for cups of sugar with no return.

#29 “Sick of People Walking Over Me” Doormat

Sick Of People Walking Over Me

Now, this is one of those unique funny doormats that combines a pun, motivational statement and/or apathetic attitude. The pun is easy to spot. Just take a look at the brief but straightforward message on the mat, ops!

But maybe facing your doormat every day would give you the guts to be more assertive in life. Or only push you to crawl under the blankets. Your call! This mat will make perfect sense to set on your patio, near your garden, where usually people leave dirt and grass all over it.

#30 Game of Thrones Doormat: Winter Is Coming

Winter Is Coming

For a Game of Thrones fan, is being called winter a compliment or an insult? Well, it is long-awaited throughout the show. But it’s also greatly feared, at the least, and hated, at the most. It’s up to you to give this doormat its true meaning.

Anyway, this doormat also depicts that the house owner is a fan of game of thrones somehow. Hence, it would be better to showcase one at your front door to somehow throw jokes to your guests that they are the “problem that comes”.

#31 “Nice Underwear” Doormat

Nice Underwear - funniest doormats

It’s not often that you come across such weird doormats as this one. Well, why don’t you impose this creeper of a doormat onto your guests? This guarantees more than a few laughs over this Comic Sans sporting charmer.

But that makes sense, doesn’t it? When your guests step on the mat, it seems like the mat can see…something inside. So, be ready to giggle but awkward at the same time when your guests spot it on your patio.

#32 “Warning! May Not Leave Sober” Doormat

May Not Leave Sober

If you’re the soul of every party or are famous for your mean cocktail-making skills, this is the doormat for you. The doormat itself is extremely eye-catching and the message itself, well… Let’s just say people will soon start coming by more and more often.

The printed message depicts that you will be treated well with beer, wine, whiskey, and all other fellow liquor, you name it. So, you better arrange one on the visible spots like the front door or patio to alert your guests to bring their drivers or someone sober with them because they can’t drive after going home from your house.

#33 “Awesome Dad Lives Here” Doormat

Awesome Dad Lives Here

This doormat is quite universal when you look at it as a gift. It could be a sweet Father’s Day gift that will certainly make your dad preen. It could also be a good-luck kind of gift for a fresh baby daddy.

Or you could get it for yourself as a pat-on-the-back kind of reward for all the parenting you’re doing. If you want to grab one for the dads in your life, you better find the right moments like Father’s Day, Christmas, or their birthdays to make it more special.

#34 Quirky Doormats: You Are Here!

You Are Here Map Pin Doormat

Let’s hope that anyone who visits you knows where they are exactly. But if they don’t, leave it to your funny doormat to be a cheeky little bugger. Who would’ve thought that navigation jokes would be so amusing?

Given such a whimsical and fun design, it will be unfortunate not to show this mat to your guests. If you have stairs to come up to your patio, you better put one at the end way.

#35 “Nasty Women Welcome!” Doormat

Nasty Women Welcome

Wanna get sassier with your doormats? Sure thing! Now, for someone who loves throwing sarcastic and satirical jokes, this doormat is surely made just for you. It has that “Nasty Women Welcome” sign that truly depicts what kind of guests you invite to your home.

In this case, we recommend arranging one on your patio or the end way of your garden path that leads to your house. You can also surprise your guess by placing it under the doorbell so that it’s easier to notice its presence.

#36 Nice Doormat: Be Our Guest

Be Our Guest

This Disney-inspired doormat not only does a great job of welcoming guests into your home. It will also definitely set them in a great mood, as Lumiere’s epic song starts making its way through their minds.

Having a warm greeting, there’s no comparable spot that your front door for this mat to reside. You can actually put it on your backyard’s terrace but then your guests can’t notice it.

#37 Funny Welcome Mat: Poop Emoji

Poop Emoji Doormat - funniest doormats

Funny welcome mats can, of course, feature some sophisticated puns or cool quotes. Or they could just sport a poop emoji. Why? Because an emoji is worth a thousand words, puns, and sentiments.

This one seems oddly fun despite the fact it is poop. But somehow, no one will be offended looking at this mat on your patio because they know it’s all your sassy jokes.

#38 “Can’t Talk Busy Napping” Doormat

Can’t Talk Busy Napping

There are people who can sleep through everything, whether it’s the neighbors having their way with an electric drill or a doorbell sound. Either way, it’s only polite to warn unexpected guests that you’re surfing through dreamland at the moment.

Knowing it bears an important message to warn your guests not to visit during the day, you should consider placing this mat on your front door. Thus, it will alert them to not press the bell or knock on the door but come back later instead.

#39 “It’s Gin O’clock” Doormat

It’s Gin O’clock

Yes, puns and poetry, let’s get this party started with this awesome doormat. Just lay it out before your housewarming party, ask everyone to bring gin, and amaze them with your telepathic doormat.

You can put it right before you throw the party at your home. That way, you allow your guests whom you invite to know that they must bring gin and other fellow liquor or they need to come back home.

#40 “Pardon Our French” Doormat

Pardon Our French

Now, if you don’t necessarily comply with social standards of “not swearing” it’s only polite to let people know in advance. This cool doormat will do that for you in the most sophisticated way. Swirly font and all.

It also makes sense if you move to French and still try to understand the language to put this mat on the front flat door. Therefore, hopefully, your neighbors will know that you are still trying to adjust to the new environment. Well, it’s one of the funniest doormats but still polite.

#41 Party Welcome Mat: We’re Serving The Bottle You’ve Brought

We're Serving The Bottle You’ve Brought

You know those people that you invite over and they come empty-handed as the most oblivious freeloaders? Well, if modern doormats are good for anything then it’s giving them a subtle hint that such practice is not welcome in your household.

This mat subtly reminds guests to come with at least sodas and beers to drink together. And if they don’t bring anything, well, you don’t have anything to serve. You do what they treat you. Equal, right?

#42 “Back That Grass Up” Doormat

Back That Grass Up

Do you know what this strange doormat references? If yes, then congratulations you’ve served as a witness to one of the most awkward decades, the lovely naughties. Now you can enjoy this sophisticated pun and one of the funniest doormats.

This doormat seems to give a warning to guests who like to walk through the grassy garden in front of your house and the grass litters the terrace and the mat! In that case, you better put one on the edge front of your patio that borders the garden so they can dust off the grass before entering the patio area.

#43 “Won’t Turn Music Down” Doormat

Won’t Turn Music Down

Say what you want, but there’s a special sadistic pleasure to be found in playing your favorite music on full volume for your neighbors to hear. They might not appreciate it, but hey, take it with the doormat, man.

By arranging one on your front door, your neighbors will immediately stop as they spot this message on the mat. Instead of knocking on the door, they will probably leave a note to you to reduce your music volume. It’s one of the rudest but funniest doormats you need to consider buying!

#44 Goat Away Doormat

Goat Away

We still maintain that the funniest doormats are the ones that combine puns, animals, and grumpy misanthropic messages. Oh look, that’s another one. Want to send people off even before they ring the doorbell? Don’t worry, Mr. Goaty McGoatface will do that for you.

Though it looks harmless, but if you check the message, it says “Goat Away” or refers to “Go Away!”. On days when you don’t want to see anyone, this mat is your true savior, no doubt!

#45 Joke Doormat: Ring Bell Win A Dog

Ring Bell Win A Dog

Some people adore visiting their friends that have a dog. The minute step over the doorstep, you can get a lapful of fuzzy excited dogs. This doormat would definitely bring in more guests of that caliber, no doubt about that.

Unlike the bold mat we have previously, this one is pretty warm to your guests. You can have one if you want to invite friends to come and join the party. Or whenever your host a family gathering.

#46 Fun Doormat: Babysitter Knock To Apply

Babysitter Knock To Apply

Parenting is a wonderful thing, yes. But even parents need a break once in a while. So if you’re looking for the unfortunate soul to take over the babysitting duties, this doormat can do a better job than any headhunter out there.

It also saves you from conversations with candidates who can be potentially draining and tiring. So, they can just tuck in their application near the mat like the delivery guy does with your package.

#47 “Wine Required for Entry” Doormat

Wine Required For Entry

This might not be one of those unique doormats that use well-crafted puns to ask for booze. But it’s as straightforward as it gets, asking for the good stuff right away.

Your guests will have no excuses if they show up empty-handed. They have been warned, after all. For a fair deal, you must put this one on your front door. That way, they will know to bring one or stop by at the nearest liquor store to buy the wine for the party.

#48 Push It Real Good Doormat

Push It Real Good

Want to get a song stuck in your guests’ heads and have an awesome doormat? Say no more. This funny doormat uses both lyrics to the Salt-N-Pepa song and a witty naughty pun. How can you resist it?

As it features the printed doorbell word, it will be best to set one under your front doorbell. Thus, your guests will know what to do if they have knocked the door but no one answers: just push the bell!

#49 Crazy Doormats: Welcome To The Nut House

Bass Pro Shops® The Nut House Welcome Mat

It takes special courage to admit that your life is a bit nut. But to celebrate it you can buy this cool doormat. If someone doesn’t get the joke, well…At least they have a cute squirrel to look at.

You can also have one on your patio where maybe there are some squirrel holes that are there during the fall season. In this case, your guests will be alerted that they may encounter some squirrels wandering around your house and that’s okay!

#50 Fun Doormat: Run!

RUN Doormat, Funny Door Mats, Funny Doormat, Rude Doormat, Gag Gift, Funny Home Decor, Housewarming Gift, Welcome doormat, Bachelor Pad fun

Who would’ve thought that such a short word can induce so much paranoia? Want to make your visitors feels as if they’re in The Walking Dead universe about to be jumped by zombies? Try out this cool doormat and enjoy the show!

It also makes a perfect deal for those who don’t want to see anyone today. Maybe you just want to take a break after a long working day that drains you. Just put one on your patio to let your guests know before they push the bell.

#51 “You Shall Not Pass” Doormat

getDigital Doormat You shall not pass

Often we meet people who don’t bother to enter our house without knocking. And you are too shy to remind them, especially if they are your family or friends. But, guess what? You can now reasonably do subtle reprimands.

Just put this hilarious yet bold doormat on your patio and let it help you remind them to respect your value. Don’t worry! Your guests who know you well will understand and find it funny instead.

#52 “Welcome-Ish” Funny Doormat

Doormat Home Decor Funny Doormat Welcome

There are some who, when they visit, like to forget the time. In fact, this will take the host’s time. Because of this case, this funny doormat will definitely work the job!

Featuring hilarious words, you don’t need to waste your energy to return them home. Simply by reading them, your guests will think twice to stay longer. But, you must alert them first by setting one on your front door.

Final Thoughts

The funniest doormats make a great way to break any guest’s laughter. In fact, it is fantastic to channel your humorous side. From the sarcastic to the hilarious ones, you can find any possible silly quotes wonderfully printed on the doormats above.

However, we recommend getting to know your environment, guests, and friends so you don’t turn the funniest doormats into something that actually makes your relationship with them awkward. Share this post, so that others know that such funniest doormats are exists!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What factors should you consider when choosing a doormat?

Consider the size and shape of your entryway, the amount of foot traffic the mat will receive, and the level of dirt and moisture you want to keep out of your home when choosing a doormat.

What are the funniest doormats to welcome guests you can buy?

It is hard to choose what funniest doormats you can buy to welcome your guests. But, a little touch of sarcasm seems interesting to be a doormat. For example, the “did you call first?” doormat is quite striking for those who like to visit without notifying in advance. Or, it could be the welcome-ish funny doormat that will break laughter and awkwardness.

How long does a doormat last?

The lifespan of a doormat depends on various factors such as the quality of the material, frequency of use, and how well it is maintained. With proper care, a high-quality funny doormat can last for several years.

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