50+ Cool, Fun & Unique Table Lamps You Can Buy!

Original, unique & cool lamps have the capacity to change the plainest and most boring rooms into an exciting living space.

One accent table lamp can bring in color and make it a thing to admire, creative table lamps can also showcase your personality, your pop culture interests or just show that you know what interior design is really all about.

To make your search for the perfect table lamp a little easier, we’ve compiled this epic list of all of our favourite table lamps that are unique.

Cool, Fun, Funky & Unique Table Lamps:

Hopefully, it will help you shed some light (pun totally intended) onto the mystery of making your living space a stylish and awesome place to hang out.

#1 Sitting Robot Industrial Lamp – Cool Lamps

Sitting Robot Industrial Lamp - Cool Lamps - Unique Table lamps

We kick off our list with one of the most creative table lamps out there? It not only looks great following the best practices of industrial design but it also looks like a small melancholic robot. The robot can assume two different poses. How can you not love this little thinker? Find It Here.

#2 Wooden Boy And Girl Minimalist Cool Lamps

Wooden Boy And Girl Minimalist Lamps - Unique table lamps - his and hers cool lamps

These cool table lamps look very simple and yet they manage to catch attention. Carved from light colored wood they come in two shapes: a boy and a girl. The red cord attached to each lamp only makes them more funky. You put each lamp on bedside tables to mark which side of the bed belongs to whom. Find It Here.

#3 Bleeding Liquid Lamp

Bleeding Liquid Lamp

Now, talk about unique table lamps. This unique piece of interior is definitely eye-catching, you can’t deny that. If you want to put a little bit of a terrifying spin to your interior design or just want to pay homage to Dexter, this lamp is waiting for you. It also comes in full white color, but the red one is much more…thrilling. Find It Here.

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#4 Steampunk Industrial Double Table Lamp

Steampunk Industrial Double Table Lamp

Steampunk and industrial style are gaining more and more favor in interior design trends and there’s no surprise there. Just look at these awesome table lamps for proof. Iron pipes merged together to create a stunning lighting sculpture completed with Edison light bulbs makes for a stunning piece of interior. You can even customize these cool lamps to a certain degree. More Info Here.

#5 Roost Great Horned Owl Lamp

Roost Great Horned Owl Lamp

I love this unique lamp, it creates a nice soft warm glow to any room and becomes a nice focal point. see also the matching squirrel lamp in the same style. More Info Here.

#6 Large Driftwood Table Lamp

Large Driftwood Table Lamp - definitely a unique table lamp - some would say that these are very cool lamps

If you’re looking for large table lamps for a living room that will bring in fresh and nautical feeling to the room, we’ve got just the one for you. This amazing lamp has this raw and effortless look that will add charm to any room that aims for a beach inspired decor. Find It Here.

#7 Geometric LED Camel Lamp

Geometric LED Camel Lamp - Cool Lamps - Unique Table Lamps

Small decorative table lamps might not light up the whole space by themselves, but they can certainly manage to be eye-catching pieces of decor. Although completely flat, this acrylic glass lamp looks like a 3D rendering of a camel which in itself makes it cool and unique. Find It Here.

#8 Bastien Unique Table Lamps 

Bastien Unique Table Lamps - Cool Lamps

This is the ultimate statement-making piece for a contemporary room. The edgy geometric patterns and the unique blend of materials and color all serve to make it outstanding, the ultimate addition to your décor collection. More Info Here.More Info Here.

#9 White Quartz Crystal Table Lamp

White Quartz Crystal Table Lamp

If you have lots of space in your apartment or house, then you can afford to have big and bold pieces of interior used in decorating your space. Very large table lamps can do wonders to a room that feels too empty. Especially if it’s a lamp like this one. It utilizes a huge white quartz crystal to create a minimalist yet breathtaking piece of lighting art. Find It Here.

#10 Bowler Hat Table Lamp

Bowler Hat Table Lamp

These unique table lamps look extremely fun even though they feature just bowler hats placed on a pole. Maybe it’s just the Charlie Chaplin connotations that they invoke. Even so, these cool lamps would be a perfect addition to any house that boasts modern decor. Plus, you can ‘tip’ the hat to adjust the lighting angle, and isn’t that cool? Find It Here.

#11 Geometric Wooden Reading Lamp

Geometric Wooden Reading Lamp

This little buddy looks like it’s the older brother of that jumping lamp from the Pixar intro. This cool lamp manages to stand out among others since its shape tricks you into thinking of plain silver desk lamps, but what you actually get is a stunning wooden piece of interior. Use it as a desk or a bedside lamp and enjoy. Find It Here.

#12 Industrial Iron Pipe Lamp

Industrial Iron Pipe Lamp - Unique Table lamps

These cool lamps are made out of several connected iron pipes and rustic wood with an Edison light bulb playing the role of a metaphorical cherry on top of this industrial-styled perfection of a unique table lamp. If you’re looking for unique table lamps that will bring more character to your room, this one is definitely it. Find It Here.

#13 Wooden Tripod Desk Lamp 

Wooden Tripod Unique Table Lamp - Cool Lamps

Unique table lamps don’t come any more remarkable than this! Its tripod stand is inspired by spider legs and makes it almost come to life. It is a most outstanding choice for nature lovers perfect for sprucing up your space. More Info Here.

#14 Pac-Man Ghost Sound Activated USB Lamp

Pac-Man Ghost Sound Activated USB Lamp

When it comes to funky unique table lamps, this little Pac-Man ghost takes the cake. All of them. This lamp can glow in 16 different colors by itself when turned on. You can also switch it to “Party” mode and the change in color will depend on the level of sound that surrounds it. Powered by micro-USB. Find It Here.

#15 The Kubec Desk Lamp 

The Kubec Desk Lamp

This classic lamp design is not going anywhere anytime soon so hop on and find a spot. The architectural blocks provide a timeless and alluring silhouette that would look amazing against any interior design. More Info Here.

#16 Handmade Wooden Burnt Lamp

Handmade Wooden Burnt Lamp - Unique Table Lamps - Cool Lamps

Unique table lamps can sometimes have a different meaning to different owners. Some of you might think that this interesting lamp has something in common with Minecraft. Others can argue that the inspiration for this lamp has been drawn from creepy horror movies. Either way, this lamp is one of a kind and is definitely worth your attention. Find It Here.

#17 Wooden Retro Box Table Lamps

Wooden Retro Box Table Lamps

These sweet tiny table lamps can not leave you indifferent. They combine both retro and modern styles to give you a unique table lamp that looks like a small retro speaker and can be an integral part of any decor. The variety of pastel colors to choose from is only an added bonus. Find It Here.

#18 Bird Cage Unique Table Lamp

Bird Cage Unique Table Lamp - Cool Lamps

This is one of the most creative table lamps out there since it not only plays the role of a lamp but also is in itself a small art installation. The copper base of the lamp stores a variety of lifelike birds inside and makes it look absolutely charming. It would be a great addition to any room that needs a touch of joy and color. Find It Here.

#19 Lower Ballinderry Desk Lamp 

Lower Ballinderry Desk Lamp - Cool Lamps

The curved walnut neck and stylish metal shade give this lamp an impressive staying power. It combines style and function as the top is adjustable for the perfect reading experience. It is an impressive way to add warmth to any room. More Info Here.

#20 Transparent Leaves Plant Night Light

Transparent Leaves Plant Night Light

If you’re looking for accent cool lamps for bedroom then consider this beautiful piece of art that also serves as a unique night light. The transparent leaves of this “plant” conduct the LED light through engraved veins and give out a soft green glow. In daylight, the lamp looks just as unique as it does at night. Find It Here.

#21 Stacking Tetris Lights

Stacking Tetris Lights

This is one of the most fun and funky table lamps a fan of retro video games can ask for. The Tetris pieces light up only on contact with other pieces. It allows you to stack them in multiple combinations, which makes a perfect activity for wasting time and yet having an infinite amount of fun. Find It Here.

#22 Mid Century Wooden Table Lamp 

Mid Century Wooden Unique Table Lamp - Cool Lamps

This wooden table lamp creates an enduring profile to suit any traditional room. Its base is charming and highly elegant, the ultimate way to complement your interior and make a bold design statement while at it. More Info Here.

#23 Wooden Steampunk Table Lamp 

Wooden Steampunk Unique Table Lamp - Cool Lamps

These robot-inspired unique table lamps use a playful design to create impressive utility. The multiple adjustable positions make them quite handy while also creating the impression of a being from another dimension. More Info Here.

#24 Industrial Charging Station Lamp

Industrial Charging Station Lamp

Looking for the perfect unique present for your boyfriend? Well, if you’re still not satisfied with what you have found so far, this lamp might do the trick. This is one of those retro table lamps that can serve him not only as a cool light source but can also double as a charging station. Made out of the re-purposed electrical box with safety plugs it certainly looks both cool and useful. Find It Here.

#25 Color Changing DeLorean Table Lamp

Color Changing DeLorean Table Lamp - Cool Lamps

Cue Huey Lewis’ “The Power of Love” while you’re crying the tears of joy from just looking at this awesome lamp. This is the perfect lamp for anyone who wants to showcase their love for the timeless Back To The Future trilogy in a subtle but cool way. Find It Here.

#26 Steampunk Art Sculpture Lamp

Steampunk Art Sculpture Lamp

On this list, you’ve seen several unique table lamp inspired by steampunk and industrial style. But this one takes it to a whole other level. You can spend hours studying every single detail of this installation, fiddling with the rotary master switch and just admiring the overall look of it. In addition to being a piece of industrial art, it’s also a table lamp. How convenient. Find It Here.

#27 Bunderberg Desk Lamp 

Bunderberg Desk Lamp

This statement piece is ideal for setting up the right ambiance and good old task lighting. It also adds a sparkle to your room of choice, being a simple minimalistic centerpiece that is alluring in every way you will absolutely love these cool lamps. More Info Here. 

#28 Multi-colored Bubble Tree – Unique Table Lamp

Multicolored Bubble Tree Table Lamp - Cool lamps

Looking for ways to make your room pop with bright enticing colors? This lamp will do the trick. It looks like a small magical tree with colorful bubbles mounted on top of a bronze base. This is also one of those creative table lamps that will look organic and in place in any room of the house. Find It Here.

#29 Harry Potter Triwizard Cup Lamp

Harry Potter Triwizard Cup Lamp

“Harry, did you put your name in the Goblet of Fire!?” This is the one quote that Harry Potter fans will never forget. But in the movie, where this phrase got slaughtered we’ve also witnessed some brilliant pieces of design. Like this Triwizard Tournament Cup that can now be your table lamp. Find It Here.

#30 Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp

This is one of those unique table lamps that not only looks incredibly good but can also have a positive influence on your health and environment. It also emanates a soothing calming glow that you will appreciate when you just want to relax and forget about all the things that have been troubling you lately. Find It Here.

#31 Anamaria Tochiere Table Lamp 

Anamaria Tochiere Table Lamp

This is a deviation from the table lamp norm, featuring an impressive exposed gold socket that gives it a sophisticated allure. It adds visual interest to any space and provides limitless possibilities as to your choice of bulb. More Info Here.

#32 Funky Neon Cactus Table Lamp

Funky Neon Cactus Table Lamp

If you’re on the quest to find some mini accent lamps, that will not as much illuminate the place but rather brighten it up with its funky and minimalist look, this lamp hits the bull’s eye. This is not one of those tacky neon lamps you’d expect to see in the 90s bachelor’s den. It actually looks very tasteful and stylish with a bit of fun on the side. Find It Here.

#33 Vintage Electric Fan Table Lamp

Vintage Electric Fan Table Lamp

Now, this is a fine specimen from the “unique table lamps” category. This vintage fan combined with curvy Edison light bulbs makes you want to redecorate your whole place in an industrial or rustic style. But even without that, this table lamp will manage to become the centerpiece of the room and steal the show. Find It Here.

#34 Adjustable Wooden Reading Lamp 

Adjustable Wooden Reading Lamp

The inspiration behind this piece is derived from human body parts. Wood is the perfect choice to bring the design to life, making it a unique focal point that can be adjusted both in height and in direction for a custom effect. More Info Here.

#35 Retro VHS Stranger Things Night Light

Retro VHS Stranger Things Night Light

Netflix’s Stranger Things have taken the world by a storm but there’s no surprise there. The spooky and mysterious atmosphere of the series has been bottled up in this night light. Shaped like a VHS tape, this night light pays homage to the times the series are set in – the lovely 80s. These cool lamps will be an interesting conversation topic with the kids Find It Here.

#36 Rustic Metallic Fiddler Table Lamp

Rustic Metallic Fiddler Table Lamp

We just love those unique table lamps that not only look great but can also boast lots of personality for an inanimate object. Assembled from metal scraps and parts, this charming fella is doing his best “playing” his violin. This small fiddler adds just the right amount of steampunk fun to a seemingly plain lamp. Find It Here.

#37 Vintage Camera Flash Table Lamp

Vintage Camera Flash Table Lamp

Looking for some retro table lamps that can bring both vintage and modern feel to your space? Well, this one ticks all the boxes. With vintage cameras making a comeback, there’s no denying that this lamp will fit in any room. The clever idea to conceal a working lightbulb in the camera flash will definitely fool several people and will be a great conversation starter. Find It Here.

#38 Black And White Beetlejuice Curvy Lamp

Black And White Beetlejuice Curvy Lamp

Even though this cool lamp was inspired by Beetlejuice, the pattern used in its design has long-reaching ties in the pop culture. The Wicked Witch, Alice in Wonderland, Nightmare Before Christmas. The list can go on and on, but there’s one thing that stays the same – that’s one awesome table lamp. The kids will love these cool lamps Find It Here.

#39 Industrial Brass Globe Lamp

Industrial Brass Globe Lamp

If you’re looking for small table lamps for the kitchen, then this one might be up to your tastes. Even though it’s still made in an industrial style, it’s a more minimalist and light version that will look organic and stylish even in a small kitchen. Plus, it will make an interesting substitution for candles during dinner. Find It Here.

#40 Parfondeval Table Lamp 

Parfondeval Table Lamp

The exceptional simplicity of these unique table lamps adds incredible color and texture to your interior. The incandescent bulb holds a captivating allure that makes this a most incredible focal point for your space.  More Info Here.

#41 Hollow Log LED Table Lamp

Hollow Log LED Table Lamp

When thinking about table lamps you probably don’t expect to stumble across something as uniquely shaped like this one. Well, surprise. This eye-catching cool lamp is settled inside a hollow log looking like a glowing extension of the tree rings. This is a perfect lamp for a living room or a bedroom thanks to its interesting but subtle look. Definitely makes it on the Cool Lamps list Find It Here.

#42 Bat Signal Table Lamp

Bat Signal Table Lamp

If you crave some justice in your life from time to time you can always turn this bat signal and hope for the best. Or you could just accept it for what it is – an awesome table lamp that pays homage to our favorite Dark Knight, Batman. You can keep it for yourself or make your DC fan friend’s day (and night) with this cool gift. Find It Here.

#43 Industrial Wooden Desk Lamp – Cool Lamps

Industrial Wooden Desk Lamp

This ingenious design allows you to enjoy unlimited options in setting the mood for your room. It emulates the flexibility and utility of nature’s best to avail the ultimate blend of aesthetics and function. More Info Here.

#44 Miniature Saltwater Aquarium Lamp

Miniature Saltwater Aquarium Lamp

If you want your table lamp to be something more than just a lamp then this aquarium lamp might be the one for you. The LED lights used in its construction have the necessary spectrum to maintain the livestock, so the inhabitants of the lamp will lead a happy life in it. The fact that this minimalist lamp looks really awesome is just an added bonus. Find It Here.

#45 Mercedes Geometric Table Lamp

Mercedes Geometric Table Lamp

This beauty would certainly be a welcome accent piece in any room of the house. Its cool geometric shape and powder-coated finishing on the steel material makes this lamp a truly unique piece of interior design. Find It Here.

#46 Accented Rhino Lamp 

Accented Rhino Lamp

A perfect work of contrast, this lamp uses a matte white and gold blend to create an amazingly charming and whimsical effect. The resin and fabric combo makes it modern and sleek, able to go with any theme all the while standing out impressively. More Info Here.

#47 Mini Coastal Pebble Lamp

Mini Coastal Pebble Lamp

If you’re looking for a lamp that combines a simple lampshade with something more interesting than a plain steel pole, here’s just what you need. This lamp features a column of pebbles gathered on the shores of New England, which makes it one of a kind and a perfect accent piece for any room. Find It Here.

#48 Custom Retro Cinema Lightbox Lamps

Custom Retro Cinema Lightbox Lamp

These unique table lamps that look like vintage cinema lightboxes can be the perfect way for you to showcase your interests in a stylish and subtle way. Such unique lamp can also be a great gift for someone who you share the same taste in movies with. Find It Here.

#49 Vintage Deer Skull Table Lamp

Vintage Deer Skull Table Lamp

Talk about unusual bedside table lamps. You might perceive this lamp as a bit controversial or, for some, even disconcerting, but people have different tastes in decorating their living space. This lamp is definitely eye-catching, edgy, and, no doubt there, one of a kind. Find It Here.

#50 Minimalist Light Bulb Outline Lamp

Minimalist Light Bulb Outline Lamp

This funny table lamp is really the best way to liven up your room, not only with light but also with a tad of humor. A lamp shaped like a flat light bulb is a witty and clever piece of the interior that will definitely look great in any environment. Find It Here.

#51 Splyt Light Modular Tree Lamp

Splyt Light Modular Tree Lamp - Unique Table Lamps

This modular lighting system allows you to assemble the lamp by yourself the way you want it to look. It looks like a modern minimalist tree, but what direction the branches will take is totally up to you. If you’re prone to redecorating every month due to the constant desire for change, this lamp might ease your pain a little bit. Find It Here.

#52 Driftwood Humpback Whale Table Lamp

Driftwood Humpback Whale Table Lamp

Coming straight from Iceland, this is one of the most unique table lamps you can get based on the fact that each and every one of them features one of a kind piece of driftwood. Additionally, the lamp sports a beautiful drawing of a humpback whale and bit of facts about them. That makes this lamp perfect for a study room or a bedroom. Find It Here.

#53 Colorful Butterflies Table Lamp

Colorful Butterflies Table Lamp

This beautiful lamp is just what you need if you want something more colorful to lighten up the room. This charming table lamp features multiple butterflies that whirl around the light in an intricate pattern. It’s the perfect lamp for a bedroom or a nursery room. Find It Here.

#54 Custom Dinosaur Table Lamp

Custom Dinosaur Table Lamp

Funky table lamps can sometimes look silly but not this one. The lamp’s main feature are the dinosaurs that crawl at the base of it which makes it a fun and unusual piece of interior design. Bold and bright contrasting colors only make it much more special, but you can request the change of color to make it suitable for your room. Find It Here.

#55 Long Distance Touch Lamp

Wi-Fi Connected Touch Lights - Unique Table Lamps

These two unique table lamps are connected through wi-fi and enable you to connect with your loved ones no matter the distance. Give one lamp to your loved one and keep the other for yourself. When you touch your lamp it will light up the same way the one connected to it will. This way that one special person will know you’re thinking of them. Find It Here.

#56 Mr. Owl Touch Lamp

Mr. Owl Touch Lamp - unique table lamps

Yes, we’ve seen a bunch of industrial styled lamps each one more beautiful than the other. But this also has Mr. Owl on it – a charming little brass owl that breathes in some life and fun into this piece of interior design. When you touch Mr. Owl it will toggle the light through three levels of brightness or turn it off. Perfect for a bedroom or a study. Find It Here.

#57 Tamworth Table Lamp 

Tamworth Table Lamp

This novelty lamp makes a worthwhile gift choice to add some worth to an enthusiast’s collectibles. The polished copper wire shade is rather fanciful and creates a unique allure uncommon to everyday lamp shades. More Info Here.

#58 White Wine Bottle Table Lamp

White Wine Bottle Table Lamp

This is the perfect gift for any wine lover out there. Even though this lamp follows a simple concept it possesses small details that make it unique. Like the red twisted cord or the bottle’s opaque glass. It would look great in any modern bright apartment or house and would bring in some funkiness into the living space. Find It Here.

#59 Patton 24″ Table Lamp 

Patton 24" Table Lamp

Patton 24" Table Lamp

When it comes to unique lamp shades none comes close to this impressively cool design. The geometric patterns and the shade’s unique shape together with the color contrast between white and gold all combine to create the ultimate conversation piece. More Info Here.

#60 Game Of Thrones Longclaw Table Lamp

Game Of Thrones Longclaw Table Lamp - unique table lamp

No list of anything cool would be complete without throwing Game of Thrones into the mix, sorry it’s a fact.  Any loyal fan of the franchise that’s in the middle of redecorating would admit that this truly is a cool lamp.

Plus, you never know when you might need Longclaw to protect you from the wights. Find It Here.

#61 Vengeance Table Lamp

unique table lamps

The vengeance table lamp is a truly unique lamp that deserves a spot on this list, it represents “seeking retribution” She is fighting back to reclaim what is rightfully hers!

Featuring the brass hands grasping the marble column, this quality lamp deserves your consideration. Get it Here

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