25 Amazing and Unique Table Numbers for Special Event

Table number is a necessary article, whether it’s your perfect wedding that you anticipated soon or maybe a well-decorated restaurant of your own. However, deciding decent or even unforgettable table numbers at your guest’s table might be a tough job. It might look like a small item, but how many times have you heard about a fight at a wedding just because of problems caused by the table number?

Don’t worry, because we got your back! Here is the list of 25 unique table numbers for you to consider. Take a deep breath and try to match the table number one by one to your decoration, or maybe, these table numbers will give you more illustration of how your special day would be. Decide the most suitable table number for your personality!

DIY Unique Table Numbers 

Sometimes, it is hard to find a suitable table number seller that will provide everything you want. Even if you find one, the budget might not be ideal for your financial plan for the wedding. So, the DIY concept of the table number came to the rescue! Decide what kind of paper and stand you would like to have, spend a little time and make it yourself! 

1. DIY Custom Photo Table Number

DIY Custom Photo Table Number

Put your and your loved one’s lovely photo at this DIY custom photo table number. It is a fantastic template for your table number. Print it yourself or print it at the nearest local print shop and create the table number based on your wish. Psst, you might cut the budget, but you’ll still have an impressive decoration!

2. DIY Custom Menu Triangle Table Number

DIY Custom Menu Triangle Table Number

Did you think about a fine-dining concept at your wedding? Make your special day even fancier with this DIY custom menu table number you can put in the middle of the table! Planning a luxurious wedding doesn’t mean you have to spend so much money on it, but it means that you have to choose every detail, like this unique table numbers smartly!

3. DIY Simple Table Number

DIY Simple Table Number

You have too many colorful decorations and don’t want the table number to ruin it? Then get this simple table number for your wedding! The do-it-yourself concept will make it even easier to match your wedding decoration. Add any addition to your table number, from the name, date, or even some slight accent. Now, you don’t need to overthink whether the table number will get along with the rest of the decoration or not.

4. DIY Classic Wood Table Numbers

DIY Classic Wood Table Number

If you have an outdoor event or a natural-themed wedding, then this DIY classic wood table number is a good choice. Engraved with a classic font, the wood is perfect to put on the table or hang somewhere. Don’t miss the little accent on the frame that makes the numbers look stand out!

5. Postcard DIY Table Number

Postcard DIY Table Number

Who said the wedding is only about flowers and ribbons? This postcard-themed DIY table number is definitely the best choice for your vintage wedding! Now let your guests experience the good old day with this essential little detail on their table!

6. Vintage Street Lamp Table Numbers

Vintage Street Lamp Table Number

Do your table number with this vintage street lamp table number. Whether it’s a classic number or you want to categorize the table by any other thing, the writeable unique table numbers go well with everything. Match it with your wedding decoration and stand it out so everyone in the room can recognize their and others’ table!

7. DIY Cute Ribbon Table Numbers

DIY Cute Ribbon Table Number

Do you have a specific theme wedding with your favorite color? You might not want to have a standard table number, so this colorful, cute, and unique table numbers are the answer! Choose the ribbon’s color to match your decoration without sacrificing the luxurious vibe of your wedding. Arrange it however you like.

8. Reusable Mini Chalkboard Table Numbers

Reusable Mini Chalkboard Table Number

Be fun and looks more intimate with this mini chalkboard table number! Write anything you want for the wedding table and feel closer with the guest. The best part of this table number is that it is reusable, so you don’t have to worry if you mistakenly write something when you prepare the table number. Less pressure for your marriage!

9. Gold Acrylic DIY Table Number

Gold Acrylic DIY Table Number

Can’t find any table number that is suitable for your taste? Well, design and print it yourself! Still, you will need this fancy-looking gold acrylic table number you can combine with your table number. The table number is the best way to show off your design on your special day with a clear two-side view.

10. DIY Black Acrylic Table Number

DIY Black Acrylic Table Number

Write anything you want for the wedding day and put it on the table with this DIY black acrylic table number. Whether it’s a handwritten letter with a gold and silver color or a number sticker, everything looks fit for the acrylic. 

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11. DIY Wood Log Table Number

DIY Wood Log Table Number

You don’t need to explore the jungle to have a green and natural ambiance for your wedding. This DIY wood log table number is ready for you to personalize it however you like. Made of 100 percent natural wood, the stand comes with blank brown paper. You might need to write something special on the table number and enhance the wedding vibe! 

Modern and Unique Table Numbers

You don’t always have time to make your table number. It’s not a problem at all; we also have these exquisite and unique table numbers for your wedding that are ready to place on the table!

12. 3D Acrylic Table Number

3D Acrylic Table Number

Remarkable yet straightforward, this 3D acrylic table number is a cute addition to your wedding. Look more fun on your wedding day, but still, let your guest sit comfortably at their place as this table number comes with a slightly bigger size. 

13. Frosted Glass Acrylic Table Number

unique table numbers

Need to add a little mysterious vibe to your wedding? Then this frosted glass acrylic table number is on the list! The table number will add modernity to your wedding day with a high-quality vinyl letter! The warm and aesthetic vibe is waiting for you on D-day!

14. Wood Letter Table Numbers

unique table numbers

Add more classic modern feeling to your table with this wood letter table number! The wood table number is an excellent addition to your tables with a handwritten font. Without a doubt, the darker wood color will make this protrude among the tables!

15. Wood Beam Aesthetic Table Number

unique table numbers

Make your table more picturesque with this wood beam aesthetic table number. The wood table number is perfect for your instagram-worthy guest with a realistic look and color. Plus, it will go along with any decoration on the table, and you won’t need more adjustment; just put it there, and voila! it will blend.

16. LED Light Bottle-Shaped Table Number

unique table numbers

Turn the table even more magnificent with this LED light bottle-shaped table number! Coming in a clear wine bottle would be a unique table number for the guest. The LED light inside adds the exposure of the bottle, but it will also make the guest find the table easier when the lighting in the room goes nebulous.

17. Bottle Hanger Table Number

unique table numbers

Felt not enough if you only serve the guest with an empty bottle? Then this bottle hanger table number is available for you to choose from. Hang it on any bottle of drink you’d like and let it mark the table while being enjoyed by the guests around the table!

18. Hexagon Wood Table Number

unique table numbers

Choose this unique hexagonal table number instead when square and round are too much for you! Simply coming with only numbers doesn’t decrease the attractive look of this wood table number. The light color makes it suitable for any decoration color. 

19. Unique Chalk-styled Table Number

unique table numbers

Add more charm and cuteness to your designed table with this chalk-styled table number! Printed on both sides, the table number will be easily recognized from anywhere across the room. So, be brave to add this table number and let the guest take a picture.

20. Matte Lavender Table Number

unique table numbers

Be bold and out of the box with this lavender table number. Look more fun with the table number, especially when you have a similar color as your table theme! Single-sided print and having a matte-finished surface, this table number is definitely worth trying.

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21. Hanging Woods Table Number

Hanging Woods Table Number

Decor your flowery table with this hanging wood table number! Put it on the jar of the flower, the vase, on the wall, or just floating among the guest’s head. The wood color will definitely make it perfect for an outdoor party and any kind of flower.

22. Unique Flag-Shaped Table Number

unique table numbers

Look more rustic and classic with this flag-shaped table number! The brown paper will be a lovely addition to your table, because it completes the color of the flower around. Ease the guest’s job to find where they are supposed to sit and enjoy the event.

23. Light Illuminated Table Number

unique table numbers

If you have an indoor wedding with a dim ambiance, this light illuminated table number is the perfect aesthetic for you! The table number glows and adds a romantic vibe to your wedding, supporting the glorious decoration on your wedding day.

24. Disney Themed Table Number

unique table numbers

Have you ever dreamed about being a Disney princess and marrying a prince in the castle? Well, we all know that the more mature we get, the more impossible it is. However, having this Disney-themed table number on your wedding is never be a wrong decision. Personalize it with anything you want, and voila! Your heart’s wish is here!

25. Unique Gold Table Number

unique table numbers

Held a fancier wedding with this gold acrylic table number that also comes up with the menu! This table number will look extraordinary on your special day with a glossy and mirror-finished combined with the frosted ice effect, and this table number will look exceptional on your special day!

Latest Post:

What are the best unique table numbers?

The most unique table number is the bottle hanger table number! See how fun that would be when everyone enjoys the best appetizer they can get while screaming for your name. Of course, without being confused about where they need to sit and enjoy the rest of the day.

How do I choose a unique table number?

A perfect tip from us, or two actually, look at all of your decorations entirely and then pick one of the most suitable table numbers on our list for you to add to the wedding tables. Make sure not to choose the table number with a possible block or block the wedding’s decorations.

How do you pick wedding table numbers?

Having a black and white table number with a handwritten accent could never go wrong with a modern or classic wedding. Simple-looking and easy to find, it will also look nifty and cause less debate with your family on your wedding preparation. 

What is the purpose of table numbers?

There are so many purposes for table numbers, but the most important thing is to remark on the specific table and avoid conflicts among the guests. Provide your guest with the best experience and make them feel comfortable. It will also let you arrange who will sit next to who to avoid more issues because who wants that on the special occasion?

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