Secret Decoder Ring

Today we are going to talk about coding. Not the type of coding that involves Pythons covered in Rubies sipping on some hot cup of Java.

Although that is an interesting mental image, the coding in question involves top-secret messages, spies, and encryption.  This secret decoder ring will allow you to securely pass classified messages to your partner in crime by a flick of your finger.

To those with lower clearance level, your coded message will look like a jumble of numbers. But for those with the decoder ring, everything will be as clear as day. 

Secret Decoder Ring

Each letter on the ring contains a corresponding number. All you need to do is to rotate the plate to find the right numbers to put on paper.

Needless to say that this ring will serve you best if someone has the same one on their finger. This secret decoder ring can serve you as unique and original wedding bands.

Or maybe you and your best friend are big fans of mysteries, spy movies, or those “escape the room” challenges. In any of those instances, your loved ones are going to adore this ring and use every opportunity to test it.

Secret Decoder Ring

The decoder ring looks sleek, modern, and above all absolutely extraordinary. While others chase gems and precious metals, you will be the one who will have the upper hand. After all, knowledge of secrets is power.  

Secret Decoder Ring

Secret Decoder Ring

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