Cool Stuff For Guys

When it comes to finding cool stuff for guys, it can be a gruelling task. When you’re shopping for awesome gifts for him, sometimes it seems like every list of recommendations is exactly the same. So if you’re looking for a unique gift for your boyfriend, something awesome or personalized, then keep looking because there’s plenty of cool stuff to buy for guys here that will surely put a smile on his face. Who knows, a Deadpool Costume might be cool for him as well!

The Halfbike

The Halfbike

Ready to try a new kind of vehicle?  The Halfbike is a light, foldable bike that provides a unique riding experience.  It’s like a cross …

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Garden igloo

Garden Igloo

your yard will be the talk of the town when you install this incredible Garden Igloo! The igloo is resistant to rust, wind and rain, and …

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Potty Piano

Potty Piano

Toilet times can get boring often, but what if you could create magical music while you’re dropping off the brown stuff? The potty piano is …

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What-If Book

What-If Book: Everybody has questions that they ask themselves when lost in thought. Sometimes these obscure thoughts come to your mind in the shower or while …

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LC-500 Lexus

LC-500 Lexus

When you want a truly incredible car, you may not immediately think of a Lexus. However, for a car that will turn heads everywhere you …

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Spider Mouse

Spider Mouse

Freak out your friends and family when you attach this Spider Mouse to your laptop, desktop, or any other electronic device! This mouse is designed to …

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