25 Front Neck Tattoo for Guys That Demands Attention

Having a cold front neck tattoo will make you look awesome. If you have a tattoo on your arm or back already, let’s make you look more badass by creating a new one on your front neck. The tattoo will be highly visible and it will also make a statement, whether it’s a statement of identity, freedom, or simply a fashion statement.

Front Neck Tattoo Ideas for Guys

If you‘re still searching for the best tattoo design to be made on your front neck, we have the solution for you.

Check out some of the coolest and most unique neck tattoo ideas for guys below, and in no time, you will find the one design you’ve been looking for.

Simple Front Neck Tattoo Ideas

Let’s start the list with the simplest front neck tattoo ideas for you to check out. Your skin in the neck area is more sensitive than the rest, and there are neck tattoo pain levels for men to deal with.

But with the cool tattoo ideas we have below, the pain will totally be worth it. 

1. Simple Skull Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@boredpanda.com)

A skull in probably one of the most popular tattoo designs ever. It will never go out of style and you can have a skull tattoo all over your body.

This is one of the ideas for the simplest skull tattoo that creates a solid statement on your neck.

Having a tattoo on your neck is already a statement. Having a skull tattoo on the front neck opens a whole new message, showing that you are brave, courageous, and strong. Then, wear your skull-designed shirt to make you the center of attention. 

2. Neck Dragonfly Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@Laiane Pereira)

A dragonfly is a kind, harmless, and strong insect. It has an interesting shape that makes a great inspiration for a tattoo on your front neck.

As a dragonfly symbolizes change, rebirth, happiness, good luck, and financial gain, we think it is a perfect choice of tattoo idea to pick.

It will be a statement showing that you are ready for positive changes in life.

We also think that if you are in the process of taking your life to a whole new level and changing your life for the better, this is the perfect tattoo idea for you.

3. Meaningful Word Tattoo Design

Source: Pinterest

A meaningful tattoo doesn’t always have to come in drawings and shapes. You can also have a tattoo in the form of a meaningful sentence.

This tattoo idea says, ‘Devil Doesn’t Sleep’ to remind you to be conscious not to fall for negative temptations and traps in life.

It’s a truly inspirational tattoo to be made on your neck, which makes it highly visible for everyone to see. You can make it as a fashion statement as well by wearing a men’s necklace.

4. Human Heart Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@nextluxury.com)

This is an out-of-the-box idea for front throat tattoos for males. It features the actual human heart image that symbolizes love and life as well as affection, passion, and commitment. 

Being a simple front tattoo for guys, a real heart shape is preferred compared to the common heart shape we know.

This one is more masculine and having it on your front neck will make all eyes on you wherever you go.

5. Demon Goat Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@bodyartifact.com)

The demon goat skull is also a simple yet impactful tattoo design for men.

This one has a unique and simple demon goat image that makes it a cool front neck tattoo for guys. It is a symbol of balance in various occult and mystical traditions.

In today’s world, having the demon goat skull tattoo means that you are working on your balance in life. It is also a symbol of masculinity that will add a touch of ‘badass’ to your look, and it will look more so if you wear a devil goat hat.

Modern Throat Tattoos for Men

Nowadays neck tattoo designs have become vary. From classic to modern and futuristic tattoo designs, all you need to do is pick a design that describes your personality the most.

If you are a fan of modern tattoos, this category is for you. Check out 10 of the modern neck tattoo ideas below.

6. Visionary Art Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@nextluxury.com)

This modern front neck tattoo for guys is suitable for guys who want to create eye-catching focal points on the neck. This tattoo features visionary art that looks like human cells in an artistic point of view.

This tattoo includes multiple colors from pink, blue, purple and white. If you already have tattoos on the sides of your neck, this is probably the best tattoo to be made in between them.

This tattoo symbolizes creativity through its unique design and colors.

7. Neon-colored Circuit Board Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@inkppl.com)

This tattoo is surreal and will take you beyond the boundaries of mind, time and space

The design is so unique that it can play tricks with your mind. With bold lines and solid shapes, it is a great choice of tattoo design to be made all the way to your chest.

This tattoo was inspired by circuit board design that symbolizes your interest in technology and electronics.

If you think that you are a technical geek who loves and understands complex things, this tattoo is for you. And if you wear a neon necklace, you will look even cooler!

8. Artistic Abstract Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@XIDU)

Next we have a modern artistic tattoo design for you. It is a large connecting tattoo from your neck down to your chest and arm, and it features multiple eyes and tusks that create a badass look.

This tattoo is recommended for guys who are brave and able to conquer the problems in life. With multiple eyes in the image, it also shows that you are aware of your surroundings and able to see negativity beyond human eyes.

9. Butterfly Skull Neck Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@ranker.com)

If you want to add some colors to your neck, this butterfly skull tattoo is a great choice to pick. This is an artwork that includes the most awesome elements of a tattoo. 

It comes in black and a touch of orange and yellow that adds a dramatic touch to it.

It’s a good tattoo to remind you that death is inevitable, therefore you should always live life to the fullest. Also, wear your round earrings to make you look more badass.

10. Woman’s Face and Skull Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@improb.com)

This modern artistic tattoo is a great tattoo design for someone who needs to have a form of identity through a unique tattoo on the neck.

This tattoo features graphics of skulls and a woman’s face being the center of the artwork.

It symbolizes independence, a muse and a beauty that carries desire in life. But this kind of tattoo design can have various meanings for different people. But in our opinion, it is a great reminder that whatever life brings, there’s always something beautiful beneath them.

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11. Artistic Rangda Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@tattoomenow.com)

Having a cool Rangda image is a great idea of a front neck tattoo for guys. While Barong represents good things, Rangda represents evil.

Having this colored tattoo on your front neck will make you the center of attention wherever you go.

To balance the energy, you can also have a Barong tattoo, or probably wear Barong-inspired accessories like bracelets or necklaces. Having Balinese tattoos will be a great reminder life is all about Yin and Yang

12. Butterfly Neck Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@tattoomenow.com)

No, butterfly tattoos are not for women only. This is an example of a great butterfly front neck tattoo for guys. Unlike the usual butterfly tattoos, this one has the one eye on the center.

The butterfly symbolizes metamorphosis and freedom, but still being watched by the eye of protection which will guard you against negative forces.

In our opinion, instead of just black and white, this tattoo will look awesome in full color.

13. Burning Candle Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@thetrendspotter.net)

Burning candle is one of the best neck tattoo ideas because it symbolizes hope, enlightenment, or guidance. Some people see burning candles as a symbol of spiritual or personal growth as well. 

It can be a great way to remind you that you can be the light in the world. You can have the tattoo on the center of your front neck and use red or orange as the fire, and you will look awesome instantly. 

14. Artistic Japanese Mask Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@nomi-chi.com)

A Japanese mask tattoo can be a great way to represent good luck, which is also a talisman against evil and negativity, like this tattoo for example.

If you are in need of some positivity and protection, this tattoo might be the answer.

It features colorful tattoo inks, making it a front neck tattoo that makes you the center of attention. You can pair it with Japanese mask-themed accessories like earrings or necklaces.

15. Angelic Wings with Eyes Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@Meagan Jarvi)

Wings tattoos can have various meanings, but wings with eyes represent an all-seeing and all-knowing power above, making a reminder that we are never truly alone in this world. 

It comes in piles of wings with eyes, and the one eye of protection that sees everything we do. It’s a great way to symbolize freedom with the idea of rising above challenges, but still being protected by the one power above.

Religious Throat Tattoos

Religious tattoos are also a symbol of people’s beliefs, as a reminder of their faith to the God Almighty. Here are five most meaningful religious tattoo ideas to consider. 

16. Jesus Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@pacho-tattoo.com)

If you are looking for an obvious neck tattoo to show your faith to Jesus Christ, this is the most impactful tattoo idea to pick. It comes with a clear graphic of the face of Jesus on your neck.

This tattoo is a symbol of power, faith, and love.

You can have this tattoo for religious reasons, which in general will symbolize hope, and that you are relying on Jesus to guide you through life. 

17. Angel with Wings Tattoo

Angel with Wings Tattoo
Source: Pinterest

Having a religious tattoo with an angle on a swing is a unique choice of front neck tattoo for guys.

You can get this tattoo as a symbol of protection, guidance and spirituality. 

Angels are seen as protectors and messengers in many religious and spiritual traditions. If you believe in the higher power and have faith in what you believe in, then you must consider having this tattoo on your neck.

18. Cross and the Crown of Thorns

Cross and the Crown of Thorns
Source: Pinterest (@nextluxury.com)

This neck tattoo is one of the most meaningful religious neck tattoos on the list. It features graphics of a cross on top of a heart tied by the crown of thorns. 

However, this tattoo can be completely visible if you raise your head because it is hidden under your chin.

That’s actually the most unique part about this tattoo, which represents Christianity and the utmost sacrifice of Jesus Christ for human salvation. Then, wear a cross necklace to complete your look.

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19. The Virgin Mary Tattoo

The Virgin Mary Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@christianbuckingham)

If you are a true Christian, we believe having this tattoo will show your faith in the most gentle way possible. This is a tattoo of the Virgin Mary, which symbolizes purity and motherly affection.

But instead of having it on the front side of your neck, you can have it on the right side.

It will attract curiosity from the people who see it, and will also make a solid statement of your faith to what you believe in. Pair it with a religious earring on your right ear to complete your look.

20. Raised Up by an Angel Tattoo

Raised Up by an Angel Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@pacho-tattoo.com)

Those who are religious believe that having a tattoo of an angel will give them guidance, freedom, strength, and also protection.

If you are one of them, you might want to consider having this awesome tattoo on your neck.

It features an image of an angel carrying a man, raising the man to the higher state of life. However, you can have this tattoo on your front neck or on the back, because the graphic is so awesome to be made on any side. 

Neck Tattoos for Black Men

Sometimes choosing the right neck tattoo design for dark skin can be challenging. But don’t worry, here we have 5 recommended ideas for the best neck tattoo designs for black men. Scroll down to find out more.

21. The One Eye Tattoo

The One Eye Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@TattedSlizz)

The One Eye is probably one of the most popular tattoo ideas of all time. It’s more than just an awesome graphic to have, but it holds deep meaning as well.

It represents protection, intuition, and spiritual enlightenment. 

Having this tattoo on your front neck will become a great tattoo that protects you from negativity, disaster or misfortune.

You can also add a touch of red color to it and perhaps make it align with the tattoo you have on your chest.

22. Tattoo of Meaningful Numbers

Tattoo of Meaningful Numbers
Source: Pinterest (@☆¡ 6uki)

If you have meaningful numbers or dates in your life, then you can also make them permanent as a tattoo on your neck.

Numbers usually become someone’s personal traits, part of a life’s paths.

You can have the numbers inked on your front neck and have them in several lines to create an aesthetic appearance on your neck. Pair it with your silver chain necklace to complete your badass look.

23. The Owl Face 

The Owl Face 
Source: Pinterest (@Theyhatekooli)

We know that owls are cute animals, but they are also great inspirations for tattoos, too! This artistic and abstract tattoo features a visually pleasing graphic with an image of the eyes of an owl as the focal points.

Owl symbolizes the pursuit of wisdom, and also the exploration of hidden mysteries in the universe.

By having an owl tattoo, you carry a symbol of knowledge, intuition and spiritual connection. Wear your gold chain necklace to boost your appearance.

24. Animation-themed Tattoo

Animation-themed Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@TattedSlizz)

If you are a fan of animation and feel like adding animation-inspired tattoos on your neck, go for it! This is one example of a creative tattoo inspired by animations and it comes in the form of a sentence that says, ‘Solo Wolf.’

Behind the words there is a cute paw that adds a touch of cuteness to your look.

Having cartoon or animation tattoos will make you feel happy, carefree and nostalgic. It is best for fans of cartoon and animation movies. 

25. The Eagle Tattoo

The Eagle Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@nextluxury.com)

Let’s complete the list with a cool Eagle tattoo in your front neck. It is a recommended front neck tattoo for guys with dark-toned skin. It comes in a complete shape of an eagle that will make you the center of attention. 

It symbolizes power, dominance, freedom, luck, clarity, focus, spirituality and also the apostle of God.

It represents the enemy of evil, which will protect you from evil and negativity.

Aftercare and Maintenance of Front Neck Tattoos

The skin on the neck area is more sensitive than the rest. If you have tattoos on your neck, then you need to make sure you are doing the right things to keep them looking sharp with proper maintenance. 

For new tattoos, leave the temporary bandage for 3-4 hours, and then take the bandage off and wash the tattoo with unscented mild soap to remove the remaining plasma and ink from the skin. 

To maintain the appearance of the tattoos, gently clean your neck area using milk soap or lotion at least twice a day. Then, make sure you keep your neck open to air, and avoid scratching your neck skin.

Final Thoughts

Since the neck is an area that is highly visible, make sure you pick the perfect tattoo design to be inked on your neck. Having a tattoo on your neck can be a solid statement about your faith, interests, personality, and also a fashion statement.

So, it is recommended that you check out some of the best neck tattoo ideas on our list, to give you some ideas and recommendations for an artwork on your neck.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Some of the most popular designs of neck tattoos include the images of leaves, geometric patterns, words and symbols, animals, the one eye, skulls, and also masks. 

How do front neck tattoos age over time?

Fading is something that might naturally occur to neck tattoos over time. Also, things like sun exposure, aging and lifestyle play important factors that affect the appearance of your neck tattoos. 

What should men consider before getting a front neck tattoo?

You need to know that having neck tattoos is painful. Moreover, our neck is a part that is quite exposed to the elements and frictions from collars and such. Wearing SPF is recommended to maintain the look of your tattoos. 

Neck tattoo is now part of the trends since it has become a fashion statement.

One of the most significant aspects of neck tattoos is the ability to convey individuality. If you are an adventurous man with a good sense of fashion who is looking for something unique, having a neck tattoo can be a great option.

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