50 Funny T-Shirts For Guys That You Can Buy Today

Funny t-shirts for guys can be one of the best and most affordable gifts you can give to the men in your life.  They are simple, classy, and most of the time sarcastic, so most men will definitely love to wear one.

Who doesn’t want to wear a humorous t-shirt that will make all their friends, family and workmates laugh and show they have a great sense of humour?

So if you want to lighten up the mood the next time you go out with your friends, then start with one of these funny t-shirts that you can buy for yourself and for your family or friends too.

Funny T-Shirts For Guys:

Whether you’re looking for a funny t-shirt for yourself, your father, brother, son, uncle or maybe even your grandpa then check out the epic selection below and you won’t be disappointed!

 #1 I Hate My Job T-Shirt

I Hate My Job T-Shirt - funny t shirts for guys

This is one of those classic t-shirts that everyone can relate too. By everyone we mean both males and females will definitely find it funny, especially if they’re also in a love-hate relationship with their jobs. Get it Here

#2 I Just Level Up T-Shirt

I Just Level Up T-Shirt

It’s no secret that gamers, indeed, never get old, they just level up.

This shirt is great for game nights with friends or if you just want to let the world know that you never grow old. Get Your Gamer Shirt Here.

#3 My Pen Is bigger than Yours T-Shirt

My Pen Is bigger than Yours T-Shirt

Well, don’t say we didn’t warn you. This is one that both males and females can laugh about and well you know, hope that it’s true. Find it Here.

#4 Humorous Fart Loading T-Shirt

Humorous Fart Loading T-Shirt

Do the men in your life love to fart right next to you? Then you better get them this shirt so that you won’t be the only one anticipating their bombs anytime soon. Check it out Here

#5 Bigfoot Hide-and-Seek World Champion T-shirt

Bigfoot Hide-and-Seek World Champion T-shirt

These t-shirt is for those who love and believe in the magical universe and creatures. Tell them why they haven’t seen one with this shirt. Find it Here

#6 Snoop The Dog T-Shirt

Snoop The Dog T-Shirt

This t-shirt is the perfect gift for the guys who love both dogs and rapping because who wouldn’t love snoop the dog, right? Find it Here. 

#7 Sloth Procrastinator Motivator T-Shirt

Sloth Procrastinator Motivator T-Shirt

The best way to support your friends or yourself is to motivate them with sarcastic t-shirts just like this funny sloth t-shirt. Remember, why do it today when you can do it tomorrow? Check this inspiration Here.

#8 Burt Reynolds T-Shirt

Burt Reynolds T-Shirt

We all love a classic, and you’ll definitely find this shirt as a staple in your closet, who wouldn’t, right? And if your answer’s no, then just shut up. Find it Here.

#9 Are You a Beaver? T-Shirt

Are You a Beaver? T-Shirt

Another one of our favorite pun t-shirts that never gets old. Wear this to a casual date and let your partner know what you’re thinking. Find it Here

#10 I Put On Pants Today T-shirt

I Put On Pants Today T-shirt

Everyone has this one guy friend who loves not wearing pants, and we’re okay with that. Unless, of course, when you’re out, right? Show them your support with this shirt now. Find it Here.

#11 I Don’t Get Drunk T-shirt

I Don't Get Drunk T-shirt

It’s not a secret that there’s always that one friend who thinks he’s totally awesome when he’s drunk until he gets to see the photos the morning after. So, remind them of their drunken awesomeness with this sarcastic t-shirt. Find it Here.

#12 I’m A Big Metal Fan T-Shirt

I'm A Big Metal Fan T-Shirt - Funny T-Shirts For Guys

Fun and pun only have a different first letter for a reason and one of these reasons include one of our favorite t-shirts. Find it Here.

#13 Chicken Game T-Shirt

Chicken Game T-Shirt

Another funny t-shirt that blokes might love is this silly “chicken game t-shirt”,  it totally makes no sense. which is why we love it!  Find it Here.

#14 Game Over T-Shirt 

Game Over T-Shirt

This is a classic sarcastic t-shirt that men often receive when they’re “game is already over”, which we totally support. Make sure to let your man know you’re behind him with this shirt. Find it Here.

#15 Straight Outta Tacos

Straight Outta Tacos

Because who doesn’t love tacos? Let the world know that you and your friends love it by wearing one on the weekend or even when you’re planning for a taco night. Get one Here.

#16 Don’t Grow Up It’s A Trap

Don’t Grow Up It’s A Trap

It surely is, so let the kids know you’ve known this for a long time and warn them.

( see also this “Don’t Grow Up Bedroom Sign) It’s always great to be warned even if you’ll still end there, eventually, right? Find it Here

#17 This Shirt Is Brown T-Shirt

This Shirt Is Brown T-Shirt

This is by far the best way to tell people what you’re thinking because that’s just how adult men roll. Get it Here. 

#18 You Can’t See Me T-Shirt

You Can’t See Me Tshirt

These funny mens t-shirts in camouflage don’t really make you invisible, but who knows, right? So, better get one or two now for days that you don’t want to talk to people. Find it Here.

#19 Renewable Energy Dad Joke Shirt


Dad jokes too? This one’s an example and, admit it, this jokes a classic that everyone can relate to. Get it Here.

#20 No Drinking Until After 6

No Drinking Until After 6

This is one of those humorous t-shirts that, again, every man and woman can relate. This is a reminder that happy hour can be every hour, so don’t forget to enjoy every 6:00! Get it Here

#21 BE:ER O’CLOCK  T-Shirt

BE:ER O'CLOCK - Funny T-Shirts For Guys

Another reminder that it’s never too early for a glass of beer. Get this shirt for that male friend or friends that believe that it’s always beer o’clock somewhere. Get it Here

#22 Sorry I’m Late T-Shirt

Sorry I'm Late t shirt

This one is for those guys that don’t really seem to love putting pants on for a night out or even a day out with friends. Give them one of these t-shirts to remind them that you know they don’t like it, but they still have to make an appearance! Available Here

#23 Pot Head T-shirt

Pot Head T-shirt

It’s not what you think it is which makes this one an amusing t-shirt. Get a pot head and share a cup of coffee or two anytime. Available Here

#24 Instant Human Just Add Coffee Shirt

Instant Human Just Add Coffee Shirt

In this day and age, everyone’s a human right after they get their coffee in the morning and that’s okay. Grab this one to let the world know that all we need is coffee. Get it Here

#25 Fitness Taco T-shirt

Fitness Taco T-shirt

Everyone can relate to is fitting a taco in our mouth, and it’s funny because it’s true. It’s still about fitness, right? Get it Here

#26 I’m A Little Chili Men’s T-shirt

I'm A Little Chili Men's T-shirt

Funny t-shirts for guys don’t really have to be funny, right? Sometimes, all we need is a little pun and some chill to get the right blend. Get it Here

#27 Funny Cereal Killer T shirt T-Shirt

Funny Cereal Killer T shirt T-Shirt

Yes, we know this funny t-shirt design has been around for awhile, but we still love it. Remember, everyone loves cereal, and we’re all cereal killers so we might as well let the world know about it. Get it Here

#28 Life Begins After Coffee T-Shirt

Life Begins After Coffee T-Shirt

Coffee is life, as they simply put it. So, why not put it on a shirt, too? Make sure they know that this is not just a humorous t-shirt, it’s a mantra!  Available Here

#29 This is Not a Drill

This is Not a Drill

If you’re looking to start to collect punny t-shirts, then start with this one. It’s a classic pun that everyone can relate to and can be a great gift for your puntastic friends. Available Here 

#30 Not a Good Sign T-Shirt

Not a Good Sign T-Shirt

Another puntastic and sarcastic statement to affirm your love for puns is wearing this shirt whenever you feel like it. Wear it on one of the boy’s night outs and be their constant reminder.  Get it Here

#31 How to Pick up Chicks

How to Pick up Chicks

This one makes a great gift for your single friends who have a hard time picking up girls. Let them know you support them with this shirt. Get it Here 

#32 Treat Your Girl Right T- Shirt

Treat Your Girl Right T- Shirt

This one you could give to your beau, to remind him to “treat” you right!  Get it Here

#33 Buttman T-Shirt

Buttman T-Shirt

No one’s too old for one of these t-shirts. Make a room in your closet for this “butt” because this one will never get old, trust us. Get it Here

#34 You can’t Scare Me Shirt

You can’t Scare Me Shirt - Funny T-Shirts For Guys

If you’re a dad or a wife looking for a gift for your partner, then make sure that the world knows he’s never easily scared because of your daughters.

Get one of these because you know he loves your daughter, too.  Available Here

#35 We Don’t Keep Calm We’re Irish T- Shirt

We Don’t Keep Calm We're Irish T- Shirt

Looking for the perfect sarcastic t-shirt for the Irishman in your life? Then get him this one because, well, it’s genuine and funny, too. Perfect for St Paddy’s Day. Available Here

#36 Send Noods T-Shirt

Send Noods T-Shirt

Let them know you’re into noods or food, in particular with this one, also a perfect gift for someone who loves noodles too, so get two shirts. Get it Here

#37 I Do What the Voices Shirt

I Do What the Voices Shirt

This is said to be one of the most popular funny t-shirts for guys because it’s true. Get yourself one or, wives, get your husbands this shirt because you know you want too. Get it Here

#38 This Is Guacward Shirt

This Is Guacward Shirt

A sarcastic t-shirt that everyone would love to wear because it’s guacward, but why not? Get this shirt for the man in your life and let him feel awkward. Get it Here

#39  Negan Walking Dead Shirt

Negan Walking Dead Shirt

This is one that every “The Walking Dead” fan would love. Of course, it’s inspirational, but you should never ever play around with Negan. Get it Here

#40 I Don’t Like Morning People

I Don’t Like Morning People - Funny T-Shirts For Guys

This could be a secret that everybody knows, but wearing this t-shirt will definitely make it easier for people to accept.  So, get yourself this statement shirt now because honestly, people would love to hear it from you. Get it Here

#41 T-Rex Hates Pullups T-Shirts

T-Rex Hates Pullups

Though they’ve been extinct for a very long time, any guy would still love to have a t-shirt about dinosaurs. And by guys, I mean everyone would love one, even your kid, so get him one too.  Available Here

#42 Free Hugs Bear t- Shirt

Free Hugs Bear t- Shirt

Some of the best things in life are free, Hugs have always been on my favourite free list, just not with a bear obviously, the expression “Bear Hug” comes to mind!   Get it Here

#43 Old Gamer T-Shirt

Old Gamer T-Shirt

Are you tired of everyone asking you about your age? If yes, then this sarcastic t-shirt is the best answer to your problem. Of course, you can also just tell them your age, that’s a great answer, too. Get it Here

#44 Not that Calm T-Shirt

Not that Calm T-Shirt - Funny T-Shirts For Guys

Know someone in the medical field that would love to throw this on one? If yes, then this one should be on top of your list. So, keep calm and Get one Here

#45 Top Secret Job

Top Secret Job

Sometimes, everyone gets too nosy about what you’re really up to with your life, or if you know someone who’s pissed with this, then you better get them this. Find it Here

#46 Forget Lab Safety

Forget Lab Safety

Know someone working in a lab that suits this design? Then don’t hesitate to buy them this one because we all know, deep inside, we all want to have super powers. Get one Here

#47 I Drink and I know Things T-Shirt

I Drink and I know Things t shirt

The reference well, we all know where it came from. (unless you have been living under a rock) So better get this shirt for the “Game of Thrones fan” in your life and let them know that you know. Get it Here

#48 Be Fearless T-Shirt

Be Fearless T-Shirt

Sarcastic shirts are often true, and that’s why we love it. Buy this inspiring gem and let that farter in your life know that you support him and their fearless endeavor. Get one Here

#49 When Life Gives You Lemons

When Life Gives You Lemons

Because what greater way to use those free lemons that with vodka Right?  This one really hits home for everyone. Get it Here

#50 In Pizza we Crust T-Shirt

In Pizza we Crust T-Shirt

Because pizza is life, and for anyone who doesn’t agree with this, we don’t trust you! Get it Here

#51 Papa The man The Myth Legend T-Shirt

#51 Papa The man The Myth Legend T-Shirt

OK, So we decided to include one extra in our epic list of Funny T-Shirts for Guys because this one deserved an honourable mention. why? Well, because most papas are indeed legends, so let him know that you appreciate him.   Find it Here

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