54 Funny T-Shirts For Guys That You Can Buy Today!

Funny t-shirts for guys can be one of the best and most affordable gifts you can give to the men in your life.  They are simple, classy, and most of the time sarcastic, so most men will definitely love to wear one.

Who doesn’t want to wear a humorous t-shirt that will make all their friends, family and workmates laugh and show they have a great sense of humour?

So if you want to lighten up the mood the next time you go out with your friends, then start with one of these funny t-shirts that you can buy for yourself and for your family or friends too.

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Funny T-Shirts for Guys

Whether you’re looking for a funny t-shirt for yourself, your father, brother, son, uncle, or maybe even your grandpa, you won’t be disappointed once you look at our curated list. Check out the epic selection below to find the best fit for your loved ones!

 #1 I Hate My Job T-Shirt

I Hate My Job T-Shirt - funny t shirts for guys

This is one of those classic t-shirts that everyone can relate to. By everyone we mean both males and females will definitely find it funny, especially if they’re also in a love-hate relationship with their jobs.

Given the quirky design, you can wear it everywhere and in fact, it may make anyone giggle when they notice the writing on your t-shirt. As it comes in a variety of colors, you can choose the one that suits your style best. But if you ask us, we recommend bright tones to steal attention.

#2 I Just Level Up Funny T-Shirt

I Just Level Up T-Shirt

It’s no secret that gamers, indeed, never get old, they just level up. This shirt is great for game nights with friends or if you just want to let the world know that you never grow old. You can also wear one at your birthday party to emphasize that aging is certain but self-quality must improve every year.

In case you want to give your bestie this t-shirt, consider the V-neck one for girls and the common crewneck for guy friends. As for the color, black is the best if you don’t know their tastes.

#3 Funny “My Pen Is Bigger Than Yours” T-Shirt

My Pen Is bigger than Yours T-Shirt

Well, don’t say we didn’t warn you. This is one that both males and females can laugh about and well you know, hope that it’s true. The explicit printed design looks intriguing and can make people who see it feel awkward.

Of course, we don’t recommend using it in a children’s playground where it will make you the talk of the town. Instead, you can go with that to your friend’s party, hang out with your girlfriend, or simply grab a drink with your pals. Match it with your favorite jeans and now you are ready to rock!

#4 Funny “Humorous Fart Loading” T-Shirt

Humorous Fart Loading T-Shirt

Do the men in your life love fart right next to you? Then you better get them this shirt so that you won’t be the only one anticipating their bombs anytime soon. It’s also a fun way to throw jokes around his friends.

Since it is only available in black, gray, and olive one, we recommend picking black. Not only does it sparks a bold accent in your boyfriend’s look, the t-shirt also bears a printed white print that is striking so it’s easy to read.

#5 Bigfoot Hide-and-Seek World Champion T-shirt

Bigfoot Hide-and-Seek World Champion T-shirt

These t-shirt is for those who love and believe in the magical universe and creatures. It also illustrates that despite the size, the existence of Bigfoot remains a mystery since there’s no credible evidence yet. Hence, you can tell them why they haven’t seen one with this shirt.

Furthermore, this tee comes in two styles you can choose from. If your boyfriend prefers a semi-formal design, the top button-neck one is his. Meanwhile, the crewneck tee is perfect for casual styles.

#6 Funny Snoop The Dog T-Shirt

Snoop The Dog T-Shirt

This t-shirt is the perfect gift for the guys who love both dogs and rapping because who wouldn’t love snoop the dog, right? It features a gawking dog with braided hair and a rapper’s signature outfit. And of course, complete with striking chain necklace accessories.

With this t-shirt, your boyfriend can easily mix and match it with his baggy pants so that his style matches the dog rapper. Also, don’t forget about the sneakers for a complete overall look.

#7 Sloth Procrastinator Motivator T-Shirt

Sloth Procrastinator Motivator T-Shirt

The best way to support your friends or yourself is to motivate them with sarcastic t-shirts just like this funny sloth t-shirt. Remember, why do it today when you can do it tomorrow? It also makes perfect sense for that friend who likes to procrastinate but often complains about why the work isn’t done yet.

Even though it doesn’t have a color option, gray is a neutral one that will make the appearance still catchy. He can pair it with his blue jeans and sneakers or black shirts with his flip-flops in the summer.

#8 Burt Reynolds T-Shirt

BURT T-Shirt

We all love a classic, and you’ll definitely find this shirt as a staple in your closet, who wouldn’t, right? Although not necessarily funny, this t-shirt features the actor Burt Reynold’s name which somehow can be spoofed as a joke.

Thankfully, it comes in a wide arrangement of colors you can easily pick based on your friend’s taste. We recommend neutral tones if you have no clue about their preference. But, bright ones will look great if they have a vibrant and cheerful personality

#9 “Are You a Beaver?” Funny T-Shirt

Are You a Beaver? 'Cuz Dam t shirt

Another one of our favorite pun t-shirts that never gets old. Wear this to a casual date and let your partner know what you’re thinking. Unlike other funny t-shirts for guys, this one seems like a midi one you can also wear casually to hang out. In addition, you can have it on as it is or pair it with your favorite shorts.

If you want to appear eye-catching, choose a yellow one. However, we suggest you to choose a gray or black one if you want it easier to mix and match with your accessories.

#10 Funny “I Put On Pants Today” T-shirt

I Put On Pants Today T-Shirt

Everyone has this one guy friend who loves not wearing pants, and we’re okay with that. Unless, of course, when you’re out, right? Show them your support with this shirt now. It has a pretty long design that allows them to wear shorts that make them look like they’re not wearing pants, as they love.

Choose a bigger size if they like styling tees with shorts. On the flip side, the actual size or smaller one will suit perfectly for those who like styling with a vest and slim-fit jeans.

#11 “I Don’t Get Drunk” T-shirt

I Don't Get Drunk I Get Awesome Men's T-Shirts Novelty t shirts Joke t-shirt Birthday Gift Xmas Party

It’s not a secret that there’s always that one friend who thinks he’s totally awesome when he’s drunk until he gets to see the photos the morning after. So, remind them of their drunken awesomeness with this sarcastic t-shirt. We are sure he can’t help but burst of laugh when he first sees this tee.

Given its casual design, he can match it with his favorite trousers, like jeans. But please choose the slim-fit one because this tee is pretty long compared to similar products.

#12 I’m A Big Metal Fan T-Shirt

I'm A Big Metal Fan T-Shirt

Fun and pun only have a different first letter for a reason and one of these reasons includes one of our favorite t-shirts. Especially if your boyfriend is a metal music lover, look no further than this t-shirt. It highlights the unique metal hand signs with floral touches that are uncommonly found on any other metal t-shirts.

The printed message also tells everyone how much he loves heavy metal music. Moreover, it offers you several colors you can choose from. Nonetechless, black one is, we think, the best pick that characterizes a fan of metal music.

#13 Chicken Game T-Shirt

Chicken Game T-Shirt

Another funny t-shirt that blokes might love is this silly “chicken game t-shirt”,  it totally makes no sense, which is why we love it! Of course everyone will first notice the first sentence and goes on up until the chicken. And suddenly, it’s game over.

Gift this t-shirt to your friend or partner as a cute birthday present. You can also wear one and show it to your friend whom you are arguing with. He will undoubtedly couldn’t hold back his laughter and finally, the tense atmosphere is no longer on the air.

#14 Game Over T-Shirt 

GAME OVER T-shirt - the baby on the way

This is a classic sarcastic t-shirt that men often receive when their “game is already over”, which we totally support. It also implicitly tells that your courtship phase has ended with the presence of a new life growing in your partner’s womb. So, no more messing around!

For that reason, you can wear this t-shirt when you want to surprise him about your pregnancy or simply wrap it up and gift it to him when he gets home from work. If that doesn’t shock him to the core, then we will never know what will.

#15 Straight Outta Tacos

Straight Outta Tacos

Because who doesn’t love tacos? Let the world know what you and your friends love it by wearing one on the weekend.This t-shirt as if knows what you are up to after a long day of work, none other than the delicious tacos sold on food truck.

You can showcase one by wearing this tee and your favorite blue jeans when you’re planning for a taco night with your pals. Or, if you know someone who shares a similar taste with you, gift them this t-shirt.

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#16 “Don’t Grow Up It’s A Trap” Shirt

Don’t Grow Up It’s A Trap

It surely is, so let the kids know you’ve known this for a long time and warn them. When we were children, having an adult life seems so great since you can decide anything by yourself. No more parents involved. But that’s far from the truth, where you are faced with the reality of paying all the bills on your own.

Not to mention other complicated matters that are not far from work, friendship and love. Thus, it’s always great to be warned even if you’ll still end there, eventually, right? And this t-shirt tells us all about those! Use this to hangout or grab a drink with your besties and see how many agree with you.

( see also this “Don’t Grow Up Bedroom Sign)

#17 This Shirt Is Brown T-Shirt

This Shirt Is Brown T-Shirt

This is by far the best way to tell people what you’re thinking because that’s just how adult men roll.

#18 You Can’t See Me T-Shirt

You Can’t See Me Tshirt

These funny men’s t-shirts in camouflage don’t really make you invisible, but who knows, right? So, better get one or two now for days that you don’t want to talk to people. You can also get one for your military friend who just got home from duty and just wants to take a break from the crowds.

But if he wants to wear one to walk around the neighborhood, he better match it with his gray jogger pants whose color can easily blend in with the tee and surroundings.

#19 Renewable Energy Dad Joke Shirt


Dad jokes too? This one’s an example and, admit it, this jokes is a classic that everyone can relate to. In one point of view, it tells people that your dad is a wise man who prefers renewable energy over fossil fuels.

But if you take a bit closer, it features a huge windmill that refers to that printed “Big Fan”. So, that’s all about perspectives you guys! With such features, you better gift one to your father on his birthday or father’s day. It will surely draw a smile on his face once he unwrapped it.

#20 No Drinking Until After 6

No Drinking Until After 6

This is one of those humorous t-shirts that, again, every man and woman can relate to. This is a reminder that happy hour can be every hour, so don’t forget to enjoy every 6:00! It also throws sarcastic jokes for your friend who loves to drink too much to the point that he always hangs over.

For that reason, you better grab one to give it to him on his birthday. It comes with various shades you can buy according to your taste. But we recommend the bright tones to make it more eye-catching. So, he can easily connect with the “jokes”.

#21 BE:ER O’CLOCK  T-Shirt

BE:ER O'CLOCK - Funny T-Shirts For Guys

Another reminder that it’s never too early for a glass of beer. Get this shirt for that male friend or friends that believe that it’s always beer o’clock somewhere!

They can wear it while grab a drink to his favorite pub with his pals. Or, perhaps, celebrating a bachelorette party to say all the best to his best friend who is getting married. To make their appearance look masculine, buy him the black one. Instead of his actual size, choose a smaller one to have a slim-fit appeal.

#22 Sorry I’m Late T-Shirt

Sorry I'm Late t shirt

This one is for those guys that don’t really seem to love putting pants on for a night out or even a day out with friends. Give them one of these t-shirts to remind them that you know they don’t like it, but they still have to make an appearance!

To lure him out of his nest, which is his bed, you better consider buying one that matches his favorite color. That way, it may not take much time to pair this t-shirt with his favorite etrousers.

#23 Pot Head T-shirt

Pot Head T-shirt

It’s not what you think it is which makes this one an amusing t-shirt. Get a pothead and share a cup of coffee or two anytime. But wait, this t-shirt may actually tell that the wearer is someone who likes to make himself high by smoking marijuana.

If that’s the case, you better give one as a somewhat fun sarcastic satire for your friend as a kind of reminder so he can get rid of that bad habit. To make the printed design shines vividly, we recommend buying the white or gray one.

#24 Instant Human Just Add Coffee Shirt

Men's Instant Human - Just Add Coffee T-Shirt

In this day and age, everyone is a human right after they get their coffee in the morning and that’s okay. Grab this one to let the world know that all we need is caffeine to keep us sane.

You can also give one to your coffee lover friend who is lazy to explain to his office mates why he needs coffee all the time. Instead of a gray or black one, try to get out of your comfort zone by wearing maroon. Pair it with your black shorts or trousers then wear it to your favorite coffee shop.

#25 Fitness Taco T-shirt

No products found.

Everyone can relate to fitting a taco in our mouth, and it’s funny because it’s true. It’s still about fitness, right? Such t-shirts also seem to justify their love for tacos which makes them happy. Besides, it seems to silence people who often lecture you about how many tacos you buy a day.

In this case, you better wear on to grab your favorite tacos and have them dine in. Buy the vibrant colors, like yellow or heather red to create a striking look. Let the t-shirt speaks for you!

#26 I’m A Little Chili Men’s T-shirt

I'm A Little Chili, Long Sleeve Mens T-shirt, Men's Graphic Long Sleeve T Shirt, Shirts with Sayings, Funny Tee, Heather Gray

Funny t-shirts for guys don’t really have to be funny, right? Sometimes, all we need is a little pun and some chill to get the right blend, like this t-shirt. It features a fun chilli figure that is perfect to wear for someone who often has sharp words but somehow those words make sense.

They can wear this long sleeve when hanging out with friends, walk their dog, or simply hang around their fireplace to warm up with a cup of coffee. As for the best pair, jeans or jogger pants are ideal depending on the season.

#27 Funny Cereal Killer T-Shirt

Funny Cereal Killer T shirt T-Shirt

Yes, we know this funny t-shirt design has been around for a while, but we still love it. Remember, everyone loves cereal, and we’re all cereal killers so we might as well let the world know about it.

To have the best look, pair it with your blue jeans and sneakers or put on your vest if you want to highlight your semi-formal appeal. In case you have pals with the same love of cereal as you, grab one for them!

#28 Life Begins After Coffee T-Shirt

Life Begins After Coffee T-Shirt

Coffee is life, as they simply put it. So, why not put it on a shirt, too? Make sure they know that this is not just a humorous t-shirt, it’s a mantra!  As the printed message bears, it will surely fit those who love coffee to the point they won’t be able to keep their eyes open without a caffeine boost in the morning.

Having such a specific design, you better spice it up with your shorts, trousers or jeans. If you choose bright colors, like yellow, red, or blue, make sure to choose darker tones as the pair to create a stunning contrast.

#29 This is Not a Drill


If you’re looking to start collecting punny t-shirts, then start with this one. It’s a classic pun that everyone can relate to and can be a great gift for your fantastic friends.

You can even buy a pair to make this t-shirt a couple ones for your partner. But make sure to choose a smaller size to have a slim-fit appeal. Also, consider neutral colors if you want to make it quick to mix and match with your trousers.

#30 Not a Good Sign T-Shirt

Not a Good Sign T-Shirt

Another puntastic and sarcastic statement to affirm your love for puns is wearing this shirt whenever you feel like it. Wear it on one of the boy’s night outs and be their constant reminder not to do silly things.

You can match it with shorts in summer, or jogger pants in winter. Meanwhile, jeans and baggy pants are for autumn and spring if you wish to have a casual look for hanging out with friends.

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#31 How to Pick up Chicks

How to Pick up Chicks

This one makes a great gift for your single friends who have a hard time picking up girls. Let them know you support them with this shirt! It features cute yellow chicks that look super eye-catching against a white tee.

Despite having diverse colors you can choose from, we recommend purchasing a white one because the color combination with the chicks looks striking. You can also easily choose a wide variety of bottom wear, including cargo pants, jeans or shorts.

#32 Treat Your Girl Right T- Shirt

Treat Your Girl Right T- Shirt

This one you could give to your beau, to remind him to “treat” you right!  Well, the message is a bit suspicious depending on how you look at it. On the one hand, it seems like giving a clue about how to treat your right as a partner. However, the phrase looks somehow off if you remove the “TR”.

Anyway, that doesn’t matter! You can wear it to grab a drink, walk around the park, or have a date with your girlfriend. But please don’t wear that in areas with kids as they will question you with unbearable answers.

#33 Buttman T-Shirt

Buttman T-Shirt

No one’s too old for one of these t-shirts. Make a room in your closet for this “butt” because this one will never get old, trust us. This tee will make a perfect gift for a batman fan who loves humor and jokes to throw around. You better wrap it up and surprise him on his birthday.

With the yellow and black color combination that vividly characterizes the Batman series, your friend can showcase this piece to everyone by wearing it with his black trousers. But, that “Butt” pun will raise a lot of intriguing questions for him. Make sure he’s ready with it!

#34 You Can’t Scare Me T-Shirt

You can’t Scare Me Shirt - Funny T-Shirts For Guys

If you’re a dad or a wife looking for a gift for your partner, then make sure that the world knows he’s never easily scared because of your daughters. Well, nothing can scare him more than having daughters with tons of responsibility, one of which is protecting them from men at all costs!

Get one of these because you know he loves your daughter, too.  Choose one of his favorite colors to make it easier for him to mix and match the tee with his bottom wear. Also, consider giving a gift card that contains a guide to pairing this t-shirt because, you know, dad has no time for fashion sometimes.

#35 We Don’t Keep Calm We’re Irish T- Shirt

Celebrity Cotton St. Patrick's Day T-Shirt We Don't Keep Calm We're Irish Shirt Womens Tees

Looking for the perfect sarcastic t-shirt for the Irishman boyfriend or partner? Then get him this one because, well, it’s genuine and funny, too. Perfect for St Paddy’s Day. The Irish man is famous for his personality which is full of jokes, thus, making this tee a perfect fit for an Irish guy in your life.

There are four colors you can choose from. But of all, we strongly recommend the green one that stunningly creates a striking contrast with the screen-printed message. That way, your Irishman can freely express himself without having to say a single word, thanks to the design and color choice.

#36 Funny “Send Noods” T-Shirt

No products found.

Let them know you’re into noods or food! In particular, this one is also a perfect gift for someone who loves noodles as it features a huge bowl of noodles that is ready to eat. That way, whenever you go to the restaurant for an order, perhaps, your friend or waitress won’t have to ask you what you want to eat, thanks to the design.

Like most t-shirts, it gives you chance to choose colors. However, in our opinion, black remains the best as it highlights the presence of noodles as the real star here. You can also grab one for your girl as the female sizes are available. Get yours before it’s too late!

#37 “I Do What The Voices Tell Me” Shirt

I Only Do What The Voices In My Wife's Head T-Shirt

This is said to be one of the most popular funny t-shirts for guys. But especially for hilarious husbands out there! It depicts how the husband only listens to what his wife says.

Though it seems cruel, that’s how those whose love language is an act of service love their partners to the moon. If your husband is one of them, you better get him one and choose the best color that fits his personality the most. We know for sure he will laugh out loud when he reads the statement printed on this tee.

#38 Hilarious “This Is Guacward” Shirt

SpeaDavid Olenick -This is guacward T-Shirtkergede

A sarcastic t-shirt that everyone would love to wear because it’s guacward! You can also wear one to express how you feel when you feel uncomfortable at an event. Don’t need to speak a single word if you can have it on your t-shirt, do you?

On the other hand, it also works best as a gift for someone who loves guacamole and tortilla chips as the cartoons speak volumes about the combo. So, the call is yours! Grab one for yourself or give it away to your Mexican food lover’s friend.

#39  Funny Negan Walking Dead Shirt

The Walking Dead I Am Negan T-Shirt

This is one that every “The Walking Dead” fan would love. In case the man in your life is a fan of Negan, look no other than this t-shirt. Of course, it’s inspirational, but you should never ever play around with Negan.

It comes only in black color that will make your man effortlessly pair it up with his bottom wear. But here we strongly advise him to wear slim-fit, cargo pants or black jeans to match the eerie movie vibes. If you’d like to add the pun to your look, match it with striking trousers.

#40 I Don’t Like Morning People

I Don't Like Morning Or People Funny Sarcastic T-Shirt

This could be a secret that everybody knows, but wearing this t-shirt will definitely make it easier for people to accept. It highlights how you are annoyed by some people, especially those who bother you with work or loud noises when you just want to lay on your bed on Sunday morning.

So, get yourself this statement shirt now because honestly, people would love to hear it from you. If you feel that way, you better take a bath and put this t-shirt on. Then, have breakfast and let the people in your home read the satire printed message on your tee. In case the noises come from your neighborhood, walk around and let them notice how you feel.

#41 T-Rex Hates Pullups T-Shirts

T-Rex Hates Pullups

Though they’ve been extinct for a very long time, some guys would still love to have a t-shirt about dinosaurs, like this one. It bears a hilarious T-rex that struggles to pull up because of its large body. And for that reason, this tee will make an excellent piece for those who are struggling to consistently exercise.

As it is available in five colors, you can freely choose one that follows your preference. Nonetheless, navy blue and black are, in our perspective, the best ones as they vividly highlight the T-rex against a darker background.

#42 Free Hugs Bear T-Shirt

Free Hugs from Grizzly Bear T-Shirt

Some of the best things in life are free hugs, That’s why hugs have always been on our favorite free list, just not with a bear obviously, the expression “Bear Hug” comes to mind!  But we don’t recommend giving this one to your boyfriend unless you are okay if everyone, including girls, hugs him.

Instead, you can give this tee to your dad as a gift for Thanksgiving, Father’s day, or when he has a birthday. You know, dad won’t charge you for hugs, making it a perfect gift for him. If he has a big, stocky body that he wants to showcase, you can choose a smaller size.

#43 Old Gamer T-Shirt

Old Gamer T-Shirt

Are you tired of everyone asking you about your age? If yes, then this sarcastic t-shirt is the best answer to your problem. Of course, you can also just tell them your age, that’s a great answer, too. But, where’s the pun if you straight answering their curiosity?

You can wear this t-shirt while hanging out with your friends or hanging out with extended family that you haven’t seen for a long time. That way, you don’t have to put a lot of effort into telling them how old you are. Your t-shirt speaks volumes about it anyway.

#44 “Not That Calm” Funny T-Shirt

Not that Calm T-Shirt - Funny T-Shirts For Guys

Know someone in the medical field that would love to throw this on one? If yes, then this one should be on top of your list! It depicts how the doctors calm the patients while they are examining them, making sure everything is alright. But once they find out something is probably wrong, that’s when they may say “well, not that calm!”

You can gift this funny t-shirt to your friend who happens to be a medical student as a birthday present. They can wear it when hanging out casually or even gathering with their professional colleagues at school in the summer.

#45 Funny Top Secret Job T-Shirt

Top Secret Job

Sometimes, everyone gets too nosy about what you’re really up to with your life, or if you know someone who’s pissed with this, then you better get them this tee. The screen-printed message seems intimidating but when you read the next phrase, you can’t help but laugh.

If you want to wear one, make sure to pair it with black shorts or trousers so that it looks bold and serious. You can also give one to your friends whose jobs are not popular, such as those who work in the IT field and work from home. They often become the talk of people because they are thought to be unemployed. So, this t-shirt will silence them in a fun way.

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#46 Funny Shirt “Forget Lab Safety

Forget your lab safety I want superpowers t-shirt

Do you know someone working in a lab that suits this design? Then don’t hesitate to buy them this one because we all know, deep inside, we all want to have superpowers. It also works best for those fancy fiction, particularly superhero movies like spiderman which happen to transform due to a lab error.

As for the design, you can choose between black or navy blue. Both are neutral tones you can effortlessly pair with your trousers. We also recommend grabbing one for your spouse as the female size is available.

#47 “I Drink and I Know Things” Funny T-Shirt

I Drink and I know Things t shirt

The reference well, we all know where it came from (unless you have been living under a rock). So better get this shirt for the “Game of Thrones fan” in your life and let them know that you know.

But before that, you better take a look at the color options as it comes in various colors, from bright to dark, you can choose. Nonetheless, we always suggest a black one for this kind of theme that adds a dashing appeal to the wearer.

#48 Be Fearless T-Shirt

Be Fearless T-Shirt

Sarcastic shirts are often true, and that’s why we love them, like this one. It actually covers motivational quotes to always have courage and fearlessness but is packaged in humorous language.

But from another perspective, it gives a warning to that friend who likes to fart carelessly without thinking about the stinky smell. Hence, buy this inspiring gem and let that farter in your life know that you support him and their fearless endeavor.

#49 Funny Shirt “When Life Gives You Lemons

When Life Gives You Lemons

Because what greater way to use those free lemons than with vodka Right? This one really hits home for everyone. The printed message seems to represent what vodka enthusiasts have thought of to make a fresh recipe with a touch of lemon taste in the liquor.

You can wear the tee if you are a vodka connoisseur. We also recommend buying your partner this t-shirt especially if she shares the same taste as you and loves to add lemons to her vodka.

#50 “In Pizza We Crust” Funny T-Shirt

In Pizza We Crust All Seeing Eye Food Lover Foodie Shirt

Because pizza is life, and for anyone who doesn’t agree with this, we don’t trust you! This tee features a piece of pizza and the All-Seeing eye, which is the symbol of the Illuminati, makes it look intriguing.

Since it comes in two sizes for male and female, we think it will be best to buy your partner one. You can choose the black color while your girl will look amazing in green or gray. Pair it with your shorts in the summer while grabbing your favorite pizza together.

#51 Papa The man The Myth Legend T-Shirt

#51 Papa The man The Myth Legend T-Shirt

OK! So we decided to include some extra items in our epic list of Funny T-Shirts for Guys because this one deserved an honorable mention. Why? Well, because most papas are indeed legends, so let him know that you appreciate him.   

This t-shirt covers all of his personalities: the man behind the bar, the legend who says it all, and the myth who actually never believes in the folklore. You better buy him one as a Father’s day gift to show how you love him even though you probably never say it out loud.

#52 “I Paused My Game To Be Here” T-Shirt

I Paused My Game to Be Here Graphic Novelty Sarcastic Funny T Shirt

This a perfect and easy-to-find gift for your lovely gamers. If it is hard for him to go outside because of the game, then you have to get this for him. This shirt is true to size and comes in various colors but we prefer the navy to the others as it looks manly and effortlessly blends in with any trousers.

Besides, the material is comfortable for daily wear and, of course, your casual look. Let him wear this funny and sarcastic shirt for some events that he is not that interested to join. It will be cool yet exciting to see the look!

#53 Lucky Fishing Funny Shirt

Mens Lucky Fishing Shirt Do Not Wash Shirt

If your man is a fisherman or someone who likes to go fishing, this is the best gift. Get a special outfit for fishing with this shirt. Lucky fishing shirt, do not wash, is something funny, joyful, and comfortable to wear.

This shirt is made from cotton, is a comfortable fit, and is lightweight. So, it will be perfect for fishing on summer vacation. Let him get the best moment of fishing with this shirt immediately!

#54 “Who Da Man Yoda Man Star Wars” Shirt

STAR WARS Who Da Man Yoda Classic Retro Vintage

If your man is a Star Wars fan, and you want to give something funny, unique, and useful to him, this is what you are looking for. The classic design of Yoda, with the right moss-green color and hilarious texts over the shirt, will make him stand out.

We guarantee that this gift becomes his new favorite shirt to wear because the design is memorable and hard to resist. Allow him to pair the tee with his blue jeans if he wishes to have a striking look.

Final Thought

There is always room for a new shirt. And by saying that, there is always time to wear a new shirt. A new shirt that can make people laugh is the best one. For that reason, grab these funny and cool shirts as a special gift for your lovely man. But make sure that you pick one that suits their tastes.

For example, choose their colors, the design they seem to like, and the type of t-shirt they often wear (be it over-sized, actual size, or fit one). Let’s make them laugh and share the laughter around!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How should you care for your funny t-shirt?

It is recommended to machine wash your funny T-shirt in cold water and hang dry or tumble dry on low heat to maintain the quality of the print.

What are some popular themes for funny t-shirts?

Some popular themes for funny T-shirts include movies, TV shows, internet memes, sports, and music.

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