25 Cool Ashtrays to Make Great Father’s Day Gifts

Many people celebrate Father’s Day by spending a day with their father and do something exciting together. Most people choose to go fishing, cooking some delicious meals, or perhaps doing some sports like basketball or soccer together. Although we know that spending time with your dad on his birthday is a precious thing to do, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t like to receive gifts.

In terms of gifts, there are so many things that you can buy as a gift for him. Among others, a smoker dad will be delighted to get a rare ashtray from you. Despite the fact that you can find ashtray pretty easily out there, there are some cool ashtrays that will come as a valuable gift for your dad.

If you find it challenging to find some recommendations of the cool ashtrays that will make a great gift for your dad, don’t worry! We have created a list of the coolest ashtrays to choose from. For a smoker dad, we believe that the perfect ashtray will be the perfect father’s day gift.

So without further ado, let’s get started and prepare yourself to be inspired. Recommendations of some cool ashtrays are just a click away!

BEST and Unique Ashtrays for Smokers

Step into the world of unique ashtrays, where each piece is not just a receptacle for ashes but a statement of style and personality. From vintage elegance to modern artistry, these ashtrays are more than just smokers’ companions; they’re a blend of functionality and aesthetic charm.

Join us as we explore the best and most unique ashtrays, where every design tells a story and adds a touch of sophistication to the smoker’s ritual.

1. Crab Ashtray 

cool ashtrays

The first product on the list is this attractive crab ashtray. As you can see, the detailed design on the sculpture is the one thing that makes this cool ashtray into a best-seller item.

Also, we also believe that the bright orange color crab will look good as a decoration on your father’s coffee table. Moreover, it also comes with a lit that will help your dad to keep his smoke ashes in place.

2. Luxury Marble Cigar Ashtray

cool ashtrays

Aren’t you agree when we say that these marble ashtrays look very mysterious? If you father is pretty mysterious himself, then probably one of these ashtrays will make a great father’s day gift for him.

It hides the bottom gold-coated tray that collects the trash inside. In addition, you will also have two other marble colors as alternatives, just in case you think your father has too many dark items with him already. The marble ashtray will come sooner than you expect even though it travels from far away.

3. Duck Ashtray

cool ashtrays

Will your father dump his cigarette ash to this cute duck ashtray? We don’t think so, because this ashtray is just too cute to store ashes! However, we still think this item is worth buying, especially for the Father’s Day celebration.

The two ducks are swimming around the corner of the box, so your father can put his cigarette ash on the opposite sides. Also, we need to remind you that the yellow ducks are sold out already, but you can choose other pretty ducks in the options section.

4. Tyre Style Ashtray

cool ashtrays

For a father who works in automotive industry, we think this tyre style ashtray would be the perfect piece of gift for father’s day. Since cars and tires are part of your dad’s everyday routines, he will definitely love to have this ashtray on his working desk or station.

Moreover, we also think that this ashtray has a unique feature to drive your father’s boredom away. He can just simply push the top button and the wheel will spin! Talking a small item to kill his boredom, right?

5. Vintage Ashtray with Flip Lid

cool ashtrays

No one knows that this gorgeous tabletop is actually an ashtray unless you tell them about it. In our opinion, that is actually the unique part of this ashtray. Being a perfect gift for father’s day, the beautiful pattern ashtray is available in various colors that complement the patterns perfectly.

Moreover, this vintage ashtray is also one those cool ashtrays that comes with the perfect size to be on your father’s hand. We can assure you that he will be happy to bring it everywhere he wants without spilling the ashes when he smokes.

6. Concrete Ashtray

cool ashtrays

This concrete ashtray is the perfect gift for your father on his special day. The simple-looking yet complex lines on the cool ashtray makes it a very well-balanced practical and aesthetic item. Moreover, the terrace-inspired ashtray distinguishes itself from the other ashtrays by its uniqueness.

In terms of options and variations, it comes in two color options and you can choose the best one based on your father’s preference of color.

7. Hand-Painted Ceramic Ashtray

cool ashtrays

Look at these colorful ceramic ashtrays! The hand-painted ceramic ashtrays are inspired by the traditional culture of Turkey. Also, we honestly think that the best part of these ashtrays is definitely the fact that all the pieces of these ashtrays are hand-painted.

So, if your father likes to collect traveling souvenirs, we believe that these ashtrays will be an excellent set of presents for him. Plus, they are available in two different sizes and many choices of colors to pick.

8. Personalized Cigar Ashtray

cool ashtrays

This personalized cigar ashtray gives a meaningful value as a gift for your father. Since it’s a personalized item, you can engrave your father’s name or initials on the top of this cool walnut wood ashtray. We undoubtedly thinks it will come as one of those cool ashtrays that makes a meaningful father’s day gift for him.

The carving on the wooden ashtray also serves a fancy look. We can assure you that your father will brag about his gift to everyone he meets. Furthermore, the foldable ashtray also comes very convenient to be used and brought along.

9. Egyptian Pyramid Ashtray

cool ashtrays

The full carving Egyptian Pyramid ashtray brings the thousand years of history a mysterious vibe. This cool ashtray sits perfectly as a table decoration when its lid is closed. But it will function properly as a cigarette ashtray when the lid is open.

In overall, we have no doubt that your father will definitely love to have this stylish ashtray on his office desk. In our opinion, this is one of those cool ashtrays to make a great home décor item.

10. Elephant Ball Ashtray

intage Decorative Windproof Ashtray with Lid for Cigarettes Metal Portable Cigarette Ashtray Odor Indoor Outdoor Hand Carved Fancy Gift ornament for Men Women

We are pretty sure that you will agree when we say that this elephant ball ashtray’s design is otherworldly awesome. Aside from the amazing design, the magnificent ashtray also has a big capacity to keep cigarette butts and ashes.

Undoubtedly, this will be the perfect item for your father, which he can bring along when he hangs out with his friends. Moreover, we also need to remind you that your mother may ask you to get her one, too. And in case you want to know, it’s because she wants to use this cool ashtray as her jewelry holder.

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11. Crystal Glass Ashtray

Deli Green Apple No. 2049 Crystal Heavy Glass Ashtray for Indoor and Outdoor Decorative

Does it look too simple for a gift? Well you know what? It’s called classic. The transparent crystal glass ashtray is the safest and coolest option from any other ashtray on this list.

In terms of material, the glass material makes it very easy to clean. Besides the square shape, it is also available in a round shape. You can suggest your father place the crystal ashtray next to the table centerpiece and give a classier look on your living room table.

12. Creative Poker Ceramic Ashtray

Creative Poker Ceramic Cigarette Ashtray

Every ceramic ashtray has the coolest advantage of being convenient to use, clean, and display. Based on that reason, we think this creative poker ceramic ashtray can prove it to you. The innovative ace design is almost identical to the real ace card.

We have to praise the maker for the amazing skill, though. All in all, this ashtray makes a great gift on a special occasion, especially on Father’s Day.

13. Cool Decorative Ashtray

Cute Cool Decorative Ashtrays for Cigarettes Ash tray with Lid MrHsiang Resin ashtray Ashtray for Weed outside Outdoor Ashtray Windproof Ashtray for Home,Patio,Office,Indoor

We agree that this ashtray serves an appealing look like the cool decorative ashtray. It feels like giving your father a new toy. The lid prevents the ashes from flying out from the vessel. Plus, it is made of resin, so we can assure you no sweat will drop from washing this ashtray.

For a special dad with a great sense of humor and loves to collect unique items, we think this is definitely one of his must-have items. Therefore, make sure you get one of these cool ashtrays for him.

14. Persimmon Ashtray

Ashtray with Lid for Cigarettes, Ceramic Smokeless AshTrays Decorative for Indoor or Outdoor

Where will you find an artistic ashtray with a big capacity of around 5 packs of cigarette butts? Well.. it’s right here, because we bring it right to you. The large storage space will ease your father’s responsibility to clean this persimmon ashtray many times.

One cool aspect that adds a point to its perfection is the anti-skid pads on the bottom. So, what else can we say about this cool ashtray? Well, one thing though, it’s highly recommended!

15. Peacock Ashtray

Peacock Shaped Smoking Ashtray,Cigarette Ashtray for Indoor or Outdoor Use

This elegant peacock ashtray is an exquisite gift for your father. The sculpture on the top of the ashtray is beautifully made, too. Moreover, the gems along the peacock’s tail also add a touch of luxury, which makes it look super classic and sweet and the same time.

Being one of those cool ashtrays, we must say that the combination of the gold bottom part and blue peacock is unexpectedly amazing.

16. Wooden Cigar Ashtray Coaster

Wooden Cigar Ashtrays Coaster,Ash Tray and Whiskey Glass Tray

Moving on to the next item on the list, we have a wooden ashtray that has multifunctional features, which include an ashtray and a coaster. Having this item as father’s day gift, your father can do the two of the things he likes, which are smoking while drinking, or vice versa, at the same time.

The cool wooden cigar ashtray coaster has great longevity because it is made from natural Camphor wood. Also, we can assure you that the square ashtray ensures you to be satisfied with your gift choice.

17. Antique Outdoor Floor Ashtray

Antique Outdoor Floor Ashtray

This vintage outdoor floor ashtray deserves a top spot on the list of cool ashtrays, definitely. This cool ashtray provides a complete package of ashtray. You can use it both outdoor and indoor, although it is named an outdoor item.

As a gift, it comes with such complete features. Based on the manual book, it has 3 different heights of poles, and it also has the steel cigarette box as a bonus. Sounds like a wonderful thing to be a special gift, right?

18. Car Ashtray

cool ashtrays

If your dad loves to drive his old classic car, we have the perfect gift for him. This Car Ashtray will come as the perfect father’s day gift for a special day in your life. It comes in a cylinder shape, and there’s a small flower pattern on the front of the ashtray to give soft and adorable looks to the rigid material.

Moreover, it also has an LED light feature that helps your father to drop the cigar ashes in the right place. Close the lid tight and seal the smell inside the ashtray. Plus, this item will also make sure that his car is free of ashes, too!

19. Onyx Stone Ashtray

Onyx Stone Ashtray

Next up we have this cool piece, which is called the Onyx stone ashtray. The unique ashtray is made of natural Onyx stone. As its natural material, every piece has a different pattern that makes it super special. This stone ashtray has just the right heavy mass to not be a burden.

The good news is this ashtray is on sale until the mid of the new year’s first month. So grab it for your father quick!

20. Lip Style Ceramic Ashtray

Loghot Creative Ceramic Cigarette Ashtrays with Lips Style Fashion Home Decorations

This sexy lips style ceramic ashtray should be in your list of consideration for your sexy and cool father. It has a big surface that can be used for both cigars and cigarettes. Also, the vivid dark red color surely catches everyone’s attention, too!

However, you need to make sure that your mom is ok with it, because having wide woman’s lips as a new ashtray at home might not be too comfortable for your mom. But for your dad, we can guarantee that it would make a great gift. Oops!

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21. Shotgun Shell Ashtray

12 Gauge Shotgun Shell Round Ashtray

This shotgun shell ashtray is a very unique ashtray with three cigarette holders. This is one of those cool ashtrays that emits macho and manly vibes. It’s a perfect gift for fathers who like adventurous activities like hunting in the great outdoors.

Moreover, it may look heavy at the first glance, but in reality, it’s actually not. So to sum all the advantages that this piece of ashtray can offer, we can conclude that this will make a great gift for your lovey grand dad.

22. Wall Mounted Outdoor Ashtray

Wall Mounted Outdoor

The wall mounted outdoor ashtray claims to be an item that can be easily installed using the mounting kit that comes along with it. We really think that this ashtray is the best option for your dad who likes to smoke while observing his yard.

You don’t have to worry about cleaning this stainless-steel ashtray after it’s firmly mounted, because you can easily unlock its inner bin then empty it before putting it back again. Pretty easy, don’t you think.

23. Backyard Grill Ashtray

Backyard Grill

This backyard grill ashtray is well-suited to participate in your family barbecue party. Twinning your father’s real grill stove, the smokers in the family can throw their cigarette ashes and butts here. Also, don’t be fooled because the pipe is not just a display. It transfers the smoke from inside to outside.

Moreover, you can picture your father’s proud smile upon receiving this gift, can you? So, we can proudly say that one of this cool ashtrays are definitely worth owning.

24. KICOSOADT Ashtray for Terrace and Outdoor

KICOSOADT Ashtray for Terrace and Outdoor

This windproof outdoor ashtray is probably the most suited gift for your father who lives to smoke outside. The perfectly matched lid protects the ashes from being blown and making a mess. Plus, the pattern and color make it look like an exotic ashtray.

It is a beautifully-designed item with adorable colors and appearance. In our opinion, this is another option of those cool ashtrays that will make a wonderful and unique home décor item.

25. Colorful Crystal Ashtray

Kaforise Crystal Outdoors Indoors Cigarette Ashtray Ash Holder Case

Last but not least on our recommendation is the Colorful Crystal Ashtray. The layered color shows a modern and artsy look on this ashtray. If your dad loves to look young and love to have cool items including cool ashtrays too, then you must get him this item as a Father’s Day gift.

You get a different color ashtray depending on which angle you take to see this item. Such an interesting ashtray!

Final Thoughts

We hope you find the one you are looking for. You may share this cool ashtray recommendation list with your old man. You can let him add his favorite ashtray to your cart, too. After all, father’s day is a day for you to spoil your dad, and a day to appreciate everything he has done for you and the family.

Therefore, it would be best for you to pick the best out of the best ashtrays on our list to become the ultimate father’s day gift for him.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to choose the best cool ashtray for your needs?

When choosing a cool ashtray, consider the material it is made from, the size and shape, and any unique features it may have. Additionally, think about where you plan to use the ashtray and what kind of cigarettes you will be using it for.

What are the benefits of using ashtrays?

The benefits of using ashtrays, especially for dads who smoke, includes providing a convenient and stylish place to dispose cigarette butts, reducing litter and keeping smoking areas clean.

Additionally, some ashtrays may have features that make smoking more convenient and enjoyable as well, such as built-in lighters or ash-catching designs.

What is the best ashtray?

We should say the best ashtray is the one that provides a functional purpose at its best. It’s also a plus point if the ashtray has more to offer, such as artistic appearance and multifunctional features. This vintage ashtray and the 2in1 ashtray-coaster could be the best ones based on the above reasons.

What makes a good cigar ashtray?

A good cigar ashtray has a perfect size of cigar place like this personalized cigar ashtray. A bigger place is quite alright but never choose the smaller ones.

What is the best material for an ashtray?

The best material for an ashtray is ceramic like the ace ashtray. It allows us to easily clean them. Glass ashtrays also carry the same characteristic so we vote for both materials.

How to clean an ashtray?

The cleaning method for an ashtray depends on the material it is made from. For example, glass ashtrays can be washed with soap and water, while metal ashtrays can be wiped down with a damp cloth.

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