22 Unusual and Classy Gifts for Lawyers

Is pleasing a lawyer one of your bucket list? We are on time then, because we just finished piling up 25 things that really suit most of the U.S lawyer’s taste. Both women and men, we got perfect and classy gifts for lawyers

But, first thing first. Lawyers’ taste is just unique, sometimes unusual, and all of them are pricey (very, very pricey). But, it is not their lifestyle. It’s just that, the more luxurious their things are, the more people trust them. Because their appearance can say how successful they are as lawyers. So, ready to find out 25 classy gifts for lawyers? Let’s go!

1. Luxury HQ Crystal Zodiac Drinkware 

Classy Gifts for Lawyers

Carefully polished 12 zodiac print animals wine glasses, complete with one jug, and comes in a sleek and classy gift box. Not bad for pleasing your lawyer, huh? Shipped from Australia, it takes only 5 business days at max.

2. Premium Stash Box with Movable Tray

Classy Gifts for Lawyers

A premium organizer that fits your lawyer’s important accessories. Made from sustainable bamboo, it contains a portable rolling tray, customizable lid with magnetic board, spacious compartment, and durable constructions. Let’s appreciate your lawyer’s  hard work with this stash box. 

3. A Walnut Exclusive Watch Box

Classy Gifts for Lawyers

This classy walnut watch box is a must-have on every lawyer’s desk. You can never know how many exclusive watches they have. Considering dozens of cases he had faced throughout his career. Gift him this for his recent victory to keep every watch in place. 

4. Scotch-infused Toothpicks

Classy Gifts for Lawyers

A dozen toothpicks infused with fine single malt scotch? Very exclusive and unusual. One package features a barrel-aged, Islay single malt made by a 100 years old distillery for smoky flavor with some notes of peat, complex caramel. This is the best to give to your lawyer.

5. Spinning Spirits Set

Classy Gifts for Lawyers

Exclusively made from the best designer in Illinois, Patrick Fitzpatrick’s. This handcrafted spirits set will spin a story of its own mixed with the new owner’s (which is your lawyer). That beautiful rustic stand is made from salvaged barn wood. Send this off to his place now. 

6. Wood Cut Razor Shaving Kit

Classy Gifts for Lawyers

This set of men’s perfection includes wooden straight edge razor, carbon steel blade, shaving soap, wooden shaving cupboard, bristle hair shaving brushwood, and stand leather strop. This vintage edition is made by Zeepk. No way your lawyer is not liking this one as his classy gift. 

7. Silver Tungsten Ring Rose Gold Brushed Diamond

Classy Gifts for Lawyers

It’s an 8 mm, tungsten carbide, a special product from Smart Sourcing.With a timeless finish look, this is going to be a very decent gift coming from you, as his client. Will he be happy? Of course, because which side of this ring is a flop?

8. Quinton Custom Cigar and Whiskey

Classy Gifts for Lawyers

A totally classy gift for a lawyer ever. This Quinton custom cigar and whiskey include a rocks glass, wooden cigar box, wooden watch with a leather band, and acrylic cigar stand with its travel pouch. You can personalized the glass, box, and cigar with 2 initials of your lawyer’s name. Gift your lawyer this classy thing to make them feel good.

9. Engraved Cigar Ashtray

Engraved Cigar Ashtray

Brought to you by Klarna, this genuine marble cigar ashtray is a good choice if you want to give a classy gift to a lawyer. Make him enjoy the cigar more with their initial engraved on the perfectly custom ashtray. One ashtray could hold up to four cigars at once. Classy and fantastic gift for a lawyer indeed.

10. Google Nest Mini Second Generation

Google Nest Mini Second Generation

You know that we’re still in the hype of everything ‘smart’. From smart TV, smart lighting bulbs, and whatsoever. A lawyer with their lavish stuff can’t ever miss out the hype. Your lawyer might not have this Google nest mini second generation yet. So, we recommend this as a gift for lawyers.

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11. Nordic Art Flower Vase

Classy Gifts for Lawyers

Give your female lawyer this luxury nordic light luxury art vase. They will be delightful because your gift is adding more accent to her house. Made out of high quality resin that includes free standing. Available with two colors, choose the best one according to you!

12. 6 Lights in Gold Crystal Chandelier

Lights in Gold Crystal Chandelier

We can assure you that there is almost no one that doesn’t like modern pendant lamps. You can give this luxury good as a classy gift for your lawyer. The chandelier is gold colored crystals, and metal. This is just perfect to hang in the dining room or living room.

13. Luxury Wool Jacket Westwood

Luxury Wool Jacket Westwood

A very luxury wool jacket, with floral lining, golden button, poly-amide, polyester, and woolen. This is meant to be matched with pleated skirts, faux leather pants, or evening plain dresses. This will definitely add more confidence to your lawyer when they walk into the courtroom.  

14. An Epoxy Resin Luxury Tray

An Epoxy Resin Luxury Tray

As we might already know, almost every deal is made in the lawyer’s office room. So, giving their client’s some compliments is a must. Given this, you can appreciate your lawyer by giving her this rare yet luxurious epoxy tray. It’s  manufactured with natural, metal, solver, gold, and a handful of glitters. 

15. A Non-mediocre Dispenser Shower Bottle

Classy Gifts for Lawyers

This item is hard, real hard to come by. If you are looking for an unusual gift for a lawyer. Then this is it. This is what you’re looking for, a dispenser shower bottle with bronze silver pump. We can say that this belongs in your lawyer’s powder room. 

16. Cashmere and Amber Luxury Soy Candle

A Non-mediocre Dispenser Shower Bottle

A unique black glass container candle, with a 8 oz hand-poured soy candle. This luxury soy candle is not only unusual home decor, but also a true beauty and classy gift for lawyer. This thing is still affordable with under 50 USD each.

17. A Mug with A Tea Bag Pocket 

A Mug with A Tea Bag Pocket

All in one mug. What do you think? It’s a very eccentric, different, and unusual gift for a lawyer, we think. JoAnn Stratakos carefully made this pretty mug from scratch.  This is perfect if you need to find an unusual item to please your best lawyer in town. 

18. A Stone Drink Dispenser

Classy Gifts for Lawyers

Do you want your lawyer gasping in awe when opening a gift from you?  This liquid fun dispenser will make your desire come true. Crafted from rough-hewn,  cobbled granite with a stainless steel tap. Your lawyer can enjoy her wine or spirits while solving a great case with this.

19. An Open Front Cardigan with Patchwork

An Open Front Cardigan with Patchwork

After the court, a drinking party is sometimes needed to freshen a lawyer’s mind. But a party with a formal blazer? Sounds uncomfortable. So, we suggest you send her this printed patchwork open front cardigan as her gift. Let her enjoy and relax in luxury. 

20. Luxury Egg Enamel Jewelry Box

Luxury Egg Enamel Jewelry Box

Have you seen a jewelry box as unusual as this? We neither. Hm, that means this item is hard to come by. Fits the criteria of the luxury gift you’re looking for, right? This unusual enamel storage box for a female lawyer can be used as a safe storage of her decorative ornaments, jewelry box, and many more. 

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21. A Colorful Galaxy Rose Flower

A Colorful Galaxy Rose Flower

A 24k gold foil rose flower is pretty unusual yet very stunning (everyone here agrees). Knowing you want to satisfy your lawyer so much, this can be your go to gift for lawyer. It comes with an  LED box that increases the flower’s dreamy and dazzling dream vibe. 

22. A Long Sleeve Adidas  T-Shirt

A Long Sleeve Adidas  T-Shirt

No need to question the quality. Adidas is already everyone’s favorite when it comes to sports outfits and tools. This AEROREADY fabric is the latest innovation from Adidas. Let’s celebrate your lawyer’s successful story with this freelift long sleeve t-shirt, shall we? 

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