26 Encouraging Gifts for New Lawyers to Preparing Their Long Journey

After graduating from law school, new lawyers are going to start off their career with high hopes and expectations. Perhaps, they’re hoping to win a certain amount of cases in court every month. Whether that target is achievable or not, we still should applaud their spirit. One way of showing your support is by giving them meaningful gifts for new lawyers. 

Most of the gifts for new lawyers listed here are different from traditional gifts to lawyers. Here, you’ll see items that are essential to encourage and inspire them during all the good and bad times. There are some items that can be meaningful and useful to kickstart their career too! If you truly wish for the greatest success in your friend’s career, then you won’t want to miss out on these gifts for new lawyers!

Meaningful Gifts for New Lawyers

Unique gifts for new lawyers can definitely create a meaningful story for the recipients. These kinds of items are simple, yet they’re powerful enough to make a lasting impact towards your friend’s career. If you’re interested in finding these kinds of gifts for new lawyers, please take a look at our awesome list below. 

1. “Love and Lawyer” Wood Sign

“Love and Lawyer” Wood Sign

Meaningful gifts for new lawyers can also come in the form of wooden signs. This is a really beautiful sign that your friend can display. The quotes printed on the canvas can make a new lawyer feel wanted. Plus, it also makes their office look better. 

2. “Nutritional Facts” Lawyer Mug

“Nutritional Facts” Lawyer Mug

Lawyers need to have cool mugs in order to look classy. For new lawyers, we thought that this “nutritional facts” mug might be the perfect item. It’s got an encouraging statement that is important for every new lawyer too. Giving gifts for new lawyers can’t get any better than this!

3. Personalized Male Lawyer Snow Globe

Personalized Male Lawyer Snow Globe

This is one of the cutest gifts for new lawyers in the market. The male lawyer depicted inside the snow globe can be personalized to look like your friend. You can also add their name to be printed on the glass! It will be a magnificent decoration for their new office desk. 

4. The Definition of Lawyer

The Definition of Lawyer

A lawyer is someone who can do a lot of magic in the courtroom. In fact, they can really be compared to a magician or a sorcerer. Giving this awesome paperback as one of your gifts for new lawyers might be a good idea, as it can further motivate them in forging their career. 

5. Handcrafted Judge Gravel with Box

Handcrafted Judge Gravel with Box

A lawyer never uses gravel in the courtroom. That responsibility and privilege belongs to the judge. However, there are no rules that prevent a new lawyer from having the gravel as a decoration in their office. If you agree with us, please consider this beautiful and handcrafted gravel

6. Pistachio Pedestal

Pistachio Pedestal

A workaholic rarely ever leaves their room until they finish every single task. It’s only natural to see them skip a lunch or dinner break. But perhaps you can help them avoid getting sick with this awesome pistachio pedestal. That way, they can put their favorite snacks on and eat them while enjoying work. 

7. Law School Graduate Necklace

Law School Graduate Necklace

More often than not, new lawyers are law students who have just finished their law school. That’s the reason why giving this adorable graduation necklace as one of your gifts for new lawyers is not a bad idea. It’s got a cool design as well as a heartwarming quote.

8. Law School Graduate Customizable Tray

Law School Graduate Customizable Tray

Leather tray can be used to store a lot of items on someone’s desk, like phones, wallets, and many more. For a new lawyer, there’s no better leather tray than this awesome customizable item. You can choose to add their name and their graduation year too! It’ll definitely be one of the most meaningful gifts for new lawyers that they can cherish for a very long time. 

9. Cotton Bag with Scale

Cotton Bag with Scale

A lawyer needs to bring a lot of important documents for a trial. The documents are usually stored inside their brilliant leather bag. But what if the leather bag can’t fit all of the items they needed? Don’t worry, because you can give them this amazing cotton bag. It even has a design that perfectly resembles a lawyer!

10. Declaration of Independence Tie

Declaration of Independence Tie

We have discussed giving meaningful gifts for new lawyers. However, purchasing funny gifts for new lawyers can help increase morale too! Just take a look at this cool tie! It features the signatures of all the Founding Fathers. Seeing them wear this tie on the court can be funny as heck!

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Inspirational Gifts for New Lawyers

New lawyers aren’t as experienced as seasoned lawyers because they still have a long journey ahead. It’s only natural if they endure a tough time during a certain period. It’ll be wise to encourage them by giving inspirational gifts for new lawyers. These items will encourage them and help them get through all the troubles. 

11. “A Lawyer’s Prayer” Plaque

“A Lawyer’s Prayer” Plaque

This is a really beautiful decoration for a new lawyer’s office. It contains a touching prayer from the legendary Sir Thomas Moore. During tough times, your friend can look at this plaque and repeat these words too! 

12. Funny Lawyer Mug

Gifts for New Lawyers

If you’re trying to find gifts for new lawyers that can be both funny and inspirational at the same time, then take a look at this adorable mug. It’s got a funny lawyer caricature combined with a motivational quote that can help them during tough periods in their career. 

13. Various Motivational Posters

Gifts for New Lawyers

People love to hang posters with inspirational quotes on it because of two reasons: they look good and they can inspire them to work harder and be better at their job. Perhaps you can buy one of these posters and hand it to your new lawyer as gifts for new lawyers!

14. Founding Fathers Whiskey Glasses

Gifts for New Lawyers

Here’s a fun fact for you: the revolution of the United States was planned in a local tavern! It makes sense that our next item came in the form of a whiskey glass. It has a unique and awesome design, making it one of the best gifts for new lawyers. These glasses are also very durable, so don’t worry about it getting shattered!

15. Personalized Ceramic Mug

Gifts for New Lawyers

If you’re going to buy the wine glass that we’ve offered before, then make sure to add this awesome ceramic base too! You can also choose to add your friend’s name on it. The awesome ceramic mug has a cool glossy-wipe finish. It really is a useful item that can make any desk or dining table look better, so make sure to buy it. 

16. The Lawyer and the Law of Attraction

Gifts for New Lawyers

If you’re really trying to find inspirational gifts for new lawyers, then you probably should take a look at this magnificent book. This cool book challenges you on a journey to become a more successful human being. If you really wish nothing but success for your friend, then you shouldn’t avoid this item because we guarantee that your friend can learn a lot from this book

17. Jame’s S. Ritchie 1880s Tin Sign

Gifts for New Lawyers

What better way to inspire a new lawyer than by giving some rare collectibles, just like this tin sign. Perhaps by looking at this awesome memorabilia, your friend will be motivated to be a top lawyer that history will remember! It can also act as a wonderful decoration on their cool workspace.

Special Gifts for New Lawyers

Before we wrap up our list, there are still some amazing items that you can discover! Down below, you’re going to find amazing gifts for new lawyers that they can use for personal and professional chores. Come and take a look!

18. “Call to the Bar’ Art Print

Gifts for New Lawyers

First up, we’ve got this amazing wall art print for new lawyers. We genuinely thought that hanging this elegant art in their office will give a new aura that can attract new clients! Don’t think twice and add it to your cart before the stock runs out!

19. Scented Candle for New Lawyer

Gifts for New Lawyers

New lawyers will probably be surprised at how stressful their job can be. That’s the reason why it’ll be important to give relaxing items as gifts for new lawyers. This soothing scented candle can create a relaxing aroma in their office to help them avoid any stress!

20. Grilled Personal Pizza Maker

Gifts for New Lawyers

New lawyers probably need to save up some money and avoid wasting them for luxurious things. But if they want to eat some classy pizzas, perhaps they can make one themselves. In order to achieve that, you can buy them this amazing pizza maker. Simply place a pizza inside the mini-oven and wait for ten minutes before consuming the delicious food.  

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21. New Lawyer’s Handbook

New Lawyer’s Handbook

We really encourage you to include this magnificent book to be part of your gifts for new lawyers. This book is really essential for every new lawyer, as it contains tips and advice from top lawyers. The knowledge they got from this book is rarely taught in any law school. 

22. Magnetic Poetry for Lawyers

Magnetic Poetry for Lawyers

There are a lot of unique gifts for new lawyers. This awesome magnetic poetry is just one of them! With this cool item, your friend can arrange sentences on their refrigerator that sound similar to iconic sentences thrown out during a trial. 

23. Law in a Tree

Gifts for New Lawyers

This painting is a really cool replica of a masterpiece made in 1878. It is really unique, because it contains the common law in the similitude of a tree. It will be a really awesome decoration in a lawyer’s room, so you better get it now for your friend. 

24. Loading Shirt

Loading Shirt

Graduating from a law school is not the end. Instead, it’s the start of a wonderful journey as a new lawyer. Perhaps this awesome shirt can drive the passion of your friend! Let’s hope that they can climb their way to be the best lawyer. 

25. Lady Justice Wall Art

Gifts for New Lawyers

Lady justice is known as a personification of the judicial system. It makes perfect sense if you buy it as one of your gifts for new lawyers. They can hang this cool wall art on their office wall. Plus, its unique design also differs it from the traditional lady justice wall art in the market. 

26. Lawyer Up Game

Gifts for New Lawyers

Now this is one of the best gifts for new lawyers. This awesome game pits you and your friend in a courtroom scenario. There are more than 100 cards inside. A lawyer would want to play this game during game nights. It’s really addicting, especially for a new lawyer who loves their job! 

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