25 Vasectomy Gag Gifts To Celebrate The Big Snip

Even though so many contraceptives are normal for women, men often find it difficult to contribute. Despite the lack of options men can get, they are also afraid of the procedure they have to go through such as vasectomy. This is why, when they finally agree and have the courage to get the big snip, they deserve some gift to cheer them up. Even better, you can get them funny vasectomy gifts to bring out some laugh and joy for the scary moment. 

Don’t know what to get for someone who just got a vasectomy? Don’t worry because we have you covered. Below is a list of the best vasectomy gag gifts that will make them laugh. 

1. DIY Vasectomy Kit Prank Gift

DIY Vasectomy Kit Prank Gift

Does your best friend tell you that he’s about to get a vasectomy? Do you think it is the appropriate time to pull out a good prank? Say no more! Get this DIY vasectomy prank kit that will leave them speechless. This may cause even more fear on them and their wife, but you can always explain later or even try to offer some help in executing the procedure. Make sure to be there because the horror on their face when they get this prank mail will be priceless. 

2. Vasectomy Games Book

Vasectomy Games Book

As a form of apology after pulling such a cruel prank for them, you can offer them this vasectomy games bundle. This bundle is printable so you can print as many as you want after purchasing. These games feature 24 adult games from word search, maze, world scramble, to cryptogram. It will keep them busy and entertained during the recovery while providing them with lots of laughs due to the silly designs. 

3. Vasectomy Bruised Balls

Vasectomy Bruised Balls

This nutsack is bound to get a few giggles making it the perfect vasectomy gag gift for the men getting the snip. It features a wrinkly pair of balls handmade from polymer clay and faux fur. The added fizz does make it look gross but undoubtedly makes it look even more realistic. And the bruised paint job making it relatable to those who just get the procedure done. Best of all, it comes in a keychain form and they can keep it for life. 

4. Sperm Cookie Cutter

Sperm Cookie Cutter

Do you want to make some homemade cookies as a vasectomy gift? Sure, it is an awesome idea. But what is the appropriate cookie shape to give? A sperm cookie, of course. You should definitely get this sperm cookie cutter. Not only is it appropriate and funny, the sperm design also looks cute making it the finest vasectomy gag gift you can ever give. It can be a compliment for the funny vasectomy cake as well. 

5. Willy Warmers

Willy Warmers

Just looking by its design, we all know that this can be the funniest vasectomy gag gift. And this gift is not only perfect but actually useful. After the procedure, they usually have to use some ice packs to reduce the pain and swelling. It can make their baby man cold. And with this fun and fuzzy willy warmers they will nor experience it anymore. They can still have their willy perfectly warm even though they have to ice their balls all day. 

6. Kiwi Kooler Vasectomy Ice Pack Care

Kiwi Kooler Vasectomy Ice Pack Care

A quick and convenient testicles and scrotal pain relief for people who just got a vasectomy. It is designed specifically for vasectomy pain relief, ensuring the ice pack wedge shape slips easily into place under scrotum while sitting. It only cools the scrotum and testicles unlike cumbersome ice bags and gel packs. It is soft and comfortable ensuring gentle contact with the skin. The waterproof fabric stops condensation and controls cooling intensity for optimal recovery. 

7. Father Day Great Gift

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A great thing about getting a vasectomy is that they will not produce babies any more. This is why this prank gift box is a hilarious gift option. The box comes empty and you can fill it with the actual gift of your pick, but this box will surely leave them speechless. Like after getting a vasectomy, they still have to babysit a baby? Get this and you’ll have a fun laugh guaranteed. 

8. Recreational Gag Gift

Recreational Gag Gift

Sudoku and word search are fun games we play all the time since we are just little kids. We can play it for hours since it is easy to get lost in the world of puzzles. This is why a puzzle book can be a great vasectomy gag gift option. It can help them to spend some time playing during the recovery. The book comes with a hilarious cover featuring an eggplant and text that says recreational use only captures the state for getting a vasectomy well. 

9. Vasectomy: An Adult Coloring Book

Vasectomy: An Adult Coloring Book

Whether they have already been snipped or are just considering it, this book will inspire their inner man. Featuring 25 therapeutic designs, they will have a great time coloring and displaying their work of art. This book provides a humorous look at what life is like for the sperm post-vasectomy. This book is a lot of fun and definitely the coolest vasectomy gag gift to get. 

10. RIP Swim Team Vasectomy T-Shirt

RIP Swim Team Vasectomy T-Shirt

This t-shirt channels the inner humor of the person who just got a vasectomy. It looks awesome with the retro design. From a far, people may not get it instantly due to the cool graphic design. But after taking a deeper look, they will share some laughs with your friend who just got the vasectomy. It is a fun t-shirt to wear and they can wear it proudly as a badge of honor. 

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11. Deez Nuts Meme Socks

Deez Nuts Meme Socks

No matter how scientific and medical we want to talk about it, vasectomy is about balls and nuts. Hence, getting this pair of socks can be super funny for those who just get a vasectomy and share the same sense of humor with you. The design itself is not obvious, unlike some other vasectomy gag gifts, but still very relevant and even funnier. It is also great as a gift basket filler. 

12. Lip Shape Gel Ice Pack

Lip Shape Gel Ice Pack

Regular ice packs are boring. What about lip shaped gel packs instead? It is a lot more fun with the pink color and more festive with the glitters. It is the ultimate vasectomy gag gift, especially if you get it for your best friend. It can help them feel a little better, like getting a fancy kiss on the freshly snipped balls. 

13. Two Blue Balls Candle

Two Blue Balls Candle

After getting a vasectomy, it is normal to experience some kind of bruising and swelling. And this candle can be a fine representation for that. Just look at the hilarious title. Not only is it called the “Candle Daddy”, but it comes in the blue balls variant making it great as a vasectomy gag gift basket filler. 

14. Party Sperm Confetti

Party Sperm Confetti

When the time comes to celebrate the big snip, nothing is better than a fun party sperm confetti. Coming in three colors, red, purple and white, they are perfect for adding a bit of color to the celebration. Sprinkle some into balloons for added fun and decorate your tables with a splash of confetti. Your husband and guests will laugh and giggle all night. 

15. Seamen Stress Relief Putty

Seamen Stress Relief Putty

Well, not everyone gets the joke but for those who do, this relief putty is so funny. It is the perfect vasectomy gag gift because it serves more than just the fun. It can help those who get the vasectomy to ease some of their anxiety and pain both before and after the procedure. It is specially designed to soothe away stress by squeezing and stretching. It comes in a tightly sealed tin to keep it safe when not in use. A great gift basket filler when you are looking for a funny vasectomy gag gift. 

16. Suspensory Scrotal Support

Suspensory Scrotal Support

Maybe it is not very hilarious in a way a prank kit does, but the design still surely brings out some joyful laugh. This is the vasectomy gag gift that serves both functionality and humor. It is designed to alleviate pain in your scrotum and testicle area and protects the scrotum and testicles from external contact and rubbing between your legs. Very thoughtful, indeed. 

17. Survived A Vasectomy Ornament

Survived A Vasectomy Ornament

Yes, even when  women are used to getting contraceptive procedures and it should be normal for men too, but it doesn’t take courage to go under the knife. So let them be proud about it and reward them with this ornament that looks like a medal. They can keep it for life and be proud of their decision. They can also hang it somewhere so everybody can see how brave they are. 

18. Rainbow Weener Kleener Soap

Rainbow Weener Kleener Soap

This is straight up a fun joke you can pull out mindlessly with your best friend. Cleaning the weeny is not that hard, but it surely can be more fun. It can be a great gift basket filler and will make them laugh for sure. And it is actually useful too. Get some of these kleener to make sure they have enough stock to clean themselves in a fun way. 

19. Grow a Pair Gag Gift

Grow a Pair Gag Gift

Everything about this gift screams gag and it can be a fantastic vasectomy gag gift. We know that sometimes we call the vasectomy procedure as snipping the balls. While ball shrinking rarely happens in the actual world, we still joke a lot about it. And what do we do when the balls are missing? We grow them ourselves. Yes, get this pair of fake balls for your best friend who just went through the procedure and they will laugh just as hard as you. 

20. The King Men’s Underwear with Mustache

The King Men's Underwear with Mustache

It is okay if you want to be cheesy. This underpant is still funny even though it seems like it has a lame joke vibe to it. Yes, it may look like an in-the-face kinda joke, but it can still make your best friend giggle. Especially after getting a vasectomy when any kind of humor helps. If you are looking for a vasectomy gag gift for your husband, this can be your choice. You can even get one for yourself and you can be twins. 

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21. Funny Vasectomy Mug

Funny Vasectomy Mug

Minivans are known as the family car, and this usually happens when the family grows with more kids. Now that the baby maker is retired, this won’t be a problem anymore. A mug is a simple gift and a perfect one to get no matter the occasion. Want a hilarious vasectomy gag gift, here you can get one with a funny quote all men can relate to. 

22. Sour Tennis Gumball

Sour Tennis Gumball

What is the perfect vasectomy candy joke you may ask? Any candy in the form of balls, of course. This pack is filled with sour gumballs in the shape of a tennis ball. Well, don’t expect more inappropriate candy shapes, this tennis ball still will do the job. It is a funny gift to get as in a way of saying “Losing your balls, mate? I got you covered.” 

23. Vasectomy Beer Mug

Vasectomy Beer Mug

Keep in mind that it is not advised to have some alcohol before the vasectomy is fully healed. But after that, tho, you can chill with cool beers in hand. This is why a glass beer can also be a fun vasectomy gag gift. They can use the glass for their first beer after the recovery. And just how fun it is that it features the eggplant design with the recreational use only quote.

24. Vasectomy Keyring

Vasectomy Keyring

Vasectomy is a huge deal and some people need to be reminded of how brave they are to take the procedure. In this case, a keyring can be a fun choice when it comes to a vasectomy gag gift. It is both funny and functional while providing them with a gentle reminder of the decision they made. 

25. Anatomical Testicle Earrings

Anatomical Testicle Earrings

Finally, what a vasectomy gag gift list if we don’t include anatomical testicle earrings? Well, maybe not everyone who gets a vasectomy wears earrings or even if they do, they will never wear these earrings in public since the design is simply hilarious and not safe for work. However, these earrings still make a great vasectomy gag gift and on top of that, they do look super cool. 

Latest Post:

What are the best vasectomy gag gifts?

All of the products listed above can be the best vasectomy gag gifts. However, if we have to choose only one, the anatomical testicle earring might be the winner. Or the bruise ball keyring? It is actually hard to decide. So why don’t you just get something that represents your sense of humor the most? You can also think of the person who gets the vasectomy personal taste and joke preferences. 

What is the best gift basket for vasectomy patients?

The best gift basket for vasectomy patients can include a candle, a pair of socks, a mug, a keyring, a puzzle game book, vasectomy candy joke, and so much more. Pick some items you may find funny such as the pain relief puffy and also something that is actually useful such as gel ice packs and it will be the ultimate vasectomy gag gift basket. 

Is it okay to give vasectomy gag gifts?

Yes, of course it is okay to give vasectomy gag gifts. Not every gag gift is rude or will hurt some people. However, you still need to consider their sense of humor and make sure that you are, in fact, have a close relationship. Otherwise, people may find you insensitive instead of funny. 

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