25 Funny Gifts for Best Friend That Will Make Them Howl with Laughter

The best way to spend time with your best friend is by laughing at the little thing that you two find hilarious. But obviously, you can make an intentionally comedic moment to light up the mood. One of which is giving each other a funny gift that will ease the stress after work or on bad days. Because as Charlie Chaplin says, a day without laughter is a day wasted.

So here, we will give you a series of funny gifts for your best friend. From a practical thing with a hilarious printed sentence, like a set of pens and mugs, to a completely silly prank tool, we have already set it up for you.

Funny Gifts for Best Friend Girl

Girls easily giggle over the smallest thing. But believe it or not, these funny gift recommendations will make her roll on the floor laughing. And yes, all of the gifts are still looking sweet, so they must match your girl bestie’s liking.

1. It’s Too Peopley Mug

It’s Too Peopley Mug

This adorable mug is a perfect gift for your introverted best friends who loves spending time inside their home. The quote printed on it is just too relatable for her, and the design is adorable. You can give this as a Christmas present, or when you want to get funny gifts for your best friend, she will love it for sure.

2. Offensive Pens Set

Offensive Pens Set

Your bestie may need some pens to study or work, so getting her a set of pens sometimes crosses your mind. But let’s make it funnier by using these pens as funny gifts for your best friend. Coming in five different colors, each pen has a printed funny sentence that is hilarious to read.

3. Funny Sloth Coffee Mug

Funny Sloth Coffee Mug

Giving this sloth mug is probably one of the best ideas if you are searching for funny gifts for your best friend. The message is just clear and resonates really well with today’s to-do list. You can hear a loud chortle once you pass this mug to your couch potato mate.

4. Farting Butt in Ring Box

Farting Butt in Ring Box

If you are a prankster, this small thing should be on your funny gifts for best friend list. Simply kneel on one knee while holding this ring box, try to look as serious as possible to convince her. After saying a few cheesy phrases, open the box and you just successfully prank her as you hear the sound of a fart. Oh, beware of the slap that comes from her afterward.

5. Fart Extinguisher Soy Wax Melt

Fart Extinguisher Soy Wax Melt

You can tease your fart-maker girl best friend by buying them these wax melts as a funny gift. It can be used as a fart extinguisher just like how it is written on the box. You can choose 2 different fragrances available to help your friend to make their room smell good.

6. Hung Like a Light Switch With Balls

Hung Like a Light Switch With Balls

Do you have a friend who is a pervert? Because we have funny gifts for best friends that will suit her taste. This light switch cap looks like a penis that is impeccable to hang on their house. To make it even better, you can pick the color of your friend’s preference for a penis. You know that she will like it, don’t you?

7. Prank Supplements Find a Boyfriend

Prank Supplements Find a Boyfriend

Sometimes you have to hear your girl best friend’s rants about their sucky love life. Therefore, you can use these prank supplements as a funny gift. The bottle looks like a real supplement bottle but it is full of candies, so she can really eat it. Who knows? Maybe your bestie can finally get a real boyfriend in 30 days.

8. Dark Humor Misfortune Cookies

Dark Humor Misfortune Cookies

For your female best friend who has a sweet tooth, these misfortune cookies are one of the funny gifts that should be cherished by her. Not like ordinary cookies, this cookie has a mercilessly funny message that you will get after it cracks. Moreover, look at your post-treat teeth in the mirror after eating one. You’ll be surprised and soon laugh at your black teeth.

9. Shakespearean Insults Chart

Shakespearean Insults Chart

You will be amused by this one of our funny gifts for best friend recommendations. This is an infographic mapping the creative insults drawn from the works of Shakespeare. Give this to your bookworm girl best friend if you want to hear some new insult vocabulary coming from her mouth every time she is pissed.

10. Pet Rock Care

Pet Rock Care

When your female best friend has never had a pet because she finds it requires too much work, you can just get her a funny gift, like this pet stone. What she needs to do is just bring it for a walk for at least 30 minutes every day. But if she still doesn’t have time for it too, no problem. The stone will always keep its smile and will never die anyway.

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11. My List of Things I Was Right About Notebook

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Women are always right. Those words may already be familiar to your ears. That’s why we include this notebook with a witty sentence on its cover into our funny gifts for best friend list. Let your girl best friend let out her frustration by writing down everything that she thought was right, even though she lost the debate.

12. Archie McPhee Emotional Support Chicken

funny gifts for best friend

Your girl best friend is sad? Try to cheer her up with funny gifts for a best friend, this emotional support chicken for example. This chicken will always be there for her, just like you. So, whenever she is going through a rough time, she can lean on this cute chicken and it will squawk its support loudly.

13. “No” Non-powered Desk Tool

funny gifts for best friend

Many people have a phobia of saying this 2 letter word: No. Perhaps your girl best friend is one of them, you can help her by giving her this no button as a funny gift. She will no longer feel remorseful because this button has 10 hilarious ways recorded to say no. All she needs to do is just press the button and the recipient’s face will burst out laughing.

Funny Gifts for Best Friend Boy

Your boy best friend might be one of the funniest humans in the world. He tends to do some pranks and questionable things just to make you and everyone around him laugh. Thus, it’s your turn to make him laugh by getting them one of these funny gifts for your best friend below.

14. Sarcastic Comment Loading T-Shirt

funny gifts for best friend

Get this entertaining t-shirt for your boy best friend who constantly throws sarcastic comments at everything. With awesome quality and sarcastic quotes on it, this t-shirt should be one of your choices when choosing funny gifts for a best friend. After all, it will be useful because he can wear this daily.

15. Jar of Pickled Pupils

funny gifts for best friend

A jar of pickles may look boring now if you already see this jar of pickled pupils. You can present your boy best friend this funny gift and ask him to place it on their office table to make everyone who glances at it laugh too. But these pickled pupils are not edible so make sure to tell him that he can’t eat them.

16. Mistaken Lyrics Coasters

funny gifts for best friend

There must be that one friend who always sings the wrong lyrics wherever you go on a karaoke. If your boy is that annoying person who does it, these coasters will match as funny gifts for your best friend. You can choose one of the 6 available themes that will fit his musical taste.

17. How To Speak Cat Cards

funny gifts for best friend

This one funny gift is highly recommended for your cat person’s best friend. He might be used to being ignored by cats, but this deck of 100 cards will guide him on how to speak to cats. Hope that he doesn’t get too carried away because you need to learn about this too if he turns out to speak like a cat.

18. F in Exams

funny gifts for best friend

Sometimes your boy best friend looks gloomy because he failed his exams. However, this hilarious book celebrates the creative side of failure. Why don’t you give him these funny gifts to liven up his mood? We guarantee, he will crack a smile at the very least.

19. Magic of Pub Tricks Kit

funny gifts for best friend

You can get these tricks as funny gifts for your best friend. The package is quite cool, so it looks like a decent present that you can bring to a birthday party. But its contents are nothing other than the items that support your friend to do magic. This can be used as an icebreaker to make some new friends as well.

20. Don’t Swear Bank

funny gifts for best friend

In case your bestie is a sweary person and you want him to stop that bad habit for him, you can buy this box as a funny gift. Make an agreement with him, so he will save his cash in this swear bank every time he curses as a penalty. Furthermore, he will immediately become rich once he gets out of his bad habit.

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21. Coffee Mug Funny Woman Body

funny gifts for best friend

Present a beautiful view for your male best friend in the morning by giving this woman butt coffee mug that he can use for breakfast. The mug comes in several color options, you just need to choose one that fit his preference. This is very suitable to be used as funny gifts for a best friend who is crazy about women’s asses.

22. Remote Control Fart Machine

funny gifts for best friend

It’s time to have a good laugh with your partner in crime. Pass this fart machine to your best friend for a funny gift and start looking for targets. You can gross out your other friends or family by intentionally saying that you want to fart and your best friend can turn on this machine to make the sound. Be careful, this machine may make you die laughing!

23. The Original Girlfriend Pillow

funny gifts for best friend

Are you tired of your male bestie who’s been complaining about why he can’t have any girlfriend? Then, you might want to give this pillow as a funny gift to your best friend. It is not an ordinary pillow, instead, it is a pillow with a unique form that takes after the female body. Now, he won’t fume anymore for not having a girlfriend because he can cuddle with this pillow.

24. Toilet Timer by Katamko

Toilet Timer by Katamko

This toilet timer is going to be one of the best funny gifts that your best friend will ever receive. The content of this timer is sand that runs for approximately 5 minutes which is perfect for your boy who often feels constipated. Equipped with a unique mechanism that resets, you don’t need to hold this upside down because it will reset instantly.

25. I Watch You While You’re Sleeping Notebook

funny gifts for best friend

If you are looking for funny gifts for your best friend for celebrating the Christmas season, you can use this notebook. The cover has sarcastic jokes with funny black cat eyes wearing a Santa hat. Plus, the size of this notebook is just convenient to carry anywhere for writing, journaling, and note-taking.

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What are the best funny gifts for best friend girl?

This ring box is one of the best funny gifts for your best friend if you are planning to prank your bestie as she will definitely be eaten by your trick. But if you want more witty items, this infographic or this button would do better. Both of them are like the latest breakthrough things that can make you laugh out loud.

What are the best funny gifts for best friend boy?

This t-shirt should be on your go-list for a funny gift, especially if your boy best friend speaks fluent sarcasm. Other than that, we would recommend you to give him this for a good laugh. You can use these coasters too as it is one of the best funny gifts for a best friend.

What should I get my weird friend?

First, you need to know what kind of weird friend you have. For that weird friend who hates to be around people, you can get them this funny yet adorable mug as a funny gift. If your friend is weird because they want to be able to talk to cats, this deck of 100 cards would suit them better. But for your weird friend who is weird just because they love weird and perverted things, you may want to give them this pillow or this light switch cap.

What should I do for my best friend’s birthday?

To make your best friend’s birthday more fun, you can prank them before throwing a secret party. Funny gifts for your best friends like this ring box and this machine will help you to make your prank go successfully. But the most important thing is, you need to make sure you are a good actor so your best friend will fall for your trick.

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