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25 Irresistible Handmade Gifts for Your Best Friend Boy

Having a best friend boy is another blessing because you know he is reliable and more easy going in various aspects than the girls, usually. Although sometimes he tends to not care about your personal matters, deep down, he is the one who cares the most. Perhaps he doesn’t show it explicitly, but you can feel it by his actions whenever you need him. To show how much he means to you, there are lots of cool handmade gifts for best friend boy that you can pick for him.

Therefore, to appreciate him and show him how grateful you are to have him as your best friend, then you can get the handmade gifts that are special for him on Friendship Day, his birthday or simply because you want to give it to him. Let’s check out our recommendations!

1. Handmade 100% Pure Leather Wallet

Handmade 100% Pure Leather Wallet

A leather wallet will be useful for the boys to keep the money and cards in one place. Also, usually the boys prefer the simple and classic design, as well as the material. This one is handmade using 100% pure leather, making it a perfect item to have! So, surprise your best friend boy by giving this handmade gift in order to thank him for being the best buddy you’ve ever had!

2. Handmade Scrabble Cufflinks

Handmade Scrabble Cufflinks

If your wedding day is coming and you want a special appearance of your best friend boy on your special day, then you can give these handmade cufflinks to him. The finishing is very sleek, the design is clean and don’t forget to order two for one pair. It is such a simple and meaningful one for you and him. Or if you want to thank him for always being there for you, let’s give these handmade gifts for boy best friend now!

3. Personalized Gift for Men

Personalized Gift for Men

On his birthday, show him how much you care as a best friend, by giving a complete set of personalized gifts for men like this one. A handmade gift for boy best friend is sometimes tricky but this one is a gorgeous choice. Because men deserve to pamper themselves, this gift set is the best gift idea. Come in a rustic handmade box, there are scented candles, muscle balm, soap and even lip balm to moisturize his lips. The smell is very manly and we guarantee he will love it so much!

4. Beer Soap 6-Pack Sample Set

Beer Soap 6-Pack Sample Set

The handmade soaps with iconic scents like this are one of the unique handmade gifts for best friend boy. There is a six pack sampler with different scents, so that friend can try them all and choose his favorite scents. Since it is made from natural materials, it suits sensitive skins as well.

5. Pottery Handmade – Wine Cups With Names

Pottery Handmade - Wine Cups With Names

Let’s enjoy Friday night by drinking wine together with your best friend boy. You can surprise him by bringing the personalized pottery handmade wine cups for you and him. So that you can have a better quality time with him! Moreover, it can be a showcase that giving handmade gifts for best friend boy is another level of affection as a friend.

6. Docking Station

Docking Station

If your best friend has a difficult time keeping all of his stuff neat, then you can give him this docking station, so that all of his essentials can be stored in one place. This handmade docking station can be personalized by adding the name of your best friend boy, to make it personal and special. Since there is a spot for glasses, phone, watches, wallet and even a key, there is no reason not to get his belongings neat anymore.

7. Custom Man Bobbleheads

Custom Man Bobbleheads

This one is a very precious gift for your boy best friend. Imagine his reaction when he unboxes it. A mini of himself that can be stored on the desk. Also, the finishing is very sleek and the details are finely made. This handmade bobblehead will be a one of a kind handmade gift for best friend boy!

8. Sun & Moon Embossed Vintage Leather Journal

Sun & Moon Embossed Vintage Leather Journal

A journal is for everyone, a boy, a girl, everyone can write their own journal. If your best friend boy loves to write a daily or weekly journal in a book, this one is suitable for him. The handmade leather of moon and sun journal books will help him to write everything he wants inside. The size is handy but not too small, so it is easy to carry everywhere.

9. Pig Eyeglasses Holder

Pig Eyeglasses Holder

This handmade gift is cute and irresistible! If your best friend likes pigs, he should have this. Moreover, it is practical since you can put the glasses on the pig, or else you can just put it on the desk as decoration.Yeah, we know you cannot wait to buy this handmade gift for your boy best friend!

10. Wall Mounted Recycled Ski Bottle Opener

Wall Mounted Recycled Ski Bottle Opener

Let’s create a merrier drinking time by putting this handmade and recycled bottle opener. If you surprise your best friend with this one, guess he will feel grateful as well for having you as his best friend. It is made from recycled ski boards, so each product will not be the same. Interesting, right?

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11. Recycled Nylon Bike Frame Bag

Recycled Nylon Bike Frame Bag

Most of the boys like to do outdoor activities, such as cycling, running or skiing. Support your boy best friend who loves cycling or biking by giving handmade gifts for boy best friend with this bike frame bag. Bringing this bag makes it easier for him to put and save all of his essentials for cycling inside the bag. Also, it is handmade and made from recycled material, so you make a contribution to save the planet. It is a win-win solution!

12. Handmade Personalized Wallet

Handmade Personalized Wallet

A leather wallet, if you think it is common, then we give you a handmade leather wallet that can be customized with the name of recipients. You can choose whether the nickname, or initials, depend on your preference. Also, this classic design is a favorite for men or the boys, so, this is a timeless handmade gift for best friend boy.

13. Obsidian Kirin Pendant Necklace

Obsidian Kirin Pendant Necklace

This pendant necklace is handmade and the material is obsidian stone. Look at the details, it is cool and gorgeous. Guess, your boy best friend will love it when you surprise him with this one! Because there are no items as detailed as this handmade gift for best friend boy.

14. Handmade Briefcase Bag Satchel

Handmade Briefcase Bag Satchel

Satchel bag or messenger bag is always a good idea. This timeless fashion statement is an excellent one as a handmade gift for the boy. Either for going to the college or office, this bag will level up the look of your best friend boy.

15. Bio Hemp Wallet

Bio Hemp Wallet

This tie dye wallet is super cool and worth a special gift for your best friend boy. The design is vintage and gives a 90’s vibe. Also, the handmade tie dye will make the wallet looks different from other wallets out there. So, it is a good chance to get this handmade gift for best friend boy to change his old wallet with this one.

16. Brass Sundial Compass with Leather Case and Chain

Brass Sundial Compass with Leather Case and Chain

This item is cool and gorgeous at the same time. It is so antique and adorable to own. Moreover, if your boy best friend loves traveling outside, then this might be useful for him. The compass is handmade, including the case, so it makes the design looks exclusive, too!

17. Personalized Leather Portfolio

Personalized Leather Portfolio

When the world is going digital, this stuff is going back to the manual. Most of you save the portfolio online, but through this thing, you can print your portfolio, save it inside, and showcase to your client in a classic way. It is suitable for your boy best friend who had plans to attend his first meeting with the his first client. Because this handmade leather portfolio can be customized and practical.

18. Pine Wood Mediterranean Ship Model

Pine Wood Mediterranean Ship Model

The ship is timeless and such a classic design to be an ornamental on the desk. As for the nautical lovers, this suits the room decor best, too. The material is pine wood, so you just see how fine the detail and finishing is. We think this is such a casual yet irresistible handmade gift for best friend boy. 

19. Handmade Lace Dream Catcher

Handmade Lace Dream Catcher

Dream catcher is always fun to have and hang beside the window. This black handmade lace dream catcher is a great choice as a handmade gift for your boy best friend. The neutral color will be his favorite. Time to think more positively with the handmade gifts for best friend boy, don’t you think?

20. Cardinal Bird Wood Figurine

Cardinal Bird Wood Figurine

Look at the bird, its cuteness is irresistible, right? That’s why you can get this one to surprise your boy best friend with this item. This wooden handmade bird miniature can be stored in a mini cage or simply put on the desk. You can buy more than one as well, so that there are a group of mini birds on his desk! Isn’t it lovely? Oh, we wish it could sing too.

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21. Wooden Handmade Abstract Sculpture

Wooden Handmade Abstract Sculpture

A modern sculpture statue with a sleek finish. This will enhance the look of the room. It can be an ornamental one for the modern, advanced, and minimalist room. The black and shiny with a thinking pose will be the center of attention once people enter the room. Guess no one will deny this handmade gift for the best friend boy since the design is very sophisticated.

22. Natural Bug Repel Gift Set

Natural Bug Repel Gift Set

Create a comfortable and mosquito-free sleeping time with this bug repellant. There are two ways to deter the bug. You can choose to spray or use the balm. Also the smell of eucalyptus and citronella will calm the mood and improve the sleep quality.

23. NHL Game Used Hockey Puck Opener

NHL Game Used Hockey Puck Opener

The recycled item as a gift cannot be denied! Moreover, when the recycling is from the thing your best friend loves the most. This bottle opener is handmade and recycled from puck hockey. Since the size is compact, then your best friend can bring it anywhere he wants.

24. Handmade Blue Braided Leather Adjustable Cuff Bangle

Handmade Blue Braided Leather Adjustable Cuff Bangle

Bracelets became the favorite fashion statement for the boys. The simple design with neutral color will be one of the undeniable items for them. So, no more confusion about what to give to your boy best friend. Give him this handmade gift for best friend boy and let him wear it in any style he wants.

25. Asobu Insulated Whiskey Glass and Sleeve

Asobu Insulated Whiskey Glass and Sleeve

Level up whiskey time with this cool insulated whiskey glass. It comes with the sleeve as well, so your hands are safe from any cold. The minimalist design yet still feels luxurious to look at. Your best friend will be glad once he receives this from you!

Latest Post:

What handmade gifts should I give my boy bestfriend?

You can get handmade gifts for best friend boy based on his favorite, but if you are not sure, bracelets and bottle openers are the safest handmade gifts to use if you want to surprise your boy best friend. It is simple, timeless, and practical as well. Besides, the bottle opener we suggested is an extraordinary item since it is made from recycled one. So, it is environmentally friendly, too! 

How do I make homemade friends’ gifts?

To create a handmade gift for best friend boy, you can start by deciding the item you want to make and then buying the material you need for making it. It takes patience to make homemade gifts. But if you don’t have time, you can buy Wooden Handmade Abstract Sculpture as a unique handmade gift for your best friend.

Do people like homemade gifts more?

Yes, handmade gifts for best friend boy will feel more personal and exclusive. Homemade gifts are the best one since you can feel the sincerity through the gifts as well. Usually, the handmade items are not exactly the same between each product. So, it is not only special, but also one of a kind.

What are the best handmade gifts for friends on Friendship Day?

You can get handmade gifts for best friend boy on Friendship Day by buying bracelets or journal books that you and your best friend can share and write the stories together. It will be fun and exciting to do until you grow up together! Then, when you are already getting older, you can re-read it together and reminisce about the good old days. 

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