25 Best Gifts for 2 Year Old Boy You Should Buy

Having a 2 year old boy is truly a blessing for parents. All 2 year olds are adorable, although they can be difficult to handle sometimes. You’ve probably noticed that your little boy has transitioned into a boy who loves to explore more things, and able to walk better, and faster, too! As he learns to be more active, parents and other people around him must pay more attention to all his movements.

The age of 2 is a golden moment for a little boy. Aside from learning to use his senses and explore things around him, he will also start to speak and communicate with his parents and family. Therefore, choosing the right gifts for a 2 year old boy might not be easy to do. If you are unsure about the best gifts for a special 2 year old in your life, let’s check our list of recommendations below!

Educational Gifts for 2 Year Old Boy

As a toddler, a 2 year old boy will easily learn, absorb, and also copy whatever he sees. And for that reason, choosing educational gifts can never go wrong. In case you are looking for the best educational gifts for a 2 year old boy, we have prepared the following list just for you.

1. Handmade Alphabet

Handmade Alphabet

When your 2 year old boy often tries to speak, maybe it’s time for you to introduce the alphabet to him. If so, then you can give him this adorable gift. This gift includes 26 letters that feature various African wax prints made of soft yet durable material. Moreover, it is nestled in a convenient storage pouch to keep the pieces tidy and well-kept. 

2. Magnetic Fishing Toy


In case your 2 year old boy often throw tantrums, then this gift will surely help in terms of teaching him about cultivating his patience. This fishing game is also one of the best gifts for your little boy to train his hand and eye coordination. Moreover, he will also thrilled to see the colorful fisheries and just can’t wait t play with them.

3. Snake ABC Puzzle for Your 2 Year Old Boy


Puzzles are one of the best educational gifts for children, because it encourages children’s creativity and logic. There are many types of puzzles out there, and this one is one of the perfect puzzles for your adorable 2 year old boy. More than just an ordinary puzzle, this one will let your little one put every piece based on alphabetical order. Once it’s done, it will transform into an awesome and colorful snake. 

4. Busy Cube Mini


Sometimes your 2 year old boy can’t sit still during a long trip, as he is probably feeling bored of being on the road for so long. If so, this multipurpose cube can come to the rescue. This item will be an item that will kill his boredom. He can freely play each side of this cube, which represents different animal habitats.

5. Doodle Board LCD


Does your 2 year old boy like to scribble on the wall? It that’s the case, then why not try to give him a special place for him to draw and create doodles? To help with with the best option, this doodle board is definitely recommended. He can draw anything on this cute board, including his favorite dino, just like one showed in this picture!

6. Stacking and Colour Learning Toy


Let’s encourage your 2 year old boy’s motor and color-shape recognition skills through this gift. This toy features colorful blocks in various shapes. Moreover, this is an educational toy that can also acts as a great brain stimulating game, which will inspire your boy’s imagination, hand-eye coordination, as well as promoting his physical and intellectual development.

7. Multifunction Toddler Piano


If you want to introduce your 2 year old boy to music, this adorable gift will be a good start. This toddler piano provides an excellent timbre for beginners, which can cultivate your boy’s early musical talents. Moreover, it also has an adjustable microphone, which allows your boy to sing while playing the piano.

8. DIY Construction Truck Toy


For an active 2 year old boy who loves to break things apart, this gift is something that he will definitely love. Your little boy will enjoy his playing time breaking this truck apart, while learning to assemble them back together. This is indeed a good toddler game, which needs to be played under parent’s supervision. 

9. Pop Tube Sensory Toy

Pop Tube Sensory Toy

Who doesn’t like something colorful to play? All toddlers will definitely love colorful things! So, let’s train your 2 year old boy’s sensory skills by getting him this playful toy. Your boy can connect this toy like Lego. Since it also can be shaped easily, this toy can definitely improve your 2 year old boy’s motor skills. Without a doubt, this gift will definitely bring fun learning activity to brighten up your little boy’s days.

Unusual Gifts for 2 Year Old Boy

For young children, an unusual gift can become a memorable gift that they will cherish forever. In case you want to give unusual gifts to a special 2 year old boy in your life, we are here to your rescue! Let’s jump to the list of our most recommended items!

10. White Noise Sound Machine


This little owl will produce white noise, which will soothe your 2 year old boy during sleep. Moreover, it also features an amazing night light that will create shining star lights and give a warm atmosphere to his room. This gift is definitely the perfect sleeping companion for your 2 year old boy at night.

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11. Car Ramp Toy

gifts for 2 year old boy

If your 2 year old boy has started to show early interest in cars, then you might want to give him this simple yet well-built toy, which will be the perfect birthday gift! Made of high quality wood and BPA free, you can guarantee its safety. Moreover, this is absolutely a fun toy where your boy can learn about dexterity and repetition through playing. 

12. Dinosaur Hatcher

gifts for 2 year old boy

Are you looking for an attractive gift for your curious 2 year old boy? Take our advice and give him this dinosaur hatcher as a gift! You might think that it’s just like the common colored eggs at first. But wait until he puts the eggs into the water and wait for a day. Voila! it will transforms into a dinosaur that will surely blow his mind!

13. Duck Music Toy for a 2 Year Old Boy

gifts for 2 year old boy

Cheerful music for toddlers has always been successfully brightens up their mood. Therefore, you can give your 2 year old boy this adorable duck, as it features many kids’ songs to play. Your 2 year old boy will surely jump into the excitement, as those funny and cheerful songs are playing out of this cute little duck!

14. Dancing Cactus

gifts for 2 year old boy

This is a dancing cactus, and it will repeat sounds around, and do a funny dance. If your 2 year old boy also loves to copy things around him, then giving him this gift will be a fun and hilarious idea. Your boy only needs to speak around this cactus, and it will repeat his sound while dancing, adorable isn’t it?

15. Plush Organs

gifts for 2 year old boy

Who doesn’t fall in love with something soft and cuddly like this gift? This plush organ was designed to have a cute and adorable face. It will be the perfect early introduction to biology for your 2 year old boy. Your 2 year old boy is definitely going to keep this gift close with him during bedtime.

16. Nesting Babies Toy for a 2 Year Old Boy

gifts for 2 year old boy

Inspired by Russian Dolls, this gift is one of the most unusual yet lovable gifts, which will totally wow your 2 year old boy! It features many cute and lovely baby animals as he opens it one by one. Moreover, this activity can encourage his motor and sensory skills, too!

17. Bubble Lawn Mower

Bubble Lawn Mower

For a 2 year old boy who loves to play outside, this automatic bubble maker will surely make them smile ear to ear. Your boy only has to push the mower, and it will blow bubbles into the air. Aside from being a fun outdoor activity for your 2 year old boy, it will also inspire him to love sports and nature.

Personalised Gifts for 2 Year Old Boy

A personalized gift is definitely precious, as you may never find the identical item anywhere in the world. Maybe, your 2 year old boy still doesn’t understand how thoughtful a personalized gift is. However, as your 2 year old boy gets older and begins to understand, the gift will become something timeless that he will treasure.

18. Personalised Story Book Pillow

This is the only book he can use as a sleeping companion. If your 2 year old boy is starting to show interest in books, then you can try to get him this gift. Customize the front and back part of the pillow, as if it’s his favorite bedtime story book. Without a doubt, your boy will surely fall in love with this gift.

19. Personalised Animal Growth Chart

Personalised Animal Growth Chart

Let’s celebrate your 2 year old boy’s birthday with something meaningful that he will always remember. As he grows up and gets taller, a growth chart will be a silent witness to mark his growth every year. Moreover, you can also customize this gift with his name and pictures of his favorite animals.

20. Name Puzzle with Animals

Name Puzzle with Animals

Let’s stop here if you’re looking for a simple, personal, and memorable gift, all in one package. For that reason, we recommend you to give your 2 year old boy this puzzle as a gift. More than just a basic puzzle, this one is a puzzle that you can customize by adding your boy’s name to it. Aside from developing his motor skill, this gift will also be a memorable keepsake for him.

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21. Personalised Keepsake Frame

Personalised Keepsake Frame

Nothing can be as sweet as this gift. If you plan to give a memorable and timeless gift to your 2 year old boy, then this beautiful frame is a good idea. Moreover, you can put your photo with your 2 year old boy in there. He might not understand now, but as he gets older this gift will be precious

22. Personalised Embroidered Robe

gifts for 2 year old boy

Imagine seeing how lovely your 2 year old boy is in a cute little robe after taking a bath. Moreover, you can customize the name of your boy there, which will make this robe even more adorable. And after he gets older, this gift will be a wonderful keepsake to treasure.

23. Toddler Wool Boot Slippers for a 2 Year Old Boy

gifts for 2 year old boy

Since your 2 year old boy can walk properly now, it is important to give a little protection to his feet. This adorable wool boot slipper can be a good option! Made of natural sheep wool and eco-friendly material, this gift is definitely a lightweight and breathable footwear, perfect for your active boy.

24. Custom Photo Blanket

gifts for 2 year old boy

In case your 2 year old boy is sensitive to cold, try to give him this customized photo blanket to make him warm. Unlike the ordinary blanket, this one can be creatively customized with your little boy’s photo. aside from being a functional item to keep hi warm at night, this gift will surely warm his heart as well.

25. Personalised Children’s Story Book

gifts for 2 year old boy

Do you have an imaginative 2 year old boy? Let’s embrace his imagination with this personalized children’s story book. It features an awesome story where you can customize the main character’s name into your boy’s name. This gift will surely be one of his favorite bedtime stories, which will let his imagination go wild.

Latest Post :

What are good gifts for a 2 year old boy?

Well, there are many good gifts for a 2 year old boy. Let’s check our list above to get more inspiration! You can buy him an educational gift like a magnetic fishing toy and a colour stacking toy to encourage his hand-eye coordination. Or, if you want to introduce him to a fun outdoor activity, then a bubble lawn mower will be a perfect gift. Moreover, you can try to give him a personalised children’s story book to cultivate his creativity and imagination.

What do you buy a toddler that has everything?

Oh, this is actually an easy job! As he already has everything, you can give him a personalized gift, which will make him feel special. As every personalized gift is one of a kind, we guarantee that he will defiitely fall in love with it.

What do 2 year old boy like to play with?

Well, this is actually depending on things around him. At the age of 2, toddlers have improved their skills in observing, walking, and touching. Therefore, they like to play with anything around them. And for that reason, an adult should play together with them for better skills development.

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