25 Simple and Memorable Gifts for Speech Therapists 

By now, we all know that humans are social creatures. We cannot live by ourselves, and we need to communicate and depend on others to help certain things in our life. Unfortunately, not all people are blessed with good communication skills. That’s where speech language pathologists (SLPs) or speech therapists come to help. They are specialized therapists whose sole purpose is to help people who have communication disorders. 

Being a speech therapist is not as easy as you imagine. You have to come up with creative ways to help various patients with different problems. If you happen to know somebody who works as one, perhaps giving gifts for speech therapists might not be a bad idea! It will definitely encourage them to work harder and better in helping out those in need of them. Down below, you’re going to find unique and amazing items that you can buy as gifts for speech therapists. 

Awesome Shirts as Gifts for Speech Therapists

They might not know it, but we do know that being a speech therapist is one of the coolest and noblest professions ever! With our selection of awesome shirts that you can get as gifts for speech therapists, they can brag about their profession during their leisure time. Let’s take a look!

1. “Be an SLP” Shirt

“Be an SLP” Shirt

We live in a world where there are literally thousands of different professions available. But we all know that your friend definitely loves to become a speech therapist. That’s the reason why you should buy this cool shirt as part of your gifts for speech therapists. 

2. “Every Word Counts” Shirt

“Every Word Counts” Shirt

We’re all used to talking and communicating so much that we’ve overlooked the importance of it. To people who have trouble communicating, every word that they can produce does count! Speech therapists know that, and you should buy this awesome shirt for them. 

3. “Ninja By Night” Shirt

“Ninja By Night” Shirt

It’s hard to imagine a real-life speech therapist who also works as a ninja during night time. However, if your friend has a really cool side job, perhaps you should honor that by buying this hilarious shirt as part of your gifts for speech therapists. 

4. “Premium Speech Therapist” Shirt

“Premium Speech Therapist” Shirt

Just like any other profession, there are some speech therapists who are highly regarded by their patients, and there are also some who suck at the job. If your friend has a “premium” skillset working as a speech therapist, perhaps buying this cool shirt might not be a bad idea after all.  

5. Funny Speech Therapist Shirt

Funny Speech Therapist Shirt

Unlike the previous items that we’ve offered as gifts for speech therapists, there’s no obvious reason to buy this shirt. However, there are no obvious reasons to skip on it either. It has a really fantastic design that will make your SLP friend much cooler!

6. “Limited Edition” Shirt

“Limited Edition” Shirt

When finding gifts for speech therapists, you really need to find one that stands out. Why, you may ask. Because your friend is really special at their job! That’s reason enough for you to buy this cool and unique shirt for them. Giving this shirt will show that you highly regard them!

Simple and Meaningful Gifts for Speech Therapists

If you have been helped by a speech therapist before, there’s a chance that they will decline any gifts due to the therapist-patient policy of receiving gifts. However, it’s not a crime to give out simple gifts for speech therapists. It would really mean the world for them!

1. Speech Therapist Zipper Pouch

Speech Therapist Zipper Pouch

Just like most formal professions in the world, a speech therapist is required to be well-groomed at all times. Perhaps you can give her this adorable makeup zipper pouch. It will help her in storing any makeup and stationery that they need to carry. 

2. Speech Therapist Phone Case

Speech Therapist Phone CaseSpeech Therapist Phone Case

“Keep calm, I’m a speech therapist”. No wiser words can be printed on an SLP’s phone case. Aside from having a cool and unique design, it will also help them to brag a little about their awesome profession too. 

3. Speech Pathologist Bag

Speech Pathologist Bag

Speech therapists help their patients with a lot of tools and toys. That’s the reason why they’re going to need handy bags to store all the items. With the awesome design that matches their profession, you shouldn’t miss out on giving this awesome SLP bag as gifts for speech therapists. 

4. Moroccan Nights Deluxe Gift Set

Moroccan Nights Deluxe Gift Set

Not all items on the list of gifts for speech therapists are directly related to their job.  In fact, they also need presents that will help them to relax and prepare for the next day. With this collection of soothing bathing items, you can help them relax more. 

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5. Necklace for Speech Therapist

Necklace for Speech Therapist

Giving adorable necklaces as gifts for speech therapists is a really wonderful idea. It will show them that you are really thankful for their efforts in helping you out. We guarantee that they will look absolutely stunning when wearing the item. 

6. SLP Badge Reel

SLP Badge Reel

This is as simple as gifts for speech therapists can be. It was handmade using premium material, making it perfect for people who worked as speech therapists in school or hospitals. With this awesome badge, they will have another “unique ID” besides their employee card. 

7. Flip Cards Toys

Flip Cards Toys

When you have communication disorders, you really need to learn from the simplest of words first. This wonderful toy might prove to be useful for your speech therapist friend! When they flip over the cards to their patients, they will find even more challenging words to learn. 

8. Cariboo Speech Therapy Game

Cariboo Speech Therapy Game

There are other cool and fun speech therapy games that can be used during sessions. This fun game is just another example! Patients will be encouraged to hunt a special treasure by solving several speech challenges. Sounds fun, right?

9. Giant Ice Stress Ball

Giant Ice Stress Ball

We know that being a speech therapist might present its own challenges. But as a therapist, they should not release the anger towards their patients. As an alternative, they can lash out their emotions to this hilarious stress ball, making it one of the simplest and most useful gifts for speech therapists ever!

10. Speech Therapist Tumbler

Speech Therapist Tumbler

A special person must also have a special tumbler to accompany them in their daily life. If you highly regard your speech therapist friend, you should buy them this awesome tumblr. Because it was made using premium stainless steel, it won’t leak and get rusty too. 

11. Smart Digital Pad

Smart Digital Pad

Taking notes and doing other stuff will be much easier with this awesome gadget. The awesome notebook also contains an electronic ink that can be reused indefinitely. It will surely prove to be really useful for any speech therapist.

12. “Making the Speech” Program

“Making the Speech” Program

Before teaching others about the art of speaking, a speech therapist needs to master it first. Perhaps if they needed a little inspirational program, this cool DVD might help them! When they truly become the master of public speaking, it will really be beneficial for their patients too. 

Customized Gifts for Speech Therapists

Personalized gifts are always welcomed by its recipients. We feel like speech therapists will love receiving personalized and customized gifts from you! If you agree with our idea, please find some of the best customized gifts for speech therapists below.

1. Custom Speech Therapy Shadowbox

Custom Speech Therapy Shadowbox

This is one of the most adorable gifts for speech therapists that you can find on the internet! They can hang this somewhere in their office for others to see. Plus, you can also ask the seller to customize some parts of the decoration to make it more personal for your speech therapist. 

2. Personalized Hand-stamped Keychain 

Personalized Hand-stamped Keychain

Keychains are one of the most common gifts for speech therapists. But if you give them this beautiful keychain, it will be a totally different story. The message on the keychain was handmade by the maker, and you can customize it with your own personal message. 

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3. Personalized Hobby Mugs

Personalized Hobby Mugs

Helping patients who have communication problems might be more than a job for your speech therapist friend, because it’s their hobby and passion too! Immortalize it by printing their activity on this personalized mug. 

4. Custom Cut and Serve Boards

Custom Cut and Serve Boa

We know that your friend has a passion for helping out their patients. However, it doesn’t mean that they can’t have any other hobbies. If they really love to cook, perhaps this customized board may become the missing piece in your search for gifts for speech therapists. 

5. Soundwave Keychain with QR Code

Soundwave Keychain with QR Code

Record a heartfelt message for your speech therapist. Then, upload it and buy this keychain. Those messages will be converted into a QR code that can be accessed by your speech therapist when they receive this magnificent gift. 

6. Customized Song Wood Carving

Customized Song Wood Carving

During a therapy session, a speech therapist may play a calming song for the patient. If they have a go-to song, perhaps you should convert it into a beautiful soundwave wood carving as pictured above. 

7. Personalized Wine Box

Personalized Wine Box

Please tell us about a person in the world who doesn’t like to consume, or at the very least, collect wines. On a special occasion, you can give this personalized wine box. Now they can store all their precious wines in a very elegant way. 

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