50+ Funny Coffee Mugs and Novelty Cups You Can Buy Today

Everyone needs that special something to kick-start their morning and get the day off to an awesome start. Introducing funny coffee mugs to your morning ritual is a sure way to start off your day with a good laugh and keep the good cheer going all day long.

Whether you are looking for a humorous coffee mug that features witty or sarcastic puns or funny riddles, or any other kind of clever coffee mug sayings, then we have a novelty mug for you.

Funny Coffee Mugs & Witty Novelty Cups

Take a look at some of these ingeniously awesome coffee mugs and discover the perfect mug to help you take your daily coffee ritual to a whole new level!


#1 Personalized Yoda Coffee Mugs

Personalized Yoda Coffee Mugs - Funny Coffee Mugs

You do not have to be a Star Wars lover to appreciate the clever connotation behind this humorous coffee mug. The customization option adds a lot of significance and makes it a thoughtful gift for a special someone.  Find it Here


#2 Have a Nice Day Middle Finger Mugs

Have a Nice Day Middle Finger Mugs - Funny Coffee Mugs

Inappropriate coffee mugs don’t come any better than this. The subtle twist from a very polite message to the middle finger is pure genius .it is the perfect mug to use around anyone you feel deserves a flip off but you can’t give them an obvious one. More info Here

#3 Shhhhh Now You May Speak Poop Mug

Shhhhh Now You May Speak Poop Mug -

Shhhhh Now You May Speak Poop Mug 

Would you like to help your family members enjoy a longer and more productive life? This funny mug is sure to tickle them every single morning and bit by bit elongate their existence on the planet. Find it Here


#4 Hangover Definition Mug

Hangover Definition Mug 

This is a particularly amusing option for that friend who just cannot stay away from his favorite drink but promises to quit every single morning. Here is how to tell them the bitter truth without any repercussions for the messenger. Find it Here 


#5 I’m Silently Correcting Your Grammar Mug

I’m Silently Correcting Your Grammar Mug

Grammar freaks the world over live with a bitter curse and they have had no way out of its bewitching hold until now. These funny coffee cups for work grant you the license to express your distaste for poor grammar most courteously. Find it Here


#6 I can’t Adult Today Mug

I can’t Adult Today Mug - Funny Coffee Mugs

If you are not a morning person then this mug is the ideal way to let the world know just how awful it feels to have to wake up – every single morning. Who knows, you might just get the break you need from the annoying cycle of being an adult. Find it Here


#7 Crossword Puzzle Coffee Mug

Crossword Puzzle Coffee Mug

For someone who loves a challenge to help fire up their brains in the morning then this is the way to go. Solve a puzzle or two every day as you sip your coffee and watch your intellect come alive in ways you never imagined were possible. Find it Here


#8 Didn’t Want to Come Mug

Didn’t Want to Come Mug

Here is an awesome witty coffee mug to take with you to work. It provides a subtle avenue to get on your boss’s nerves and let off some steam. Do you know what the best part is? There is really nothing they can do about it. Find it Here


#9 Personalized Prescription Mug

Personalized Prescription Mug

Anyone who just cannot start their day without a generous dose of coffee will appreciate a gift of the prescription mug. It lets them know that you accept them just the way they are and are ready to hold their hand through the addiction. Find it Here


#10 I’m Introverting Mug

I’m Introverting Mug

Humorous coffee mugs for the workplace have a way of breaking the ice and setting a perfect start to each day at the office. This one is particularly entertaining in both the message it conveys and the captivating fonts used. Find it Here


#11 First Name Always Coffee Mug

First Name Always Coffee Mug

A most memorable gift for a coffee lover, this mug compresses the supreme significance of the beverage in their life. It sends a clear message in the fewest words possible and conveys it in the most humorous way to the rest of the world. Find it Here


#12 The Office “Dwight” Coffee Mug

The Office “Dwight” Coffee Mug - Funny Coffee Mugs

Are you looking for funny coffee cups for guys at the office to brighten up their somber mornings? This mug bears the impression of one of the funniest members of an entertaining office comedy series and cannot help but bring a smile to everyone’s faces. Find it Here


#13 Don’t Grow up Coffee Mug

Don’t Grow up Coffee Mug

The message on these funny coffee mugs is sure to tickle every adult over and over again as it bears a bitter truth we all must learn to live with. Its witty approach to this truth will make it easier to bear every morning as you go about your unexciting routine. Find it Here


#14 You’ve Been Poisoned Mug

You’ve Been Poisoned Mug - Funny Coffee Mugs

No matter how many times you read this message you cannot help but go from a reaction of horror then to uncontrolled fits of laughter. There could be no better way to prank your family members and guests and enjoy seeing the color drain from their faces if just for a brief moment. More Info


#15 Game of Thrones Inspired Coffee Mug

Game of Thrones Inspired Coffee Mug - Funny Coffee Mugs

Game of Thrones enthusiasts will appreciate the word play and symbolism on this mug. It is a sure way to get them off to the best possible morning start by getting their minds aroused to something they really love and long to enjoy after work. Find it Here


#16 Don’t Bug Me Coffee Mug

Don’t Bug Me Coffee Mug

Do you want people to keep off till you have had your morning dose of caffeine but simply do not have the energy to tell them? Well, save your energy for something more important as this funny coffee cup says it all for you. Find it Here


#17 Because Adulting Is Hard Cup

Because Adulting Is Hard Cup

Would you like to know why this makes the best gift for your millennial friends and family members? Because it tactfully tells them the bitter truth of life and provides them with a time-tested coping mechanism – good old coffee, in an awesome mug! Find it Here


#18 Handsome Coffee Mug

Handsome Coffee Mug

The value of funny coffee cups might be understated, but their power to cheer up the people you love will always hold its own. Watch the smug look on his face as he slowly sips his coffee every day and get your day off to a great start as well. Find it Here


#19 May Be Wine Mug

May Be Wine Mug

Take this cleverly entertaining mug with you to the office and watch the battle it creates in the minds of everyone who reads its message. They actually start wondering whether it’s actually coffee and makes them want to take a peek. What a way to make people curious and cheer them up! Find it Here


#20 Star Wars Darth Vader Self-Stirring Mug

star wars self stirring mug

The one thing no one would have thought would ever be invented is a mug that does all the work for you and lets you slowly adapt to the pace of life. Darth Vader’s image and quote makes it all the more outstanding and a perfect gift for a beloved Star Wars fanatic. Find it Here


#21 Giant Coffee Mug

Giant Coffee Mug

This has got to be one of the funniest and most witty coffee mugs of all time. Your caffeine craving is more than taken care of in this colossal cup and you get the opportunity to entertain the observers without having to say a single word. Find it Here


#22 Coffee is My Spirit Animal Coffee Mug

Coffee is My Spirit Animal Coffee Mug

There is no end to a good thing and this coffee cup encapsulates that truth for the coffee lover in the most amusing way. If you happen to know someone who loves their caffeine as well as a good dose of humor in the morning then surprise them with this mug and make their day. Find it Here


#23 Now Panic & Freak Out Coffee Mug

Now Panic & Freak Out Coffee Mug

The two contrasting messages on this mug and its gift box make the perfect combination for an appropriate start to a day when waking up seem like a daunting task. It gives the viable option of totally freaking out when there seems to be no other way out of a tricky situation such as getting out of bed. Find it Here


#24 Basketball Hoop Mug

Basketball Hoop Mug

We all have this one friend who eats, lives and sleeps basketball. Here is one of the most ingenious ways to let them know that we support their obsession and in fact encourage it. It will always get them off to a great morning’s start and ensure they keep up the good cheer throughout their day. Find it Here


#25 Spit Happens Llama Coffee Mug

Spit Happens Llama Coffee Mug

When spit happens and you want an easy and humorous way out of the fix then this nature-inspired mug is the one for you. It makes a great gift for close family members by giving that all-important light touch needed during embarrassing situations. Find it Here


#26 Personalized Coffee Mugs

Personalized Coffee Mugs

One of the best parts about placing your own personalized message on a gift mug is that it lets the other person know that you put some thought into it. The options on what you can say on this platform are limitless so give it some thought and get it set in stone. Find it Here


#27 Beam Me up Scotty Mug

Beam Me up Scotty Mug

We all need a beam up every once in a while, we just might not admit it. This clever coffee mug message gives us the opportunity to share that sentiment with the people around us and get a dose of caffeine in return. Find it Here


#28 Funny Couples Mugs Set

Funny Couples Mugs Set

This is such a sweet dating symbolism especially for anyone who has been waiting with bated breath for the love of their life to say yes by “swiping right” for them. It captures the essence of love and ensures that its appeal remains timeless. Find it Here


#29 Teenage Daughter Survivor Mug

Teenage Daughter Survivor Mug

Anyone who has had to live through their daughter’s teenage years will surely appreciate the underpinnings of this encouraging message. If you are still going through the nightmare, have a mug, take heart and rest assured that this too shall pass. Find it Here


#30 For Fox Sake Coffee Mug

For Fox Sake Coffee Mug - Funny Coffee Mugs

This ingenious concept turns what would otherwise have been a case of offensive coffee mugs into a delicately phrased and highly amusing expression. The best part is that it still passes the intended message across and adds an entertaining twist to it. Find it Here


#31 To-Do List Coffee Mug

To Do List Coffee Mug

If only life were this simple! But there is no harm in trying to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, or is there? This mug is the pinnacle of funny coffee mugs and it captures the essence of a lazy weekend spent bumming, something we all need every once in a while. Find it Here


#32 Zombie Walking Dead Color Changing Mug

Zombie Walking Dead Color Changing Mug

Color-changing mugs brought an innovative transformation to the breakfast table. These novelty coffee cups are the best way to scare the living daylights out of close friends after a hearty breakfast. If you have a prank debt to pay back then this is surely the way to go. Find it Here


#33 Personalised Yoda Best Dad Ever Mug

Personalised Yoda Best Dad Ever Mug - Funny Coffee Mugs

Particularly for dads who love Star Wars, these cleverly worded mugs let them know that they are special and are an awesome gift choice for Father’s day. The personalization option lets you add that distinctive touch to complete the enthralling effect it is bound to create. Find it Here


#34 My Favourite Prick Mug

My Favourite Prick Mug - Funny Coffee Mugs

Do you have that one annoying friend or brother whom your life would come to a grinding halt? Let them know how much they mean to you with this funny and memorable coffee mug.

Every morning when they awake they will take one look at the cactus and won’t stop smiling for the rest of the day Find it Here


#35 Pulp Fiction Coffee Mug Set

Pulp Fiction Coffee Mug Set

This is a most romantic gift set for that couple who just cannot get enough of Quentin Tarantino’s entertaining creative mind. They feature remarkable imagery and do not need a single word to convey the essence of love borne of the two characters. Find it Here


#36 Funny Best Father In The World Mug

Funny Best Father In the World Mug

After all that you have put them through, all fathers in the world deserve a present that will always light up their faces and give them fond memories of you. These funny coffee mugs do that and so much more using a brand of humor that only close family members get to share and enjoy. Find it Here


#37 Vote Cats Coffee Mug

Vote Cats Coffee Mug

Felines are still a long way off from losing their humorously witty touch. If you know someone whose life is incomplete with these cuddly furry friends then grant them their wish to have cats rule every morning at breakfast and forever more using this amusing mug. Find it Here


#38 Cookie Monster Mugs

Cookie Monster Mugs - Funny Coffee Mugs

The breakfast table sure deserves a whimsical facelift and nothing does it better than these novelty coffee mugs. They capture the very essence of the early morning meal with cookies and a generous doze of caffeine while brightening up your day using the ideal sky blue color choice. Find Them Here


#39 Funny Brother Mug

Funny Brother Mug

Your infuriating brother needs to know that he is not always a bother but that he holds a special spot in your heart. Tell them this in style using this hilarious mug so that even when you fight and bicker he still wakes up to an inspiring memory of you. Find it Here


#40 Funny Fishing Mug

Funny Fishing Mug

It is only on the breakfast table that inappropriate coffee mugs are considered acceptable and even delightful. This is particularly the case on this witty piece that employs a creative play on words to turn an ordinary cup into a most memorable icon of love for a dad who loves to fish. Find it Here


#41 Funny Music Lyrics Novelty Tea Mug

Funny Music Lyrics Novelty Tea Mug

Symbolism plays a significant role in making the most of the limited space on a mug to make a great impression.

Any lover of music will tell you that this choice of words and imagery is ingenious and crazy funny. You can be sure that no matter what you drink from that cup will have a truly inspired day. Find it Here


#42 Funny Donut and Poop Emoji Mug

Funny Donut and Poop Emoji Mug - Funny Coffee Mugs

The words and images on this mug show utmost creativity at their best. They do not have to work too hard to give you that all-important boost to your morning’s morale while requesting the world around you to give you the time you need for a system boot. Find it Here


#43 Funny Do Not Disturb Coffee Mug

Funny Do Not Disturb Coffee Mug

This is a prime example of the kind of ice breaker every office space needs to create a diversion from the humdrum of everyday life. It might have belonged in the offensive coffee mugs pile but it saves everyone so much precious time and energy by conveying the message we all think about at times but have no way of saying it out loud. Find it Here


#44 The Boss Coffee Mug

The Boss Coffee Mug

So who’s the boss on your breakfast table? When you have this hilariously creative gun-handled mug in your hand it leaves no doubt in the minds of all and sundry that you need some peace and quiet to enjoy your morning coffee ritual. Find it Here


#45 Black Like My Soul Coffee Mug

Black Like My Soul Coffee Mug

Funny coffee mug quotes have the unique power of sending a powerful message that you might otherwise not get the chance to laugh about. For instance, don’t you think that an evil friend deserves to know that you know she is evil? Tell her in style and let her stew on that as she enjoys a cup of good old black coffee. Find it Here


#46 Funny Hang with You Sloth Mug

Funny Hang with You Sloth Mug

Nature has a way of capturing every aspect of the human personality and no gift item conveys this thought, as well as the sloth mug, does.

Almost everyone has a slothful moment during the day and this is a unique opportunity to let our friends know that in spite of such moments we love them nonetheless. Find it Here


#47 Caffeinate and Dominate Mug

Caffeinate and Dominate Mug

Is there truly a limit to what can be achieved when the deepest recesses of our minds get activated by the unique magical attributes of caffeine? This mug provides the burst of inspiration that great thinkers need to start off yet another day of limitless awesomeness. Find it Here


#48 Color Changing Harley Quinn Coffee Mug Set

Color Changing Harley Quinn Coffee Mug Set - Funny Coffee Mugs

You need that one person to make your life complete and as these magical mugs slowly come alive under the powerful spell of a hot beverage you will get to enjoy the complete picture. Get them as a gift for a Harley Quinn fan or for yourself and your best friends for a truly memorable effect. Find it Here


#49 Pop Pop the Legend Mug

Pop Pop the Legend Mug

Your grand-dad deserves an extraordinary gift for his kind and doting nature, does he not? It is not too often that we get to tell them just how much we love them. But if we get them this mug as a gift they will get to remember this every morning of their lives without fail. Find it Here


#50 Funny Feline Cat Mug

Funny Feline Cat Mug - Funny Coffee Mugs

The imagery and wording on this funny feline mug are simply outstanding. It is a simple yet powerfully amusing means to share the cheer that arises from a perfectly brewed cup of awesome coffee. These funny coffee mugs would make a great addition to your office mug collection. Find it Here


#51 I Drink and I Know Things Mug Game of Thrones Mug Inspired Mug

I Drink and I Know Things Mug Game of Thrones Mug Inspired Mug

I Drink and I Know Things Mug Game of Thrones Mug Inspired Mug

Game of Thrones aficionados will love a present of this eternally humorous mug bearing the trademark phrase. It serves as a convenient tool to convey their allegiance to the thrilling creation that keeps their worlds burning bright and gives them a longing to see the next day. Find it Here


#52 Caffeine Molecule Mug

Caffeine Molecule Mug - Funny Coffee Mugs

If you love good coffee and a dose of chemistry then this is the perfect mug for you. It combines these two favorite obsessions in one memorable mug. Think of how much this simple yet cheerful mug would brighten the days of all your friends who happen to share a similar passion. Find it Here


#53 I Wake Up Awesome Mug

I Wake Up Awesome Mug

Funny coffee mug quotes do not only serve a humorous or entertaining purpose. Their wordings are at times all the inspiration that we need to see us through a challenging day.

They not only get us off to a great start but also serve as visible reminders as we go through various hurdles and challenges. Find it Here

Whatever you need for you to have a bright and cheerful start, these funny coffee mugs with their inspiring and at times downright borderline quotes have sure got you covered. Spread the cheer all around by giving your close friends and family members some mugs and let them know you are thinking about them.

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