34 Funny Dad T-Shirts All Fathers Will Love

Let’s face it, dads are the hardest species to please when it comes to finding the perfect gift! But at times, all a father really needs is just a good laugh. Funny dad t-shirts are an ingenious way to celebrate the lighter side of being a father. Not only are funny dad shirts a great source of fun. But they also hold the promise of raising his spirits on the worst of days. They are a subtle reminder of the fun side of fatherhood.

Whether you are looking for a Father’s day gift or want to celebrate a new parent, we have got you covered with the ultimate collection of unique dad shirts. If your dad loves to make everyone laugh with practical jokes and funny gags, these tees are the simplest way to give him a taste of his own medicine.

Funny Dad T-Shirt Ideas for Fathers

Dads who have a good taste in humor probably need something fun to release their stress. The good news is you can help them with that by gifting funny dad t-shirts! In case you are wondering what to pick, you better check out our curated list below. From quirky and unusual designs to making him chuckle to those that tease him for his growing body and hair loss, there is something for everyone here!

Read on and have a blast with these hilarious t-shirts that every father will love!

#1 World’s Best Farter – Funny Dad T-Shirts

World’s Best Farter - Funny Dad T-Shirts

Scientists are yet to explain why dads fart with impunity. Before they figure it out, this funny father shirt could help you keep things in check! Since nothing else seems to work, maybe teasing him about his gas could be the answer you seek.

For as long as he remains unapologetic about his flatulence, this tee will give the whole family more than a few laughs. You can pick the neutral colors if your dad struggle to mix and match his clothing.

#2 Top Dad

Top Dad

Give your dad top honors for being the only one who ventures out into danger to protect the ones he loves. He does not have to be a military dad to deserve this. How about all the dads out there who dare to change a little stinker’s diaper?

Whatever the reason you have for feeling that he deserves to be in the hall of fame, this tee captures the sentiment perfectly! He can match the tee with jeans for hanging out with friends and show off that he’s indeed a favorite dad to his kids.

#3 Dad Jokes Are How We Roll T-shirt

Dad Jokes Are How We Roll T-shirt

If your dad is the funniest guy you know, this humorous dad t-shirt could help you share his good cheer with the rest of the world. Particularly if he is hard to shop for, you can bet on the fact that this piece will tickle his funny bone!

Share some lighthearted sentimentality with him and everyone around him. You can also help style him with his favorite shorts to make the best summer outfit. Make sure to choose lighter color for the bottom wear to create an eye-catching look.

#4 Dad, The Man, The Myth, The Legend T-shirt

Dad, The man, the myth, the legend

Nothing could describe dad quite as well as this tee does! What makes it super special is that it is short, sweet, and irresistibly funny. It combines the perfect dose of sentiment with a great sense of humor.

Acknowledge his superhero traits in a lighthearted way and you can be sure he will never want to take this tee off! He can casually match this tee with his shorts or jeans to hangout with the kids and show the world about his true characters.

#5 The Walking Dad Shirt

The Walking Dad

Put a mischievous twist on the Walking Dead concept with one of these funny dad t-shirts. This might actually be the piece he needs to complete his quest as chief mischief-maker.

He will be sure to send a few shivers down everyone’s spine before they figure it out. For zombie-loving dads, there could be no better way to make them smile! Choose the actual or smaller size if your dad loves to show off his muscles.

#6 Best Dad Ever Tee

Best Dad Ever Tee

What better way to celebrate your old man than by simply telling it as it is? You might want to remind him that though he is losing his hair and memory, he is still your favorite superhero.

Nothing could do a better job of drawing his heartstrings than this thoughtful tee would. It might in fact draw a tear or two from your old pa! We recommend gifting one to celebrate his birthday which he nearly forgets.

#7 Dad Bod In Progress T-Shirt

Dad Bod In Progress T-Shirt

Put a hilarious twist on the regular dad shirt and fix a permanent smile on his face. Try as they might fight it, a dad bod is a fact of life, one they cannot escape.

The only question is how much time it takes to grow one! If your dad already has one and seems proud of it, give him a t-shirt to celebrate the achievement. Make sure to choose his color to make the gift even more special.

#8 Couples T-shirts

Couples T-shirts

No better way to celebrate your significant other than with these humorous couples’ shirts. Does he still have his boyish charm even after you’ve spent years or decades together?

Well, with these hilarious tees, you can share your special connection with the world around you. It will go a long way in creating some comic relief. What an awesome gag gift for the fun dad in your life!

#9 Worlds Okayest Dad

Worlds Okayest Dad

For the dad who has not been on his best behavior after winning World’s Best Dad award, this dad tee will crack him up. The best part about it is that he knows that he’s been naughty and didn’t make the list.

Making him laugh could actually be all the incentive he needs to perform better next time. But he will be very proud to show this tee off! Allow him to steal the spotlight by surprising him with the red or green color instead of black one.

#10 Best Dad In The Galaxy

Best Dad In The Galaxy

For the dad who loves Star Wars, nothing could beat this funny-inspired t-shirt design. Indulge his love for the show while still passing your point across on how much he means to you.

You can count on the fact that he will love this tee more than all others in the closet. To style it up, he simply can pair it with his jeans or shorts and sneakers to highlight his casual look. The only problem will be getting him to take it off when it starts to stink.

#11 99% Sure I’m The Funniest Dad Ever T-Shirt

99% Sure I'm The Funniest Dad Ever T-Shirt

Even if your dad is not the funniest guy you know, he most likely thinks he is! And if he is actually funny, he probably knows it. No matter which side he falls on the spectrum, you might want to show some appreciation for his dad jokes.

With one of these dad joke shirts, you will do that and so much more. You might in fact get him to improve on his dad’s humor. He can make his look even more fun and quirky with his cargo pants or black shorts to hang around.

#12 Proud Father of A Few Dumbass Kids

Though he might not say it out loud, he probably finds you and your siblings annoying. Well, here is the perfect opportunity to show him there is no shame in admitting it.

Every exhausted dad out there needs one or more of these ingenious shirts. It could help him keep his sanity when they get on his nerves. To help him deal with his kids, you better ask him to hang out or grab a drink and style him with this tee and his favorite shorts.

#13 I Am Your Father Movie Quote T-Shirt

 I Am Your Father Movie Quote T-Shirt

If your father makes you do stuff simply because he’s your father, this is the tee you have been looking for. The best thing about fathers is that they do not take themselves too seriously. So you can be sure he will appreciate this lighthearted touch.

And thanks to its high humorous appeal, this is the kind of gift that will keep giving! If you want to go up and beyond, you better help him to look more stylish by matching the tee with his shorts and sneakers. Put on a baseball cap and voila!

#14 Camping Dad Shirt

Camping Dad

Does your dad love the outdoors? Celebrate his passion for adventure with this funny t-shirt. Any time you want him to take you camping all you have to do is take it out. Just one look at it and he will want to claim his title all over again.

Enjoy spending time with dad out in the wilderness in one of these cool dad t-shirts! To spice up his look even more, he better matches the t-shirt with cargo pants, a vest, or a denim jacket.

#15 Dad AF T-Shirt

Dad AF

Trying to pick out the perfect gift for the new dad in your life? Nothing captures his intrigue with the new status better than one of these funny new dad shirts! Every time he sees it, pleasant memories will flow through his heart and mind, giving him reason to smile.

And the people around him cannot help but LOL at the creativity evident in the design. As for the style, he can pair this tee with some bottom wear like shorts, jeans, or even jogger pants. But if he wants to make it breathable and offer some cool ventilation, shorts made of cotton will be the best bet.

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#16 The Cat Father Funny Shirt

The Cat Father Funny Shirt

We all have more than our fair share of crazy cat ladies around us and probably celebrate them at every opportunity. But have you ever taken the time to appreciate the feline-loving man in your life?

Inspired by one of the greatest father movies of all time, The Godfather, this CatFather t-shirt is your best bet! It has the perfect blend of humor and sentiment! He doesn’t need much with this tee; just go with jeans and sneakers and he’s all set!

#17 Go Ask Your Mother T-shirt

Go Ask Your Mother T-shirt

One of the most enduring phrases for dads is “Go ask your mother” and for good reason. Not only does it allow them to pass the baton for weighty decisions, but it’s also the easiest way for them to stay in mom’s good books.

If you have that kind of hilarious dad, spare him the hustle of having to say it every time with one of these funny dad t-shirts. With this tee, he can save an excuse to stay silent when his kids ask him quirky or intimidating questions.

#18 Dadacorn Funny Dad Unicorn T-Shirt

Is your dad irresistibly sweet, thoughtful, and charming? Well, it just may be that the unicorn is his spirit animal. Give the concept a dash of masculinity with one of these funny dad-daughter shirts.

The dadacorn tee has got to be one of the funniest dad shirts yet! But it is also one of the easiest choices if you want to make him blush. Well, this tee surely looks flashy. Make sure you know your dad’s taste before purchasing one. Otherwise, he will insist on not wearing this.

#19 You Dont Scare Me I Have Kids

You Dont Scare Me I Have Kids

What’s the point in having kids if you cannot brag about it? Give your dad or husband exclusive bragging rights with this funny fatherhood t-shirt.

In fact, it might make the most perfect gift choice for a new dad! No one will dare. Offer him the opportunity to show off his newfound dad status with this fun tee design. He can simply hang out at the mall or walk with his toddler to the park and see how people giggle after noticing the tee.

#20 Dad Evolution T-Shirt

Dad Evolution T-Shirt

Dad has probably come a long way since you first knew him. It could be that his fashion sense has evolved as has his taste for music and so much more.

Nothing captures that idea better than this funny tee. As time passes, he becomes a much better man. You can suggest he wears this tee while he’s walking your little baby brother in the stroller to the park, just like the printed character depicts. What a fun way to make him feel great about his advancing age!

#21 Father of The Year

And the Father of the Year award goes to…your dad! Whatever the reason that makes you feel he deserves this accolade, here is the perfect tee to let him know.

You do not have to wait till Father’s Day to give him this thoughtful gift. It can make the best present on his birthday and even Christmas. Make daddy proud and remind him of the many joys of fatherhood, the one thing at which he is your superhero!

#22 The Best Dads Ever Make Pancakes

The Best Dads Ever Make Pancakes

Get the old man off the couch and into the kitchen with one of these hilarious dad t-shirts! It is so cool and cozy that he will want to wear it every day with his favorite trousers.

And when he wears it, he will get the gentle reminder that the Best Dad title does not come easy. Which father would not want to win it? The best part about this tee is that at the end of the day, everyone wins!

#23 Dad To The Bone Shirt

Dad To The Bone

With this clever twist on “Bad to the Bone”, your father will be the coolest dad on the block. If he loves music, he might already know about the song behind it; another reason to give your music-loving dad this tee!

And who wouldn’t want to be that guy? But even if he doesn’t, it is still a charming t-shirt full of sentimental value, and will definitely thrill him. Plus, it might not be too late to let him in on the concept.

#24 I Dont Snore Tee

I Dont Snore Tee

Why are all dads in denial when it comes to their snoring? Here is dad’s perfect rejoinder to the accusation that he snores! Because he actually sounds like a motorcycle, this tee makes it so much easier to explain the annoying habit.

As a bonus, it will give everyone a good chuckle every time he wears it. Besides for the dads who refuse to admit that they snore while sleeping, this tee makes a funny dad gift for those who fancy automotive and at the same time have a good sense of humor.

#25 Smart Dad T-Shirt

Smart Dad

Do you have the kind of dad who knows his stuff as far as all things digital are concerned? Well, why not give him the chance to wear it with one of these funny dad t-shirts?

You can be sure that he will always wear this cool shirt with a smile! And isn’t that what we all want for daddy, smart or not? In addition, we recommend your dad pair this tee with his most awesome black ripped jeans to make him look badass.

#26 Feed Clean Rescue Repeat T-Shirt

Feed Clean Rescue Repeat T-Shirt

We bet every dad would agree that fatherhood is not the walk in the park they said it would be. It’s an endless cycle of demands that mostly go unnoticed by the creatures he adores the most.

Well, give him a tad of acknowledgement with this hilarious t-shirt design. And it does not hurt one bit that it is cool and trendy, a great choice for every fashion-forward dad! You can also make this gift for new dads out there who need support to adjust to their new routines.

#27 Bank of Dad T-Shirts

Bank of Dad - Funny Dad T-Shirts

Does your dad always seem shocked at the high cost of living and your endless demands? Let him know that he has the privilege of being your bank and ATM of choice.

His accessibility round the clock and inability to say no is just a few of the many highlights. Every time he wears this tee he cannot help but smile and accede to your every wish! Well, there’s not better match than blue jeans. Make sure your dad wears one with this tee!

#28 What Happens in The Garage Stays in The Garage T-Shirt

Some of the best moments for dads and their sons happen while they tinker with tools in the garage. And that is precisely what makes these funny dad and son t-shirts priceless!

Well, some things that happen in the garage are a bit embarrassing and better left unsaid, wouldn’t you agree? Let your father know that you respect the unspoken oath of secrecy that binds fathers and sons!

#29 Fun Guy Funny T-Shirts

Fun Guy Funny T-Shirt - Funny Dad T-Shirts

Every dad who appreciates a good pun quite as much as we do will love this funny tee! What could be more fun than a cute little mushroom? When it comes to edible fungi, mushrooms have got to be the best of them all!

Celebrate your dad’s funny bone with the creative fun guy t-shirt and watch his face light up when he figures it out! This tee will also make the best gift for those dads who can’t help but love to forage mushrooms in the summer and fall.

#30 Fart Loading Funny T-shirt

Fart Loading Funny T-shirt - Funny Dad T-Shirts

You can never go wrong with a fart joke when it comes to hilarious dad t-shirts! The funniest part about this t-shirt is that no one might actually want to wait around as the fart loads.

If your dad loves his space, this might be the perfect tee to clear the way everywhere he goes with his on-the-go trousers. Thanks to its humorous appeal, no one will be offended as they give him space.

#31 Papa Bear Shirt

Papa Bear Shirt - Funny Dad T-Shirts

The papa bear in your life deserves one of these cool dad t-shirts. Nothing quite captures the essence of fatherhood as it does! In its simplicity, it speaks volumes about the joys of being a dad.

At the same time, daddy cannot help but chuckle and spread good cheer to everyone around him while wearing it. While it seems fun, your dad can make this tee looks bold and cool by matching it with his jeans, wear sunglasses, and sneakers.

#32 “I Don’t Need Google, My Daughter Knows Everything” T-Shirt

My Daughter Knows Everything

Give your humorous dad a chance to channel his jokes through this t-shirt. It is designed by displaying funny quotes that become the focal point of people who see it. The t-shirts are perfect for dads who often think of their daughters as walking Google.

They will definitely love it and feel like they don’t want to change their clothes. If you wish to make your dad look even cooler, style him with his tan shorts and sneakers. Don’t forget to put on his sporty watch!

#33 Funny Balding Dad T-Shirt

Mens with A Body Like This Who Needs Hair Tshirt

Fathers may often be frustrated by hair loss that causes baldness. Hence, you better help your father to solve this problem differently. Give this funny balding t-shirt a unique way to keep your dad feeling confident even though his head is starting to go bald.

He would definitely laugh to himself seeing the quotes on this apparel. In case he has muscles to show off, we recommend purchasing one in an actual or smaller size and pairing the tee with shorts.

#34 Sarcasm Fitness Funny T-Shirt

Mens Fitness Taco Funny T Shirt

If you pay attention, usually dads have a fat body after they get married. They said that a bulging stomach is a sign of happiness in living a post-marriage life and having children. Your dad is no exception, right?

Therefore, this shirt looks pretty good for them to be worn as sarcasm to those who tell them to diet. There is some choice of colors you can choose to suit your dad’s taste best.

Final Thoughts

For times when laughter really is the best present, nothing could beat these funny dad t-shirts in tickling his funny bone! Choose the perfect specimen from this amazing list of funny dad shirt sayings and add a few years to your dad’s life.

Also, make sure you pick his color to cheer up his days while wearing one of these hilarious dad tees. With one of these, you can put a hilarious end to the predictable thermal underwear and socks gifts that you have always given to your dad or husband!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What occasions are appropriate for giving funny dad shirts as gifts?

Funny dad shirts can make great gifts for a variety of occasions. Some of the most popular include:

  • Father’s Day: This is the obvious choice, as it is a day dedicated to celebrating fathers and father figures. A funny dad shirt can be a great way to show your appreciation and make your dad laugh.
  • Birthdays: Whether it’s your dad’s actual birthday or just a milestone like turning 50, a funny dad shirt can be a great way to add some humor to the celebration.
  • Christmas: If your dad has a good sense of humor, a funny shirt can be a great addition to his holiday wardrobe.
  • Retirement: If your dad is retiring from work, a funny shirt can be a fun way to celebrate his new-found freedom.
  • Just because: Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that are given for no particular reason. If you find a funny dad shirt that you know your dad will love, go ahead and get it for him!

What is the best gift idea for dad?

Funny dad t-shirts can be the greatest idea for your dads, especially if they are typical humorous ones. They can channel their funniest jokes through these t-shirts that make them laugh while wearing them. We provide an extensive list of funny dad t-shirts all fathers will love. Check it out!

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