36 Coolest New Dad Gifts for Expectant Fathers

Whenever there is a baby on the way, we all think about picking out baby must-haves and gifts for the mom-to-be. All too often, we leave someone very important out of the equation, the new dad. New dad gifts are a great way to tell expectant and new dads alike kudos for a job well done!

Let’s face it, though being a new dad is thrilling, it also comes with its fair share of terrifying moments. Nothing could beat a funny new dad gift in easing the pressure and helping that special man celebrate the lighter side of fatherhood.

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You might also want to think of practical gifts to usher him into fatherhood with a bit of flair.

Whether you want to prep him for sleepless nights or make him feel like he’s the luckiest dad alive, we have got you covered. Our top-to-bottom list of new dad gift ideas will make daddy feel truly special.

Best New Dad Gift Ideas

Read on to discover some of the most unique, hilarious and thoughtful new dad gift ideas!

#1 My Best Catch Keychain

Our Best Catch Keychain

If that special new dad happens to love fishing, here is a gift idea to drive him wild with glee! Our best catch keychain features a fishhook and creative tags that are the stuff of genius.

One takes the shape of a fish to represent the little one, complete with the date of birth and name. The second one bears funny text and the baby’s weight.

#2 #DADLIFE Tee – New Dad Gifts

Dad Life Shirt

Give him the opportunity to celebrate fatherhood in style with one of these tees. Hashtag dad life says it all in the simplest possible way.

This is one tee that will keep him smiling even on days when he does not get an ounce of shuteye. It also gives him the chance to show off his newfound status and make his friends jealous.

#3 Funny New Dad Mug Gift

Funny New Dad Mug Gift

He is going to need a lot of coffee to survive the first year. How about this totally inappropriate and hilarious mug to crack him up as he enjoys his coffee?

After all, there is no situation in life that a good sense of humor cannot make better! For times when he needs a nudge to celebrate the lighter side of life, this is one of the best new dad gifts to draw out a smile.

#4 New Daddy Kit

New Daddy Kit

Keep the new dad in your life out of trouble with this fun and innovative gift for expectant dads. Most dads won’t admit it but surviving the first few weeks is often an absolute nightmare.

But with this survival kit, he has much higher odds of sailing through unscathed. It comes with a host of essential items such as earplugs for times when they cannot take it anymore.

#5 Baby Keepsake Library

Baby Keepsake Library

Ask any seasoned dad, and they will tell you how much they wish the years didn’t fly by so fast and turn their babies into young adults.

Well, you can help the new dad in your life safeguard every precious memory with one of these libraries. It has everything they need to keep valuable items in pristine condition.

#6 New Dad Personalized Bracelet

Leather Stainless Steel Mens Personalised Engraved Bracelet

Give the man behind the bump exclusive bragging rights with one of these personalized bracelets. It could in fact be a great way to announce to him you are expecting.

Both sides of the tag can carry a custom message to make him feel special. What an awesome choice for expressing heartfelt sentiment and immortalizing the memory.

#7 The Night Sky Star Print First Father’s Day Gift

The Night Sky Star Print First Father's Day Gift

For the dad who absolutely loves the night sky and all things astronomical, this would make him cry tears of joy.

It features a star map on real wood, representing the actual night sky view for the specific locations dates you provide. And the best part is that it can fit up to six kids. Talk about a gift that keeps giving!

#8 First Time Dad Personalized Picture Frame

First Time Dad Personalized Picture Frame

Nothing could beat the level of sentiment in this simple yet delightful new dad gift. Besides holding a photo of daddy and baby, it comes with a message to melt his heart.

The constant reminder that his baby will always need him by their side is the warmest feeling for any dad. Pick out one in his favorite color and enjoy the reaction.

#9 Custom Copper Baby Stat Necklace

Custom Copper Baby Stat Necklace - New Dad Gifts

Make sure he never forgets his little one’s date of birth or any other important detail by getting him one of these. A copper pendant on this elegant necklace has plenty of space to keep the memories safe.

The rugged, distressed finish adds tons of flair to the functional piece, making it a great choice for the stylish dad-to-be.

#10 New Parent’s Supply Kit

New Parent's Supply Kit

For new dads, nothing hits them harder than the amount of work that goes into raising a little one. Help him get over the shock with a thoughtful kit to take care of himself for a change.

Considering how many times he will have to wash his hands, the non-drying soap and hand cream are ingenious. So is the dry shampoo as he might forget all about washing the hair.

#11 Leveled Up To Daddy Mug

Leveled Up To Daddy Mug

Every new dad longs for the day when he can play his favorite games with his little one. Here is a funny mug to keep his longing in check as he watches the little one grow up.

With this mug in hand, daddy cannot help but smile at the implications. Pick one out in his favorite color to make it his default coffee mug.

#12 Personalized Gift for a New Father

First Fathers day,

Does he have a soft spot for scrabble? Well then, this is the perfect gift choice to celebrate fatherhood. On this print, he gets a clever scrabble-inspired arrangement of words hailing his amazing qualities.

The word “Father” takes center stage and gets a highlight to make it the focal point of the ingenious design. Cool, right?

#13 Birth Stat New Dad Keychain

Birth Stat New Dad Keychain

So many details come with the birth of every new child that a dad might have a hard time remembering everything.

Why not get him a gift that captures all the important details to help him avoid those embarrassing moments. Turn him into a super dad and leave other dads wondering how he remembers even the length of the baby.

#14 Dad And Baby Matching Shirts

Dad And Baby Matching Shirts

For times when laughter is the best present, which is all the time, these tees are your best bet! Drawing inspiration from Star Wars, these t-shirts use Darth Vader’s words to Luke Skywalker to drive the point home.

The lightsaber aspect completes the idea perfectly, making this the best set for the Star Wars loving expectant dad.

#15 Personalised Daddy Since Men’s Socks

Personalised Daddy Since Men’s Socks

When fatherhood going gets tough, these personalized funny socks will keep him going. They are full of love and ingenuity, and will definitely tug on his heartstrings.

With these on, he can handle whatever number of stinky diapers and spit ups life throws his way, with a smile to boot.

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#16 Personalized Brass Handstamped Keychain for Father

Personalized Brass Handstamped Keychain for Father

With one of these new dad gifts, you can get the expectant dad in your life the perfect blend of function, flair and fun.

Every dad needs a keychain, and this has to be the coolest of them all. It bears to tags, one showing a “Dad Est.” date and the other bearing the little one(s) name(s).

#17 Funny New Dad Mug

Funny New Dad Mug

Celebrate the hot new dad in your life with this hilarious mug. Just because he’s now a dad does not mean he’s going out of style!

Every time he has coffee, this mug will remind him that he has not lost his touch. Make sure he’s always on top of his game and keep him smiling for all the right reasons.

#18 Dad Est. Rocks Glass

Dad Est. Rocks Glass

Does he love his whisky? If so, give him the opportunity to take every sip in style with a personalized glass. Nothing feels better than reflecting on the joys (and pains) of fatherhood while sipping on whisky.

No matter how many drinks he has in this glass, there is no chance of forgetting the little ones’ dates of birth.

#19 Dad to be Shirt

 Dad to be Shirt

Unlike mom who has a bump to show, dad gets nothing for all his hard work. Make things right by getting him one of these tees to celebrate the moment.

This gift for an expectant father allows him to share his excitement with the world with a touch of humor. The world will have to wait as it loads to see the fruit of his labor.

#20 Dad’s Playbook

Dad’s Playbook

A dad who loves sports will appreciate the ingenuity of this gift choice. From this playbook’s perspective, having a kid is like a ball game.

So the best way to keep dad in best form is to inspire and motivate him. He will get quotes from some of the top brains in sports to keep his head in the game.

#21 Personalised Photo Watch New Dad Gift

Personalised Photo Watch New Dad Gift

Immortalize precious daddy and baby moments to create the perfect personalized gift for a watch lover. So much more than a watch, this piece is full of sentimental value, ideal for celebrating fatherhood.

It does not hurt either that it is absolutely elegant, sporting a delicate blend of wood and leather.

#22 Baby Keepsake Footprint Necklace

Baby Keepsake Footprint Necklace - New Dad Gifts

One of the best gifts for new dads is this necklace that keeps the baby close to his heart. It sports a silver pendant with the baby’s actual footprint to make it special.

Every expectant dad would kill to have one of these around their necks. And for dads struggling with infant loss, it’s also a great piece to help the healing process.

#23 Dadding it Sweatshirt – New Dad Gifts

New Dad Gifts Dadding It Sweatshirt

Spread good cheer and laughter to a special new dad and the world around him with this sweatshirt.

Especially once he gets the hang of being a dad, he might never want to take it off. Keep the “new dad” thrill going for as long as you can and keep him effortlessly stylish in his new role.

#24 Dad AF Tee – New Dad Gifts

DAD AF T-shirt

Give dad a little comic relief every time he puts this tee on. There will always be days when he simply needs a good laugh to get it all out and start afresh.

On such days, all you have to do is lay it out for him and to raise his spirits. What a great way to remind him that though being a dad can be a pain, for the most part, it’s fun.

#25 Infant Care Troubleshooting Flowchart

Infant Care Troubleshooting Flowchart

He probably won’t tell you this but every new dad dreads the day mom will leave him alone with the infant. Quell his fears with a little humor by getting him the ultimate troubleshooting flow chart.

It consists of magnetic tiles that you can arrange any whichever way to keep the laughter going. It might be what keeps him from a complete meltdown.

#26 Best Dad Ever Bodysuit

Best Dad Ever Bodysuit

Looking for the ultimate new dad gifts with a twist? How about a gift from your newly launched bundle of joy to daddy? Dress the baby up in this bodysuit and watch dad’s face light up.

If you feel he needs a little motivation, this is the most effective way to get him to spend more time with the baby.

#27 Baby Keepsake Box

Baby Keepsake Box

When a little one comes into your life, daddy wants to keep every memory alive. Grant his wish with a keepsake box that will hold all these memories for all time.

Choose from three sizes and designs and add a personal message to make this gift memorable. With equal amount of style and utility, this is one gift that will keep giving.

#28 Funny Baby Changing Bag

Pinterest Diaper Clutch Funny Mum Gift Nappy Wallet Baby Changing | Gifts for new dads, Gifts for new parents, Diaper clutch

Among the things that expectant fathers dread the most is having to change diapers. That’s exactly what makes this an amazing new dad gift.

Not only does it pack up everything he needs for the diaper change. But it also ensures that he starts out with the perfect frame of mind. A little humor goes a long way, doesn’t it?

#29 Milestone Baby Cards

Milestone Baby Cards

While mom is busy nursing, burping and bathing the baby, daddy can play a useful role too! Give him a set of milestone baby cards to capture all those special moments.

From the first time baby smiles or says da-da, to their first tooth and beyond, this set captures it all! All he needs to do is pair every card up with the appropriate photo, and voila!

#30 Personalised New Mum & New Dad Gift Mug Set

Personalised New Mum & New Dad Gift Mug Set

Help both mom and dad celebrate the start of their new journey with these amazing mugs. They are simple yet full of sentiment.

More importantly, they bear a personal touch in form of the “est.” date which makes them truly special. What a great treat for new parents or parents-to-be.

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#31 Handstamped Personalized Baby Stat Guitar Pick

Handstamped Personalized Baby Stat Guitar Pick

For the dad who has an unhealthy attachment to his guitar, this makes one of the best new dad gift ideas. With the perfect combination of function, aesthetics and sentiment, it carries the little one’s birth information.

You can choose to personalize it with any other message of choice. Since the material used is stainless steel, it will live to tell the story.

#32 #DADLIFE Mug – New Dad Gifts

#DADLIFE Mug - New Dad Gifts

Welcome him to fatherhood in style with the dadlife mug. After all, enduring all those late nights will need a great deal of coffee.

So why not give him the chance to add meaning and humor to every coffee break with this unique mug? No matter how hard it gets, the funny mug will make light of the situation.

#33 Personalized hand stamped dad keychain with heart cut pendant

Personalized hand stamped dad keychain with heart cut pendant

Eternalize that special bond between dad and daughter (or son) with one of these thoughtful new dad gifts. An expectant dad greatly anticipates that special day when a little one will make a permanent print on his heart.

With this necklace, he can always have that moment close to his heart. Both the message and personalized birthstone make this piece unique and special.

#34 Fun Decision Coin

Fun Decision Coin

As a newbie parent, the division of tasks to take care of the baby can sometimes be a matter of debate. But now, relax. If you have such a friend, this gift will be the best answer for their issue. It is a funny decision coin that can somewhat make a fun game to determine who is looking after the baby. An initially annoying decision turns out to be fun with this hilarious coin.

#35 Phil Jack Dad Backpack 

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This is the most awesome backpack that any dad needs. Equipped with a foldable baby changing diaper station, it can’t be any better to help a new father change his child’s diaper quickly and conveniently. Moreover, the bag’s design also considers the baby’s needs by providing some storage pockets, which will be very useful. The backpack makes the coolest gift for a new dad that you can buy.

#36 Dad Gift Bump Box

Dad Gift Bump Box

Surprise an expectant dad with this box of dad gift bump. It comes with complete equipment for a father-to-be waiting for his baby to be born in the world. From a guidebook to be a great dad to a pair of socks, you can’t ask for a greater one as a gift for your friend who will soon be a father. He will surely root for it!

Latest Post:

What is the best gift for a new dad?

The coolest gifts for new dads are those that can help them become reliable and kind fathers to their long-awaited baby. For example, a dad backpack that conveniently packs baby stuff for a walk or coffee mugs to enjoy their coffee while staying awake late at night looks after the baby. 

Whether you are looking for an exciting way to let dad-to-be that he’s expecting, or offer him the chance to celebrate fatherhood, these new dad gifts are all you need. Give him a reason to smile as he contemplates the joys of his newfound status and makes parenthood a thrilling journey for him.

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