34 Funny Garden Gnomes For A Unique Garden Scene

Having some funny garden gnomes are a great way to turn any ordinary outdoor space into awesome in an instant! They are full of artistic creativity and can help you direct attention to your well-manicured flower bed. But they hold so much more potential if you think outside the box. Funny garden gnomes will make your guests feel welcome and cheer them up thanks to their naturally jovial demeanors.

However, if you harbor a love for all things quirky, you could go for some spooky zombie gnomes and scare everyone in the neighborhood. You could place these queer gnomes all around your space to keep out intruders with their vacant stares and bloody bodies. Whether you are looking for a rude gnome to send a warning message or a creepy garden gnome to spice up your garden, we have you covered. We have the most outrageous and queer gnomes for everyone in your life.

Funniest Garden Gnomes You Can Buy:

Take a look at the ultimate collection of unique garden gnomes to make your space extraordinary and create lots of visual interest.

#1 Crawling Zombie Gnome 

Crawling Zombie Gnome

Explore your creepy side with one of these weird gnomes. Every aspect of it will be sure to send shivers down your neighbors’ and guests’ spines alike.

From a blood-smeared face and stumps for legs, to the vacant expression in his eyes, this gnome spells terror. You might almost succumb to the temptation to make a run for it. Meticulous attention to detail and articulate craftsmanship make him an instant eye-catcher.

#2 Lepracadaver 

The Leprecadaver -Green Irish Leprechaun Zombie Gnome

Scary garden gnomes rarely come any creepier than the Lepracadaver! He gets his inspiration from the leprechaun but has a ghoulish aspect to him that makes him all the more memorable.

But he has as much mischief up his sleeve as the best of them. Only that his thirst for blood and brains is virtually unquenchable. What a fun way to bring someone’s worst nightmare to life in your own backyard!

#3 Vinnie the Victim Garden Gnome 

Vinnie the Victim Garden Gnome

If you are looking for funny garden gnomes with a touch of creepiness, your search ends right here!  Vinnie the victim seems to have walked a dangerous path and got his innards all torn out.

But he remains a victim only for a moment before he embarks on his new life of zombie villainy. Take care lest you end up as his first tasty buffet once the zombie-ness kicks in!

#4 See No Evil, Hear No Evil & Speak No Evil Gnomes Set 

See No Evil, Hear No Evil & Speak No Evil Gnomes Set

Add some fun and hilarity to your garden space with this funny garden gnome set. Better known as the “three wise gnomes” Steven, Henry, and Seth are the essence of mischief.

Characterized by cheerful demeanors and playful personalities, they will welcome your guests in style. And seeing as good cheer is contagious, they will inject laughter and charm to your backyard space.

#5 Darth Vader Garden Gnome 

Darth Vader Garden Gnome

Spread your love for the dark lord with the Darth Vader garden gnome. Authentic detailing and a touch of creativity characterize this masterful depiction.

The result is the perfect blend between the Sith lord and the garden gnome concept. He will not only drag your garden into the dark side but will also direct attention to your flower bed. He could also make the perfect gift for a Star Wars fan.

#6 The Devil Girl Statue 

The Devil Girl Statue

The title for most creepy garden gnome goes to the devil girl. She is perfect for anyone who cannot get enough of all things macabre. One look at her will send the pesky neighbor’s kids scooting for safety.

Everything about her screams haunted, from the blank eerie eyes and slashed face to the green substance on her nightie. Though you might cower at her sight, you still want to come closer and check if she bites.

#7 Bloody Mary Zombie Gnome 

Bloody Mary Zombie Gnome

Showcase your love for the living dead with this creepy matronly gnome. She is the mother of all zombie gnomes and might well be the creepiest of them all.

Great attention to detail characterizes this miniature ghoul making her afterlife-like, ready to pounce on an unsuspecting guest. Set her on a vantage point and watch unwanted guests vanish into thin air.

#8 Gottfried Giant Garden Gnome Statue 

Gottfried Giant Garden Gnome Statue

When it comes to funny garden gnomes, Gottfried takes the day! He is most notable for his gigantic stature that dwarfs all other gnomes, and possibly even your kids.

Bring the old legend of giant gnomes to life and spice up your outdoor or indoor space all in a single move. You could also offer gift it to a gnome collector who seems to have every other gnome.

#9 Necro Neckbeard Creepy Gnome 

Necro Neckbeard Creepy Gnome

Make your garden landscape outstanding with one of these unusual garden gnomes. To call him unique would be a gross understatement.

Necro Neckbeard bears minimal traits of the gentle gnome he once was. His blood-stained face, beard, hands and clothes tell it all, he is now nothing less than a savage beast. Anyone who would dare cross his path deserves what they get!

#10 The Christmas Thief Funny Garden Statue 

The Christmas Thief Funny Garden Statue

The Christmas thief has got to be one of the funniest gnomes on our list. Though the expression on his face and the crossed hands plead innocence, the eyes spell nothing but mischief.

One cannot help but want to check what he’s got in his bag. Having him on your lawn would be sure to spread lots of laughter and good cheer during the holiday season and beyond.

#11 Eatmore Guts Zombie Garden Gnome

Eatmore Guts Zombie Garden Gnome

No one is sure why the undead have such voracious appetites. But unfortunately, no one has the guts to stay around an ask them.

Thanks to Eatmore Guts, anyone who dares approach loses their guts faster than they can say creepy garden gnome. And you wonder where it all goes as he remains tiny as always, yet no less ravenous. Will you be the one to approach this ghoulish fiend?

#12 Moonie Bare Buttocks Gnome 

Moonie Bare Buttocks Gnome

Take your passion for inappropriate garden gnomes to the next level with Moonie! Yes, you heard right, this little gnome decided to moon right in the middle of a bright sunny day.

fortunately, you will not be the only one staring in astonishment. He also has a blue bird perched on his behind taking a closer look at the bare bottoms. What a way to add playfulness and good cheer to your garden!

#13 Storm Trooper Garden Gnome 

Storm Trooper Garden Gnome

Complete your collection of Star Wars garden gnomes with one of these funny garden gnomes. The gnome version of a Storm Trooper is a truly authentic depiction of the real thing.

But the one difference between the two, is that the tinier version is so much more fun. Probably, this is the enhancement they need to awaken the force and prevail against the aliens that threaten their galactic empire.

#14 Willie Walker Zombie Gnome 

Willie Walker Zombie Gnome

Create a unique garden appeal with Willie Walker as the centerpiece. No matter how many times you and your friends see him, your hearts cannot help skipping a beat at his sight.

You wonder how many unsuspecting victims he has already devoured and how many are yet to fall into his claws. With him in your backyard, you will not need a fierce dog to keep off intruders.

#15 Crystal Lake Slasher Horror Movie Gnome 

Crystal Lake Slasher Horror Movie Gnome

Recreate one of the most enduring horror movies of all time with this scary garden gnome. He comes complete with the slasher’s mask and tool of trade, ready to rip some heads off.

One look into the deep, dark abyss of his evil eyes, and your soul is sold. Do not look down on him due to his miniature stature. He is all you need to turn your garden into a crime scene.

#16 Fishing Gnome 

Fishing Gnome

Turn your backyard pond into a tranquil oasis with this cheerful fishing gnome, its the perfect fishing gift idea for a fishermen friend. It might be the infectious elf smile on his face or his characteristic burly beard that makes him irresistible.

Or maybe it’s the amusing pointy hat, the bulbous nose or cheery dimples. Something about him spells unending fun and laughter. Oh! It must be the fish with the matching pointy hat and beard, isn’t it?

#17 Batman Superhero Gnome 

Batman Superhero Gnome

Get in on the action with the batman superhero gnome rendition. He is ready to swoop in and rescue anyone in distress in spite of his short stature.

The smile on his face says it all, this is one cheerful gnome to grace your space. You can be sure he will spread similar good cheer among your family and friends, all year around.

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#18 Peter Rotten Tail The Easter Zombunny 

Peter Rotten Tail The Easter Zombunny

If you though adorable bunnies could never become spooky, well, think again! Peter rotten tail is both funny and creepy, the perfect blend for your outdoor space.

Ribs and bones poke through the skin in some places while his cuddly paws and lips have streaks of blood. He is as scary from behind as he is in front, the ideal centerpiece for a macabre art lover.

#19 The Joker Garden Gnome 

The Joker Garden Gnome

Your funny garden gnome collection is incomplete until you have the joker on it! In spite of the fact that he is always smiling, you can tell that this gnome is up to no good.

He however plays his cards pretty close to his chest. Meaning that you will probably only know his latest trick after he’s gone and done it! But with that charming smile and adorable eyes, he will get awa with it. Again!

#20 Reading Phone on the Throne Garden Gnome 

Reading Phone on the Throne Garden Gnome

Cody is the ultimate choice when it comes to funny garden gnomes. The one thing you would not expect is for him to have a smart phone.

He not only has one, but also has the nerve to read on the loo! Though he doesn’t seem to find it funny, your guests and neighbors definitely will. He will in fact make your yard the most intriguing one on the block.

#21 Bloody Mary Zombie Gnome 

Bloody Mary Walking Dead Zombie Gnome

The only thing better than a zombie gnome on your garden, Bloody Mary have what it take to set the scene for the next zombie apocalypse, Mary on the other hand is so ready for action that she comes complete with an apron to manage the mess.

#22 Karen Cooper ‘Night of the Living Dead’ Creepy Garden Gnome 

Karen Cooper 'Night of the Living Dead’ Creepy Garden Gnome

Add some mystery to your zombie brigade with one of these bizarre garden gnomes. She takes after her human prototype in Night of the Living Dead and makes a masterful depiction.

Her tiny bloody spade and tangled hair tell it all, leaving nothing to doubt about her exploits. Whether you are looking to scare someone or feed your desire for the macabre, this is your best bet.

#23 Canada Zombie Gnome 

Canada Zombie Gnome

When it is time to unleash the walking dead on your garden or backyard, few zombie gnomes can do it better than him. His demeanor inspires terror into the hearts of young and old alike.

Do not underestimate him simply because he has stumps in place of hands. What he lacks in dexterity, he more than makes up for in ravenous appetite. Before you know it, you too will be part of the undead.

#24 Zen Meditating Gnome 

Zen Meditating Gnome

A whimsical gnome is all you need to turn an average garden into an instant attraction. His Zen posture oozes tranquility and creativity in equal measure.

So relaxed he is in fact that even a bird has found refuge in his ample beard. The colorful scheme and peaceful demeanor will do so much to cheer up your space. More importantly, he will remind everyone to take it easy.

#25 Zombie Santa Corpse and The Infected Elves Zombie Gnomes 

Zombie Santa Corpse - Zombie Christmas Ornament / Decoration

Spice up the neighborhood in time for Christmas with the Zombie version of Santa. While it would be a scary thought to contemplate, the reality is even scarier!

#26 The Springwood Terror Nightmare Horror Gnome 

The Springwood Terror Nightmare Horror Gnome

Spread a tale of terror with the grotesque gnome from Elm Street. Every ounce of his being inspires fear, culminating in the blade-like fingers that he uses to execute his victims.

If you have been looking for a way to bide the time away till Halloween, this is it! Bring your worst nightmare to life and create an outstanding garden décor while at it.

#27 Women Biker Gnome 

Women Biker Gnome

Funny garden statues like the biker gnome are a great way to bring your outdoor space to life. She is as cute and they get with curly blonde hair and gorgeous red lips.

What makes her even more adorable is that she’s holding out her left hand, showing the peace symbol to every approaching guest. Place her at a strategic point and make everyone feel welcome.

#28 The Texas Chainsaw Butcher Gnome 

The Texas Chainsaw Butcher Gnome

Looking for the ultimate way to create visual interest in your backyard? The gruesome butcher gnome is the answer you seek. Inspired by the Texas Chainsaw Massacre,

he is the perfect replica of Leatherface. Great attention to detail and a penchant for art are clearly evident in the execution, breathing life into the concept.

#29 Necro Neckbeard Zombie Gnome 

Necro Neckbeard Zombie Gnome

Keep your garden space undead with Necro Necbeard the zombie gnome. As you while away your time waiting for the real zombie apocalypse, he will be sure to keep things vibrant.

With all the regular gnomes dashing for cover and human beings cowering in terror, you will not have a moment to spare. Remember not to cross his path though, lest he turns you into one of his own kind.

#30 Bigfoot With Gnomes Statue 

Bigfoot With Gnomes Statue

The looks on their faces say it all, it is going to be a jolly day. Bigfoot is out with his three gnome friends, looking for mischief to bide the hours away.

You cannot help smiling back at them though you know that this will not end well. But you cannot deny them the pleasure, not with those adorable eyes staring straight into yours! This ensemble will be sure to melt every heart on its path.

#31 Zombie Christmas Elf 

Zombie Gnome (Classic Colors)

At least this is one zombie gnome who does not seem proud of what he’s done. He knows it’s not right and wishes he could turn back time and undo the damage.

But it’s not really up to him! On the matches, into your garden to wreck more havoc and spread nightmare terror to guests and residents alike. No, he will not stop until he is satiated with blood and brains!

#32 Willy The Naughty Peeing Gnome

Bella Haus Design Peeing Gnome

This funny and cute statue of Willy The Gnome peeing on your garden is extraordinary. It will catch the attention of your guests automatically. Not only the adult guests, the kids will chuckle the first time they see this gnome. It is UV and water resistant, so it is safe when you water the garden. It Is handmade with a height of 10.3”, not that heavy but not too light to carry, since it can stand steadily above the soil.

#33 Mischievous Cat Garden Gnome Statue

by Mark & Margot - Mischievous Cat Garden Gnome Statue Figurine

This might be a special gnome statue for the cat person. The cat catching all the gnomes will make everyone’s smile and cannot hold its cuteness. No more boring garden appearances. It will steal everyone’s attention once they see your garden. The material is from durable resin material, so, it fits for all weathers. A handmade one makes this statue more special for you. If you are not a cat person but know the one who will definitely love it, then this is a great gift idea.

#34 Biker Couple Gnome

Biker Garden Gnomes Outdoor Funny Figurine Motorcycle Statues

This biker couple gnome is perfect for you whose husband is a biker. Not only cute, but also sweet one. Look at the skull tattoo on the right arm of the male gnome. You can feel the crafter pay attention to detail to this one. Pretty sure it will make your garden look prettier and has a special character based on the people who live inside. It can be a surprise as well for your husband once he sees it. Get this one and see his smile wider than usual. 

Our collection of funny garden gnomes has everything you could ever dream of and so much more to keep your friends entertained. You now have everything you need to make your space the most captivating one in the neighborhood. So get in on the action and spread some good cheer with these unique garden gnomes.

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