25 Unique Industrial Dining Tables That Fits Every Room

Nowadays, many people tend to go for the industrial inspired design for their home decoration purposes. More people are into the industrial style dining tables nowadays, as industrial design makes bigger furniture look sleeker and offer minimalist feel, too. In terms of industrial design, it usually comes with a darker color palette plus a combination of different materials with no excessive polish. Basically, the simplicity and raw aesthetics of the industrial design is what attracts people to it. Moreover, it is also the key to a minimalist looking furniture. 

Right below, we have put together 25 items into a list of industrial dining tables. This list would have you figure out whether an industrial inspired furniture suits your dining room and to know a whole range of varieties that the market has to offer. Also, it will help you get inspired about different types of designs to find the perfect industrial dining table for your home.

So let’s start exploring as the perfect dining table for your is just one scroll away!

What Is An Industrial Table?

Industrial tables, in general, are tables that could be used for several different purposes.

The design itself is inspired by the interior design of factories during the industrial era. It is usually shown through the material used to make the table. Metal is a typical material for industrial tables and it usually comes with a wooden counter-top. Metal and wood is the representative combination of the industrial style. Also, they usually come in a streamlined design. 

What Are The Benefits of Having An Industrial Dining Table?

Industrial dining tables are known for their durability and longevity, making them an ideal choice for families or homes with high traffic. They also often offer ample storage or display space, and are versatile enough to fit in a variety of interior styles.

Metal Dining Tables

Industrial style furniture and metal are inseparable. Metal is the material that gives off the iconic industrial vibe. Let’s take a look at some of the most recommended metal dining tables below.

1. Ashton Outdoor Dining Table 

Ashton Outdoor Dining Table

We will start this list of industrial dining tables with this Ashton Outdoor Dining Table. It gives off the strong industrial vibe with the combination of stone and metal. The black lava stone table top with the black metal legs makes the perfect dark industrial vibe.

In addition to the material, the design of legs also come in a unique shape and not applying the standard rectangular legs, which adds more personality to the whole piece. So if you love a darker type of industrial style, then this table is for you.

2. Reclaimed Wood Base Dining Table

Reclaimed Wood Base Dining Table

The Reclaimed Wood Base Dining Table gives a unique twist to the usual wood metal combination. It has an aluminum table top with reclaimed wood legs. The design mixes different shapes and textures turning the table into a piece of art.

While most industrial dining tables come in a rectangular shape, this one comes in a round shape, which we think further elevates the uniqueness of the table without losing its industrial feel. 

3. Four Table Aluminum

Four Table Aluminum

A simple, rectangular, and all-metal dining table. Please join us to meet this Four Table Aluminum. It offers a super industrial kind of feel, especially with it’s four steel legs with a laminated aluminum top.

Moreover, we surely think that you can let go of your worries about scratches or rust due to water spills on the table top, because it is well laminated. So, you can be sure of the durability of this table.

4. Circula Dining Table

Circula Dining Table

Another all metal choice is the Circula Dining Table. The uniqueness of this piece is that it has round shapes both for its table top and base.

With its simple design, this table brings a sense of minimalism and ease to the whole room. Also, we recommend this round table for those of you who don’t feel like having a square or rectangular table at home.

5. St. Germaine Stone Dining Table

St. Germaine Stone Dining Table

A unique twist to the classic wood and metal combination is the stone and metal combination. The St. Germaine Stone Dining Table is a round industrial dining table with a stone countertop and brass legs. Stone and brass combination gives the whole table a lighter feel to it making it super easy to match. 

If you are more into combining both natural and industrial look, then look no more and pick this table immediately!

6. Rimini Dining Table

Rimini Dining Table

A full metal dining table, the Rimini Dining Table comes in a sleek black color. The clean lines on this table creates an industrial inspired yet modern feel to the table.

Due to it’s large size, it can fit six people, which is perfect for larger families. Also, we would recommend you to choose dining chairs with the same color of the table, which is black, which we believe without a doubt will create a more industrial look to the whole dining room. 

Industrial Wood Dining Table

The classic industrial style dining table must have: wood and metal. The combination of the two definitely make up the iconic industrial style furniture. Here are some of the most recommended ones.

7. Tompkins Industrial Dining Table

Tompkins Industrial Dining Table

We are starting this category with something simple and classic like this Tompkins Industrial Dining Table. There are four different wooden finish looks that you can choose from for the wood table top.

The steel legs come in black color in a rectangular sleigh design, which further emphasize the industrial style of the piece. In our opinion, if you are looking for a clean and sleek looking dining table, this one is definitely it.

8. Campbell Plinth Dining Table

Campbell Plinth Dining Table

The Campbell Plinth Dining Table combines wood with metal in its own unique way. The classic wood table top comes in a three different wood variety that you could choose from. The metal legs are shaped like a stone sculpture which gives the piece an artistic feel to it.  

At a glance, you can see how it highlights the industrial theme beautifully as it combines the black metal legs and natural wooden top perfectly!

9. Avery Wishbone Dining Table

Avery Wishbone Dining Table

Most industrial dining tables come in a dark color palette. However, if you want something that has brighter color, then we are definitely on your team. You can go with the Avery Wishbone Dining Table.

Being a unique table, it comes with a wishbone-shaped brass or bronze metal legs, which gives the table its bright color. For the table top, you can choose a wooden or concrete material in order to suit the aesthetic of your dining room.  

10. Tiburon Dining Table

Tiburon Dining Table

The Tiburon Dining Table is made of all wood tabletops and legs in a medium brown color. However, we just need to praise the added metal stretcher on the bottom, which serves as a unique detail to the whole piece.

Undoubtedly, the metal and wood combination gives this table the classic industrial feel to it. It will look adorable in your dining room, especially if you add four dining chairs with the same color tone as the table.

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11. Alain Dining Table

Alain Dining Table

The combination of pinewood tabletop and black base finish create a beautiful contrast for the Alain Dining Table. The unique triangular/trapezium leg design gives the table a unique and modern touch which compliments the overall industrial style of the table. If you are aware, there are also long wooden chairs that have the same look as this table.

Therefore, to turn your dining room decor into a full industrial-themed dining room, we highly recommend you to get two pieces of those chairs, too!

12. Sobro Black Mahogany Wood Dining Table

Sobro Black Mahogany Wood Dining Table

A full wood choice on this list of industrial dining tables is the Sobro Black Mahogany Dining Table. It comes with monolithic legs that are super thick in a deep black color. Due to its black color, the table could blend in beautifully with the industrial aluminum or metal interior.

In terms of look and feel, this black table offers a solid look that will make it a dining table that you can use for many years to come. All in all, it’s an item definitely worth buying!

13. Adler Round Dining Table

Adler Round Dining Table

The Adler Round Dining Table is made of acacia wood, which creates a beautiful look to it. Also, we have to say that the black table top and natural patterned legs also give a beautiful contrast to the piece, too.

If you ask us, this is one of the most recommended industrial dining tables for a small family of 2 to 4. Not to mention its unique design allows this table to be the focal point of a room, too.

14. Kayu Teak Dining Table

Kayu Teak Dining Table

The last wood industrial dining table is the Kayu Teak dining table. We surely need to make sure that this table is included on this list, because just look at it! it is a dining table that you need to put into consideration.

This is one wooden dining table made of solid Indonesian teak, which you can be sure it offers durability. Plus, the design of the table is also pretty thick, which gives the table a more sturdy look. 

Small Industrial Dining Table 

Dining tables are necessary, but many times we tend to sacrifice not having it due to limited space available. Thus, we prepare the small industrial dining table category just for you. A great solution for those with limited space. 

15. Oak Torsion Dining Table

Oak Torsion Dining Table

The perfect small industrial dining table that seats one to two people is the Oak Torsion Dining Table. It is made fully out of oak wood in a dark black color, which gives off that industrial feel to it.

The round table top and base along with the twirl details of the center leg makes this table timeless and elegant. However, since the size if pretty small, we would recommend you to pick this table to be placed in your apartment.

16. Round Cailen Dining table

Round Cailen Dining table

The Round Cailen Dining Table elevates the classic wood and metal industrial dining table with its unique design. It combines a round tabletop with the rectangular legs. Also, the wooden tabletop finish comes with a unique color combination of brown and black.

If you are looking for a small dining table with a true industrial design, search no more and get this item right away!

17. Sonoma Counter Height Dining Table

Sonoma Counter Height Dining Table

In a tight space, you can simply place the Sonoma Counter Height Dining Table near your kitchen counter or living area. It is made from a molded zinc finish table top and reclaimed pinewood legs.

In our opinion, the makers are doing a really good job in combining the two materials for this table. As for the design, there’s nothing much to say, because we have no doubt that this table is a piece-of-art that needs a spot at your space.

18. Nero Concrete Dining Table with Matte Black Finish

Nero Concrete Dining Table with Matte Black Finish

The Nero Concrete Dining Table with matte Black Finish takes the industrial style by combining concrete and metal together. This dining table comes with a sleek and round shape in a relatively small size, plus a sleek design that will make a great room decor item, too.

Also, when placed in a small space setting, we believe that it won’t make the whole place feel stuffy.  

19. Eos Dining Table

Eos Dining Table

If you prefer a rectangular shaped dining table, then you can definitely consider getting this Eos Dining Table. Made of fully metal material, the table comes in a square shape, which gives it a more compact design.

Not to mention the monochromatic color also adds a strong industrial feel to it and some extra sleekness to accommodate small spaces

20. Maelea Bistro Table

Maelea Bistro Table

Made of fully aluminum, the Maelea Bistro Table is a small dining table that comes with a tulip silhouette. As for the color, we can all see that it features a retro tone, which makes it one of the most vintage -themed industrial tables on this list.

In our opinion, this table features a simple yet modern industrial inspired piece, which will be perfect for a small space such as apartment.

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Industrial Round Dining Table Set 

Dining table needs to have matching dining chairs to complete its overall look. To find matching tables and chairs separately is tricky. This is why we list all the choices that have come in a set so you don’t have to worry.  

21. Portside Concrete Dining Table & Urban Chair Set

Portside Concrete Dining Table _ Urban Chair Set

The first set on this list of industrial dining tables is the Portside Concrete Dining Table & Urban Chair Set. The Portside Concrete Dining Table is made of concrete tabletop and metal steel legs.

What’s good about this table is that it also comes with the Urban Dining Chair, too. They completes the whole look with the combination of metal frames and handwoven all-weather wicker, which comes with a cushion for extra comfort. 

22. 5-Piece Industrial Counter Height Set  

5-Piece Industrial Counter Height Set

The 5-Piece Industrial Counter Height Set is made with a fire hydrant theme, which makes it extra unique and fun. If you are looking for industrial-themed furniture, than those inspired by fire hydrants and pipes are definitely ones to consider.

This set comes with a table and four stools. It uses strong and durable metals around the round wooden table tops and chairs, which captures the industrial style pretty neatly if we may say. The darker shade color on this set gives the set a stronger personality to it. 

23. 5-Piece Round Counter Height Dining Set  

5-Piece Round Counter Height Dining Set

Another classic industrial dining table set which combines metal and wood beautifully is this 5-piece round counter height Dining Set. It combines the two so beautifully to create a cozy dining table set. Also, we have to admit that the chairs are also upholstered and covered with leather to make it extra comfortable. 

24. Kavitt 3-Piece Round Dining Set

Kavitt 3-Piece Round Dining Set

The Kavitt 3-Piece Round Dining Set shows a beautiful contrast between the rich walnut top and the black metal legs. The chairs come with a velvet upholstery for better sitting experience, too. This combination balances out the rigid industrial design of the table with a more laid back feel from the upholstered chairs.

If you are looking for a small yet elegant set of small dining table and chairs, this set is definitely for you. Just imagine enjoying your cup of coffee with your loved in on this set of dining table? Lovely, isn’t it?

25. Flash Furniture 3-Piece Dining Set

Flash Furniture 3-Piece Dining Set

We will end this list of industrial dining tables with a fun piece, which is the Flash Furniture 3-Piece Dining Set.

It is made of metal in a chic red color. This set has both industrial and retro vibe to it, which will add a pop of color to your space. In our opinion, this set of dining table will truly make a great focal point of your space.

Final Thoughts

Industrial design has been a hit for a couple of years now. If you are one of those lovers of industrial design, then you need to make sure that you the perfect dining table that enhance the whole industrial appearance of your space.

A dining room is one of the rooms that need extra attention, since it is usually one of the most favorite rooms at home. Therefore, we hope you can find the perfect dining table for your industrial-themed dining room on our list. Make sure you pick the best one!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What size should you choose for your industrial dining table?

When choosing an industrial dining table, consider the size of your dining room and the number of people you plan to seat. A standard dining table measures 30-36 inches in height, and can accommodate 4-6 people comfortably.

If you have a larger dining room or plan to seat more guests, consider a rectangular or oval table that can be extended with leaves.

How do you care for an industrial dining table?

To keep your industrial dining table looking its best, clean it regularly with a damp cloth and mild soap. Protect wooden surfaces with a waterproof sealant, and treat metal surfaces with a rust inhibitor to prevent corrosion. Avoid exposing your table to extreme temperatures, moisture, or direct sunlight, and use coasters or placemats to prevent damage to the surface.

What are the best industrial dining table sets?

From this list of industrial dining tables, the 5-Piece Round Counter Height Dining Set will be the best industrial dining table set. It captures the industrial style perfectly without compromising on its comfort. The set is super well made and the whole dining table and chair design compliments one another nicely. 

What is the best between metal dining table or wood dining table? 

For the best industrial metal dining table, you can consider getting the Reclaimed Wood Base Dining Table from this list of industrial dining tables. It is so well made that the table itself looks like a piece of art making iit the focal point of the whole dining room.

For the best industrial wood dining table, on the other hand, you can consider the Alain Dining Table. It is a classic industrial style dining table piece with a little twist on its leg design which adds some extra unique touch to the table.  

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