25 Unique Wood Table Lamps To Light Up Your Space

Wood table lamps are an important and interesting element if you want to add charm and comfort to your living or working space. We provide unique wood table lamps which are eco-friendly, thus it is safe for the environment. These unique wood table lamps are also cost-saving to save your electricity bill substantially with an extremely long lifespan.

These table lamps’ prices will vary based on the materials used, the size of the table lamp, and its safety testing. Unique wood table lamps that are handcrafted with one-of-a-kind creations might be much more expensive than the table lamps that are produced bulkley by manufacturers. With the distinct design, certain colors, and materials, you can surely choose the perfect one of unique wood table lamps from what we have selected by considering their quality carefully. 

Are Wood Lamps Safe?

Yes, wood lamps are mostly safe but it depends on the bulb. It really just depends on the maximum wattage the lamp can handle. If you put a bulb in that is above maximum wattage you can have trouble but that does not matter if the lamp is wooden or other material. Modern LED globes do not give off that much heat so they could be used in that situation.

BEST Wood Table Lamps for Your Bedroom

1. Wood and Bamboo Bed Lamp

Bamboo Bed Lamp

This unique handmade table lamp is made entirely of natural heat-treated wood, rope, and bamboo. Applying special oil as the coat protects the wood from moisture so that the surface is durable and pleasant to the touch and also guaranteed to last for many years. It also makes aesthetic lighting for the bedroom or living room.

2. Pillar Table Lamp


Experiencing a feel-good atmosphere with this pillar table lamp! This unique wood table lamp is produced sustainably and elaborately. Moreover, it is made from organic or bio-based material which is 100% recyclable and climate-neutral. It also has bright warm light which can fill an entire room but can also be dimmed for evening reading. Surely one of the most unique wood table lamps you can buy!

3. Odina Desk Lamp

Odina Desk Lamp

Looking for an active and showy table lamp? Then, this odina table lamp is a perfect pick for your space. It has a timeless design and is made from natural wood. While it carries traces of the technological tools used in its production, the craftsmen carry their traces in their hands. 

4. Lichtenberg Lamp

Lichtenberg Lamp
Lichtenberg Lamp

This unique wood table lamp uses the art and science of fractal burning. Known as Lichtenberg figures, these abstract fractals were named from a German physicist who originally discovered and studied the patterns of fractal burning. It creates a “struck by lightning” effect by running a strong current of electricity through dampened wood. Furthermore, interesting and unique “branching” patterns are created in the wood. It is undoubtedly that each one makes a one-of-a-kind creation.

5. Cone Shape Oakwood Lamp


Looking for a simple and stylish table lamp that is also a bestseller? Then, this unique wood table lamp is a cool choice to style up your space. It is handmade from natural oak wood that is sustainably sourced. Wax finish is used to create a hard-wearing finish and brings out the natural luster of the timber.

6. LED Wood Table Lamp


Wonderfully gentle on the eyes, this unique wood table lamp shines a flicker-free light that brightens your space without harming your eyes, so it is ideal for reading, studying, or working. You can create the perfect ambiance with this LED desk lamp which is a unique combination of 5 brightness levels. Moreover, this dimmable lamp comes with a 3 W LED without buzzing, heat output, and energy-wasting.

7. Small LED Wood Lamp


This small table lamp does not take up too much space, so it fits most places without issues. It can be used well as a night light, bedside table lamp, and also ambient light. It provides just the right amount of light and diffuses it evenly, bright but not blinding, muted but efficient. With a minimalist and stylish design, this nightstand lamp features a brown beech never out of date and goes well with any style and color of your decor. Hence, the accent lamp could add an elegant touch to your home instantly.

8. Traditional Washed Wood Lamp


Add classic and rustic style to your living room with this one of unique wood table lamps. You can surely fill your living room with a sense of charm and comfort with this table lamp. Its distinct design is timeless while the clean construction of resin gives it a touch of modern flare. It also includes a brown and washed wood finish, making a stunning look to its appeal.

9. Natural Boho Wood and Ceramic Lamp


Add a boho twist to your living space with this unique wood table lamp! This classic table lamp will lend a bohemian statement to any room with its brown wood and white ceramic base, sleekly curved shape, and tan drum shade for an additional element of style. Moreover, the neutral color will blend seamlessly with any color palette. Its design ensures utility and comfort while hints of global style add warmth and depth.

10. White Natural Wood Lamp


This unique wood table lamp embodies both chic and modern sensibilities. With a poly resin body and round, hardback shade, it makes for the perfect update to your family room. It also comes complete with a wood finish, making it a prime example of immaculate artistry. Furthermore, it has brown-painted hardware which means each piece is unique.

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11. Floating Moon Desk Lamp

Floating Moon Desk Lamp

According to astronomers, the moon is spiraling away from earth at a few inches per year. The good news, this mesmerizing lamp keeps our sole celestial satellite permanently within your desk’s orbit. Powered by a series of magnets, the walnut foundation suspends a 3D-printed moon just above its surface. Moreover, tapping the wooden base causes the levitating crater-covered orb to rotate and illuminate through wireless and recharging LED lights hidden inside.

12. The Love Lamp

unique wood table lamps

Light up your room filled with love with this joyful LED lamp which will brighten smiles and spaces with affectionate details like a heart-shaped “O” and red cedar base. Just add modern romance to a side table, bookshelf, or wherever you want to share the love.

13. Geo Assembled Lamp by Threshold™

Geo Assembled Lamp

Add a modern style to your lighting with this large wood geo assembled table lamp from Threshold™. An open geometrical frame accents the brown wooden base of this large freestanding table lamp for an eye-catching styled. In addition, it is topped with a textured fabric drum shade for evenly distributing the light in your space. This decorative table lamp also adds beautiful natural elegance and charm to anywhere in your house, from next to a comfortable sofa or lounge chair in your living room to your reading nook.

14. Bamboo Weaving Lamp

Bamboo Weaving Table Lamp

Looking for an artistic table lamp that is also light and safe? Then, this unique wood table lamp is a perfect piece for your space. It is made from bamboo and wood materials which are natural and environmentally friendly materials. It can also save your electricity bill substantially with an extremely long lifespan.

15. LED Desk Lamp by Lonrisway

LED Wood Desk Lamp by Lonrisway

With an ellipse-shaped design with an aluminum side and cozy atmosphere, this unique wood table lamp gives you a simple and unique visual impression. Warm white light also creates a comfortable atmosphere, making your house classy and modern. Additionally, it is a perfect adornment for your bedroom or living room. The ellipse table lamp can be dimming steps to meet your different needs for brightness. Moreover, the high-quality LED does not produce stroboscopic lenses which will not fatigue your eyes even after long hours of use. Solid wood and high-quality aluminum material guarantee long-life stability.

16. Color Changing Wood Lamp

Color Changing Wood Table Lamp

This unique wood table lamp has a spiral-shaped design with an aluminum side. There are three brightness in warm white light mode and the dimmest light is suitable as a night lamp. With just a simple touch, you can easily adjust the brightness to the level you like. In RGB mode, you could also choose to cycle the colors or pause on any colors. You can surely enjoy a uniform and soft warm white light every night!

17. Smart Magnetic Suspension Balance Lamp

Smart Magnetic Suspension Balance Lamp

What makes this wood table lamp so unique? It has a “balance” magnetic sphere suction to turn on the lamp when you are tired of the standard switch. The color temperature is warm light for your eyes. It is made from the environmental protection material which is high-quality Beechwood. Last but not least, it has a long lifespan with 50,000 hours of companionship.

18. Western Style Wood Lamp

Western Style lamps

Add this artistic element of Western country and cowboy style to your living space! Follow the wagon trail to discover the most charming light on the prairie. This tabletop wooden wagon lamp features metal wheels and a wagon cover with silhouettes of cowboys and horses.

19. Dimmable Dinosaur Lamp

Dimmable Dinosaur Lamp

Looking for a unique wood table lamp with an art deco design? Then, this dinosaur table lamp is the perfect pick for your kid’s space. It has an adjustable and moveable body that can be simply changed into any position you like. You can lightly tap the dinosaur head to dim the light levels to meet your various needs. With a LED chip, it helps to save money at least 90% compared to traditional light bulbs.

20. Mr. Bookish Lamp

unique wood table lamps

Mr. Bookish Table is here to help you see what you are reading so you can digest all the information properly. He is very good at what he does, so good in fact, that he even manages to get a bit of light reading in himself! You and your new book buddy are all that is needed for a little light entertainment. If you both keep reading, then you will be as bright as each other!

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21. Walnut Table Lamp

Walnut Table Lamp

Just as much of an artful accent as it is an illuminator, this unique wood table lamp surely shines atop any end table or nightstand. An ideal fit for rustic living space and modern farmhouses, it features a clean-lined solid wood frame with a walnut grain finish. Moreover, its single light is highlighted by a fabric drum shade, creating a warm and relaxing glow throughout your ensemble. Just pull the hanging chain to turn it on and off easily!

22. Natural Wood Lamp

unique wood table lamps

Each of this unique wood lamp is made from a natural tree log or branch so slight variation of the size, shape, color and wood grain is to be expected. They believe this to be a strength and build upon the natural beauty of wood by enhancing it with natural oils and protective seals. This retro style table lamp is small in size but the optional energy-efficient LED Edison bulbs, once lit will become the bright spot of your room. 

23. Interlocked Triangular Wood Lamp

unique wood table lamps

Add a touch of simplicity to your home with this contemporary table lamp. It has a soft and white fabric shade that compliments the geometric white wood base for a clean and simple look. It is a perfect lamp for a bedroom, living area, office, kid’s room, or college dorm.

24. Light Grey Linen by LumiSource 

unique wood table lamps

This unique wood table lamp from LumiSource is a contemporary piece that will brighten any office or desk space you place it in. With its wood legs and light grey linen lampshade, it has a simplistic yet functional design which makes it a great piece. It also makes effortlessly complements any office or living space. 

25. Wood Arch Farmhouse Lamp

unique wood table lamps

Add charm and character to your home with this unique wood table lamp with rustic style. The base features a weathered natural wood look and metal lattice complemented by a white fabric drum shade. Furthermore, there are options to turn 1 light, 2 lights, or both lights on, offering you different levels of brightness. Hence, it is a perfect piece for your living room, bedroom, office, or anywhere you need to add a little touch of farmhouse decor!

Final Thoughts

Now that you have seen our list of 25 most recommended table lamps, we can understand if you find it hard to pick one because all of them are just adorable. Well, our advice for you is to pick items that will match the whole decoration of your room the most. For instance, if you have an industrial-themed room, then you can pick the Natural Wood Table Lamp. But if you have a country-styled room, then you must go for the Western Style Wood Table Lamp.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How much does a wood lamp cost?

Wood lamp’s price will vary based on the materials used, size of the table lamp, and its safety testing. Some wood lamps are expensive due to their build quality, safety testing, and how the light spreads. With time, more and more manufacturers are starting to create table lamps in bulk and that has made them cheaper than they used to be.

What are the best wooden table lamps for the living room?

You can choose the best wooden table lamps for the living room based on our curated choices such as Wood and Bamboo Bed Lamp, Wood Arch Farmhouse Table Lamp with Natural Fabric Shade, LED Wood Desk Lamp by Lonrisway, and Traditional Washed Wood Table Lamp.

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