25 Perfect and Wonderful LED Lighting Ideas for Bedroom

Did you know that you can turn the whole mood of your bedroom just by placing LED lights inside it? There are plenty of LED lighting ideas for bedroom that will give a small yet impactful charm to your private space. The ability of LED lights to dim is very ideal for bedroom lighting purpose. LED lights are adjustable and adaptable, and currently offer a wide range of color temperatures and light intensities.

Various color options will make it easy for you to achieve both clear brightness and a warm ambiance. With the right LED lighting bedroom idea, you can create a wonderful vibe inside your private room.

To create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, you can focus on the brightness of the LED lights as well as the color temperature. In this article, you will find unique ideas to apply LED bedroom lights, which will create a stunning atmosphere. From LED strip light ideas for bedrooms to unique LED lighting designs, we are sure that our list of LED lighting ideas for bedroom will give you more insights and inspiration. So let’s jump to the list!

Is LED Lighting Good for Bedrooms?

Yes, it is a great option for bedrooms. You can adjust its brightness, making it ideal for bedroom areas. Besides, it comes in various types, so the light is very versatile and multipurpose. You can use it as lighting or even as a bedroom decor.

Also, LED lights are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and emit very little heat, making them a safe and practical option for indoor lighting. They also come in a wide range of color temperatures, from cool to warm, so you can choose the color that best suits your needs.

Unique LED Lighting Ideas for Your Bedroom

1. Aesthetic LED Strip Light with Vines

Source: Pinterest (@Carolinaaa✨)

Purple will be one of the most aesthetic LED strip light ideas for your bedroom. You can surround the edge of the your bedroom’s ceiling with purple LED strip lights, turning the whole room into an aesthetic space.

In our opinion, purple light is definitely one of the perfect LED lighting ideas for bedroom owned by a sweet teenage girl. She can also add some wall decor such as vines and photos on the bedroom wall.

2. Romantic LED Light with Galaxy Projector

Source: Pinterest (@shayna)

Make your LED lighting design appears more complex with this next idea. Not only using one type of bedroom lighting, this idea combines the brightness of LED strip light with the amazing galaxy projector.

You can choose romantic pink as the main color of the LED lights for your bedroom, and then place them at the edge of the wall across to the edge of the ceiling. To enhance the look and to turn the room into a comfy place to rest after a long day, we also suggest that you project the galaxy light to the ceiling.

3. Lightning Bolt Light with LED Under Bed

Source: Pinterest (@On Pinterest Icey Girl❄️)

If you think purple and pink lights are too feminine, then you might want to go for this next idea. It is probably one of the masculine LED lighting ideas for bedroom as it uses the combination of three colors including blue, red, and neon.

You can mix the red and blue LED lights for the bedroom walls and add a touch of neon lights as the focal point. In addition, you can also use LED strip lights under your bed, too. By doing so, we can expect magical things to come out of your bedroom decor.

4. Fairy LED Strip Light Decor

Source: Pinterest (@laserstarprojector.com)

At a glance, we can clearly see that this next idea offers a simple and elegant look. The look combines the use of LED lights on the ceiling and walls, which we think very versatile for any bedroom concept. To apply this idea, you only need yellow strip lights surrounding the edge of the ceiling and fairy strip lights hanging on the wall.

Combine the lighting with the purple night lamp to enhance the beauty of strip lights once the night comes. In addition, you can also add a small cloud neon sign on the wall to complete the lighting.

5. Minimalist LED Light Under Bed

Source: Pinterest (@ᴘɪɴ ↬ lilbbjj ‘ ₉₉✞)

In case wall and ceiling light decoration is too much for you, then you may want to consider putting the LED light under your bed instead, just like this one. This is one of the most minimalist yet charming LED lighting ideas for bedroom, especially when you turn off the main lamps.

Simply use the white LED rope lights under your bed and headboard. We have no doubt that you will love how it looks as the beautiful light will frame your bed, showing that this is indeed a special place to rest.

6. Purple LED Light Gate with Tapestry Decor

Source: Pinterest (@kira 🏄🏽‍♀️)

Make your own “welcome gate” to the bed using creative LED bedroom lights. Especially if your bed is placed in the corner area, you can follow the corner edge to create the “gate” using LED strip lights. We personally think that this is one of the most unique LED lighting ideas for bedroom that utilizes LED lighting strips.

You can add some decorative ornaments such as the moon and sun tapestry to grant you a restful sleep until the morning comes. The moon and sun symbol is believed to attract positive energy in your room, so you can expect positivity to come out of your bedroom.

7. White and Turquoise Blue LED Light

Source: Pinterest (@wattpad.com)

Next up we have a modern LED light for bedroom walls and ceiling. If you are the type of person who loves soft and calming colors, then this is one of the best LED lighting ideas for bedroom for you.

This idea comes with a combination of white and blue turquoise LED, which gives a soft and cozy feel for the bedroom. You can also place the white LED light on the wall, behind the cupboard or the shelves. Meanwhile, we also suggest that you put the blue turquoise LED light on the edge of the ceiling, and also under the bed to bring a calming atmosphere to the space.

8. White LED Lighting for Floral Theme Bedroom

Source: Pinterest (@jav)

Create a wonderful LED lighting in your floral-themed bedroom with this next idea. Especially if you want to highlight the floral decor, LED lighting can be very useful to add sparkling effects to your private space.

You can create this look by placing the white LED strip light on the edge of the ceiling. Then, you can hide the edge of wall vines or floral tapestry beneath the LED lights. As a result, we can expect to see how the luminous LED lights will enhance the floral atmosphere around the room.

9. Baby Blue and Pink LED Light

Source: Pinterest (@twitter.com)

The combination of baby pink and blue color is also ideal for bedroom lighting, especially for girls’ bedrooms. With this idea, you can apply the pink LED lights for the ceiling, which will turn the ceiling color to soft pink in an instant. As for the opposite, apply the blue LED light to the floor area.

To make the room looks even more aesthetic, we believe that adding some decorative ornaments such as neon signs and heart wall decor would be a brilliant idea. In short, we believe that this is one of the most unique LED lighting ideas for bedroom on our list. Truly a stunning bedroom for your little girl.

10. Pink Heart Neon LED Decor

Source: Pinterest (@popsugar.com)

This one is one of the most unique yet simple LED light ideas, and you can change the whole atmosphere of your bedroom with this heart neon light. Simply put the large heart neon sign on the wall, and see how it radiates the pink color to the whole room.

In our opinion, this idea is ideal for those who prefer unique light shapes as wall decor as well. Furthermore, it also creates a romantic atmosphere, perfect for special occasions like Valentine’s day

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11. Polaroid Fairy String Lights Decor

Source: Pinterest (@onekindesign.com)

Keep your beautiful memories with the most special people in your life with this polaroid fairy string light decor. You can use fairy lights to hang some polaroid photos using pins.

In terms of arrangement, we think the best idea is to set them into a zig zag pattern as it will give space between each photos. Also, you can put this photo display on the corner of the bedroom, which we think will make a wonderful reminder of your most important people before you go to sleep.

12. Galaxy Night LED Lights

Source: Pinterest (@amazon.com)

Next up we have a stunning LED light design for men, which combines yellow and blue tone beautifully. If you ask us, we definitely say that this is indeed one of the best LED lighting ideas for bedroom. This idea will allow you to create a wonderful galaxy view at night, while you are sleeping.

Simply put yellow LED strip lights on the edge of the wall, outlining the bedroom. Then, let the lighting blend with a blue galaxy projector on the wall and ceiling. As a result, it will portray a beautiful galaxy night view in your bedroom.

13. LED String Light Canopy Decor

Source: Pinterest (@sumcoco.com)

Feel the magical vibe before you go to sleep with a bed canopy and LED string lights. All you need is a white lace curtain for the canopy, with LED string lights following the canopy pattern.

The luminous light behind the curtain will create an amazing effect that will take you to a nice dream at night. However, you may need to put some decorative wall ornament to fill the empty space on your wall, as it will make your room looks more aesthetic.

14. Aesthetic LED Grunge Room

Source: Pinterest (@Stacy)

If you don’t feel like having soft-toned LED lights inside your bedroom, then we think that you should use red LED light instead. Inspired by the grunge theme room, you can frame your grunge retro wall poster with the red LED, highlighting the focal point inside your room.

The wonderful red light will add the warmth that you need for the bedroom. In short, we really think that this is definitely one of the smartest ideas for showing off your grunge theme bedroom. Moreover, the red light will also work well for the bedroom as it helps you improve the quality of your sleep.

15. Blue LED Light Tape Decor

Blue LED Light Tape Decor
Source: Pinterest (@virallights.com)

Having LED lights to emphasize each piece of the furniture in your bedroom is quite popular today. Use blue LED strip light to make your bed and wall decor stand out in the dark. You can place the LED light on the edge of the bed, from the headboard and continue to the lower area.

Also, we need to remind you not to forget to stick the strip light around the wall decor, as well as the edge of the ceiling area, too. We can assure you that this idea can highlight the whole area of your bedroom in an aesthetic way.

16. Amazing Blue Galaxy Bedroom

Source: Pinterest (@producerhive.com)

This is indeed one of the most stunning bedroom lighting ideas you can try! Especially if you are inspired a lot by the beauty of space and galaxy, you can try to use this LED lighting bedroom idea.

You will need to combine blue LED string lights and LED galaxy projector on the wall and ceiling to create a charming bedroom lighting. Once you’re done, then you can let those amazing blue lights radiate to the whole bedroom.

17. Sparking Bedroom with LED String Lights

Sparking Bedroom with LED String Lights
Source: Pinterest (@amzn.to)

Create a sparkling and wonderful bedroom by applying this idea. All you need is just LED string lights to become the main lighting system. Decorate your bedroom with LED string lights on the wall, curtains, under the bed, and even on the floor for extra glam effects.

Make sure you highlight some wall decor with LED lights as well, too. In addition, you can choose the dim purple LED light to enhance the whole mood.

18. Teenage Dream Bedroom

Teenage Dream Bedroom
Source: Pinterest (@wattpad.com)

If you are looking for an aesthetic LED lighting bedroom for teenagers, then you can consider yourself lucky to find this concept. This next idea will allow you to combine several types of LED lights in different colors. Choose LED blue light on the ceiling area, and then combine it with the green LED lights on the edge of it.

In addition, we believe that a pink neon sign will also be a wonderful wall decor element to add to the room. Those lights resemble teenage dreams and also the way they express them to the world.

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19. Blue and Yellow LED Light Decor

Blue and Yellow LED Light Decor
Source: Pinterest (@niharika)

For those who prefer super dim lighting, then we have no doubt that this idea is destined for you. The combination of blue and yellow LED strip light will create an amazing effect as you can see in the above image.

Stick blue LED strip light on the edge of the ceiling and also around your bed. In addition, you can also have some yellow LED strip lights behind the headboard, too. We believe without a doubt that those string lights will create a wonderful lighting effect in the total darkness.

20. Sunset LED Lighting Bedroom

Sunset LED Lighting Bedroom
Source: Pinterest (@caroline carns)

In case you are a sunset admirer, then you can bring the view to your room and enjoy it everyday. Using the LED lighting, the combination of red, yellow, blue, and purple will surely change the whole vibe in your bedroom.

You can place the red and yellow lighting behind the headboard, creating the sunset effect on the wall. Meanwhile, point the purple and blue projector light at the wall to create the perfect sunset sky gradation.

21. LED Mirror for Girls’ Bedroom

LED Mirror for Girls’ Bedroom
Source: Pinterest (@discofrank.com)

As we know, a mirror is an essential item that needs to be available inside most girls’ bedrooms. Based on that fact, adding a unique LED mirror to a girl’s bedroom is highly necessary.

This unique full body mirror features wavy LED light accents that will help any girl to dress up and make sure they are all set before they hang out with their BFFs. You can pick your favorite color for the LED like purple, blue, green, or white.

22. Simple Wave LED Neon Sign Above the Bed

Simple Wave LED Neon Sign Above the Bed
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

This simple wave LED neon sign is perfect for a beautiful soul who loves simple designs and patterns. The wave shape is adorable and it looks like a perfect wall decor to place above the bed.

As for the color, we do think that this blue-ish teal color is super perfect because blue is indeed the color of the waves. But if you think you wanna go with another color like purple of white, it’s definitely ok, too. In the end, it’s totally based on your personal taste. 

23. Swirl LED Neon Sign 

Swirl LED Neon Sign
Source: Pinterest (@a🪞)

It is time to try something new and add a new unique addition to your bedroom decor. Why don’t you try to include this cute swirl LED neon sign as part of your room decoration? You can have a LED light and then enjoy the freedom of creating any patterns you like.

This adorable swirl is one perfect example, obviously. But don’t stick to just one and be creative to explore other ideas as well. Once you feel like wanting to change the pattern, you can always try other patterns like zig zag, flower, and many more!

24. Purple LED On The Ceiling

Purple LED on the Ceiling
Source: Pinterest (@⋆.˖ jia | 佳˚·੭*˖)

This sweet and soft purple LED is one of the perfect ideas for your bedroom. Simply stick the LED to the ceiling and put up some posters, photos, or notes on the wall under the LED. As you can see, the light will shine down and create a dramatic kind of feeling to the posters.

This soft purple LED will also make a nice and calming light to enjoy a good night sleep. You can expect to have sweet dreams whenever you sleep under this light. 

25. Blue LED Around The Bed

Blue LED Around the Bed
Source: Pinterest (@betterware.com.mx)

This minimalist bedroom deserves a nice LED lighting system to make the room look majestic. You will feel like sleeping on a bed made for princess by adding a blue LED light all round the bed.

Then, have a purple LED on the ceiling which will be functioning as a sleeping light that can make the blue LED around your bed stand out even more. It will feel like you are a princess, sleeping above the clouds. Oh how nice!

Final Thoughts

Adding LED lights to your bedroom is believed to be able to help improving the quality of your sleep. Plus, it can also turn your bedroom into a more aesthetic space, offering a relaxing ambiance to rest after a busy day outside.

Therefore, we can see why many people seek for some ideas on how to apply LED lighting system into their bedroom nowadays. If you are one of them, don’t forget to check out our list above, because the perfect idea is just one click away!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where should you put LED lights in your bedroom?

For those who want to get the dim light, you can place it behind your closet, TV, or even under your bed. Meanwhile, for those who want to have proper lighting from LED lights, you can place it on the ceiling, around the mirror, or in the dark area.

Which LED color is best for the bedroom?

Since the main purpose for a bedroom is for sleeping, then you should choose colors that help you to get a better rest. Red is the best color for a bedroom’s LED lighting. Red light is the best color for sleeping since it has a lower color temperature than ordinary sunlight. Also, it won’t shock your body or mess with your circadian rhythm, thus it can be utilized at night. 

How do you hide LED strip lights on the ceiling?

Make sure you have the precise length so it will be easier to hide the LED strip lights. Place a cover in the matching tone with the ceiling to conceal the end of the LED light. By concealing the LEDs themselves, allowing you to just see their light and not the source of the light. 

How long should LED lights be for a bedroom?

Well, it depends on the size of the bedroom. The majority of bedrooms are 12 feet by 12 feet or even smaller in size. Look for a regular 16 foot roll of LED strip lights or a strip light that can be joined together to form a longer run if you’re adding LED strip lights or string lights.

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