25 Ideas for Unique Pool Table Lights

You can have an extra immersive game of billard with a pool table light. This item is also known as a multi-shade lamp which consists of more than 3 chandeliers. The lights are mounted on a rod suspended above the pool table. There are many designs and styles of pool table lights, ranging from industrial styles to those with modern accents.

Are you looking for the right pool table light to light up your game room at home? You can choose one of these unique pool table lights to suit your billiard playing style. Furthermore, you can also order a pool table light that can beautify and decorate your favorite billiard room.

Do You Need Light Above A Pool Table?

A pool table light is needed to provide adequate lighting to billiards players. After all, you will not be able to poke the balls properly if there is not enough light. Furthermore, good lighting for a pool table will add extra intensity and provide a better atmosphere.

Pool Table Lights with Industrial Look

Industrial style will never go out of style. A tough classic design is the mainstay of this unique pool table lamp. Are you a fan of retro industrial designs? If yes, then the following items are for you.

1. Rustic Industrial Style Pool Lamp

Rustic Industrial Style Pool Table Lamp

The impression of industrial jet black is visible in this Rustic Industrial Style Pool Table Lamp. The poplar hardwood and steel tubing make this cool item extremely sturdy. This pool table light consists of 8 steel funnels that house energy-efficient LED spotlights. The warm light will shine evenly onto the surface of your pool table.

2. Steampunk Chandelier Ceiling Light

Industrial Steampunk Chandelier Pool Table Ceiling Light

Check out this incredible vintage ornament! Made of super-strong and corrosion-resistant metal, this unique pool table light will add a touch of industrial steampunk vibe to your home’s interior seamlessly. In any case, this cool item is perfectly constructed for easy installation and adjustment. You can also attach 4 LED lights or a beautiful fluorescent bulb.

3. Abarne 2 – Linear Pendant

Light Pool Table Linear Pendant

Light up your table with this traditional metallic pool table lamp! Equipped with a canopy made of metal, you will feel a very thick industrial atmosphere emanating from the lamp. This cool item is compatible with the 100 watt E26 bulb. The elegant round bowl is perfect for focusing the light on your favorite billiard table.

4. Riaan 4 – Geometric Pendant

Light Pool Table Lights Geometric Pendant

This lamp features a vintage black iron shade style and beautiful gold accents. You will be amazed to see this unique pool table light with its masculine look. This item also comes with a durable steel construction combined with 4 light bulbs that give off a warm glow. Anyway, this elegant item will take you back to the classic industrial era!

5. SINGES Pool Table Light

SINGES Pool Table Light

Energy-saving and eco-friendliness are the two main features of this 5-Light pool table lamp. You will get a warm and elegant atmosphere and feeling when you turn on the light. There are two types of mounting covers with or without lights. You can install an E27 bulb with a maximum power of 60 watts on this cool item.

6. Montparnasse 12 – Light Pool Table Pendant

Montparnasse 12-Light Pool Table Linear Pendant

A unique pool table light with a French black finish will add luxurious vibes to your billiard room decor. This 12-Light Pool Table Pendant accommodates 12 medium base bulbs with 60 watts of power. Made of double French SCAVO glass, this product looks very unique and elegant when you hang it on top of your billiard table. In addition, you will also get a 1-year premium warranty. Get this product now before it runs out!

Pool Table Lights with Rustic Look

The rustic style can give your billiard room an extraordinary homely feeling. Here’s a collection of unique pool table lights that you can choose to fulfill your desires.

7. Z-Lite KD28 4-Light Billiard

Z-Lite KD28 4-Light Billiard

Classic Western style can be boldly represented by this unique pool table lamp. The model features a matte black color with a painting of a person playing pool. The retro painting design is the unique selling point of this 4-Light Billiard table lamp. Please note that the outlet is designed for use in the USA. And so, you may need an adapter or converter if you want to use it in your home country.

8. MAXXMORE Tiffany Light

MAXXMORE Tiffany Pool Table Light

This Tiffany pool table light is designed with a charming blue water wave pattern and an antique pyramid shape. Having a width of 12 inches and a maximum height of 81 inches, this cool item can easily blend with the interior of your room. The lampshade is made of premium-quality genuine stained glass. This item exudes a multi-colored lighting atmosphere which can add a beautiful charm to your pool table.

9. VIRIBUS 43″ 3-Light Tiffany Style

VIRIBUS 43 3-Light Tiffany Style Pool Table Light

Incredible durability is the main selling point of the VIRIBUS 43″ 3-Light Tiffany Style Pool Table Light. This item features sturdy steel construction with an antique bronze finish. We guarantee that you’ve never seen anything like this before because of its unique design. Furthermore, the lampshade is made of handcrafted glass in a classic geometric style with warm sapphire and amber tones. You can install a 100 watts CFL or LED E26 lamp in this product.

10. Tiffany Style Ceiling Light

Tiffany Style Ceiling Light Pool Table

Your girlfriend will love this Tiffany Style pool table light. The incredible stained glass and floral ornaments with intense colors will attract the attention of every woman who looks at them. With a diameter of 25 inches, this unique pool table light can properly illuminate your billiard room. What a captivating authentic item!

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11. Meyda Tiffany Light Dome Pendant

unique pool table lights

The natural variation of a unique pool table light is perfectly displayed on this model! This item offers a natural green color combined with a ripe orange color like a mix of spring and autumn. It also provides you with solid chains that will hold the lamp securely in place. Anyhow, this meyda tiffany light pool table dome pendant is a beautiful and functional masterpiece!

12. DOOWIN Tiffany Pendant Light

DOOWIN Tiffany Pendant Light 3-Light

Look at this unique handmade pool table light! The cool Tiffany Pendant 3-Light lampshade is soldered and welded together with soldering tin at very high temperatures. The entire manufacturing process is carried out by skilled craftsmen. As a result, you will get a pool table light that will never fade. Install a 60-watt CFL or LED lamp for a great display of hues.

13. Tillar 3 – Light Pool Table Geometric

unique pool table lights

Simple but charming is the vibe that you will get from this lamp! The colors and the patterns radiate a classical soft feeling. In addition, the Valiant Bronze finish accentuates the traditional rustic style. This contemporary style product can accommodate 3 lamps to produce a warm and comfortable light during a game of billiard.

14. 9-Light Pool Geometric Pendant

unique pool table lights

Do you want maximum lighting on your pool table? If so, you can purchase the 9-Light Pool Table Lights Geometric Pendant. Equipped with 9 lamp slots, you can install a large number of light sources. Besides offering a sensational function, this unique pool table light also features a natural and relaxing style of green trees.

15. Springdale Lighting 19″W Billiards Light

unique pool table lights

Take your billiards experience to the next level! The Springdale Lighting 19″W Billiards Pool Table offers a bold personality that will class up your game room. This cool item also features an immersive and intense multi-colored handcrafted glass shade. Thanks to the metal base and antique bronze finish, this unique pool table light is a must-have.

Pool Table Lights with Modern Look

The following list features pool table lights with a modern design. Millennials will absolutely love them. The futuristic style of these unique pool table lights will catch your eye for sure.

16. WOLF and BEAR Pool Table Light

unique pool table lights

There is an interesting story behind this Laser Cut Steel pool table light. The laser-cut steel and the powder-coated satin black finish are the main uniqueness of this product. This item will show a wolf and bear silhouette when you turn the light on. Attach two 75 watt bulbs and get amazing animal shadow motifs!

17. ART ZONE Tiffany Pendant Light

ART ZONE Tiffany Pendant Light Fixtures 34 Inch 5-Light

The ART ZONE Tiffany Pendant Light offers futuristic and sophisticated design. This model is perfect to complement a billiard room. Furthermore, the lampshade is made of high-quality stained glass that will never fade. Anyway, this cool item is perfect for a room that has a modern interior. Measuring 34 inches wide and 52.7 inches high, it has excellent compatibility with any room of any size and type!

18. 12-Light Silver Metal Sputnik Light

12-Light Silver Metal Modern Sputnik Linear Pendant Light

This billiard lamp features a mix of modern styles and a complex mathematical angle! The 12-Light Silver Metal pool table light offers a perfect combination of silver sputnik nails and a birch wood frame. Moreover, the wooden frame is hand-painted and smoked by skilled craftsmen. As a result, the entire manufacturing process produces a frame that is anti-crack, anti-fade, anti-tear, and not easy to break.

19. TERRAIN VISION Pool Table Light

unique pool table lights

This TERRAIN VISION pool table light offers five transparent glass funnels. You can put a 110-120 Volt lamp in each of them. Additionally, it has several lighting modes. So, you can dim the lights as you like to suit the billiard game atmosphere. You will also get an 11.8-inch hanging chain in the package.

20. 8-Light Modern Chandeliers

8 Light Modern Chandeliers Crystal Chandelier Pendant Lights

What an amazing combination of classic and contemporary elements! This Crystal Chandelier Pendant Light is equipped with high-quality K5 crystal to produce dazzling brilliance. Additionally, this item is compatible with energy-efficient E12 LED bulbs. Order this cool item right away and experience the extraordinary modern style!

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21. Laser Cut Steel Pool Table Light

unique pool table lights

Bring the mesmerizing world of the blue ocean into your pool table space. Measuring 44″ x 14″ x 10″, this Laser Cut Steel pool table light offers a modern navy-blue atmosphere. When your turn the lamp on, it provides a stunning display of lights. Thanks to the lightweight steel, this item weighs less than 20 lbs. So, you can easily attach and hang it on your billiard room.

22. COTOSS Tiffany Chandelier Light

COTOSS Tiffany Chandelier Stained Glass Pendant Light

This Chandelier Stained Glass Pendant Light is inspired by Louis Comfort Tiffany. Each lampshade is constructed from 28 sheets of stained glass and welded together with high-quality soldering tin. In any case, this item will become the focal point and add lots of character to your favorite room. Immediately install the E26 5 x 60-watt incandescent bulb and bring extraordinary luxury to your pool table!.

23. LOG BARN Farmhouse Chandelier

LOG BARN Farmhouse Chandelier

Simple wood and metal chandelier will provide a comfy farmhouse vibe to your pool table. In one package, you will get all the necessary parts along with the cables and installation instructions. The simple wood construction will enhance the soft ambient light and offer welcoming vibes. Additionally, this cool item works with a dimmer switch compatible with a 40 watt E12 bulb.

24. US Army: Standard Pool Table Light

unique pool table lights

Do you have a friend who is a member of the United States Army? If so, this US Army pool table light is perfect for him. This cool item will also be an ideal addition to your billiard room because it allows you to show your devotion to the country. This product uses high-resolution images with a glossy finish and metal trim to showcase the army logo.

25. Pool Billiard Creative Pendant Lamp

unique pool table lights

This unique pool table light is very iconic. It includes skewered billiard balls above the top frame. The Pool Billiard Creative Pendant Lamp will improve the intensity of the game. Thanks to the sturdy stainless steel, this item will last for a very long time.

Final Thoughts

Playing billiards require proper lighting so players can have better calculations on what steps to take in order to win the game. For that reason, it is crucial to choose the right pool table lights. If you are having a hard time deciding the best light to pick, then you can first make sure about the size of the lamp. You need to make sure the lamp is able to cover all parts of the pool table because it will affect the game performance.

Secondly, you need to choose the best design that will blend perfectly to the room’s overall decoration. A modern pool table light won’t fit a classic-designed room and the other way around. Therefore, you need to choose wisely and carefully before making the purchase. After all, better preparations will create better results, right?

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the best lighting for a pool table? 

In the market, you can find light bulbs, LEDs, and CFLs easily. However, if you want the best lighting for a pool table then choose CFL lamps. These lamps last longer than incandescent lamps because they consume less power and energy but provide adequate illumination.

How do you pick a light for a pool table?

That is a very good question! You need to choose a lamp with power that matches the lampshade. For example, you can choose an E26 or E27 bulb for a maximum power of 60 watts for a particular pool table light model. Also, pay attention to how to install the lights. You can read these rules in the manual provided in the purchase package.

How low should a pool table light hang?

The most important thing you should pay attention to is the reach point of a pool table light. A pool table light must be no less than 40 inches (about 32 to 36-inches) from the pool table. If the pool table lights are hung too low, they can obstruct the player. But if hung too high, the light will shine directly in the eyes of the player. You can choose US Army: Standard Pool Table Light or Tiffany Style Pool Table Light for a nice illumination.

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