Poke Ball Cupcake Pan

This cool Poke Ball Cupcake Pan allows you to bake 4 delicious round cupcakes shaped like Poke Balls.

This baking cupcake pan consists of two parts that when combined together keep the batter in one place and later gives you a perfectly round cupcake.

All you have to do is grease the pan so that the cupcakes don’t stick to it. Then snap the two parts of the pan into one, pour in the batter and they’re ready to go into the oven.

You can even experiment with several colors of batter if you’re up for a culinary challenge! 

This would a great kitchen item to have around if you’re planning on having a Pokemon-themed party. Or you could just invite your friends over for a Poke Snack, and who would be able to resist that?

This might not catch you a Pokemon but will definitely make a wild Pokemon appear. Even Pokemon are not immune to cupcakes.

Poke Ball Cupcake Pan

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