Babies Anti-Slip Knee Protectors

These Babies Anti-Slip Knee Protectors allow your little adventurer to safely crawl around without the risk of slipping on a slippery floor or getting a rug-burn.

We all know that once the baby learns to crawl there’s no stopping them since they simply need to check out every spot in the house.

But even the most eagle-eyed parents can not stop the baby from slipping on the polished hardwood floor.

Even if the baby doesn’t slip, it still must be hard to crawl around on a slippery surface. At least that’s what I have learned from the unsuccessful trip to the ice rink. 


Babies Anti-Slip Knee Protectors

These knee protectors are made out of combed cotton. The anti-slip pads measure 11 cm (4′) in height and 7 cm (3′) in width. They are elastic enough to fit the baby’s legs and still leave them comfortable.

Every adventurer, even the tiniest one, needs their gear and the anti-slip knee protectors are an absolute must! 

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