Digital Tape Measure

The Digital Tape Measure is the ultimate measuring tool that will make you quickly forget about other measuring tools – how great is that?

Sometimes you just need to measure your stuff. You whip up the good old measure but it doesn’t always give you what you need. But this is one of those cool hand tools that you never knew you wanted but now desperately need. Why? Because this digital tape measure has everything that you can imagine.

Digital Tape Measure

First of all, it has a digital screen that accurately displays your measurements. You can also use many other functions like saving your data, convert it to different units or even calculate the midpoints. The back of the tape can work as a measuring point to, so bending the tape will not be needed.

Digital Tape Measure

After seeing that one thing is certain – whether you need to measure a small object or a big one, this tape measure will deliver every time.

Digital Tape Measure

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