25 Unique Changing Tables You Can Buy

Celebrating an impending birth of a new life is the essence of a baby shower party! Having a new member of the family is a joyous occasion that deserves a special present. New parents will need all the help they can get in order to prepare for a new life with a baby. Therefore, it is appropriate for you to choose practical gifts that can support the lucky family. One of the best items that you can buy for a baby shower is a unique changing table.

Unique changing tables will allow parents to prepare and dress their baby after a bath. Because of the small body size, babies will need specialized care. And so, the following list of changing tables has been carefully selected to provide the precious babies with the ultimate comfort.

What Type Of Changing Table Is Best?

Best changing tables should be sturdy, don’t come with sharp edges and have an ideal height. Both parents and children should be comfortable using the furniture. In addition, the model that offers multiple compartments is perfect for new born babies! The extra space provides an efficient storage solution for baby supplies.

BEST and Unique Changing Tables

1. Pluie Changing Table

High-tech Self-sanitizing Changing Table

We are currently still dealing with a global pandemic situation. Thus, sanitation will be the main concern for a new mother. To minimize the risk of infection, the incredible Pluie Changing Table integrates a UV light system that can sterilize the equipment. This self-sanitizing item is portable so parents can change their babies’ diapers on the go, even in public places!

2. Lulyboo Foldable 4-in-1 Changing Table

Foldable 4-in-1 Changing Table

Parents with high mobility will definitely appreciate the Lulyboo 4-in-1 changing station. It is no secret that babies will require a lot of diaper swaps. When your friends are outdoors, this unique changing table will come in handy. They can also carry the folded equipment like a backpack! 

3. Wall-mounted Changing Station Table

Wall-mounted Changing Table

Sometimes, a house does not have enough room to spare for extra furniture. Modundry’s wall-mounted changing table is the intelligent solution for parents who want to save space. The design allows the table to be securely attached to any wall. This equipment also features a safety belt that can prevent babies from rolling over!

4. Beautiful Rattan Changing Station

Beautiful Rattan Changing Table

For new parents who love naturalistic design, this rare woven rattan changing table is perhaps the ultimate baby shower gift! It is very well crafted using solid rattan, providing excellent structural integrity. Furthermore, the unique woven pattern gives the furniture old-school vibes. Moms and dads now can change the dirty nappies in style!

5. Changing Table for Corners

Changing Table for Corners

The space in the corner of a house is often wasted because there is no fitting furniture. This changing table is specifically constructed to fit into the corners and maximize the efficiency of a nursery room. The uniquely-shaped changing table will revolutionize the way you think about interior design.

6. Changing Table Top to Convert Regular Shelf

Changing Table Top to Convert Regular Shelf

Buying an entire changing table may be too expensive. Furthermore, this type of furniture may get obsolete once the baby has grown bigger. And so, the wooden changing table top is the best solution for this dilemma. Help your friend convert their regular shelf with this item! It is very well-crafted, the baby will lay down comfortably on it.

7. Adorable Changing Station With Drawers

Adorable Changing Table

When choosing nursery furniture, you have to consider the outer shape and colors. The item will sit inside your friend’s baby bedroom so it has to look pleasing. The creative HiBaby has come up with adorable changing table designs. The Sweet Years model comes with dressers for baby clothes and heart-shaped motives for decoration, perfect for a gift! 

8. Moses Basket Topper

Changing Table Basket Topper

For your friends who own a dresser, they can turn the furniture into a changing table with the Moses Basket Topper! The parents can also commission a custom stand for the basket topper. This cute item will allow new moms and dads to dress their babies up efficiently in style.

9. Gymax Baby Changing Table

Lightweight Changing Table for Ease of Storage

Infants grow at an amazing rate. Before you know it, they’ll be able to talk and walk! Time flies faster when you are a parent. This lightweight changing table will be suitable for people who do not have much room to spare. Thanks to the foldable frame, the item can be set aside and stored easily. 

10. South Sore Changing Table

Changing Table that Can Blend with Bedroom Furniture

People often say that nursery room furniture is a waste of money because babies grow quickly. However, this unique changing table is different! It is very well-designed to complement any room. The multiple drawers can store clothes, diapers, and other accessories. The high-quality material will ensure that this beautiful changing table will last for a long time!

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11. Rolling Changing Station for Ease of Usage

Rolling Changing Table for Ease of Usage

Parents only use changing tables when they need to dress up the baby or swap the diaper. For moms and dads out there, the Rolling Baby Diaper Changing Table Station is a unique piece of equipment that will make child-rearing easier. The wheels allow you to move the table around the house easily! It is also sturdy and adjustable too!

12. Wooden Changing Station with 12 Compartments!

Wooden Changing Table with 12 Compartments!

Imagine having a twin! How frequently would you need to change diapers? For this type of scenario, the Contender’s Wooden Changing Table will be the best baby shower gift! It is made out of wood and comes with high safety railings on four sides. Additionally, there are 12 compartments that can be used to store a lot of nappies!

13. Changing Table with Space for Hamper

Changing Table with Space for Hamper

A compact changing table will be suitable for people who live in a small house or apartment. And so, Badger Basket’s modern changing table will be an excellent gift to celebrate a new baby. This piece of furniture comes with a space for a hamper. Parents can efficiently change the baby’s clothes and put them away in the basket under the table!

14. Minimalistic Changing Station with Space for Baby Accessories

Minimalistic Changing Table with Space for Baby Accessories

Changing tables does not have to look fancy. However, it should be sturdy and provide a compartment to store baby supplies. The height of a changing table will also be a significant factor that determines the quality. Parents should be able to stand comfortably while swapping dirty diapers. Get this item for your friends who are celebrating a new family member!

15. Deluxe Changing Station for Centralized Care

Deluxe Changing Table for Centralized Care

Did you know that you need to change your baby’s diaper every two or three hours? Routine nappy swap is essential to ensure that your baby stays healthy. After all, it prevents skin irritation and sores. This Deluxe Changing Table will help new parents to have an easier babysitting activity. It is top-notch baby furniture with multiple compartments, safety railings, and side steps!

16. Metal Changing Table with Retro Design

Metal Changing Table with Retro Design

Are you looking for baby furniture that will last for generations? Try the Monarch Hill Ivy Changing Table! For new parents who are expecting more babies in the future, this item is built to last for years. It is very stable and there are no sharp edges, making the equipment safe for infants. The design is retro and will blend nicely with any nursery room.

17. Changing Station with Bathing Top Mod

Changing Table with Bathing Top Mod

Dressing your baby up after a bath is essential to provide warm comfort. Applying oil and baby powder will be much easier if you do it on a changing table. Now the Childcare Montana offers a changing table with two modes. You can replace the top with the accompanying bathtub attachment. In any case, it is one of the best nursery furniture perfect for a baby shower present!

18. Changing Station with Polkadot Patterns

Changing Table with Polkadot Patterns

Keeping your nursery room colorful is actually a great idea to improve the baby moods. Infants are attracted to patterns that stand out. For that reason, this Polkadot Changing Table will be a good gift for new moms and dads. The multiple drawers and compartments are additional features that provide storage for baby accessories.

19. Wooden Changing Station with Pads

Wooden Changing Table with Pads

A good changing table should feature multiple storage rooms for diapers. You need to be able to grab a clean nappy efficiently because you would not want to leave your child exposed too long. For new parents, the Sleigh Style Baby Changing Table would be an excellent choice. It comes with complete safety rails and belts for extra security.

20. Elegant Changing Table for Classic Nursery Room

Elegant Changing Table for Classic Nursery Room

Thanks to the elegant Black Cherry changing table, parents will no longer need to bend over whenever they need to change diapers. The height of the table is ideal for adults who need to swap dirty nappies. Furthermore, the color of the furniture will permeate classy vibes around the nursery room! This item will be an excellent gift for families or friends who are expecting a baby.

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21. Changing Station with Rustic Acorn Color

Changing Table with Rustic Acorn Color

For a minimalistic design lover, this acorn-colored nursery furniture will be a treasured present! The convertible changing table top comes with 4 big drawers, ideal for parents with a newborn baby. Your pregnant friend will be excited to get this item from you!

22. Multipurpose Changing Station for Toddlers 

Multipurpose Changing Table for Toddlers

Buying changing tables specifically for babies is often seen as a waste of resources because infants grow really fast. However, Delta Children has designed its changing table to be a multipurpose bedroom furniture. Once the kid is potty-trained, the top can be used as a bookshelf!

23. Ultra Safe Changing Station for Infants

Ultra Safe Changing Table for Infants

New born babies are very fragile. Their skin is sensitive and they are also prone to rolling over. That’s why parents need an ultra-safe changing table! The Delta Children Eclipse edition has a large storage unit for nappies and blankets. It is painted with non-toxic substances!

24. Snug Changing Table with Bin Space

 Snug Changing Table with Bin Space

Looking for a unique changing table to celebrate new born babies? Try the Farmhouse baby changing table! The walnut-accented top is elegantly finished and comes with a space for a bin to store dirty laundry! The two-tier trays offer a place to store diapers and napkins.

25. Changing Table with Mid-century Vibes

Changing Table with Mid-century Vibes

Minimalistic nursery furniture does not have to be boring. The Dream on Me changing table offers a stylish dark-colored design. It is made out of reclaimed pinewood from New Zealand, an excellent sustainable product! 

Final Thoughts

As we mentioned earlier, the best changing table would be the one that can accommodate both mom and baby’s needs. Since the table will be used daily, it needs to be solid, sturdy, and has proper compartments to store diapers, baby clothes, baby bath set, or baby toys to keep the baby entertained while mom is changing the diapers. As one of the most necessary items that new moms must own, giving a unique changing tables is a very good idea.

However, we also recommend a portable changing table as a gift for newborn, because it will super helpful for moms who travel a lot with her baby. Plus, it won’t take too much space at home, too.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the best changing table ideas for small spaces?

The best changing table ideas for small spaces are the one that can be folded and portable. Some of the items come with foldable frames. Furthermore, wall-mounted nursery furniture will provide you with efficient usage of the nursery room! The corner changing table is also a good model for a house with limited space.

What is the best height for a changing table?

The best height for a changing table should be a little above a standing adult. This way, parents do not have to bend over when preparing the baby. For some models, the frame can be adjusted so you get the most comfortable height. A changing table should not be too high or too low!

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