25 Unique Bistro Tables To Adorn Your Abode

Usually, you can use a bistro table as a small serving table for snacks. It is also a perfect piece of furniture to serve small meals like breakfast, brunch, or hors d’oeuvres. Sip your cup of coffee and watch the sunrise, or enjoy delicious desserts on the weekend with an outdoor bistro table while relaxing! In addition, you can also put an indoor bistro table in your home to enhance the ambiance of your very own space. Light mealtime will be a lot more delightful with this type of furniture.

Our curated collection of unique bistro tables will provide you with distinctive and weather-resistant furniture. They will only require low maintenance and simultaneously offer a sturdy and stable frame. Therefore, these bistro tables will look incredible and brings a sense of style to your living space, perfect for any setting.

What Is A Bistro Table Used For?

A bistro table is most commonly used as a small serving table. It is perfect for small meals like breakfast, brunch, or hors d’oeuvres. An excellent spot for a bistro table is a porch or back patio as outdoor furniture. Moreover, smaller models are available if you have less room for a larger patio table.

What Is The Difference Between A Bistro Table and A Pub Table?

Bistro table shares small tops but differs in height with counter stools. The size of a bistro tabletop range from 34 inches to 36 inches, while pub or bar tabletops range from 40 to 42 inches. You can find bistro tables commonly being used in an outdoor area. Still, it can also be used indoors while pub or bar table is used especially indoors only.

BEST Bistro Table for Your Living Room Decor

1. French White Marble

French White Marble Bistro Table

This French Bistro Table is the perfect choice to style up your patio. It is handmade, using marble, brass, and cast-iron just as they were in the late 19th century. The artisans stain and coat the seamless brass rim carefully. Hence, the finished products resemble an antique table from the Belle Epoque. All construction has been faithfully reproduced, including how the marble is fixed to the table. It also features 3 heavy-duty steel prongs used under the tabletop to reliably hold the marble.

2. Round Glass-like Accent Table

Round Glass Like Accent Bistro Table

Looking for a unique bistro table that will impress your guests? Here we have a Round Glass-Like Accent Bistro Table! Your indoor or outdoor area will look more exciting with the decorative furniture. The skilled artisans created this metallic epoxy top bistro table with a white, black, and grey gloss finish, so it looks like marble.

3. Glass-Ceramic Table

Glass-Ceramic Bistro Table

This particular Glass-Ceramic bistro table comes with a white iron frame and overlying top. The design of the glass-ceramic top is inspired by the unconventional city of Tokyo in Japan. Furthermore, the company uses recycled glass bottles to build the tabletop. The manufacturing process done in Germany is elaborate, sustainable, and patented. The glass-ceramic is created by melting together recycled glass shards. So, each panel has distinctive details and is always unique. 

4. Glass Mosaic Table

Glass Mosaic Unique Bistro Table

It is the fine furniture that transforms a house into a home. This Glass Mosaic table can be the perfect way to amp up your interiors. Make an elegant and functional statement with this subtly colored table! This table recreates the charm of the old-school European mosaic art. Moreover, the pattern has been carefully laid out by craftsmen in an organic, ocean-inspired form. 

5. Solid Oak Charred Table

Solid Oak Charred Bistro Table

This beautiful bistro table is handcrafted using solid oak. The skillful craftsmen lightly charred the table to bring out the natural grain within the wood. It is an ideal item that will add a warm atmosphere to your indoor or outdoor area. Each table is unique and also comes with 2-rod hairpin legs in various colors.

6. MF Studio Metal Patio

Square Metal Bistro Table

Class up your interior or exterior décor with MF Studio Square Metal bistro table. It is created using a sturdy steel frame and weather-resistant powder coating. This bistro table’s durability is unquestionable. In short, this unique bistro table will be suitable for most outdoor patios with large umbrellas.

7. Yaheetech Aluminium Patio

Outdoor Patio Aluminium Bistro Table with Umbrella Hole

This elegant Yaheetech Outdoor Patio Aluminium bistro table is suitable for most outdoor settings or events. It has a classic and vintage design with a floral-petal-shaped backrest, adding more antique charm to your designated place. In addition, the sturdy aluminum ensures this bistro table lasts long. The durable frame is coated with rust-resistant and water-proof layers for extra protection. Finally, the umbrella hole serves versatility for any outdoor space.

8. Topeakmart Outdoor Patio Bistro

Outdoor Tall Bistro Table

This Topeakmart Outdoor Tall Bistro Table with tempered glass tabletop is perfect for outdoor or indoor usage. The tempered glass tabletop is extremely hard and does not break easily with a smooth and scratches-resistant surface. Rounded edges are thoughtfully designed, so they will not cause harm to users. In addition, the slanted legs provide better stability to accommodate food and other stuff. A sturdy iron frame offers excellent durability and strength, ensuring a safe sitting. 

9. UBesGoo Mosaic Round Bistro

Blue Hawaii Mosaic Round Bistro Table

Looking for a beautiful beach-themed bistro table? This UBesGoo adorable table will suit your patio, porch, balcony, etc. This unique bistro table has a lovely color combination. It has an ideal size to be placed in any small space, like on the corner of your porch. The metal construction with the mosaic glass tabletop makes this table look stunning. 

10. Atlin Design Round Table

Round Black Bistro Table

Searching for a sturdy and no-nonsense bistro table? This bistro table’s top and body are made of high-quality resin polypropylene, which is highly durable in all outdoor environments. The material is UV and chlorine-resistant. And so, this Atlin Design Round Black bistro table is perfect for poolside, beach, and heavy use areas. 

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11. Glitzhome Rustic Steel Table

Rustic Steel Bistro Table with Round Wood Top

Thanks to the Glitzhome rustic and industrial style, this unique bistro table is the perfect piece in any breakfast room, dining room, kitchen area, bar, or pub area. For your information, the top is created using high-quality wood, and the legs are made out of steel. In addition, it also includes a powder coat finish, and the legs have protective rubber so it will not damage the floor. 

12. Table with Beer Gallon and Wine Cooler

Bistro Table with Gallon Beer and Wine Cooler

Enhance your outdoor party atmosphere with this portable bistro table. The top reveals a hidden cooler with a 7.5-gallon capacity which keeps up to forty 12 oz ice-cold cans. It allows your guests to grab chilled beverages while never being far from any action. When elevated, it is the ideal height for use as a hot tub table, so you will always have a spot for your drinks, snacks, and smartphones. When not used as a party bar, shut the top and use it as a bistro coffee table.

13. BLUU Outdoor Patio Furniture

Round End Bistro Table

Stay bright and attractive in your indoor and outdoor space with this Round End bistro table! It has an ideal size to complement your patio chairs, chaise lounges, and sofa. This bistro table is sturdy and stable with a powder-coated steel frame structure, weather-resistant, and UV-protected. The versatile piece of furniture is lightweight. So, it is easy to store and carry the table in or out. It is available in various attractive colors. 

14. Flash Furniture Round Cocktail

Round Wood Bistro Table with Chrome Columns

This adjustable Round Wood bistro table is a must-have for decoration enthusiasts. Mix short and tall tables for a vibrant atmosphere in your event venue. You may change the column height at home to transition it from a bistro table into a cocktail table. Furthermore, this adjustable table with a contemporary style is suitable for a banquet hall, restaurant, or home.

15. Round Marble Bistro Table

Round Marble Bistro Table

Round Marble bistro table has a mid-century classic style used as a breakfast nook or kitchen table. The table is lightweight and multifunctional. Additionally, it features two different finishes of either antique coffee color or light brown. The very well-made rubberwood legs come with an elegant white faux marble tabletop. This sleek bistro table is ideal for small kitchen spaces, but you can also use it as a pub table or as a transitional piece in any room.

16. Metal Round Bistro Table

Silhouette Solar Powered Metal Bistro Table

Bring cheerful bright vibes into your garden with the Silhouette Solar Powered Metal bistro! Once illuminated, the intricate design casts beautiful patterns around your outdoor space, creating a mesmerizing and relaxing glow. It features an on and off switch for ease of usage. When you set it to the on position, the light sensor automatically illuminates the table after dark. The integral solar panel charges while in direct sunlight.

17. Marble Bistro Table with Tiger Art

Marble Bistro Table with Unique Wild Tiger Art

Style up your space décor with this unique bistro table! With wild tiger art on the tabletop, made from marble and precious stones, this octagon bistro table adds a royal ambiance to your space. You can use it as a coffee or dining table, side table, corridor or corner table at home, hotel, hall, and villa.

18. Top Side Table Patio

Folding Black Round Bistro Table

This unique bistro table is ideal for your patio so you can comfortably sunbathe. Additionally, it suits your gardens or outdoor camping accessory. It can also be used as a temporary indoor bistro table. This model is foldable for portability easy to transport and store. Finally, it features a black powder-coated steel frame with a tempered black glass top.

19. Luker Counter Bistro Table

Round Bistro Table with Wood Top and Steel Legs

Thanks to the mixture of metal and wood, this transitional bistro table provides a unique addition to your home. The model uses oak wood grain veneer with nail-heads along the apron. In addition, the sturdy metal base includes curved legs and a small circular shelf.

20. Zipcode Design Jakson Bar

Retro Style Monochromatic Bistro Table

Bring a touch of retro style to your home with this Zipcode Jackson Bar stylish Retro Bistro Table! Crafted from metal, it features four slanted legs connected by a circular footrest down below. Its polished chrome coloring adds extra contemporary vibes. At the same time, its round tabletop boasts a neutral black or white color scheme that will blend elegantly with your vibrant patio.

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21. CASAINC Outdoor Patio

Outdoor Round Bistro Table with an Umbrella Hole

Enhance your outdoor living space with this unique bistro table! It is designed with exquisite workmanship and has a clear texture and a smooth tabletop with an umbrella hole. This CASAINC outdoor round table also features heavy-duty aluminum frames that resist rust and corrosion. All-weather construction sealed with a protective gold coating. 

22. Outdoor Square Bistro Table

Outdoor Square Bistro Table

This aluminum outdoor bistro table is built with all-weather materials designed to withstand the test of time. The rust-proof aluminum frame is treated with a gunmetal finish to complete its sleek yet simple design. The square tabletop features elegant tempered glass that is exceptionally durable and easy to clean. It is perfect for everyday use in commercial and residential settings.

23. Divya Bar Table White

White Height Bistro Table

You can save space in style with this Divya Bar White Height bistro table! This model features a bright white finish with wood grain, creating a distinctive look of contemporary vibes with industrial influence. It also includes angular legs and a rubber-wood frame for additional protection.

24. Corsica Round Wicker Table

Round Wicker Bistro Table

For the perfect stylish outdoor table, look no further than this Corsica Round Wicker bistro table! It is made from sturdy all-weather wicker and powder-coated iron! The model will withstand the elements and survive heavy use throughout the years. There is also an umbrella opening so you can have a comfortable shady seating

25. Keter Outdoor Accent Table

Outdoor Grey Resin Bistro Table and Cooler in One

Whether you want a stylish accent table or a functional entertaining accessory, you can have it all with this Outdoor Grey Resin bistro table. It is the ultimate 3-in-1 backyard furniture solution: part cooler, part bistro table, and part cocktail table. It is perfect for backyard barbecues, patio parties, or a pool-side area. The compact design will easily fit your house layout, deck, or yard space. If you want to convert your bistro table into a cocktail table, simply lift the lid and twist the locking ring. 

Final Thoughts

A bistro table is an important item that every house must have. It comes in a form of a small table that we can use to place our table lamp, home decor, snacks, or our cup of coffee or tea. Bistro table is available in various designs, models, materials, and also sizes, although usually most bistro tables come in small size. If you are looking for a new unique bistro table, there are several things that you need to consider.

The first one is to check the size and make sure it fits the space that you have prepared for the table at home. The next one is to make sure the design is unique but still matches perfectly with the rest of the furniture at home. And lastly, set a budget to make sure you don’t spend to much or too little for a new bistro table.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the best outdoor bistro table?

An outdoor bistro table is an excellent piece of furniture that will help you relax. It is a perfect place to sip a coffee and watch the sunrise or enjoy a light snack on the weekend. The best outdoor bistro table is elegant and includes a weather-resistant feature with low maintenance material. In conclusion, it shall bring welcoming vibes to your outdoor space like patio, porch, or garden, perfect for any setting.

What is the best indoor bistro table?

We venture to cafes for the food and ambiance, but sometimes we fall in love with the décor, including the tables and chairs. So, you should put some indoor bistro tables in your home and feel that way when you serve breakfast in your very own space. With plenty of creative choices, you will find yours in our unique bistro tables collection.

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