26 Unusual Furniture Pieces for A New House

A house is part of the identity of the owner. All components of the house, starting from the exterior and interior, also have a role in building the mood and atmosphere. Redecorating is the easiest way to change the vibe of the building. One way to improve the look is to put in new furniture.

Furniture comes in various shapes that create a new spectrum in the composition of a house. With multiple unusual furniture pieces, you can choose from chairs, tables, beds to multi-functional storage areas. Hence, we prepare 26 unusual furniture pieces that you can buy as a gift to brighten up your living room, or house of the person that closest to you. 

Are Unusual Furniture Pieces Expensive?

Not all unusual furniture pieces are expensive! Items such as bookshelves and coffee tables will cost you less than $300. For the amount of money, you can acquire great quality furniture! Nevertheless, big-sized furniture pieces made out of high-quality wood will be expensive. Some items are as pricey as modern arts. They can become a luxurious item that will grace any home with class.

Unusual Furniture Pieces for Human’s Health

We are currently facing a major global health hazard. And so, some modern furniture has been designed to ensure the user gets a better quality of life. The following seven items can become a unique and helpful gift solution.

1. Unusual Smart Beds to Improve Sleep Performance

unusual furniture pieces

As we age, a good bed is one of the tools to maintain health. For instance, this unusual smart bed. The Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed can change shape according to your sleeping posture. Moreover, the sleep state detection feature of Sleep Number 360 can provide quality slumber. Give this to someone who always has trouble with insomnia!

2. Kneeling Office Chair to Prevent Back Pain

unusual furniture pieces

Is your friend a hard worker who always has no time to do exercise in their house? Maybe they also experience health problems in their backs because of an unhealthy sitting position. And for that reason, this unusual chair may be the best fit for them. This product has a kneeling feature that can reduce lower back pressure. Give them this VILNO NORD Kneeling Chair to encourage a healthier lifestyle. 

3. Meditative Bed with Vibroacoustic Sound

unusual furniture pieces

Do you know someone who enjoys doing regular meditation? If so, then you may want to consider buying them this one. Meet SoundBed, a bed with sound and vibration features. OPUS SoundBed allows users to feel therapeutic vibrations and soft sounds. This bed is undoubtedly perfect as a gift for people who enjoy self-care.

4. Ergonomic Chair for Daily Activities

unusual furniture pieces

The right chair can increase work productivity. Ergonomic chairs are the answer. Products from the HÅG Capisco Chair offer flexible setting features. Moreover, this chair can adjust to the height of the table and has a customizable rotation. If your best friend is someone who enjoys spending time in chairs, then she should get this one.

5. Dual Comfortable Massaging Bed in One Piece

unusual furniture pieces

When you know a married couple, it may cross your mind that they live together, including sleeping in the same place. However, what if one of the partners is a night owl while the other is a morning person? This latest product from BeverlyHillsBed has prepared a dual bed with an arrangement to allow one user to sit up straight. Give this bed to a duality couple you know. They will surely love it!

6. Gaming Chair for Relaxing Play Time

Gaming Chair for Relaxing Play Time

Gaming chairs are designed to ensure gamers sit comfortably while playing games for hours on end. Comes with an ultra-comfortable backrest, this Floor Gaming Chair can surely become an amazing gift for people who like to sit for a long time. These unusual furniture pieces also can be folded for storage. A truly modular gaming chair for a modern household!

7. Ergonomic Chair

unusual furniture pieces

You may know someone who is always glued to the office chair because of a heavy workload. Sitting for too long may negatively affect health. Fortunately, there is a solution! This Ergonomic Chair does not sink when people sit on it. It also automatically has the same height as their work desk. Hence, this piece will be a fantastic seat to improve their health.

Unusual Furniture Pieces for Decoration

In addition to being useful as mere furniture, these items can also be part of a room decoration that attracts guests’ attention. Get one of the nine unique furniture pieces listed below as a gift to those who like unique items!

8. Industrial Pipe Bookcase

unusual furniture pieces

You must know some friends who have an interest in industrial style furniture. If so, this vintage pipe-shaped book storage can be one of the unusual furniture pieces to decorate their home. The unique design shall support the interior style of the house. Get one of the Rustic Industrial Pipe Bookcase to liven up your friend’s house.

9. Levitating Book Rack

unusual furniture pieces

A bookworm usually has a collection of favorite novels. The books are placed in specific spots that make them appear superior. What if you could make the books hang in the air? Let’s take a look at this levitating book rack! This unusual furniture pieces product from Agustav Book Rack is sure to be the most memorable gift a bookworm has ever received.

10. African Continent Shaped Bookshelf

unusual furniture pieces

Bookshelves are not always boring boxes, now you can also get dynamic-shaped furniture. This unusual furniture piece is designed similar to the shape of the African continent. The solid shelf is sure to be durable because this product is made from strong mahogany wood. Choose this bookshelf as a unique gift for people who like to collect books.

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11. Modern Wardrobe with Eye-Catching Shapes

unusual furniture pieces

Every room should have at least one storage cupboard. If your friend likes to collect their favorite merchandise, then this Modern Bookcase can be a useful tool. The unusual furniture piece can also be used as a decoration object with its round and modern shape. Get one of these unusual shelves as a gift to your bookworm friend. 

12. Detachable Sofa That Blend Into Decoration

unusual furniture pieces

Have you ever thought about finding a sofa that isn’t boring? It would indeed be great if the sofa can accommodate each visiting guest. This detachable sofa will suit a large family who likes to do activities and loves decoration. After finished using, the  Summit Sofa can be arranged on the wall as a room decoration.

13. Mini Staircase Shaped Shelf

unusual furniture pieces

Storage furniture does not have to always be placed on the floor. They can also be displayed on the wall as part of the decoration. If the people closest to you like to collect unique items, the incredibly stylish Staircase Corner Shelf can also be an unusual furniture gift! It also offers modular space-saving storage solutions for them.

14. Adorable Fluffy Buffalo Table

unusual furniture pieces

Have you thought about looking for a unique, cute, unusual, and adorable gift in one package? Then this Fluffy Buffalo Table is surely one of the best recommendations. The unusual furniture piece can be part of the room decor with its attractive shape. It is undoubtedly very suitable for people who like to put cute items.

15. Coffee Table with US States Shape

unusual furniture pieces

Some people are proud of their homeland. What if you could now buy a gift to further emphasize your friend’s identity? You can get the unique Side Table with State Shape as a gift to your friend to show off their heritage. They can choose whether it is Texas, Alabama, or even Massachusetts.

16. Bookshelf Tree Shaped with Anti-Fall Utility

Bookshelf Tree Shaped with Anti-Fall Utility

Nowadays, bookshelves come in various forms with modern functionalities. For example, this bookcase. It takes a shape of a tree trunk. This Tree Bookshelf is made out of high-quality material with a unique design that keeps books neatly stored. They are also available in large and small. Hence, you can choose one as a gift for your best friend.

Unusual Furniture Pieces for Home Interior

Some furniture has such a vital role to improve the vibe of your house. Its presence can strengthen the atmosphere of the home. Choose 10 of the following unique furniture pieces to add another level of home interior design.

17. Lift-Top Coffee Table with Hidden Storage

unusual furniture pieces

This table is not the usual table you will find in the market. In addition to having an extra area to store things under it, this  SEGAWE Lift-Top Coffee Table also has a secret storage space. This hidden compartment can be accessed by lifting the tabletop surface. The table is perfect for your friends who like to keep private things in unsuspecting places.

18. Folding Fabric Chair

Folding Fabric Chair for Garden

This chair is practical, lightweight, and certainly looks attractive with the beautiful cloth material. The Folding Fabric Chair is designed with a flexible frame that makes it foldable to save space. If you know someone who enjoys relaxing in the garden, the unusual furniture pieces could make an excellent gift for them.

19. Convertible Comfortable Chair and Bed

Convertible Comfortable Chair and Bed

Nowadays, people want everything practical and comfortable. Meet the Convertible Sofa that can transform into a comfortable bed as well as a long chair. These sofa beds are also accompanied by pillows to make the user comfortable. The multifunctional sofa is suitable as a gift for people who need a relaxing day.

20. 3-in-1 Folding Couch

3-in-1 Folding Couch for Rest

A piece of furniture takes a large area to be placed in a room. But what if your friend wants three items in a limited space? He may want to put on a sofa, bed, and a chair. This product from Costway can be a fantastic gift choice for him. The multifunctional sofa can be converted into three modes (sofa, bed, or chair) just by folding it.

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21. Hourglass Shaped Concrete Chair

Hourglass Shaped Antique Concrete Chair

A chair does not have to have a soft surface. Chairs can also be solid with a strong flat surface. This elegant chair from Studio McGee is made of solid and durable material. The Palisades Hourglass Concrete Accent Table Gray will be a suitable gift for people who have a modern design house.

22. Multifunctional Bunk Bed

Multifunctional Bunk Bed With Study Area

This unusual furniture piece carries the theme of efficient space-saving. Comes in a complex arrangement, the DHP Studio Loft Bunk Bed is available with a nightstand and storage shelf. In addition to saving space, this bed can also be the centerpiece of furniture in the room. Give one to your children who have just entered school.

23. Spiral Silver Drink Table

Spiral Silver Drink Table

Suppose you are looking for a gift that looks both elegant and expensive. In that case, the Spiral Silver Drink Table is one of the best recommendations. The table is designed with a shiny silver color with a unique spiral shape. Its form can make the drinking atmosphere more noble-like.

24. Recliner Sofa

Recliner Sofa with One Seating Relax

Do you want to find unusual furniture pieces for a unique present? This incredibly-designed couch will allow people to sit together and relax? This 1Set of Recliners can be both helpful and fun gift suggestions. With 3 seats, this sofa also has one slot for people who want to rest their feet.

25. Circle Dining Table

Circle Dining Table

Homeowners must design the dining table to look harmonious because of its large shape. This Circle Dining Table has an unusual motif with a perfect circle shape. Chairs can be stored neatly around the table so as not to disturb the area. It is the ideal gift for people who are just building a dining room.

26. Gummy Bear Chair

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Gummy bear is the most popular snack in the world for children and adults! You can now buy a chair in the shape of tasty sweet and sour gummies! It is so unique because of the realistic gummy-like design. Get this jiggly-jelly-like gummy bear chair for your friends or children!

Final Thoughts

Do you know that having at least one unique and unusual piece of furniture at home can make your day a little bit brighter? It can create a more cheerful ambience that makes a nice focal point of the house. It can be anything from a couch, table, chair, or a piece of wall decor item like a hanging shelf to keep your books neatly arranged.

The choice is all yours, and our suggestion for you would be to think out of the box and try to choose something out of your comfort zone. Be brave with your choice, and trust us, it will be all worth it. So let’s get started and have a happy hunting!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the weirdest furniture pieces?

The weirdest furniture piece in this list is perhaps the buffalo table! It is so adorable because of the fur. Why would a table have fur and be shaped like an animal? We may never know but it will become an attractive centerpiece in your living room. In addition, the state-shaped table and continent-shaped bookshelf are not among the quirkiest furniture pieces that you can buy.

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