27 Unusual Gifts For Gardeners Who Have Everything

Looking for some unique & unusual gifts for gardeners who have everything? When your friend or loved one has a hobby they’re particularly fond of like gardening, present buying can feel like a breeze! But, what do you gift the gardener that, years down the line, has everything there is to own to sustain their favourite pastime?!

Check out our unique gardener gift ideas below to find out…

Unusual Gift Ideas For Gardeners

#1 Personalized Country Garden Sign


Personalized Country Garden Sign

This is one of the most thoughtfully unique gifts for gardeners we’ve ever seen. Your loved one will adore this personalized country garden sign. It’s the perfect way to add some quaint charm to their garden shed and give it a traditional look and feel. It’s made from quality aluminium so you can guarantee it will last from season to season.

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#2 Cucamelons


If you’ve never heard of Cucamelon’s, don’t worry you’re not alone! Whether on not your keen gardener is aware of these gorgeous tiny exotic fruits, they’ll adore the sweet taste of watermelon with a hint of lime.

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#3 Custom Dog Planters

Custom Dog Planters

Unusual gifts for gardeners don’t get sweeter than this! If they’re just as fond of getting out in the garden as they are of their four-legged friends, there’s no gift more perfect than this custom planter! It can be made to look exactly as their dog does, or any other animal they may have too!

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#4 Personalised Garden Tools Set

Personalised Garden Tools Set

Personalized garden toolsets are one of the very best gifts for gardeners in our opinion. You’ll not only add to their collection of useful items, but you’ll be giving them a beautiful personalized present they’ll cherish for years to come. It’s also a perfect stocking filler with Christmas just around the corner!

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#5 Zen Dog Garden Sculptures

Zen Dog Garden Sculptures - Unusual Gifts For Gardeners

This is one of our favourite gifts for gardeners who have everything! Make them smile with an adorable Zen Dog garden sculpture. It’ll add a welcome comic element to any outdoor space.

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#6 Nine Faced Planter

Nine Faced Planter - Unusual Gifts For Gardeners

If you were hoping for really cool garden stuff on this list, you’ll love this unique 3D printed nine faced planter. Not only is this one of the most unusual gifts for gardeners on the list, but it’ll also make for a statement centrepiece in any creative garden space.

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#7 Dragon fruit

Dragon fruit

Give the gift of exotic Dragon fruit seeds to the special gardener in your life. The seeds need simply be soaked overnight and scattered onto gritty soil in a warm environment. It may be simple but it’s still one of our top recommended gifts for serious gardeners.

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#8 Pollinator Friendly Bee Garden Sign

Pollinator Friendly Bee Garden Sign

This is definitely one of our top 10 gardening gifts, also a nice gift for a beekeeper. This handy composite aluminium sign allows gardeners to let everyone know they avoid pesticides and cultivate flowering plants. Support the bees and all they do for us!

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#9 Garden Gangster Shirt

Garden Gangster Shirt - Unusual Gifts For Gardeners

Unusual gifts for gardeners don’t get more hilarious than this one! Choose from tank tops and t-shirts in summer or a hooded sweater now the weather is considerably chillier! It comes in either grey or black for men women and children.

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#10 Gardener’s Harvest Basket

Gardener's Harvest Basket

Once the vegetables are picked and ready to be taken inside, they’ll need to be hosed off. The gardener in your life will really appreciate how much easier that process is with this traditional gardeners harvest basket!

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#11 Carrot initial necklace

Carrot initial necklace - Unusual Gifts For Gardeners

We’re absolutely in love with this sweet, carrot-shaped pewter necklace! Simply select the initial you’d like and it’ll be added to the uniquely shaped charm. It’s silver plated with an 18” long chain though it can be made to your desired length!

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#12 100% Linen Garden Apron

100% Linen Garden Apron - Unusual Gifts For Gardeners

This gorgeous 100% linen apron comes in grey, beige, blue, grey-ish blue, and leaves. You can also choose for your apron to be with or without a zipper. Perfect for egg collection and carrying the lighter tools they’ll need whilst pottering about the garden.

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#13 Rusting Cast Iron Resin Hippo Garden Sculpture

Rusting Cast Iron Resin Hippo Garden Sculpture

We love this rusty iron resin sculpture which measures 17” in length. It’s easy to move around the garden as you wish and brings a hint of the wild into any space, large or small.

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#14 Personalized Shepherd Hook

personalized Shepherd Hook

Another beautiful personalized gift on our list is this statement-making shepherds hook. Wow, them with this thoughtful gift that’s sure to be a prideful focal piece in their beloved garden.

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#15 Folding Gardener Seat with Tools

Folding Gardener Seat with Tools

Gifts for older gardeners don’t get better than this folding seat complete with tools. It’s an incredibly clever design that functions fully as a storage tote and as a stool to sit on whilst gardeners tend to the flowers or take a quick break in between jobs!

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#16 Rainbow Carrots

Rainbow Carrots - Unusual Gifts For Gardeners

They’ll love to grow these incredibly colourful carrots in their garden! Gift them the seeds and they’ll have a colourful mix of five different types of carrots in no time.

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#17 Solar Mesa Lantern

Solar Mesa Lantern

It’ll be tough to give this stunning gift away! These stunning solar mesa lanterns will illuminate any pathway or create a statement look for an entranceway to the garden.

They turn on automatically at night time and are made in die-cast and steel metal with a glass globe. Enjoy the soft white LED light with a minimum of 5 hours of illumination.

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#18 Custom Gardener’s Tool Belt

Custom Gardener's Tool Belt - Unusual Gifts For Gardeners

This custom floral tool belt is the prettiest tool storage we’ve seen to date! Choose the dimensions of the belt and where you’d like the engraving to appear. If that isn’t enough, this belt is made from natural Italian leather ensuring a professional, long-lasting finish!

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#19 Engraved Wooden Berry Picker

Engraved Wooden Berry Picker

Berry picking just got even more enjoyable with this personalized wooden berry picker. They’ll love to stroll about with this beautiful basket, each one is handmade and designed to make the experience easier with a combing tool to comb through each bush.

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#20 Foldable Garden Wheelbarrow

Foldable Garden Wheelbarrow

They’ll save on time and space with this revolutionary foldable wheelbarrow design. It fulfils all the needs of a regular wheelbarrow but can then be folded up for easy transportation or to be stored neatly even in the smallest of shed spaces.

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#21 Cherimoya / Custard Apple

Cherimoya / Custard Apple

Organic Cherimoya seeds will give even the most seasoned gardener a unique treat! This medicinal fruit is dense and fast-growing. It grows best in sunny surroundings so makes the ideal gift for those lucky enough to boast sun-soaked spaces!

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#22 Save the Bees Plant More Trees Clean The Seas Crewneck Sweatshirts

Save the Bees Plant More Trees Clean The Seas Crewneck Sweatshirt

Those in favour of fashion and gardening will be more than taken with this sweet sweatshirt. They can support a great cause and let everyone know of their support for the bees and the trees. It comes in a huge range of colours and sizes to ensure the perfect fit and style for all!

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#23 Wooden Garden bird feeder birdhouse

Wooden Garden bird feeder birdhouse

We think this wooden bird feeder is absolutely enchanting and sure to add character to any front or back garden space. Your friend or family member will love displaying this in their outdoor space and watching the wildlife it brings to their garden over the course of the year!

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#24 Copper Rain Gauge

Copper Rain Gauge - Unusual Gifts For Gardeners

This copper rain gauge is not only useful, but it also makes a statement with its stylish copper finish! Choose from a tabletop version or one with a garden stake depending on the size and style of the space it’s for.

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#25 Grow Your Own Food Shirts

Grow Your Own Food Shirts

This unisex t-shirt is perfect for any garden lover and fan of homegrown produce. It comes in trendy jet black, teal, mint and navy among other colours with eye-catching white text, perfect for men and women!

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#26 Crazy Plant Lady Gardener Mug

Crazy Plant Lady Gardener Mug - Unusual Gifts For Gardeners

For the crazy plant lady in your life, gift them this hilarious mug! These are the perfect unusual gifts for gardeners. It’s white with sweet green plant doodles and black text. Perfect for a quick tea break between jobs! It’s ideal for birthdays, Christmases and anniversaries.

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#27 Gardeners Gift Set

Gardeners Gift Set - Unusual Gifts For Gardeners

No matter if they’re a beginner or a highly experienced gardener, they’ll love this unique bath and garden set. There’s nothing like a nice long soak in the tub after a long day sprucing up your outdoor spaces!

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