55 Unique Planters and Cool Pots For All House Plants

Unique planters create an awesome focal point for your indoor space. They add functionality and aesthetic value to your home in equal measure. There are creative planter pots in all shapes and sizes to capture your personal taste. Whether you fancy some quirky planter pots or cute animal planters, we have got you covered.

We have collected the most inspired designs from the web to create the ultimate list of cute pots for plants.

Unique Planters And Cool Pots:

So sit back, relax and discover some of the most creative planter pots that you can buy today.

#1 Geometric Mini Desk Planters 

Geometric Mini Desk Planters - unique planters

Take your love affair with geometric shapes to the next level with these unique planters.

They are small yet captivating, a great choice for limited spaces. Spruce up your drab home office with these and enjoy the amazing results. Find it Here.


#2 Concrete Wine Bottle Planter 

Concrete Wine Bottle Planter

Concrete Wine Bottle Planter

Creativity knows no bounds with these unique indoor planters. They are best for minimalist homeowners, adding that special touch to spruce up your home. Paired with the right flowers, their appeal is second to none. Find it Here.


#2 The 4-Piece Geometric Planters Set

The 4-Piece Geometric Planters Set

Few things are more refreshing than bringing a little of the outdoors inside.

These cute planters help you do that in style. They are an attraction in themselves. Adding some well-chosen plants will serve as icing on the cake. Find it Here.


#4 Cute Fox Animal Planter 

Cute Fox Animal Planter - unique planters

Cute animal planters are nature lover’s dream come true. The adorable fox design is an outstanding choice. The vibrant color palette captures personal preference. It also makes the concept a perfect fit for any interior décor. Find it Here.


#5 Mid-Century Modern Planter Stand 

Mid-Century Modern Planter Stand

Wood is unbeatable in making any space seem sophisticated.

These unique planter stands will add value to any indoor plant. They hold a distinct timeless appeal and will match with most themes. Find it Here.


#6 Puro Self Watering Planter 

Puro Self Watering Planter

These cool self-watering planters are a great example of function and visual appeal. They make plant care so much easier and effective. The textured pattern and spherical shape make it all the more unique. Find it Here.


#7 Ceramic Bulbasaur Planters 

Ceramic Bulbasaur Planters - unique planters

Ceramic Bulbasaur Planters

The Bulbasaurs make remarkable planters with a whimsical twist. They are adorable and cheerful and come in lovely colors. They work well with other planters, adding a lifelike appeal to an ordinary display. Find it Here.


#8 Three-Piece Cute Cat Planters Set 

Three-Piece Cute Cat Planters Set

Are you looking for a unique gift for a feline lover? Why not get them this adorable set and brighten up their life? And while you’re at it, you could also get a set to cheer up your own interior space. Find it Here.


#9 Concrete Boat Shaped Planter 

Concrete Boat Shaped Planter

Concrete Boat Shaped Planter

Boat-shaped planters are ideal for nautical theme lovers. They are ideal for succulents, and as you can see, the more the merrier. These unique additions to your interior space will create visual interest effortlessly. Find it Here.


#10 Mason Jar Succulent Planters 

Mason Jar Succulent Planters

The Mason jars draw their appeal from the rustic design aspect. These cute pots for succulents are hand-distressed making each one unique. You could create a rainbow display using the fun colors or choose a single one. Find it Here.


#11 Cactus Pot Planters

Cactus Pot Planters

Stoneware is a timeless favorite for indoor plant lovers. The dripping design on these unique planters turns them into artistic pieces. Their earth tones make them blend with most surroundings. They appeal to outdoorsy types. Find it Here.


#12 Living Wall Planters 

Living Wall Planters

This breathable design makes for functional and unique indoor planters. This versatile piece fits both regular and vertical gardening. It has a self-watering feature and the airy walls make for healthier roots. Find it Here.


#13 Reclaimed Wood Wall Hanging Planter 

Reclaimed Wood Wall Hanging Planter

This tiny wooden planter resounds with ingenuity for an artsy homeowner. It fits small air plants or succulents. The hooks on either side are great functional additions to the ensemble. Everything about it spells creativity. Find it Here.


#14 Pyramid Wall Mounted Planters 

Pyramid Wall Mounted Planters

Everything about these pyramid planters is impressive. The floating design and geometric pattern are amazing. The color scheme brims with promise for an exciting adventure in home décor. Find it Here.


#15 Concrete Owl Shaped Planter Pots 

Concrete Owl Shaped Planter Pots

Concrete Owl Shaped Planter Pots

Cute animal planters offer unmatched appeal. These porcelain owl pots seem to have a personality. They make a great conversation starter. The textured pattern adds to the appeal and makes them outstanding masterpieces. Find it Here.


#16 Mid Century Hanging Pyramid Planter Pots 

Mid Century Hanging Pyramid Planter Pots

To create an incredible statement piece try these hanging pyramid planters. They allow you to make a complete garden in your favorite room. Having such a collection brightens up your space and stirs up your creative juices. Find it Here.


#17 Concrete Round Cylinder Pots 

Concrete Round Cylinder Pots

Concrete Round Cylinder Pots

Showcase your flower collection with these round planter pots. You will love the one-of-a-kind design on each. Combine the different sizes in on one display and enjoy the visual feast. Find it Here.


#18 Lichuza Windowsill Planters 

Lichuza Windowsill Planters

Cool self-watering planters are a gardener’s best bet. They drop guesswork from the hobby and keep the mini garden thriving. This windowsill planter is spacious enough to cater for an all-inclusive collection. Find it Here.


#19 Hexagonal Succulent Planters 

Hexagonal Succulent Planters

Indoor planters that go against the grain create the most fascinating focal points. Everything in this design, from the distinct shape to the fun colors cheer up your home office. Their simple design appeals to minimalist décor enthusiasts. Find it Here.


#20 Pineapple Planter 

Pineapple Planter

Pineapple Planter - unique planters

Is there any better way to house nature than in a nature-inspired vessel? This unique pot calls to mind sunny days on a tropical island. It comes in vibrant color options to ensure your home is exciting and cheerful all year round. Find it Here.


#21 Glass Cube Succulent Terrarium Kit 

Glass Cube Succulent Terrarium Kit

You will love the creativity evident in this terrarium. It provides the best way to capture every appealing aspect from your indoor garden. The delicate geometric structure is eye-catching and fit for a contemporary space. Find it Here.


#22 Skull Succulent Planter 

Skull Succulent Planter

To enjoy the Halloween spirit all year long, consider these unique planter pots. They exhibit great attention to detail and make alluring focal points. You could start a collection in different colors to add to their aesthetics. Find it Here.


#23 Set of 10 Rhombus Glass Wall Planters 

Set of 10 Rhombus Glass Wall Planters

Set of 10 Rhombus Glass Wall Planters

Looking for an outstanding way to decorate a plain indoor wall? Look no further than this 10-set rhombus planter collection. They are easy to install and offer inimitable appeal. They could make an awesome housewarming gift. Find it Here.


#24 GlowPear Modular Self-Watering Planters 

GlowPear Modular Self-Watering Planters

You do not have to plant an outdoor herb garden if you pick this modular planter. It offers self-watering capabilities to give your mini-garden the best care. It has enough space to host your entire collection. Find it Here.


#25 Staggered Pair of Modern Ceramic Planters 

Staggered Pair of Modern Ceramic Planters

Staggered Pair of Modern Ceramic Planters

Vintage collectors will love the authenticity on these ingenious planters. They could work well indoors or even as unique outdoor planters. They come in staggered dimensions to create visual interest. Find it Here.


#26 Clarissa the Curious Cat Planter 

Clarissa the Curious Cat Planter

If you harbor a secret love for quirky planter pots then you have to get this one. She has personality in truckloads and offers unmatched beauty. This creative masterpiece is bound to stun onlookers with its fun potential. Find it Here.


#27 Death Star Inspired Planter Gift Set 

Death Star Inspired Planter Gift Set

Death Star Inspired Planter Gift Set

unique planters

Where are the sci-fi lovers in the house? This is the ultimate addition to your collectibles. It offers a unique opportunity to bring together two distinct worlds. It makes the best gift possible for a nerdy friend. Find it Here.


#28 Groot & Rocket Inspired Planters 

Groot & Rocket Inspired Planters - unique planters

Groot & Rocket Inspired Planters

Baby Groot and Rocket Raccoon get immortalized in these unique planters. Their unique design enhances the beauty in their contents. They suit both indoor and outdoor spaces. They would make the perfect home for air plants. Find it Here.


#29 Glass Skull Vase Succulent Terrarium 

Glass Skull Vase Succulent Terrarium

Skull planters offer so much decorative potential particularly when they come in glass. They are spooky yet inspired. Get a few pieces to create a remarkable terrarium with choice succulents. Find it Here.


#30 Wearable Planters 

Wearable Planters

Wearable Planters

Wearable Planters

Take your love for nature to the next level with wearable planters. This is the most creative accessory choice. It also exerts a positive influence on your mood and energy levels, especially on dreary days. Find it Here.


#31 Cute Dog Animal Planter Pot 

Cute Dog Animal Planter Pot

Cute pots for plants don’t come any better than this. The friendly dog face and round shape add character to the concept. These miniature planters are a great place to start your indoor plant collection. Find it Here.


#32 Hanging Cone Concrete Planters 

Hanging Cone Concrete Planters

Hanging planters make great space savers for enthusiasts living in limited spaces. Think of the visual feast that this set presents for guests and residents alike. The paint job is spectacular and takes the concept to the next level. Find it Here.


#33 Self-Watering Orchid Pot 

Self-Watering Orchid Pot

Orchids are every gardener’s secret envy. But few master the skills needed to keep them alive indoors. These cool self-watering planters make this easy for you. They do not only keep them alive but also accent their beauty. Find it Here.


#34 Pumpkin Ceramic Pots 

Pumpkin Ceramic Pots

Orange is a fun and vibrant choice for cool planter pots. The Halloween pumpkin design adds a creative touch to the idea. These pots will offer unique appeal all year long and come in handy as season decorations. Find it Here.


#35 Geometric Mini Planters 

Geometric Mini Planters - unique planters

Geometric Mini Planters

Minimalists will love these tiny geometric planters.

They come in a wide array of colors to please every taste. Get a custom choice to fit in your interior color scheme and bring out your personality. Find it Here.


#36 Sea Urchin Pot 

Sea Urchin Pot

The spiky sea urchin takes this planter design to another level. The vibrant blue and glossy finish make it a stunning choice. It makes an ideal succulent pot for a contemporary space. Pair it with tiny succulents for the best effect. Find it Here.


#37 Hanging Planter with Leather Strap 

Hanging Planter with Leather Strap

If you would love to create a beautiful dramatic effect, try these hanging planters. The rustic design blends with a classic interior space. They are graceful and delicate. They evoke warmth and character to make your space more inviting. Find it Here.


#38 Geometric Teardrop Planters 

Geometric Teardrop Planters - unique planters

Geometric Teardrop Planters

Teardrop designs offer unlimited aesthetic potential. These unique planters all use this concept to execute distinct finishes. The color contrast is a valuable asset to the design. They are best for tiny air plants. Find it Here.


#39 Minimalist Cactus & Succulent Pots 

Minimalist Cactus & Succulent Pots

The textured geometric patterns on these cool pots for succulents are amazing. The depth and clean lines beg for attention. They are ideal for modernistic interior decors as they offer a futuristic appeal. Find it Here.


#40 Ceramic Face Planter Pots 

Ceramic Face Planter Pots

Ceramic Face Planter Pots

Looking for unique planters with loads of personality? Try these ceramic face planter pots. They say so much especially when positioned as a set. They cover a range of moods and will cheer you up when you are low. Find it Here.


#41 Groovebox Modular Planters 

Groovebox Modular Planters 

Get out of the circular cycle with these square planters. Their steely construction ensures durability. And they come in amazing colors to brighten up any space. The square shape is sleek and stylish for a modern enthusiast. Find it Here.


#42 Ceramic Hand Dish Pot 

Ceramic Hand Dish Pot

This makes a most remarkable gift for a treasured friend. It conveys an appreciative spirit, cupping a prized succulent in both hands. It has a whimsical twist to it and will fit any display.  Find it Here.


#43 Scandinavian Design Minimalist Planter 

Scandinavian Design Minimalist Planter

The Scandinavian geometric design is a fine way to style up your bare interior space. It will look beautiful regardless of the backdrop chosen. Wood makes the most fitting material for the nature lover. Find it Here.


#44 Mini Wooden Office Desk Succulent Planters 

Mini Wooden Office Desk Succulent Planters

Whoever said your office desk has to be all work and no play was wrong. Do not underestimate the power in this design and the succulents to inspire you to great heights. The color and material will match any theme. Find it Here.


#45 Gemstone Planters 

Gemstone Planters

Bring some gem appeal to your indoor surfaces with these jewels.

They provide a natural environment for flora to thrive. Their unfinished state makes them all the more spectacular as centerpieces. Find it Here.


#46 Whale Planter 

Whale Planter

This happy whale planter is a whimsical addition to your marine-themed interior. Its bright hue options fit kids’ rooms. The material chosen is durable to ensure the pots last a lifetime. Find it Here.


#47 Chewbacca Planter Pot 

Chewbacca Planter Pot

Chewbacca Planter Pot

As far as whimsical designs go, this has got to top them all. It is a lifelike Chewbacca depiction designed for the Star wars diehard. Think of how awesome this would be as a  gift to a beloved one. Find it Here.


#48 Urbio Wall-Mounted Vertical Garden System 

Urbio Wall-Mounted Vertical Garden Syste

Your vertical garden will never be the same again with this ingenious set. The distinct shapes and sizes work well together to create a harmonious whole. And the best part is the simple magnetic attachment system. Find it Here.


#49 Dinosaur Planters 

Dinosaur Planters

Dinosaur Planters

Dinosaur Planters - unique planters

These cute animal planters bring the dinosaur world to life right in your living room. They come is cheerful colors and distinctive designs to create a visual sanctuary. Create an exceptional terrarium with these adorable collectibles. Find it Here.


#50 Mini Wooden Sphere Planters 

Mini Wooden Sphere Planters - unique planters

Anyone who loves miniature art will love these tiny unique planters. Made using wooden spheres, they are paint-dipped for a special effect. Imagine how delightful your office desk would look with this array! Find it Here.


#51 Tangram Planter Kitchen Herb Planters 

Tangram Planter Kitchen Herb Planters

Place your herb garden right next to your chopping board using these tangrams. The set allows for a remarkable arrangement that makes your kitchen sparkle. They stir up your creativity and allow you to enjoy a lovely jungle indoors. Find it Here.


#52 Ceramic Unicorn Planter 

Ceramic Unicorn Planter - unique planters

The unicorn planter helps you to live your fantasy in style. It keeps your favorite air plant right next to you and creates an alluring display while at it. Enjoy Mother Nature’s inspiration every waking moment with this collectible. Find it Here.


#53 Rustic Herb Planter 

Rustic Herb Planter

Creative planter pots on a wooden vertical display are a great way to spice up your interior. They bring in a farmhouse feel to your space. And there is no limit to the plants that can thrive here. Find it Here.


#54 Buddha Head Planter 

Buddha Head Planter - unique planters

Buddha Head Planter

Do you have a friend who collects Buddha antiques? Why not gift them with these unique planters to add to their collection? You could also start your own little antique garden and relish the inspiration. Find it Here.


#55 Cast Concrete Head Planters 

Cast Concrete Head Planters - unique planters

Unique outdoor planters add loads of fun to your succulent garden. Each of these heads is unique and has personality. They seem so real to life with colorful organic hair sprouting on their tops. Find it Here.


These unique planter pots help you to showcase your floral collection artfully. They give nature lovers the chance to enjoy the best of both worlds. Start your collection today if you don’t have one. And if you do, get the cutest pots here to take it to the next level.

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