53 Best Indoor Plant Stands For All Plants

Indoor plant stands create a unique opportunity for nature lovers to enjoy bringing a bit of the outdoors into their interior space. They improve your interior décor and offer lots of room for creativity and experimentation. The plants they hold offer a host of health benefits by detoxifying the air around us and relieving stress.

While they give you the chance to show off your gardening skills, a cool indoor plant stand could also create a welcome distraction for plants that have seen better days.

Unique Indoor Plant Stand Ideas:

Indoor plants are all the rage these days and these plant stand ideas are your best bet at showcasing your little collection and adding some visual interest in the process.

We have scoured the web to bring you an extensive collection of every imaginable indoor plant stand option, From tall indoor plant stands and multi-tiered designs to pedestal plant stands for small spaces, there is something to suit everyone’s tastes and interior theme.

Join the hype for all things green and discover some of the best indoor plant stands that you can buy today!

#1 Hook & Stem Co. Mid Century Modern Plant Stand 

Hook & Stem Co. Mid Century Modern Plant Stand

This unique mid-century style stand is a great choice for retro home décor. It is a beautiful walnut piece with round legs. The sturdy build can hold more than 100lbs making it a highly versatile choice for a variety of indoor plants.

#2 This 3-Tier Succulent Planter Stand 


This is one of the most captivating indoor plant stands. The three-tier bamboo shelf comes complete with three pots for succulents. The cascading design guarantees lots of visual interest making it a great focal point for any room.

#3 Teal & Gold Tall Plant Stand 

3-Tier Succulent Planter Stand

A tall indoor plant stand is a great way to make sure they stand out. This is especially so if it comes in a beautiful blend of gold and teal. These eye-catching stands will show off your plants and your sense of style.

#4 Fenimore Indoor Multi-Tiered Plant Stand 

Fenimore Indoor Multi-Tiered Plant Stand

Greenery lovers will appreciate the ingenuity of this stand and its potential to transform the indoor space. It comes in acacia, ensuring great looks and durability. The stand can hold up to a dozen plants creating a beautiful display of nature at its best.

#5 Warner Robins Pedestal Plant Stand 

Warner Robins Pedestal Plant Stand

This pedestal plant stand could create a focal point for your entryway. Thanks to its height and elegant wooden finish, it can blend with virtually any type of décor. Its intricate artwork and tiered base make it the ideal statement piece for a neglected space.

#6 Venetian Plant Stand 


Looking for space saving indoor plant stand ideas? This tall mirrored stand is your best bet. It showcases any choice of plant at vantage point to add focus to your interior space. The mirrored panels reflect light to brighten up and enhance the display.

#7 Campagna Plant Stand 

For a minimalist look this tall wooden stand would have an amazing effect. It offers double the appeal for a nature lover thanks to its natural material choice. And to cap it up, the piece can blend with ease into any room.

#8 Geneva Indoor Plant Stand 

Tiered Metal Plant Stand

When it comes to indoor plant stands for multiple stands, few pieces match up to this one. It is a definite winner when it comes to aesthetics. It offers the opportunity to create your own little paradise right in the living room.

#9 Wooden Leg Taper Pot 

Planter Pot

Take your indoor plant display to the next level with this contemporary design of plant stand. It comprises a concrete vessel on tapered wooden legs. It would easily turn any indoor plant into a focal point thanks to its unique appeal.

#10 Rectangle Copper Indoor Plant Stand 

Rectangle Copper Indoor Plant Stand

Here is a welcome deviation from a majority of indoor plant stands. The material choice of the stand, as well as rectangular shape, makes it an outstanding choice. The fact that the copper will patina with time is a promise of timeless appeal.

#11 Chino Hills Iron Pierced Folding Plant Stand 

Plant Stand

Cheer up that dull corner with one of these indoor plants stands for multiple plants. It is full of visual appeal thanks to the pattern on the top and the folding frame. Even the simplest of indoor plants would look great on this all-white iron display.

#12 Sienna Plant Stand 

Invite the outdoors into your interior space with one of these multi-level stands. The piece can hold up to seven pots but does not take up much space thanks to a compact design. This makes it the ideal choice for a friend who cannot have enough indoor plants.

#13 Modern Retro Plant Stands 

These minimalist planters come in diverse sizes to accommodate every home owner’s preferences. They feature a unique combination of modern and retro aspect to create the perfect stands. Choose from a variety of wood options to create the perfect display.

#14 Abernathy Nesting Multi-Tiered Plant Stand 

Country Apple

Present your indoor or outdoor plants in an elegant arrangement with this classy stand. The three tiers offer lots of space for a nature lover to create a beautiful collection. And the classic scroll design makes it one of the best indoor plant stands.

#15 Red Lilly Metal Plant Stands 

If you are looking to make a statement indoor plant display, then these are the stands for you! They come in an assortment of sizes and shapes to suit your precise needs. They have a minimalist design that directs attention to the plants they hold.

#16 Iron Metal Geometric Plant Holder 

Tebery 2 Pack

This design takes indoor plant stands to the next level. It sports an outstanding geometric base and a white pot that sits in the stand as opposed to on it. Both are high-quality pieces that will grace your interior space for a lifetime to come.

#17 Mid-Century Modern Planter Stands 

Mid-Century Modern Planter Stands

Showcase your love for authentic mid-century pieces with this array of indoor plant stands. They use reclaimed wood as their material of choice. The round ceramic pot has a retro inspiration that comes in brown, white or teal.

#18 Zings & Thingz Multi-Tiered Plant Stand 

For a cool indoor plant stand with a twist look no further than this curvy iron piece. It calls to mind a winding staircase in a medieval castle and will give your interior space a royal look. Showcase up to four indoor plants on this artistic creation.

#19 Large Cube Mid Century Modern Indoor Plant Stands 

Sophia Mills Mid Century

It’s not every day that you come across a cube planter. This wooden plant stand design creates an outstanding choice thanks to the unique shape and natural material choice. In spite of its being a highly contemporary piece, it promises a timeless allure.

#20 Forest & Co Wooden Plant Stands 

Forest & Co Wooden Plant Stands

Brass is the best choice for a modern indoor plant stands for more reasons than one. These pieces are simple yet stunning. They are impossible to miss and come in three different sizes for triple the appeal. A luscious green plant would look great against this amazing background. 

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#21 2-piece Mid Century indoor Plant Stands 

Plant Stand for Indoor Plants

Modern plant stands add a great deal of visual interest to any interior space in need of a makeover. This two-piece set is a great choice for any décor theme. Pair it with a glossy pot for a sophisticated look that will transcend time.

#22 Bullet Planters 


This distinct design of indoor plant stands is a great match for a contemporary space. The beautiful steel tripods and the fiberglass bullet planters work perfectly together to create high visual appeal. They come in four color options to suit every homeowner.

#23 Akron Multi-Tiered Plant Stand 

Metal Potted Plant Stand

Highlight your classic vases on this unique indoor plant stand for a timeless effect. The elegant curves on the legs blend effortlessly with the abstract patterns to offer an eye-catching appeal. It is the perfect combination of aesthetics and function for any interior theme.

#24 Alzado Multi-Tiered Plant Stand 

Wood Plant Stand

This is one of the best indoor plant stands if you are looking to create an oasis of beauty indoors. It sports vibrant orange legs offering a pop of color. Complete the effect with an array of indoor plants to showcase nature’s best.

#25 Marquis & Daw Metal and Wood Plant Stands 

These tall indoor plant stands are a great statement piece for a nature lover. They come in jungle green and feature a wooden top for a truly authentic appeal. They are perfect for small spaces thanks to their compact build.

#26 Norm Architects Wire Planters 

Norm Architects Wire Planters

Creativity is evident in this captivating planter arrangement. The varying heights offer an engaging visual appeal. And the minimalist wire base of the stand directs attention to your indoor plants of choice.

#27 The “London” Indoor Plant Stand 

Wrought Iron Solid Wood

The wooden plant stand is a favorite for many contemporary homeowners. This particular one strikes a delicate balance between the floral arrangement and the stand. The varying pedestal heights make for a fun visual experience.

#28 Conan Multi-Tiered Indoor Plant Stand 

Conan Multi-Tiered Indoor Plant Stand

Conan is one of the best indoor plants stands for a laidback interior theme. It offers great utility without compromising on style. The design is simple yet classic and does not occupy too much space.

#29 Apple Valley Corner Plant Stand 

Corner plant stands are all the rage for city residents looking for a homey appeal. This piece offers a timeless look thanks to the antique bronze finish. It has lots of room for storage making it highly utilitarian.

#30 Six Pot Metal Plant Display Stand 

Six Pot Metal Plant Display Stand 

You can never go wrong with a rustic design when you’re looking to introduce visual interest to any space. The pots and frame are metallic and have a distressed finish. The pots are easy to remove and come with a chalkboard area for labelling.

#31 Metal Pot Desk Plant Stands 

Get your indoor plant stands in varying heights and colors to create a mini paradise. The variations on these pieces call for attention and make them a great focal point for any room. Their solid construction guarantees a lifetime of service.

#32 Indoor Copper Planter Stand 

Indoor Copper Planter Stand

Complete your contemporary theme in style with one of these modern stands. They come in pure copper offering high quality and even higher aesthetic appeal. Thanks to their versatile design, they can hold virtually any type of pot.

#33 Whisler Pedestal Plant Stand 

Whisler Pedestal Plant Stand

Accent any room of choice with this mid-century pedestal for a stunning effect. It derives inspiration from the iconic silhouette of the 1960’s. But it goes a step further, incorporating a contemporary twist with bronze wire and tops.

#34 Cameley 3 Piece Modern Iron Bowl Nesting Plant Stand Set 

Cameley 3 Piece Modern Iron Bowl Nesting Plant Stand Set

Dome planters are the best choice if your main intention is to create an outstanding display. This stand set offers three times the appeal with the nesting pieces that come in varying sizes. Black is the perfect color choice to direct attention to their contents.

#35 Blackened Metal Planter or Side Table On A Stand 

Multipurpose planters come in handy for homeowners whose key focus is functionality. This unique indoor plant stand could double as a side table. In both roles, it functions as the perfect display for adding character to the object on it.

#36 Wooden Succulent Display Stand 

Flaunt your collection of succulents on one of these indoor plant stands for multiple plants. It gets inspiration from the egg tray design with a dozen trays for your plants. The resting spots of the stand add to its utility while also creating a fun visual display.

#37 The BV! Indoor Flower and Plant Stand 

Flower Plant Stand Indoor

Nature lovers will agree that you can never have too many indoor plants. The problem has always been how to organize them. This stand is the perfect answer to the problem as it can hold up to 13 pots on different levels for an amazing visual feast.

#38 Hilderbrand Corner Plant Stand 

Hilderbrand Corner Plant Stand

This understated wooden plant stand is the best way to light up a dull corner of your house. It has a warm honey finish that turns a house into a home with ease. The curvy lines are proof of remarkable craftsmanship.

#39 Windsor Hand Carved 2-Tier Table 

Windsor Hand Carved 2-Tier Table

Grace your indoor space with this nature lover’s dream stand. It is slim, elegant and tall and will blend with virtually any background. Its hand-carved design lends it an authentic flair that is impossible to duplicate.

#40 Scalloped Embossed Iron Planters 

Scalloped Embossed Iron Planters

Beautiful indoor plants deserve a beautiful home to show off their best elements. The scalloping aspect works well with the impossibly thin legs to add mystery to your room of choice. Give your indoor plants a reason to thrive with this amazing design of a stand.

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#41 Zen Minimalist Succulent Planter And Stand 

Zen lovers would appreciate the minimalistic appeal evident in this concept of plant stand. The simplicity of it is the most captivating aspect. And thanks to its diminutive dimensions it can grace the dining table, office desk or even a console table.

#42 Wicker Plant Stands 

Complete your bohemian décor theme with these large rattan stands of plant stands. They are the closest to nature you could ever come with indoor plant stands. Their vintage looks make a charming addition to any space.

#43 Noreen Multi-Tier Plant Stand 

Noreen Multi-Tier Plant Stand

Whether your home happens to bear a rustic or modern theme, this versatile piece of plant stand will spice it up. It has a metallic frame and travertine tops that give it a vintage look. The multi-tier design adds to its allure and makes it a remarkable centerpiece.

#44 Heather Ann Creations Plant Stand 

Glitzhome Farmhouse

Turn this charming piece of plant stand into the highlight of your décor. It is a simple wooden stand with a shallow tray. The removable top makes it highly convenient if you love to change the look frequently. And the color contrast makes it an undeniable focal point.

#45 Galvanised Copper Plant Stand 

This is one of the best indoor plant stands in our collection. It comes in a stunning galvanized copper finish that will ensure a timeless trendy look. The multi-tier design makes it great for a nature lover who lacks access to a garden.

#46 Tall Mid Century Indoor Plant Stand 

Tall planters are a great choice if you wish to showcase your indoor garden. This piece stands out in every respect and commands attention from afar. It comes in your choice of solid hardwood to guarantee a lifetime’s performance.

#47 Pedestal Planter Stand 

Transform your indoor plant collection into an art deco with these indoor plant stands. They are simple and laid back and will direct all eyes to your beautiful choice of plants. You could have them on the floor or floating for a mysterious effect.

#48 Orviston Plant Stand 

Orviston Plant Stand

Accentuate your interior space with this fun silhouette design of plant stand. It is a work of art in its own right. Add the right indoor plants on its base and top pedestal and enjoy the effect. The twists and turns hold lots of mysterious appeal for any nature lover.

#49 3-Piece Mid-Century Indoor Plant Stand Set 

3-Piece Mid-Century Indoor Plant Stand Set

These square oak pieces stand come in a set of three to make a stunning display for guests and residents alike. They are small enough to fit neatly in a corner. But they command sufficient attention to ensure that everyone stepping in at once notices them.

#50 Terrarium Decor Plant Stand 

Plant Terrarium Wooden Stand

If you happen to know a nature lover with a thing for art, this is the ultimate gift choice for them. It is a tiny plant stand that makes use of recycled light bulbs to bring the outdoors in. The glass vase offers lots of opportunity for creativity and fun.

#51 Ebonised Elephant Plant Stand

Plants and elephant lovers must fall for this splendid plant stand. A wonderful piece of plant stand that will definitely add a vintage touch to your home. Its black color perfectly portrays the elegance of the stand. Featuring the ivory of the elephants makes this outstanding item one of the best plant stands you can buy.

#52 Recycled Metal Ostrich Plant Stand

You will not believe that this dazzling indoor plant stand is beautifully made by recycled material. The coin combination of the ostrich body makes it easy for water to flow from the plant when you water it. Thanks to its mesmerizing design, this stand can undoubtedly become a highlight of your home.

#53 9-Tier Tooca Plant Stand

Allow your interior design soul a chance to give an alluring touch to the corner of your house with this 9-tier stand. Besides being able to be used to put plants, this aesthetic stand can also be useful for displaying your favorite items. Indeed, it is the definition of simplicity at its finest!

What is the best indoor plant stands?

It depends on your taste of course! Nonetheless, minimalist with elegant touch of plant stands are the right choice as the material creates timeless design.

Where can you get the best indoor plant stands?

You can find those plant stands on our extensive list. From multiple tier to artistic ones, these well-picked items will surely blow your mind.

The trend to create indoor jungles is right on track and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Get onboard and enjoy the mental, physical and visual benefits that come from adding a natural touch to your interior décor with one of these indoor plant stands.aa

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