Hyundai Combines Comfy Living Room Design with Electric Car Interior on Eco-friendly SEVEN Concept SUV

Would you like to ride on the revolutionary Hyundai SEVEN SUV? This concept vehicle is inspired by an innovative idea of bringing a comfortable living room into an electric car. You can do all sorts of activities with your family inside the spacious interior of this car. In the future, you will be able to have a quality time together even while on the road!

Not only that, SEVEN SUV also incorporates cutting edge hygiene technology. We are living in a new era where pandemic has become a real concern.

Hyundai, being inspired by the current global health situation, incorporates resourceful features that will help you to sterilize the inner parts of this vehicle. Using aviation technology, you also get controlled airflow that can minimize contamination.

The interior of the Hyundai SEVEN will use hygienic material that will prevent the growth of unwanted germs. Microorganisms that may cause sickness can spread easily inside enclosed space like car seats or door handles. However, you can minimize that risk because this electric SUV will use special anti-germs minerals, like copper, for the interior.

On top of that, this modern concept electric SUV also features integrated UVC sterilization mode. After you are done cleaning up the surface of the car’s inside, yoo can completely kill all hazardous bacteria or viruses by shining a powerful Ultraviolet light sterilizer.  

When it comes to the outer appearances, Hyundai’s SEVEN comes in a sleek modern exterior. The SUV does not look bulky despite the roomy cabin. The electric car gives off luxurious vibes due to its aerodynamic shape. On top of that the dynamic headlight and taillight enhance the coolness of the car.

The designers of the eco-friendly electric SEVEN SUV use pillarless couch door concept. There is no frame that separates the space of the interior. This design allows this car to have a very huge space for a comfy couch and big entrance. It also allows you to  get to have a snug car seat with many compartments.

Would you like to drink something cold? Because This vehicle also has a fridge!

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Hyundai SEVENconcept  will not just be a simple car, it will become a place where you can sit, relax, and enjoy the scenery. The digital side windows allow wide panoramic views of the outside. Additionally, you also get a Vision Roof Display. This large monitor provides more entertainment for the passengers.

In the concept video released by Hyundai, the SEVEN SUV also features an ultra-modern control stick that can be tucked away. When you are not driving, you can hide the controller mode and activate the cozy lounge interior.

The Hyundai SEVEN SUV concept is certainly a breath of fresh air when we are concerned by climate change and pandemic. With the electric engine and hygiene features, this car is ready to roll out into the future!

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