Hyundai’s Walking Car Concept

Take a walk back to the future in Hyundai’s ingenious walking car, Elevate. Yes, you heard right! This new vehicle design incorporates leg-like structures that fold out!

Challenging terrain will never again have to stand in your way as these legs simply walk over obstacles.

According to Hyundai, the design targets first responders who have to traverse difficult terrain. Whether this is a rock-strewn landscape, a thick forest or mountain, Elevate has got you covered.

It looks like a cross-breed of a reptile from another planet and a highly advanced robot. But the practicality of the concept is hard to beat.  

Hyundai's Walking Car Concept

Not only is it electrically-powered but it is also modular. As a result, it is possible to swap between various vehicle body options to tackle the task at hand.

Hyundai's Walking Car Concept

Its four legs have a number of joints that equip it to mimic both the walking gait of mammals and reptiles. Besides tackling tough terrain, it can climb over a 5-foot wall and step across a 5-foot gap.

Hyundai's Walking Car Concept

This is probably the closest you can get to the Mars Rover, right?

Hyundai's Walking Car Concept

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