Riding Eco-friendly Scooter SPLACH Transformer That Can Traverse Through All Terrains

If you are an adrenaline seeker, riding a boring regular electric scooter may put you to sleep. Fortunately, the radical SPLACH Transformer has come to revolutionize this mobility platform. Daredevils and outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the massive power upgrade.

A mere electric scooter is not that fun for people who love adventure. It does not have any style and speed that can trigger your excitement.

Now, SPLACH Transformer has redefined the existing e-scooter design to the extreme. The inventors from SPLACH BIKE provide its electric scooter with sporty customization and over-the-top acceleration. They incorporate the all-terrain motorbike functionalities into this eco-friendly transportation unit.

The SPLACH Transformer electric motorbike-like scooter is ready to rumble! A regular dirt bike that features high torque is now packed into one tiny package. It is exceptionally strong and intended for maximum thrill.

Eco-friendly Scooter SPLACH Transformer

To achieve a higher level of performance, this scooter uses a stout and well-built electric motor that generates torque up to 960W. This much power will be more than enough to mow down rough terrains. The eco-friendly  SPLACH Transformer can pass through uneven trails, rocky dirt roads, urban landscapes, and even hills. 

Thanks to its incredible motor, this scooter can also climb up to 28% inclining paths. No places are too much for this mighty e-scooter.

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Eco-friendly Scooter SPLACH Transformer

The capable SPLACH Transformer will be suitable for people who need more speed! The engine allows a full maximum speed at 24mph(38 km/). It can reach top velocity within 4-6 seconds. The speedy acceleration is beneficial for a rugged surface.

To power the reliable electric motor, SPLACH Transformer comes with a rechargeable battery with 48V and 10.2Ah capacity. This single battery can reach up to 22-25 miles. If you would love to travel a longer distance, you can bring an additional battery.  You’d be able to swiftly swap it in under 7 seconds.

Eco-friendly Scooter SPLACH Transformer

The SPLACH Transformer uses a low center of gravity for better control and maneuverability. As a result, you get to do tricks like jumping, scrunching, sitting, or standing riding position.

For smoother rides and better grip, the robust SPLACH Transformer uses 10 x 2.5″ pneumatic fat tires. This feature, combined with a dual suspension system, improves the scooter’s capability to pass through any obstacles at high velocity with excellent traction. 

The scooter is equipped with dual wave disc brakes for optimal security. This type of braking system does not generate much heat. This way, you can be sure that your fast SPLACH Transformer can stop any time safely.

Eco-friendly Scooter SPLACH Transformer

The radical design of the SPLACH Transformer certainly opened up a new segment for the scooter market. The sporty electric scooter is providing off-road enthusiasts with eco-friendly alternatives.

For people who love nature, carbon emissions are definitely a priority concern. Now with this scooter, you get to ride off finding new adventures without emitting pollution.  

The SPLACH Transformer project has gathered over $400,000 in Indiegogo. It is currently in the mass production stage and will be available for you very soon!

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