16 Coolest Electric Bikes You Can Buy!

Electric bikes have risen to popularity in the recent past and for good reason. They provide the ultimate blend between the convenience of a bicycle and efficiency and ease of use of a motorcycle. But they are not as bulky, making them all the more enjoyable.

Whether you love to explore trails, want to shorten the daily commute, or manoeuvre hilly terrain over the weekends, we have got a cool e-bike for you. If you are looking for the best electric bike in the world, then you have come to the right place. This electric bike review pits together the best performers in the market.  So sit back and enjoy our list of the coolest electric bikes that you can buy!

The Coolest Electric Bikes:

#1 Propella Electric Bike 

Propella Electric Bike - coolest electric bikes

Propella has made strides to hit the sweet spot between traditional bikes and hybrids with its latest e-bike design. What makes this one of the coolest electric bikes ever, is that it is agile and lightweight. This is a significant deviation from the norm and makes it a pleasure to ride.

Propella Electric Bike

This unique lend offers the advantages of electric pedal assist while still maintaining the traditional feel of a regular bicycle. Its streamlined frame and small battery both contribute to this agility and convenience.

Propella Electric Bike

It features a minimalist design that could have the model confused for a regular bike. But with a 250-watt motor the 34.5lbs e-bike can offer pedal-assist for between 15 and 35 miles at a top speed of 18 mph.

Propella Electric Bike

The battery only takes 2.5 hours to fully charge and is removable. It sports rear disc brakes and comes with a single-speed gear that is upgradable to seven-speed. Enjoy the grace and performance offered by this superb model.

#2 The Fat Tired Folding Frame Moar E-Bike

The Fat Tired Folding Frame Moar E-Bike - cool e-bikes

Whether you happen to be a daily commuter or simply love spending the weekend outdoors, this awesome electric bike has all you need. Its build features aircraft-grade aluminum to guarantee compactness and lightweight in spite of the sturdy construction.

The Fat Tired Folding Frame Moar E-Bike

The design has taken care to conceal the electronic parts so as to secure them from water and the resulting damage. It is powered by a 750-watt motor and a 48-volt battery. Its fat tires allow it to navigate with ease both on the highway and on wild dirt roads.

The Fat Tired Folding Frame Moar E-Bike

When fully charged it can travel up to 85 miles making it one of the coolest electric bikes. It also features headlights ad turn signals. These are just some of the awesome features that have contributed to its crowdfunding success on Indiegogo.

The Fat Tired Folding Frame Moar E-Bike - coolest electric bikes

To date, the project has raised more than $1.2 million from almost 3,000 backers. Become a part of the success story with one of the three versions available.

#3 Audi E-Bike 

Audi E-Bike - coolest electric bikes

The Audi e-bike sports a futuristic design that is just as outstanding as their line of vehicles. The company ventured into the two-wheel sector recently when they purchased Ducati for $1.2bilion.

Ever since they have been excelling in the creation of two-wheel motorsport bikes. Their e-bike is sufficient proof that they are on to a good thing.

Audi E-Bike

It features a deviation from the standard e-bike design in that its motor weight is placed at the center. This is quite an improvement on the traditional concept since the rear-wheel motor transferred weight to the back.

Audi E-Bike - coolest electric bikes

Additionally, this placement makes it possible for power to move through the gear system with ease. This makes it one of the most efficient e-bikes ever. Most of its construction is carbon fiber to cut down on weight and enhance durability.

And in spite of having a full suspension system, these cool e-bikes only weigh about 4lbs.

#4 Luna Fusion Crusher 3 E-Bike 

Luna Fusion Crusher 3 E-Bike - coolest electric bikes - cool e bikes

Luna is world-renowned for some of the best electric bicycles ever. Just one look at this two-wheeler and it is not hard to guess why. The company pays keen attention to detail on the design and ensures top aesthetics as well as remarkable performance.

Luna Fusion Crusher 3 E-Bike

It is a full-suspension bike that offers an improvement on the previous model, the Crusher 2. It also sports a fusion battery, custom-made for the bicycle model. This greatly enhances its performance placing it in a league of its own.

Luna Fusion Crusher 3 E-Bike

Its charge port is conveniently magnetic and the battery capacity is 1000 watts. There is an upgrade option that could offer up to 2500 watts. These modular bikes are not only easy to handle, but they are also easily repairable.

Luna Fusion Crusher 3 E-Bike

Another important aspect of this design is the fact that the base bikes chosen for the build are very high quality. This guarantees the perfect foundation based on quality and durability. With this combination, you can be sure to have your Luna Crusher 3 for a lifetime.

#5 The X1 Explorer Foldable E-Bike 

The X1 Explorer Foldable E-Bike

If you are out in search of the ultimate blend between a regular bike and a vehicle then you have the X1 Explorer. It is a long-range bike with an eco-friendly design that features GPS tracking. One of its most outstanding features is the fact that you can fold it and store it anywhere.

The X1 Explorer Foldable E-Bike

This means that you no longer have to keep circling around the block as you wait to get a parking spot. It transforms in seconds to the size of a golf bag and can even stay in the office with you.

The X1 Explorer Foldable E-Bike

It goes up to 19mph meaning that when there is a traffic snarl-up you will be zooming past all the vehicles without a worry in the world. You can take it everywhere with you, around campus, to the store or even to the train station.

The X1 Explorer Foldable E-Bike

The best part about it is that you will never have to worry about gas.

These cool e-bikes have zero emissions and therefore save the planet as well. Enjoy reconnecting with nature on the X1.

#6 Specialized Turbo Levo FSR Electric Mountain E-Bike 

Specialized Turbo Levo FSR Electric Mountain E-Bike - coolest electric bikes

This is one of the coolest e-bikes thanks to the turbo technology that informs its name. It is built for adventure and is ideal for outdoorsy types. It starts out as a simple trail mountain bike, paying great attention to detail and getting the basics right.

Specialized Turbo Levo FSR Electric Mountain E-Bike

This means that the end product allows for dexterous handling due to the short chainstays. It also has a low bottom bracket to ensure that it feels like it’s glued to the track and unlikely to topple. The battery and motor are the most convenient addition to an already great design.

Specialized Turbo Levo FSR Electric Mountain E-Bike

The 530 watts offer sufficient pedal-assist to push you up steep slopes with ease. and if you happen to be far out and need to conserve energy, you can adjust the output and extend the battery life.

Specialized Turbo Levo FSR Electric Mountain E-Bike

This battery is easy to remove for charging purposes or swaps if you happen to have a spare at hand. The placement of these two heavyweights is well-thought-out and does not compromise on performance.

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#7 The Skillion Max Classic E-Bike 

The Skillion Max Classic E-Bike

The Skillion has got to be one of the best E-bikes known to man. This is because its design takes care to incorporate the best from both worlds. It is a tough build meant for an adventurous lifestyle.

The Skillion Max Classic E-Bike

It operates just as well on the highway as it does on a wilderness trail. And the best part is that all of its hybrid features are neatly concealed into an appealing minimalist package. It has an eight-speed gear shift that makes hills very easy to tackle.

The Skillion Max Classic E-Bike

The removable battery is 48 volts and can cover more than 38 miles on a full charge. It also has disk brakes as well as a front display panel to display speed and other details. But being a bike it requires no license to operate and no insurance cover.

The Skillion Max Classic E-Bike - coolest electric bikes

The pedal-assist system has about 5 levels that also determine the amount of power that is consumed. To top it all off, it has orange cut-out rims that make it eye-catching and irresistible.

#8 Carrera Vengeance E Mens Electric Mountain Bike 

Carrera Vengeance E Mens Electric Mountain Bike

If you love to spend your weekends out riding trails and hills then one of these awesome electric bikes should be your partner. It packs all of the necessary performance aspects, and then some, into one simple and compact package.

Carrera Vengeance E Mens Electric Mountain Bike

The Carrera offers an impressive 8-speed gear shift system and its pedal-assist goes up to 15.5 mph. The 27.5” tires offer all of the support and traction needed for any kind of trail you might come across.

Carrera Vengeance E Mens Electric Mountain Bike

It has a great suspension system as well as a mechanical disk braking capacity for full stops. The body is lightweight aluminum and allows for ease of handling. The battery takes about six hours to charge fully and can operate for up to 40 minutes.

Carrera Vengeance E Mens Electric Mountain Bike

There are different height options and frame sizes to choose from. The concept fits the battery and mortar strategically so as to ensure little interference and perfect weight distribution. If all you dream of is life on the fast lane, find it today with the Carrera Vengeance.

#9 Lopifit Walking E-Bike 

Lopifit Walking E-Bike

If you thought the e-bike revolution is over then here is something to prove you wrong. The Lopifit combines top qualities of scooters, treadmills and cool e-bikes into one. It comes as a relief to those who thought that technology had ruined humanity’s need for bikes.

Lopifit Walking E-Bike

This unique build combines an electric motor assist system and treadmill powered execution. The idea was to get a bit of walking exercise when you are out on the road and cannot hit the gym.

Lopifit Walking E-Bike

Like any other e-bike model, it requires some effort from the rider for the motor to provide assistance. The effort in this case is like a walking motion that sets off a chain reaction. In fact, to start it off, you just need to place one foot on the surface and side it towards the back.

Lopifit Walking E-Bike

As you walk on the treadmill, the motor keeps running and in order to come to a stop, you would need to engage the hand brakes. What a remarkable work of art!

#10 DiamondBack Ranger Electric Mountain Bike 

DiamondBack Ranger Electric Mountain Bike

The DiamondBack ranger features a design so powerful that the bike goes uphill as fast as it does downhill. If you have had a poor experience with an electronic bike in the past, wishing for some changes, this has to be one of your dreams come true.

DiamondBack Ranger Electric Mountain Bike

It is an improvement on the traditional e-bike model that was still full of experimentation. Its color combination is quite vibrant and gives it a unique stylish edge. The aluminum frame keeps weight under check making it agile and easy to handle.

DiamondBack Ranger Electric Mountain Bike

It also sports a convenient handhold for lifting the bike and turning it around. The design makes for a sporty reach to the bar, not too far, not too close. The handlebars are also perfectly placed to complete the posture.

DiamondBack Ranger Electric Mountain Bike

The motor is 250-volt while the battery has about 500-watt hours. The bike has three distinct power grades depending on your environment. So make your pick and let’s go have fun outdoors.

#11 Electric Dirt Bike

Electric Dirt Bike

The electric dirt bike allows you to make the most of dirt-biking without all the effort usually required. It sports a 48-volt battery that can take a full hour to discharge when in use. This provides ample time to traverse rough terrain and make it back to power.

Electric Dirt Bike

What makes it one of the coolest electric bikes is that it is lightweight making it the best choice for beginners. But its capacity and capability far exceed the basics and this opens it up for use by experienced riders as well.

Electric Dirt Bike

It also has a long travel suspension that ensures you will not feel the bumps however rugged the road is. The bike only weighs 79lbs thanks to the fact that most of its parts hail from mountain bikes and not motorcycles.

Electric Dirt Bike

Its top speed is 34 mph and it takes about two hours to recharge to full capacity. A useful twist to its motor design is the fact that it regulates power usage and maximizes the battery’s potential.

#12 Merida EBig Trail Electric Mountain Bike 

Merida EBig Trail Electric Mountain Bike - coolest electric bikes

The Merida has functionality imprinted into the core of its design. Right from the material choice to the part placements and structure, this bike shows great innovation and creativity. But it does not compromise on the all-important aspect of utility.

Merida EBig Trail Electric Mountain Bike

It uses extremely lightweight and durable aluminium from the higher end of the spectrum. It also employs the use of hydroforming technology to ensure that it does not cave in to pressure from an adventurous lifestyle.

Merida EBig Trail Electric Mountain Bike

This aggressive bike model has taken out the rear suspension system for those who prefer a more natural ride. It is highly responsive and will take you places you would never have imagined. The wheels are 27.5” providing a smooth rollover as well as lots of traction on all terrain.

Merida EBig Trail Electric Mountain Bike

This is one of the coolest e-bikes as it allows for exploration without limits and also balances between reliability and performance with ease.

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#13 Stealth B52 Momber Electric Bike 

Stealth B52 Momber Electric Bike

As the name suggests, the Stealth B52 electric bike is built to amaze. It operates at a top speed of 50 mph and offers a range of up to 60 miles when fully charged. This makes it one of the most powerful e-bikes on this list.

Stealth B52 Momber Electric Bike

It also adds to the usual pedal power using a nine-speed gear shift system that offers enhanced performance over all manner of terrain. While the range mentioned above is achievable on economy mode, full speeds would cut it down to 25 miles.

Stealth B52 Momber Electric Bike

It has a well-placed display that shows important information. This display is intuitive and guarantees a user-friendly experience even when on the move. Its battery takes about three hours to recharge fully and this information also shows on the display.

Stealth B52 Momber Electric Bike - coolest electric bikes

Another highlight of the bike’s design is the fact that its digital inverter contains no moving parts and is therefore not prone to wear and tear. Other features also show its keen use of the latest technology, for instance, its completely silent acceleration.

#14 Raleigh Evo Electric Folding Bike

If you have limited space in your home, yet you are considering buying an electric bike, this Raleigh Evo electric folding bike will probably suit you best. Its design allows you to fold up the bike, thus it will not take up so much room in your place. It is also only 20 kgs in weight, pretty light for an electric bike

Moreover, the backbone of the bike is quite low, so bikers don’t have to struggle to reach the saddle. Additionally, this design is very flexible for those who wear skirts while cycling.

Unlike any other folding bike, it is equipped with a seat rack that can be used to ride together with your friend. You don’t need to worry, this bike has a maximum capacity of 120 kilograms. Furthermore, aluminum is used to make these electric bicycles, which is known for its toughness. No wonder if the durability is very good.

In addition, there is a speed monitor that is linked to the pedal of the bike, making it easier for bikers to control their speed while riding this bicycle. The maximum speed of the bike is 15.5 mph, while the limit range is up to 30 miles with a 250Wh capacity of the battery. The charging time for the battery is around 4-5 hours. Fascinating isn’t it? Find more information about this product

#15 Voodoo Zobop E-Shimano Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike

Challenge yourself to try an adventurous journey by riding this electric mountain bike from Voodoo. It will take you to numerous places you have never been before. By paying attention to its sturdy construction and dashing design, it is suitable for those who are passionate about extreme sports activities. 

Exploring high-pitched trails is not a problem anymore since the bike provides a pair of Grippy 27.5’’ Maxxis Rekon tires that allow you to control the bike while descending from the hill or mountain tracks. In addition, thanks to its full suspension, you can ride the bike comfortably even the road ahead of you may be rocky. 

Speaking about the electric bike, the battery capacity is a must consider before purchasing one. With the capacity of 540Wh, your bike supports you to take a long ride for up to 60 miles. The removable battery is mounted on the down tube to assure that both strength and weight of the bike are still kept in the center. Therefore, it gives the feeling of balance riding as the non-electric bikes. 

Furthermore, another thing that you should’ve not missed is the saddle. A proper saddle will give you comfort while riding your mountain bike. The Voodoo mountain bike offers you an extendable saddle that can be adjusted to your posture. 

Last but not least feature you need to take a look at is a speed sensor. It allows you to monitor your pace while riding this mountain bike. Feel the thrill of riding a stable electric bicycle which makes your mountain biking experience more exciting. Find more info

#16 Pendleton Somerby Electric Bike 

Calling all female bikers to take a look at this unique Pendleton Somerby electric bike. Its vintage design will surely amaze you. The combination of midnight blue with a touch of brownish color is indeed alluring. You may even forget that this bike is operated electrically as the appearance is just like an ordinary rustic bike. 

In terms of material, aluminum is chosen to build the frame of this bike, resulting in a lighter weight of about 22 kilograms. Meanwhile, both grips and the saddle look so appealing as it utilizes brown imitation leather fabric to wrap them. There is a hint of the trademark on the saddle’s side which makes it look exclusive. The bike also has a bell and a speed sensor to indicate your speed during biking. It allows you to ride to the limit of approximately 50 miles.

No need to worry if you want to give a ride to your friend. This bike has a seat rack that will be useful for you to ride the bike together. Additionally, as you can see under the rack, there is a mounted removable battery that delivers 317Wh cells. With such capacity, you can ride for up to 50 miles depending on your speed. Now, it’s time to consider buying this vintage electric bike. For further information, you can click

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How long electric bike battery lasts?

The battery life lasts from 2 to 4 years. It is also affected by how frequently you charge your electric bikes. The more often you charge the e-bike, the shorter the battery life is.

This list of the coolest e-bikes in existence goes to show that even your wildest fantasy can come true. So make your pick today and enjoy the life of adventure that lies in store for you.

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