Weight Distributing Cushion

With this Weight Distributing Cushion you’ll be able to sit on an egg, enough said.

If that’s not enough, know this-this is the seating cushion your back, bum, and legs have been aching for, Literally.

We all sit. A lot. This inevitably results in horrible back pain, no matter your age. So if a standing desk is not an option, you can outfit your chair with one of these cushions.

The innovative polymer blend moulded into evenly spaced columns provides unparalleled support for your tush. You can literally sit on an egg without cracking it. 

Weight Distributing Cushion

Both the cushion and the case it comes in are machine-washable. The cushion can also be carried around in a discreet travel case.

Weight Distributing Cushion

If you think your office chair is uncomfortable, think about the torture of sitting in an airplane or stadium seat.

Weight Distributing Cushion

So you can switch your worn down padding pillow for the best Weight Distributing Cushion science could come up with.

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