40 Incredibly Cool Bookshelves That Are Unique

People don’t usually think too much about bookshelves. Normally, they are just these rectangular pieces of furniture meant for keeping our books and various trinkets in one place, right? Wrong.

We here at Awesome Stuff 365 have thought a lot about cool bookshelves so much so that we’ve compiled a list of the most original and unique ones we were able to find.

With one awesome bookshelf, you can turn a plain normal room into a masterpiece of modern interior design. You can showcase your personality, interests, and add a splash of color to your surroundings.

Cool Bookshelves That Are Unique:

So grab your tablet or laptop, hide in your hanging cocoon hammock and discover that perfect bookshelf just for you.  The one that will inspire you to read more and more books each day. Or will at least create an illusion that you do, not everyone has time for that.

#1 The Batman Bookshelf

batman bookshelf - Cool bookshelves

Lots of comic books merchandise can hardly be called tasteful, especially when it’s mainly designed for kids and teenagers. Fortunately, Batman is an exception which is expertly shown by these cool bookshelves. Find It Here.


#2 Mid Century Modernism Design Bookcase

Mid Century Modernism Design Bookcase - Cool bookshelves

This is a fine example of modern bookcases that can serve as a focal point of the entire room. Its honeycomb fluid shape makes it a unique addition to any interior and it can also serve as a room divider. Comes in white and black. Find It Here.


#3 Dr. Suess Bookshelves

Dr. Suess Bookshelves

These bookshelves have been inspired by Alice In Wonderland and Cat In The Hat pictures. They do look absolutely magical with a dash of crazy (the good kind) thrown in. That’s a really cool addition to any children’s bedroom. We could even see some adults investing in those, we are all kids on the inside, after all. You can enhance the magical feeling of these bookshelves with bookmarking your kid’s books with these wicked witch bookmarksFind Them Here.


#4 The Leaning Bookcase

The Leaning Bookcase

If you’re looking for unique bookshelves that emanate minimalism and simplicity these are just the right kind for you. Their open design makes showcasing your belongings easy and effortless. In addition, the bookshelves come in many colors. You can just the right for you or mix and match several of them for achieving an interesting look. Find It Here.


#5 The Yin Yang Bookshelf

The Yin Yang Bookshelf - Cool bookshelves

Why buy pieces of art separately from the furniture if you can buy furniture that is a piece of art in itself. This Yin Yan bookshelf’s design is beautifully fluid and interesting. The separation between the Yin and Yan sides creates unique variety in the shelves’ sizes and shapes. Find It Here.


#6 Industrial Style Copper Pipe And Dark Walnut Pine Shelving Unit

Industrial Style Copper Pipe And Dark Walnut Pine Shelving Unit

It is almost baffling how furniture designed in industrial style can be so chic and so bold at the same time. This bookshelf with a copper finish is a prime example of that. It will look organic in a messy loft as well as in a small minimalist apartment. Attach it to a wall with studs and store your book collection in all its 80’’ high glory. Find It Here.


#7 Dimension Shelves

Dimension Shelves

If you are looking for unique bookshelves, none will fit better than this one. Your mind may play some tricks with you here as this bookshelf appears to be a 2D print-out. In fact, it’s a 3D version of rhombille tiling. The plastic creates an illusion of flatness when in reality it’s quite practical and very stylish. It’s also a great way of confusing your guests. Find It Here.


#8 Geometric Osuna Bookshelf

Geometric Osuna Bookshelf

Unusual bookshelves don’t get any better than this stylish piece. It’s a practical way of filling narrow spaces and livening up your apartment. This bookshelf is created as a combination of geometrical shapes with additions of walnut and mirrors. The latter especially will bring out an effect of depth and light into this not-so-ordinary piece of furniture. Find It Here.


#9 Interactive Modular Bookshelves

Interactive Modular Bookshelves

This awesome wall shelf will never get cluttered. After mounting the modules on the wall you can adjust the length of the shelf by simply folding it down. That brings a pinch of interactivity into your apartment as well as some space saving. The single strips can be also used as hangers. Find It Here.


#10 Nautical Wooden Boat Shelves

Nautical Wooden Boat Shelves

Our list simply wouldn’t be finished without this cool bookshelf. It’s a big 4-foot shelf which looks like a rowboat standing up. Each shelf is handmade of cedar. That makes it a very original piece of furniture and a great gift for anyone who loves fishing or feels the sea calling. Find It Here.


#11 The Fitting Pyramid Bookcase

The Fitting Pyramid Bookcase - Cool bookshelves

Cool bookcases don’t necessarily have to be flashy. This piece, for example, looks very elegant. The pyramid-like shape will fit into any room and won’t disturb the overall home decor. It’s quite clever as well using aluminum modules to hold books in a tilted way. It makes sure that all books always stay in order and never fall. Pretty clever case indeed. Find It Here.


#12 Convenience Concepts Oxford “A” Frame Bookshelf

Convenience Concepts Oxford “A" Frame Bookshelf

This bookshelf may not look like a piece of art, but it’s as practical as it gets. First of all, you get to assemble it, which for some can be a treat. Secondly, it’s shaped like the letter A and reminds of a ladder. It’s composed of four storing spaces, great for your wider and narrower stuff. That practicality is why it’s placed among the cool bookshelves on our list. Find It Here.


#13 Geometric Ruche Shelving Units

Geometric Ruche Shelving Units

These awesome units are shaped like a beehive. They are one of the most practical pieces you can find. They are also extremely stable and strong. Bookshelves come in a variety of sizes, colors and even materials, best suited for your needs. You can choose the most suiting bookshelf designs for your home, assemble them yourself and enjoy for a really long time. Find It Here.


#14 BookTree Bookshelf

BookTree Bookshelf - Cool bookshelves

This amazing piece has to be among the most creative bookshelves money can buy. After assembly, it looks like a tree. Leave it alone and you can enjoy it as an original piece of home decor. For more practical usage, treat the branches as shelves. You will be left with a beautiful tree, bearing all of your favorite stuff as its’ fruits. Find It Here.


#15 Cube Unit Bookcase

Cube Unit Bookcase

This big piece of furniture certainly fits the cool bookshelves criteria. With its’ 71’’ in height and a very sturdy frame, you would think that it’s size makes it especially eye-catching. Well, in fact, it’s the layout of particular cases, which makes it very original. These cases look as if created in Tetris with a variety of shapes and sizes among them. They are very practical and aesthetically pleasing – a perfect combination. Find It Here.


#16 Floating Super Hero Bookshelf

Floating Super Hero BookShelf - Cool bookshelves

If you are looking for funny bookshelves then you don’t have to look any further. This one comes with a superhero of your choice (or rather the silhouette) which looks as if he is the force which holds your books in place. You can use the shelf horizontally or vertically, the outcome will be just as fun and eye-catching. Find It Here.


#17 Steampunk Industrial Bookshelf

Steampunk Industrial Bookshelf

Here is a great bookshelf for all you steampunk lovers out there. It’s a huge wall shelf and its design is truly marvelous. The wooden shelves are connected via brass and copper pipes with a few valves and pressure gauges in between. This industrial pieces of art will not only hold your books but also amazingly liven up your home. Find It Here.


#18 Rocky Bookshelf by Charles Kalpakian

Rocky Bookshelf by Charles Kalpakian

Looking for cool bookshelves? How about a piece which will make you question reality itself? This amazing bookshelf was made as a 3D pattern, changing itself and revealing its’ secrets depending on your point of view. It will definitely attract a lot of attention and spice up your living room. Find It Here.


#19 Tabletop Minimalist Bookshelves

Tabletop Minimalist Bookshelves

If you really don’t have any place in your room for a bookshelf you can still keep your go-to books closeby. These minimalist bookshelves come in two shapes (X and V) and will serve you as a cool small alternative to ceiling-high bookcases. You can keep both books and notebooks there, so it’s a really handy space-saving bookshelf for a student in their dorm room. Find It Here.

#20 Industrial Pipe Bookshelf

Industrial Pipe Bookshelf

If you are looking for cool wall bookshelves, then I think we have a piece just for you. It’s a handmade shelf with a serious steampunk feel to it. It’s made of pipes with nice light bulbs at the ends. The books are held in place as if they were floating thanks to a cleverly designed storage space. It’s simple, original and practical, what’s not to love? Find It Here.


#21 Deer Shelf

Deer Shelf

This piece will not hold too many books as it was designed to store smaller objects. Anyone has to admit it’s not a bad idea as the little stuff is always laying around and is never there when you need it. The lack of major space is balanced by a great design. The case looks like a deer’s head, making it stylish and very original. Find It Here.


#22 Oval Floating Shelves

Oval Floating Shelves - Cool bookshelves

This wall shelf may as well be the definition of originality. The oval shape looks as if it’s growing out of the wall. It’s also quite practical as it’s composed of 13 square storage spaces and a few smaller ones if you get creative with your storage style. Looking for cool bookshelves? That might be the one! Find It Here.


#23 French Country Ladder Bookshelf

French Country Ladder Bookshelf

A simple solution may sometimes be the best one. A good example of this rule is this bookshelf. It’s shaped like a ladder, with five large storage spaces.

It’s easy to assemble and will fit any room. Come to think of it the simplistic design looks quite modern and stylish. It’s a great combination of practicality and style. Find It Here.


#24 Floating Invisible Bookshelves

Floating Invisible Bookshelves

If you are looking for cool small bookshelves, then this one might be perfect for you. It’s truly small as it’s in fact just a crafty piece of metal. You need to mount it on an old book and then stack some other books atop. These books will be simply laying on the shelf but will appear as if floating in the air. It’s a very good space-saver and an awesome way to confuse your guests. Find It Here.


#25  Nautilus Bookshelf

Nautilus Bookshelf - Cool bookshelves

Do you need cool bookshelves for your children? Their books come in a huge variety of sizes, making them hard to store. This piece was designed specifically with these needs in mind. The shelf is composed of 15, yes 15, separate storage spaces for different book sizes. That way all of your child’s books will always end up sorted, neat and ready to be used again. Plus, the whole shelf looks like a snail’s shell, which every child will love. Find It Here.


#26 The Bookcase Chair

the bookcase chair

If all you need is a stylish bookshelf, which will also be a space-saver then this one should fit the bill. It’s a nice, comfy armchair equipped with shelves all around.

It’s a great solution for smaller apartments or just for people who look for originality in their decor. Is there a better way to unwind than relaxing in your favorite spot with all of your books at an arm’s reach? Find It Here.


#27 Tetris Decor Shelving Units

Tetris Decor Shelving Units

These awesome, handmade units simply have to fit into the cool bookshelves category. They are colorful (with various color patterns to be chosen by you) and look like Tetris blocks. The wow effect is enhanced by the fact that the bookshelves are meant to hang on the wall. This will surely bring 80s nostalgia and style into your apartment. Find It Here.


#28 Handmade Animal Shelf

Handmade Animal Shelf

This simple piece of furniture is also one of the most unique bookshelves on the market.The items are handmade with a large variety of colors to choose from, depending on what will fit best into your house. The end product is a practical bookshelf with four large storage units, which also looks like a cat. This cute and colorful piece will surely liven up any room. Find It Here.


#29 Storyline Bookshelf

Storyline Bookshelf

This awesome bookshelf literally pushes the boundaries of personalized yet extremely stylish home decor items. Each bookshelf represents a word or rather its’ soundwave. That wave is then turned into steel bookshelf, which you can hang on your wall. No other furniture in your house will have as much meaning to you. Combine that with a modern look, variety of colors, and good practicality and you have got yourself one hell of a bookshelf. Find It Here.


#30 Spiral Bookcase

Spiral Bookcase - Cool bookshelves

Cool bookshelves don’t come any closer to perfect than this one. To a bystander, it may only look like a big, metal spiral. But hang it up on the wall and you have a bookshelf of your dreams. Thanks to some clever partitions, your books can be stored in a variety of positions, depending on which way the shelf is hung. You can now easily spice up any room using only your books. Find It Here.


#31 Albaco Bookshelf By Tonin

Albaco Bookshelf By Tonin

This stylish piece is one of the cool bookcases one might find in a stylish and well-equipped room. The bookcase looks like a piece of art even when it’s standing alone and empty. It’s composed of multiple storage units varying in size and shape. Then you liven it up with your personal belongings and the bookshelf will truly look spectacular. You can also get a few of those and create amazingly stylish and practical compositions. Find It Here.


#32 Mid Century Teardrop Shelf

Mid Century Teardrop Shelf

When you think about Swedish furniture you might be imagining some cool bookshelves. They are usually pretty original yet humble and practical to the fullest. This handmade Swedish bookshelf is a great representation of this style. This small piece looks like a teardrop, warming up your place. Inside you can find a few storage spaces in different sizes. It’s a perfect way of making your apartment a bit more cozy, without sacrificing practicality. Find It Here.


#33 Ignacio Accent Shelves

Ignacio Accent Shelves

A modern apartment can not be truly finished without a clever and practical bookshelf. This one is a great example of such a piece. The clever combination of wood and glass will create an illusion of floating shelves, even though in reality they are nice and secure. Four big storage spaces will fit a lot of your stuff, with the shelf making it look even better. Find It Here.


#34 Fan Shaped Bookshelf

Fan Shaped Bookshelf

There are some cool bookshelves that are not necessarily flashy but compensate it with a cozy look and massive practicality.

This one, for example, is shaped like a nice, curvy, long wave, but not in a striking fashion. It features twelve storage spaces and some more on top, making it much bigger than it looks. Find It Here.


#35 Trailing Spiral Bookshelf

Trailing Spiral Bookshelf - Cool bookshelves

A spiral bookshelf doesn’t have to be round and simple. If you need a really big shelf for your equally big wall, with a pinch of style and uniqueness, then look no further. The already spacious, handmade spiral is now prolonged by two large metal lines. Thanks to some partitions your books will stay in place no matter at what angle. Find It Here.


#36 Contemporary 5 Shelf 2tone Bookshelf Display Stand

Contemporary 5 Shelf 2tone Bookshelf Display Stand

This is one of those cool bookcases, which combine the traditional practicality with a modern, funky twist. It uses the good old ladder design to ensure maximum practicality. It has five large storage spaces, making sure that all of your stuff fits. The shelves are designed as wooden boxes, placed randomly on the steps. That adds some personalization and color into the whole piece. Find It Here.

#37 Rotating Bookshelf

Rotating Bookshelf

This beautiful walnut bookshelf was designed to add some interactivity to your room. The shelf is composed of four square storage units of the same size. Every cube unit is rotating together with some built-in mirrors to add an effect. It’s a great piece for people who like their stuff sorted into smaller, well-organized piles or maybe need to keep something as a secret. Find It Here.


#38 Surfboard Shelf

Surfboard Shelf

This little bookshelf will fit into any room in your house. It’s handmade of pine and mahogany and looks like a showcase of a surfboard. The unique style of this shelf makes it a perfect fit for any living room, bedroom, bathroom, garage or even kitchen. It’s also a great gift for anyone who enjoys riding the waves. Find It Here.


#39 Typographic Bookshelf

Typographic Bookshelf - Cool bookshelves

This is one of the most unique bookshelves money can buy. It might only be composed of two, rather large storage spaces, but the design reveals why. Both shelves have been marked with big typography saying “Has Been Read” and “Will Be Read”. It’s a great way of sorting your books and maybe even showing off how many cool books you managed to read. Find It Here.


#40 Modern Sole Bookshelves

Modern Sole Bookshelves

When you want to read a book, there is one essential factor which will decide on your success rate. That is if you have a good comfortable place to do the reading. Now how about combining the place and the books into one piece? This amazing piece of furniture does just that. It’s composed of two shelf towers with nine storage spaces for your collection and a very comfy lounge in between. Get this combo and you will truly lose any track of time. Find It Here.

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