The Bookcase Chair

The ultimate reading chair with a built-in bookcase. The Bookcase Chair is comfy with a modern looking design which can be customized to add a splash of color to your home through different colored seat cushions.

This just might be the ultimate gift for any book worm or anyone who wants to showcase their book collection in style.

Made from quality materials the standard finish is in white or black. Colour combinations available on request. The chair measures 39.76 x 33.07 inches, 29.13 inches high and contains space for 5m of books (5m on a bookshelf). ‘

The chair also comes on rolling castors for ease of transportability. You wouldn’t want to unload your whole library out of this chair if you just want to move closer to the window?  Thought so. 

the bookcase chair

Perfect if you’re tight on space or just admire creatively designed furniture, the bookcase chair provides a great way to organize your reading collection as well as a comfy place to relax.

the bookcase chairJust imagine being nestled in this deep comfortable seat with your favorite book.

The ultimate place to relax, forget the world, and completely submerge into a fictional one. 

the bookcase chair

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