Long-Distance Relationship Pillows

Every relationship is built on emotional connection and physical contact.

The second one might be hard to achieve when being in a long-distance relationship.

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No amount of texting or video calls can make up for the lack of seeing and feeling your loved one in person. But these Long-Distance Relationship Pillows can make this a bit easier.

These Long-Distance Relationship Pillows allow you to hear the heartbeat of your beloved through your pillow.  In the meantime, your partner will also be able to hear your heartbeat, even he or she is thousands of miles away from you. 

Long-Distance Relationship Pillows

Falling asleep listening to the sound of your loved one’s heartbeat will surely make the distance feel more insignificant. It will allow you to feel connected, peaceful, and maybe will soothe the longing just a little.

Long-Distance Relationship Pillows

In one set, you get two wristbands, think of these as your ” Long-distance Relationship Bracelets ” these come with two speakers. To start your “pillow talk” session each one of you has to put on the wristband.

Then, place the small speaker under your pillow. The last thing you’ll need is a Pillow Talk app that comes with these Long-Distance Relationship Pillows. You can download it for both iOS as well as Android.

Long-Distance Relationship Pillows

The app will let your partner know that you are in bed and are all set to listen to their heartbeat. Both of you then can get connected and start listening what each of your hearts sounds like.

That’s wristband’s doing as it senses your real-time heartbeat and sends it to your loved one’s speaker. If the speaker is not exactly your thing, you can also listen to the heartbeat through headphones. 

Long-Distance Relationship Pillows

It’s true that photos, texts, or even body pillows are comparable to the actual presence of your beloved. But these Long-Distance Relationship Pillows can bring at least one aspect of their being closer to you – their heartbeat.

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Long-Distance Relationship Pillows

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