25 Unique Rocking Chairs for The Whole Family

Do you remember that we used to sit on our grandpa’s rocking chair when we were kids? Since the chair can rock smoothly and simply because it is different from other chairs, children love to play with it. A mom with her newborn also likes to sit there since it helps calm the baby’s mood. In any case, unique rocking chairs create a more welcoming atmosphere for your home.

If you plan on getting a rocking chair to add to your home, read this article first! Here, we will inspire you to find unique rocking chairs that you can buy as a present for grandpa or for completing your furniture collection. Anyway, just make sure you read it all!

What Are The Benefits Of A Rocking Chair?

Using a rocking chair will soothe your mood and help you relax more after long working hours. Furthermore, a rocking chair for new moms will boost their mood while breastfeeding the baby in the nursery room. You can rest your back and legs and enjoy the ride while the chair rocks smoothly.

How Do You Choose A Rocking Chair?

By measuring the size first, you can decide the design and material based on your needs when choosing a rocking chair. You can choose whether the rocking chair is for the kids, nursery room, or just for relaxing. Also, pay attention to where you want to place the rocking chair! You want to avoid misplacing the furniture because it may ruin your interior design.

BEST and Unique Rocking Chair

1. IKEA Strandmon Chair

Rocking Legs for IKEA Strandmon Chair

Nowadays, rocking chairs are created using comfy and soft material, not just hardwood. This rocking chair can be a great idea to add to your home as a gift for grandpa. He can relax and calm his mood by sitting there after tiring activities while enjoying a cup of tea.

Furthermore, the kids will be happy to sit there as well. This rocking chair is versatile since you can adjust it into a sofa if you feel like not using the rocking chair anymore.

2. Princess Norn Rocking Chair

Princess Norn Rocking Chair Upholstered with Wool

This rocking chair’s modern design and sophisticated look will instantly enhance your apartment or office room. Since it is made of wool, your grandpa will also feel comfortable sitting in there. Get this rocking chair in your favorite color before it runs out of stock!

3. Ergonomic Rocking Arm Chair

Rocking Chair with Corner Leg Rest

This rocking chair comes with an ergonomic design. Since it is complemented by an iron frame, this rocking chair is reliable and can hold up to 150 kg. Furthermore, the footrest is adjustable! Your grandpa can make it higher or lower based on his preference while relaxing. In addition, the chair’s ergonomic design will fit his body perfectly once he sits down. No one can interrupt your grandpa’s leisure time here!

4. PORTAL Folding Rocking

Oversized Quad Folding Camping Rocking Chair

 Who says sitting on unique rocking chairs can only be done at home? Using this model, you can enjoy a relaxing rocking chair even when camping outside. This foldable rocking chair is portable and easy to carry. 

Since it uses an X-shaped frame, the folding size is smaller than a regular folding rocking chair. Furthermore, the chair is built with a durable steel frame and high-density polyester. And the mesh back will allow air circulation for a cooling effect.

5. Wostore Rocking Lounger

Rocking Lounger Patio Chaise Sunbathing Chair

If you are looking for a rocking chair that will fit your patio or poolside, then the answer is here! This item is very functional since it is easy to assemble and meet your needs to lay down and relax in the backyard.

Furthermore, you can see an integrated pocket to save your drink or any snacks you bring from the kitchen. So, get this chair and enjoy the weekend, even if it is only done in your backyard. Your grandpa can also have fun with it because sunbathing may be suitable for his old bones!

6. Urban Shop Rocking Saucer

6. Rocking Saucer Chair

Although the size and shape are not like any other models, we are pretty sure you’ll love this unique rocking chair. Also, if you have a baby, this chair will fit them perfectly and help the baby get to sleep comfortably. It has a save-spacing size and comes in a solid and bright color. 

7. Erommy Mid Century Chair

Mid Century Living Room Chair

Oh, another rocking chair with a comfortable and sleek design! This one can be a special gift for your parents or grandparents. That way, they can spend their leisure time relaxing on this rocking chair. It is very classic yet elegant with a super soft and durable material. We guarantee the elderly people will be very thankful if you surprise them with this one. 

8. Little Seeds Raven

Raven Upholstered Rocking Chair

If you want to surprise your wife, then this item might be suitable. It is one of the most unique rocking chairs with a modern twist! This has a pink color, enhancing its cuteness. The rocking chair has a stylish and sweet design that perfectly fits the bedroom or living room. If your wife is a new mom, you will receive many thankful reactions from her after giving this one. After all, it is what all new moms need to babysit. 

9. Acme Furniture Rocking Chair

Sharan Rocking Chair

A classic and vintage rocking chair will enhance your place’s style. Because of the pure white color, it will look elegant for your living room. Also, you can surprise your parents or nanny by bringing this rocking chair to their house. A thoughtful and practical gift for sure!

10. Azalea Ridge Rocking Chair

Azalea Ridge Outdoor Steel Rocking Chair,

Usually, a chair with a steel frame is suitable for the patio. Now, you can get a sturdy rocker made out of steel too! This model is perfect for relaxing in the backyard. Although it seems like a usual chair, this model is pretty durable and steady as a rocking chair. 

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11. Natural Wood Baby Rocker

unique rocking chairs

We all know that a rocking chair is pretty helpful for babysitting. You can let the baby relax while we sit and watch over the toddler. Now, why don’t we get a rocking chair tailored for babies? This one will be your baby’s favorite spot to enjoy their day! Equipped with a safety belt, your baby will not fall down since it is safe and secure.

12. Minimalist Scandinavian Rocking Chair

unique rocking chairs

Here is a simple, functional, comfortable rocking chair to sit on. It comes with a soft material that acts as padding. Moreover, this item is made of durable wood with an ergonomic armrest design. You should not miss this elegant yet minimalist rocking chair, so get it now!

13.  Mainstays Outdoor 2-Person

unique rocking chairs

It is time to create a relaxing spot on your porch by putting a unique rocker on it! This 2-person wooden rocking chair will be an excellent choice for that. It will be a comfortable place to sit while spending your leisure time on the weekend. Since this chair can accommodate 2 people, let’s invite your spouse or child to sit together and sip a coffee or tea. Oh, what a great weekend!

14. Rocking Lounge with Canopy

unique rocking chairs

Imagine if you can lay down on a relaxing rocking chair outside. It will be an excellent experience, right? Then, why don’t you get this rocking lounge with a canopy to add to your backyard? This model comes with an integrated roof to protect you from the sun! 

In addition, this chair offers space that fits for 2 persons. And so, you can lay down together with your spouse after swimming or just enjoy the day by chit-chatting or reading a book in the shade.

 15. Adirondack Rocker Chair 

unique rocking chairs

Looking for unique rocking chairs to add to your patio? We recommend this wooden vintage rocking chair for you. By looking at the item, you can see that it will fit your home’s rustic theme. Simple with a natural finishing look, this chair can rock smoothly. You can add this beside your fish pond, so you can feed the fish by sitting there peacefully.

16. Manton Rocker Chair

unique rocking chairs

No one can deny how relaxing and comfortable this rocking chair is. This model includes a complete set. It comes with a small stool for your leg. After working, you can straighten your legs and chill while watching your favorite series. If you want to surprise your wife, this chair will also fit her since its ergonomic design will help the new mom babysit with ease.

17. Max Brydon Rocking Chair

unique rocking chairs

Everything with a clear or transparent design will catch more attention. And so does this rocking chair. Brydon rocking chair offers you a unique experience sitting on a clear seat! And so, there is no reason not to add this to your wishlist or buy it now. 

18. Max Onarga Rocking Chair

unique rocking chairs

This item is a must-buy for a new mom. So, if your wife is expecting, you can surprise her with this rocking chair that can be her favorite spot while babysitting or breastfeeding the baby later. The chair features a modern design, ergonomic armrest, fluffy padding, and a small pocket to put stuff like an AC remote or bottle milk there. 

19. Plastic Rocking Chair

unique rocking chairs

Who said a plastic chair cannot be shaped like a rocking chair? This one will rock your weekend since it proves that plastic rocking chairs exist. This plastic rocking chair fits for family gatherings or small parties since you can stack this if you have more than one. Pretty simple and useful, right? 

20. Costway 2PCS Wood Rocking Chair

unique rocking chairs

This rocking chair’s simple and elegant style will add a refreshing touch to your room or patio. Since it is made from premium acacia wood, there is no doubt about its durability and weather resistance. The high backrest will soothe your grandpa’s mood while he enjoys a cup of tea. 

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21. Mark Slat Rocking Chair

unique rocking chairs

Have a plan to add a useful and comfortable item to your child’s room? Then, you come to the right place. This slat rocking chair will make your kids smile! They will jump happily because every kid will love these unique rocking chairs! The chair comes in cherry color, so it is pretty neutral, suitable for boys’ or girls’ rooms. 

22. Storkcraft Rocker Chair

unique rocking chairs

Since this chair received the 2020 Women’s Choice Award for “9 out of 10 Customer Recommended” Baby & Kids Furniture, is there any reason to skip this one? A rocking chair for a nursery room will be loved by all moms-to-be out there. It features a complete set for comfortable and relaxing breastfeeding. And so, mom and baby can strengthen their bonding time intensely

23. Ahvianna Reclining Rocking Chair

unique rocking chairs

This rocking chair will be an excellent addition to your room that combines natural and modern design. It will fit the theme because it comes with a complete small stool as your footrest. The not-so-high backrest will be comfortable for your back. This item will become your favorite spot to relax after work. 

24. Ivy League Rocking Chair

unique rocking chairs

It will be like visiting a vintage park when you see this brown metal frame rocking chair. This beautiful piece is carefully crafted with a cutout lattice pattern and topped off with a decorative ivy pattern. The exquisite motifs trails along the top of the rocker. So, if you are looking for something useful for your small garden behind your house, this might get you covered.

25. Esters Wood Armchair Sherpa White

unique rocking chairs

This comfortable, pretty, and fluffy rocking chair will beautify the corner of your bedroom. It is stunning to look at and cozy to sit on. With a combination of wood and furry material, no mom will refuse this item as a unique present. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you have seen some of the best-designed rocking chairs on our list above, we hope that you have a better picture on what you and your family are looking for from a rocking chair. To add to your consideration, a rocking chair is no longer a piece of furniture that only our grandpas would love, obviously. Today, it can also be a useful furniture for everyone in the family. For instance, it can make a new mom feels comfortable while breastfeeding.

Even better, the perfect rocking chair can also become a nice spot for us to sit down, enjoy our a cup of coffee or hot chocolate in the morning, and read a nice book under the nice weather. So, the best way to choose the perfect rocking chair is to know exactly what your family needs and wants from the chair in terms of design, materials, as well as function.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What makes a good rocker?

The best rocker features solid, durable, and sturdy material. Although the design is pretty, if the material is not good enough, you should choose an alternative model. A premium wood, soft fabric for the padding, or sturdy steel will make a rocking chair last longer.

Which rocking chair is best?

Based on the recommendation and since it won the award, then Storkcraft Hoop White Glider and Ottoman is the best rocking chair. Best design for the new moms out there, complete set with a small stool to straighten the legs so that the blood circulation flows better, and adorable design. So, it is pretty hard to beat this rocking chair. 

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