50 Cute Couples Mugs and His & Hers Coffee Cups!

We have come across some pretty interesting couples mugs. Some are full of sentimental value and others are amusing. They come in all shapes and colors to suit every mood and personality.

Couples coffee mugs add functional value to the breakfast table. Without them, how else would you get your daily dose of caffeine?

But they go a step further, particularly for lovebirds. They serve to affirm the affection that binds a couple. They break the ice in tense situations. They also offer humorous relief every morning.

No matter what you want to achieve, we have got you covered. Whether you wish to start the day on a high note or let her know you care, we have a mug for you. We have personalized couple mugs for special occasions. We also have witty mugs to get your brain gears turning every morning.

Couples Mugs:

Take a look at our romantic couples collection and choose your favourite mug!

#1 Mr Right and Mrs Always Rights Couples Mugs

Mr Right and Mrs Always Rights Couples Mugs

Is laughter the best medicine? We bet it is and these mugs will prove it. The message on them is based on fact. But the portrayal makes it easy to accept it and avoid arguing with her. It is romantic and realistic. Find Them Here.


#2 His & Hers Couples Mugs 

His & Hers Couples Mugs


The best things in life are the simplest. Buy these as gifts and the recipients will love them. The minimalist design is a guarantee they cannot go wrong. The font is romantic and to the point. The thought-out imagery is and delightful. Find Them Here.



#3 His Wild Beauty and Beast Couples Mugs Set 

His Wild Beauty and Beast Couples Mugs Set

The image choice on these couples mugs reinforces their message. Her mug carries the essence of wildness. His mug seems beastly. The concept is romantic and memorable. They offer an opportunity to reignite love’s fire. Find Them Here.


#4 Your My Jim and Pam Couples Mugs 

Your My Jim and Pam Couples Mugs

Jim and Pam have always been the greatest TV couple ever. They stand for the truth of married life. Their life is not always smooth sailing. But they still love each other to bits. These mugs help you to live that dream. Find Them Here.


#5 Personalised Mr & Mrs Couples Mug Sets 

Personalised Mr & Mrs Couples Mug Sets

Personalized gifts show thoughtfulness. These mugs make great wedding gifts. Their minimalist design makes them unique. They say a lot in few words. They will always serve as a reminder of the wedding vows. Find Them Here.


#6 His Dragon Her Wolf Game of Thrones Inspired Couple Mugs 

His Dragon Her Wolf Game of Thrones Inspired Couple Mugs

Game of Thrones enthusiasts are so easy to please. These game of thrones mugs say so much in such few words. They are delightful and would make any couple proud. Buy them as gifts or for yourself and enjoy a kick out of them every morning. Find Them Here.


#7 Say I Love You Couples Mug Set 

Say I Love You Couples Mug Set

These cute couple coffee mugs take us back into time. Before social media came to be, love still thrived. These remind us of those good old times. They are bound to make you smile every morning. Find Them Here.


#8 I Like Her Buns His and Her Mug Set 

I Like Her Buns His and Her Mug Set

Funny couples mugs are the best for diffusing tension. Who wouldn’t find them amusing? They are poetic and romantic. Their playful font sets the mood for love. They recreate the honeymoon all over every day. Find Them Here.


#9 Cheesy Couples Mug Set 

Cheesy Couples Mug Set

Language offers so much potential for fun. These mugs use a play on words to appeal to the heart. Cheese lovers will love them. So will every couple in love. The picture is harmonious and full of affection. Find Them Here.


#10 Bride and Groom Mugs 

Bride and Groom Mugs

Would you like to remember your wedding day every day? These mugs come to the table dressed. They remind you of that special day. They are creative and original. The colors are perfect and forever trendy. Find Them Here.


#11 Lips and Moustache Couples Mugs 

Lips and Moustache Couples Mugs

A man of few words will love these. They do not utter a single word. But they say all that is necessary. They are a true picture of love. The design is best for minimalists. It does not try too hard to please. That is what makes it perfect. Find Them Here.


#12 Good Morning Handsome and Gorgeous Mug Set 

Good Morning Handsome and Gorgeous Mug Set

Do you wake up all wound up? These mugs offer help before your coffee sinks in. They offer polite words of greeting and set the mood. They feature an old school design. The typewriter font is pleasant and memorable. Find Them Here.


#13 You’re Irresistible Couples Coffee Mugs 

You're Irresistible Couples Coffee Mugs

The best couples mugs are witty and amusing. This pair is full of humor. It offers a break from the breakfast monotony. No matter your mood when you get up, they will cheer you up. They are simple, romantic and playful. Find Them Here.


#14 King Queen Heart and Spade Mug Set 

King Queen Heart and Spade Mug Set

Complete your deck of cards with these mugs. They are a great gift for two in love. The colors are ideal for both genders. They put both parties in their place. If you know a couple who love polka then surprise them with these. Find Them Here.


#15 Boss and The Real Boss Mug Set 

Boss and The Real Boss Mug Set

Do you know the value of funny couples mugs? They help you create a connection. They also keep this connection from breaking under pressure. When you laugh together it is hard to remain mad at each other. These mugs offer all that. Find Them Here.


#16 Interlocking King and Queen Heart Handle Couples Mug Set 

Interlocking King and Queen Heart Handle Couples Mug Set

This is the perfect depiction of love on mugs. They fit into each other like true loving hearts. The handles are love hearts. The message is simple yet romantic. They go beyond the norm to define your relationship. Find Them Here.


#17 Catch My Love Boyfriend Mug Set 

Catch My Love Boyfriend Mug Set

His and hers coffee cups are not bound by convention. These one make no use of text. But the images do more than their share. They are funny yet witty. They will bring a smile to your face every time you use them. Find Them Here.


#18 His Mermaid Her Captain Couples Mugs 

His Mermaid Her Captain Couples Mugs

The nautical theme has always been a favorite for romantics. That is why these mugs do not need to try too hard. The mermaid is renowned for mystery. The love affair between mermaid and captain is the stuff of fairytales. Find Them Here.


#19 Stole Heart & Soul Mug Set 

Stole Heart & Soul Mug Set

This is yet another creative choice for a couples gift. The wordings are romantic. The fonts and colors are playful. The message conveys harmony and unity. The two hearts in love beat in tandem to achieve this. Find Them Here.


#20 Bacon & Eggs Couples Mugs Set 

Bacon & Eggs Couples Mugs Set


Breakfast could not be more interesting. These mugs will grace your table for eternity. Their message based on popular breakfast food is alluring. They whet your appetite for food and love. They dissolve tension with ease. Find Them Here.


#21 Leia and Han Solo Mug Set 

Leia and Han Solo Mug Set

Do you love Starwars? If so, you will love these mugs. These cute couple coffee mugs are hilarious. Nerdy couples would love them as gifts. They melt your heart every morning. They cheer you up for the gloomiest days. Find Them Here.


#22 Bad Hombre and Nasty Women Mug Set 

Bad Hombre and Nasty Women Mug Set

When you have been together a long time, little is new. You have said all you need to say over the years. You know her true colors and she knows yours. All that is left to have a good time is get some laughs. These funny couples mugs offer that. Find Them Here.


#23 Milk and Cookies Mug Set 

Milk and Cookies Mug Set

Breakfast is served. These mugs complement each other like milk and cookies. Do you? Here is a reminder to keep you on the right track. Every time you see the mugs, you will remember your duty to your better half. Find Them Here.


#24 Buck And Doe Couples Mugs 

Buck And Doe Couples Mugs

Animals have a way of injecting good cheer. They light up dull days and appeal to the heart. These couples mugs go a step further. Their design is nature-inspired. The buck and does are fitting symbols of love. Find Them Here.


#25 Happy Wife Happy Life Mugs 

Happy Wife Happy Life Mugs

When you are both happy then all is well. These mugs celebrate that truth. They also have a humorous twist. When the wife is happy, the household is happy. So keep her happy by all means. She holds the key. Find Them Here.


#26 Better Together Couples Mugs 

Better Together Couples Mugs

When you love someone, a single word is all you need. These unique couple coffee mugs each bear that word. They are a true couple in every sense. Their message would not make much sense when separated. Your life shouldn’t either. Find Them Here.


#27 We Belong Together Couples Coffee Mug Set 

We Belong Together Couples Coffee Mug Set

The whole family would love these. They are unique and beautiful. They paint a perfect picture of harmony. They work well together to portray true love. The animation chosen is fitting. They would make a great gift. Find Them Here.


#28 Couples Pizza Mugs 

Couples Pizza Mugs

You can never go wrong with pizza. It has always been the perfect treat. Pizza lovers who also love each other would appreciate these. Every piece counts to make the whole. The whole is what makes the treat worthwhile. Find Them Here.


#29 I Like His Beard and Her Butt Couples Mugs 

I Like His Beard and Her Butt Couples Mugs

These inappropriate couples mugs set the bar high. They bring a cheesy smile to the face. Their color contrast is captivating. The fonts are also different. Everything about them depicts two different people united in love. Find Them Here.


#30 Mama Papa Bear Mugs 

Mama Papa Bear Mugs


This adorable set of mugs offers a lot of romantic value. They could be perfect as an anniversary gift. They might also do a great job gracing a wedding. Whatever the occasion, they offer romantic potential and lots of cheer. Find Them Here.


#31 He She Swiped Right Couples Mugs 

He She Swiped Right Couples Mugs


Are you looking for a novel way to celebrate your engagement? Start with these Tinder-inspired mugs. They will keep the excitement burning. Every morning will feel like the first. And you will live in love forever more. Find Them Here.


#32 Mr and Mrs Heart Buck And Doe Mugs 

Mr and Mrs Heart Buck And Doe Mugs

Nature-inspired designs are the best. The buck and doe are all-time favorites in the theme of love. They are graceful and offer so much potential. These ones twist into love hearts to celebrate your love. So cheer them on. Find Them Here.


#33 From My Heart to Yours His and Hers Valentine Coffee Mugs 

From My Heart to Yours His and Hers Valentine Coffee Mugs

You don’t have to struggle this next Valentine’s day. Get these mugs as gifts and watch the reaction. The couple on them is delightful. The blushing girl appreciates the guy’s efforts. He enjoys this and keeps the hearts flowing. Find Them Here.


#34 Lord and Lady Nerd Couples Mug Set 

Lord and Lady Nerd Couples Mug Set

Nerds too can have a blast with romantic mugs. Celebrate your union in style with this pair. The text is straightforward and bound to appeal to a nerdy heart. The minimalist design makes them ideal as gifts. Find Them Here.


#35 Mom & Dad Fox Set of 2 Coffee Mugs 

Mom & Dad Fox Set of 2 Coffee Mugs

Pictures can say a thousand words. Imagine the power of text and image combined. These funny couples mugs are full of meaning. They will cheer you up and keep your charm alive. They flatter and amuse and have a personality. Find Them Here.


#36 Mr and Mrs Xmas Mug Set 

Mr and Mrs Xmas Mug Set

Do you remember your first Christmas with your better half? If not, here is a way to make the next one memorable. These mugs inject good cheer into every day. They will remind you of the blessing of family. Find Them Here.


#37 Shes a Catch and Hes a Keeper Couples Mugs 

Shes a Catch and Hes a Keeper Couples Mugs

When you finally find the one, you want to do everything to keep them. These mugs get inspiration from a favorite series. They give all Harry Porter fans a novel way to celebrate their love. They also keep the love of Quidditch alive and burning. Find Them Here.


#38 Forever Always Mug Set 

Forever Always Mug Set

These mugs are simple yet elegant. They are amusing and memorable. Their message is simple and direct. Anyone who values few words will love them. So go on and get them for your friends. Help them say it all in a word or two. Find Them Here.


#39 Catch My Heart Coffee Mug Set 

Catch My Heart Coffee Mug Set

At times its best not to ask why lovers do what they do. The spell of love makes you do crazy things. Yet every time she pours her heart into the lake, he will catch it. Isn’t that the epitome of romance? These mugs celebrate such love. Find Them Here.


#40 Soul Mate Couples Mugs 

Soul Mate Couples Mugs

There are so many ways to communicate your soul mate status. This is one of the most brilliant. Red is romantic and fitting. The font spells love. And the mugs complement each other to make a whole. They are memorable and fun. Find Them Here.


#41 Yes Put a Ring on It Couple Mugs 

Yes Put a Ring on It Couple Mugs

Celebrate your engagement in style with these couples mugs. They might reduce the waiting period before the wedding. They are simple yet full of romance. Forget about cards. Give these mugs as gifts and the couple will love them. Find Them Here.


#42 Trick and Treat Couples Halloween Mugs 

Trick and Treat Couples Halloween Mugs

Halloween is another excuse to celebrate love. These Halloween mugs bring the celebration to life. They take trick or treating to a new level. If you plan to have some fun this Halloween and keep the memories, get these mugs. Find Them Here.


#43 Interlocking Hubby & Wifey Couples Mug Set 

Interlocking Hubby & Wifey Couples Mug Set

Interlocking couples mugs paint love perfectly. When you see one, you will lookout for the other. This is the kind of love we all wish for. It might at times seem like a dream though. These mugs are a first step in the right direction. Find Them Here.


#44 Beauty and Beast Couples Mugs 

Beauty and Beast Couples Mugs If your husband is a fitness enthusiast and you are into beauty, these mugs define you. They portray your personalities in a creative package. They will grace the breakfast every morning and get you off to the right start. Find Them Here.


#45 You Complete Me Valentines Mugs 

You Complete Me Valentines Mugs

These coffee mugs are ideal for gifting your lover. They turn a special occasion into an opportunity to celebrate love. They complement each other and convey fitting symbolism. The colors are captivating and the idea simple. Find Them Here.


#46 Hubby and Wifey Enamel Camping Mugs 

Hubby and Wifey Enamel Camping Mugs

When you love the outdoors, you dream of finding a like-minded partner. When you do you have every reason to celebrate. These mugs suit that purpose. The colors are ideal for that context and the message is straightforward. Find Them Here.


#47 His Coffee Her Coffee Couples Mugs 

His Coffee Her Coffee Couples Mugs

How much do you love your coffee? If you love it enough to assign labels read on. These funny couples mugs define your territory. They remind everyone to stick to their lane. They offer an amusing start to your day. Find Them Here.


#48 I Am Yours You Are Mine GOT Couples Mugs 

I Am Yours You Are Mine GOT Couples Mugs

Looking for a gift for a Game of Thrones fan? This is it. The mugs carry a significant message for any couple. Fans and enthusiasts would enjoy it a lot more though. Give them a memorable gift to celebrate true love. Find Them Here.


#49 Love You Mugs 

Love You Mugs

These mugs will always be trendy. They will keep your love fresh and energized. They will always remind you of the vows you made. They are the recipe you have been searching for. They will keep it burning till the end of time. Find Them Here.


#50 Custom Made Mr and Mrs Couples Mugs 

Custom Made Mr and Mrs Couples Mugs

How about a custom mug set for a couple you love? Unlike gift cards, they won’t discard or forget these mugs. They will be present at breakfast every morning. The message they hold will always be close at hand as a reminder. Find Them Here.


Are you newly married or seasoned in love? Are you celebrating an anniversary? Or are you looking for a way out of the dog house? Our list of options has the perfect couples’ mugs for all such events and lots more. If there is something romantic to be said, we make it easy for you. We help you pass your message every morning of every day. So choose your mug and get it said creatively.

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