36 Spooky Gifts for Halloween Lovers – Best Halloween Gift Ideas

Looking for a way to make this the most spook-tacular year yet? With the right eye-popping Halloween gifts, you can get all the Halloween lovers in on the hauntingly fun season.  Here are some of the most scream-worthy and enchanting gifts for Halloween lovers to leave them spell-bound.

From creepy Halloween home decor, funny apparel and jewellery to unique Halloween gift baskets and delicious edibles we have featured all the best Halloween gifts for Halloween lovers you can buy.

Gift Ideas for Halloween Lovers

#1 Personalised Halloween Gift Basket – Gifts for Halloween Lovers

Personalised Halloween Gift Basket - Gifts for Halloween Lovers
Personalised Halloween Gift Basket

Nothing says happy Halloween like a gift basket full of all things Halloween-y. Drawing inspiration from Harry Porter, the set has a ton of ghoulish stuff for that special someone.

From dead man soap and spooky tattoos to pet ghosts and spells, it’s everything a true fan could dream of.

#2 Plague Doctor Bird Mask 

Plague Doctor Bird Mask - Gifts for Halloween Lovers

Is anyone feeling sick? How about getting your friend to help prevent the spread of the plague by turning them into the raven doctor?

With this steampunk mask on, they will be sure to bring the scares to every check-up.

#3 Mini Chocolate Pumpkins – Gifts for Halloween Lovers

Martin's Chocolatier Halloween Milk Chocolate Pumpkins Chocolate Gift

Nothing could be more scary-delicious than a box of jack-o-lantern chocolate minis. Whether you get them for your favorite trick-or-treaters or for the friend with a sweet tooth, they will be a sure hit!

#4 Nightmare before Christmas Halloween Gift – Jack Skellington Rolling Pin 

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For the horror movie buff in your life, the Jack Skellington rolling pin would make the ideal Halloween gift.

Not only does will it look great on the kitchen shelf, but it will also make unforgettably cute cookies. Make your recipient the ‘Pumpkin King’ at least for a day.

#5 Backyard Bat Hanging Sculptures 

Backyard Bat Hanging Sculptures

Complement that Halloween fan’s décor with these unbelievably adorable bat sculptures. Made using copper, the critters are ornately detailed and will make great hangings for any space.

This is one gift that will keep giving way past the creepy season, drawing attention all year long.

#6 Haunted Spa Gift Set – Halloween Gift for Women 

Haunted Spa Gift Set - Halloween Gift for Women

Turn her bath time and dress up into a treat with this thoughtful Halloween gift for women. It comes in a cute, themed orange and black box with a cobweb ribbon.

The inside is even more alluring with haunted and batty tub teas, a bath bomb and bath salt. Add a witch hair clip and bat ornament to the mix and you have a winner.

#7 Black Cat Halloween Necklace 

Black Cat Halloween Necklace - Gifts for Halloween Lovers

Allhallows Eve is far from complete without a black cat in the mix. For an extra touch of creepiness, this particular comes on a witch’s broom. It makes a great pendant for a simple chain, turning it into one of the best Halloween gifts for a girlfriend.

#8 Strangers Sack Mask Gifts for Halloween Lovers

Strangers Sack Mask - Gifts for Halloween Lovers

Another one for the movie buffs, this sack mask will certainly wow a spooky friend. Not only does this creepy mask make a unique gift it will also send some chills down everyone’s spine. What a way to make this the most memorable season yet!

#9 Here for the Boos Halloween T-Shirt 

Here for the Boos Halloween T-Shirt - Gifts for Halloween Lovers
Here for the Boos Halloween T-Shirt

Here is one of the funniest Halloween gift ideas for a booze-loving friend. The hilarious pun on booze and the little ghost holding a wine glass makes these funny Halloween T-Shirts irresistibly adorable.

And it comes in lots of happy colors to match your recipient’s tastes.

#10 Spider Pumpkin Holder 

Spider Pumpkin Holder - Gifts for Halloween Lovers

Add an extra dose of creepy to your recipient’s jack-o-lantern collection with these innovative spider holders. They may keep the spirit alive all year round, or replace the pumpkins with plants whenever they want to. What a great choice for some season nostalgia.

#11 Jason Voorhees Halloween Bracelet 

Jason Voorhees Halloween Bracelet

Do you have a friend who cannot get enough of Friday the 13th? If so, this Jason Voorhees bracelet would make one of the spookiest gifts. It may look like any other men’s beaded bracelet out there, until you come across the creepy slasher’s masked face.

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#12 Rae Dunn Inspired Halloween Mugs 

Rae Dunn Inspired Halloween Mugs - Gifts for Halloween Lovers

Add these Halloween mugs to a friend’s Sleepy Hollow collection and they will be eternally grateful. They not only make great spooky gifts for the themed collection. But they are also functional and will add tons of visual interest to the breakfast table.

#13 Halloween Couples Sweaters 

Halloween Couples Sweaters

Give your favorite couple an Allhallows Eve upgrade with these cute jack-o-lantern sweaters for couples.

The lady is particularly adorable, with curvy eyebrows and all. Together, they make the best matching gifts for Halloween lovers.

#14 Witches Brew Cauldron Shaped Mug 

Witches Brew Cauldron Shaped Mug

For that special someone who loves to conjure up a mean cup of coffee, here is the perfect season mug. Whether they want to cast spells in the office or at home, this cute cauldron of witches brew has got them covered.

#15 Creepy Cerebral Candle 

Brain Candle

Your favorite horror lover could certainly use this grey matter candle in their collection. Imagine how spine-chilling it will be to watch the macabre candle melt away.

What a perfect treat for that friend who is obsessed with the Walking Dead.

#16 Ouija Board Halloween Gift 

Ouija Board Glass Chopping Board complete with rubber feet. Halloween, Gothic Theme, Halloween Decor

Give a friend a direct line to the netherworld with one of the best Halloween gifts ever, an Ouija board. Made using birch plywood and sporting a stained finish, it is both great-looking and highly functional.

#17 Horror Fan Chocolate Gift 

Horror & Halloween Fans Chocolate Gift Set – Axe, Saw Blade, Nails & Skull Gift Box

Cute Halloween gifts for your girlfriend don’t come any creepier than this! Picture the look on her face when she unwraps the package to find a Axe, Saw Blade, Nails & Skull

The horror! Surprise, surprise, it’s all chocolate!

#18 Halloween Towel 

Halloween Towel

Add an enchanting touch to your kitchen décor with this delightful towel. It has everything a fan could ask for, from bats and ghosts to pumpkins and witches’ hats. The waffle weave is a bonus that makes it perfect for kitchen use.

#19 The Devil’s Gumdrops – Glow-In-The-Dark Halloween Dice Set 

Glow-In-The-Dark Halloween Dice Set

Set fire to a friend’s Allhallows eve party with these delectable treats. Drawing inspiration from Dungeons and Dragons, the set is as spooky as it can ever be. Bats, filigree designs and other season symbols make it perfect for party night.

#20 The Gourmet’s Smoking Cloche 

The Gourmet's Smoking Cloche

Any cocktail connoisseurs in your life? How about a gift that will infuse their October 31st party drinks with smoky flavor? And the fun does not have to stop that night. Make every night a party night with this distinctive choice.

#21 Skull Halloween Candles 

Skull Halloween Candles

These cool candles will make awesome conversation pieces all year long. In addition to infusing a touch of spookiness to your recipient’s space, they will offer lots of functional value too! additionally they make a great gift for skull lovers.

#22 Couples Matching Disney Halloween Hoodies 

Couples Matching Disney Halloween Hoodies
Couples Matching Disney Halloween Hoodies

The only thing cooler than dark and spooky, is dark, spooky and whimsical. These matching couples hoodies bring the best of both worlds in every essence. And it does not hurt at all that they are stylish and elegant.

#23 Halloween Prop – Realistic Human Ripped Out Eyeballs 

Halloween Prop - Realistic Human Ripped Out Eyeballs

We all have that one friend who never gets tired of playing practical jokes. Add these realistic props to their collection to get an instant invite to their next on-season party.

What a cool trick to scare all guests away so you can have all the treats!

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#24 Halloween Wreath 

Halloween Wreath

Halloween gifts that last well beyond the season are a great way to wow a friend. With this whimsical wreath, you get to add to their season collectibles set and to their holiday décor.

it is an exciting statement piece that will look as great indoors as it will outdoors.

#25 Pumpkin Carving Set 

Pumpkin Carving Set

Everyone loves a well-crafted jack-o-lantern but creating one is easier said than done. For the creative soul in your life, this pumpkin carving set will go a long way on making the dream a reality.

It features 16 fun patterns to try out and pro tips to help the friend along.

#26 Creep Smile Latex Halloween Mask 

Creep Smile Latex Halloween Mask

What makes this one of the best Halloween gifts is its lifelike look. For the friend who loves to scare the daylights out of others, it makes an unbeatable choice. Its brand of black humor is to die for.

#27 Trick or Teach Shirt – Gifts for Halloween Lovers

Trick or Teach Shirt - Gifts for Halloween Lovers

You cannot teach an old dog new tricks, but you can give the teacher in your life this unforgettable treat. The trick or teach tee is one of the best Halloween gift ideas for teachers.

It will put them in the best mood and spread good cheer all year round.

#28 Halloween Baseball Caps 

2 Pieces Halloween Unisex Baseball Hat Adjustable Embroidery Baseball Cap Halloween Pumpkin Face Baseball Hat

There is no end to the potential of baseball caps when it comes to Halloween gift ideas. You can get them to say anything you need to get that special someone to smile.

you can get one for each of your friends.

#29 Scary Peeper – Gifts for Halloween Lovers

Scary Peeper - Gifts for Halloween Lovers

Is there a Peeping Tom in your life? Surprise them with the ultimate gift choice, a peeper! Thanks to its simple yet eerie concept, they can use it to scare everyone over and over again. This is a gift that will really keep giving, on- and off-season.

#30 Skull Bowl (Food Safe) 

Skull Bowl (Food Safe)

With this Halloween gift, you will definitely knock the socks off your recipient. It holds the potential to make every meal super special with a touch of the macabre. Every true enthusiast would die for this!

#31 Spooky B*tch Key Ring 

Spooky Bitch Acrylic Keychain | Ghost Acrylic Keychain | Friendly Ghost

Looking for a super creepy gift to spook her up? Get her this adorable key ring and you will be doing much more. make it perfect for the occasion. And it has tons of functional appeal too.

#32 Horrorville Halloween Sign 

Horrorville Halloween Sign

Give your horror-loving friend’s space an eerie upgrade with this innovative sign. The reducing population and splatter of blood tells the whole story. And you can add a name to make it special.

#33 Halloween Decor Stained Glass Window Hanging Vampire Bats Set 

Stained Glass Window Hanging Vampire Bats Set

Themed décor pieces like these vampire bats make the best Halloween gifts for true fans. They are the perfect set to add a feel of horror to their space. Made using stained glass, they also happen to be elegant conversation pieces.

#34 Rose Sugar Skull Wind Spinner

Canodoky Rose Sugar Skull Wind Spinner

Apparently, exchanging candy and chocolate on Halloween looks very mainstream. How about giving a creepy yet artsy gift to your Halloween lover’s friends? Even though it features a skull, the design is alluring and will absolutely captivate everyone who visits your home.

#35 Halloween Bubble Bath Bomb

Halloween Bubble Bath Bomb for Kids with Surprise Halloween Squishy Toy Inside by Two Sisters Spa

This gift will be great to your fellow Halloween lover’s mate who already has a kid. This Halloween-themed bubble bath bomb will give their child a bathing sensation that is both fun and scary. A special Halloween character toy hidden in this bath bomb can only be revealed when submerged in water. They will be so excited to have such a surprise!

#36 Flameless LED Candles for Halloween

3 Pieces Halloween Flameless LED Candles Battery Operated Wax Candles

Help your Halloween lovers’ friends to decorate their Halloween-themed home by giving these fascinating LED pumpkin candles. These candles will adorn their home and provide a spooky atmosphere for Halloween. They are flameless so that your friends don’t have to worry about whether they will set their house on fire or not.

What are the best and spooky gifts for Halloween? 

1. Rose Sugar Skull Wind Spinner – Shop Now!

2. Flameless LED Candles for Halloween – Shop Now!

3. Halloween Bubble Bath Bomb – Shop Now!

4. Rae Dunn Inspired Halloween Mugs – Shop Now!

5. Jason Voorhees Halloween Bracelet – Shop Now!

6. Here for the Boos Halloween T-Shirt – Shop Now!

7. Haunted Spa Gift Set – Halloween Gift for Women – Shop Now!

8. Black Cat Halloween Necklace – Shop Now!

9. The Devil’s Gumdrops – Glow-In-The-Dark Halloween Dice Set – Shop Now!

10. Halloween Prop – Realistic Human Ripped Out Eyeballs – Shop Now!

With the above collection of Halloween gifts, you have the perfect combo of fun and creepy. Make it the most memorable one yet for the people you care about.

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