36 Best Men’s Steampunk Costumes & Outfits You Can Buy

Men’s steampunk costumes offer a great opportunity to capture the Victorian era in all its elegance. Whether you are looking to attend a renaissance fair or a medieval themed wedding, a steampunk costume will make it all the more memorable. However, coming up with unique steampunk costume ideas can be an uphill task. With so many themes to choose from, you might find yourself in a rut trying to settle on one that reflects your personality.

With that in mind, we have combed the web to bring you an amazing collection of mens steampunk clothing for sale to make your pick. Regardless of your choice of character, from pirate or adventurer, to the scientist or aristocrat, we have you covered. So, read on to discover some of the most outstanding men’s steampunk costume ideas to make you a hit at the event.

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What Does Steampunk Style Mean?

Steampunk is basically a fashion inspired by the romantic side of the Victorian era with the industrial side of that era. Steampunk fashion consists of tops, pants, accessories in jewelry, sticks, makeup, and hairstyles that depict the Victorian era.

BEST Men’s Steampunk Costumes

#1 Men’s Black and Gold Steampunk Costume

Men's Black and Gold Steampunk Costume

Putting together the ultimate steampunk look should be easy as pie with one of these outfits. A pair of striped pants, a fancy fabric Victorian vest and a flowing shirt blend perfectly to bring out the dapper gent in you.

Whether you are looking to attend a renaissance fair or cosplay event, this is one of the best men’s steampunk costumes to showcase your unique style.

#2 Victorian Steampunk Wild West Vest 

Victorian Steampunk Wild West Vest

All you need is definitely an attention-grabbing mens steampunk vest to complete your Victorian look. There is no need to look any further because you just found the perfect item right here!

They say the devil is in the details and that much is evident from this piece. Keen attention to detail makes it the perfect specimen to make you stand out and send you back in time.

#3 Spectacular Mens Black Leather Steampunk Tailcoat Jacket 

Spectacular Mens Black Leather Steampunk Tailcoat Jacket

Based on the Edwardian era, this leather jacket is among the most outstanding men’s steampunk costumes out there. Featuring a true classic design, the jacket is undoubtedly the ideal reflection of sophistication.

For the gentleman who wants nothing but the finest things in life, then we must say that this is the ultimate choice. So strut your unique style with grace and panache, and you will be sure to turn all heads your way.

#4 Men’s White Lace Steampunk Pirate Shirt 

Ahoy Matey! Looking to play the role of a pirate or a buccaneer at the next costume event? Well, with one of these pirate shirts on, we can assure you that you will be the hottest cavalier everywhere you go.

Sporting a distinct Elizabethan flair, this is one of the coolest men’s steampunk costumes for you. It can be a great way to show off your taste and also personality. Moreover, don’t forget to match it up with the right attitude, and you’ll be good to go.

#5 Mens Steampunk Military Tailcoat 

Mens Steampunk Tailcoat Jacket Regency Gothic Tailcoat

Take a trip back to the dawn of the steampunk revolution with one of the most recommended men’s steampunk costumes for men. It has a gold braiding detail on a black cotton canvas fabric, which gives it an elegant edge.

In addition, we also love the 13 military style buttons as they adorn the front serving both an aesthetic and functional role. What a great way to celebrate a passion for the military life!

#6 Victorian Men’s Shirt and Pants 

Victorian Men's Shirt and Pants

Showcase your medieval style at the next renaissance festival with this Victorian pants and shirt set.  A lightweight breathable fabric in a flowing design makes the shirt both comfortable and visually engaging.

In addition, you can also add the simple suspenders to complete the look. Also, remember to add a spring of confidence to your walk and then you might just bag an award for best dressed participant.

#7 Mens Victorian Steampunk Jacket 

Mens Victorian Steampunk Jacket

Transform your look instantly with this eye-catching steampunk jacket. With one of these, dressing up for a steampunk costume event can actually be a breeze.

Not only does it look great, but it also has what it takes to keep you comfortable all day long. Moreover, its captivating appeal also makes it impossible to miss without necessarily being too elaborate.

#8 Steampunk Commander’s Jacket 

Steampunk Commander's Jacket

Add a classy twist to your mens steampunk outfit with one of these classic jackets. Oozing elegance from its every detail, the jacket commands attention and gives you an instant makeover.

The choice of black adds to the look of sophistication and also makes it easy to accessorize as well. Also, with the right steampunk costume accessories, we know without a doubt that you will be a hit at the event in question.

#9 Gentilhomme Jacket 

Gentilhomme Jacket

It is not every day that you get to show off your gentlemanly style. But with this costume on, we are pretty sure that you will get to achieve that and so much more.

A top-of-the-range fabric and professional execution makes it a beauty to behold. Whether it is meant as a medieval costume or even for everyday wear, its high visual appeal will definitely make you the center of attention.

#10 Mens Steampunk Zipped Punk Jacket 

Mens Steampunk Zipped Punk Jacket

If you happen to live, breathe and eat steampunk, then we have no doubt that this zipped jacket was made just for you. Featuring a distinct combination of grey and coffee, and bronze detailing, this is definitely a wearable work of art.

A weathered look adds to its aesthetic appeal making it an instant winner for fan favorites of the style. So what are you waiting for? Spread your love for the punk scene in style.

#11 Green and Gold Victorian Vest 


Looking to transport everyone around you back to the Victorian era? If you are, then this vest is your best bet at getting it right the first time. As for us, we have to say that we love the vibrant blend of green and gold as it gives it instant allure.

Moreover, the high quality of the fabric and distinct pattern also make it perfect for recreating a different place and time.

#12 Men’s Organic Cotton Sigil Motorcycle Burner Jacket 

Men's Organic Cotton Sigil Motorcycle Burner Jacket

Surprise the Gothic man in your life with the ultimate badass burner look. Solid coffee wash is the color of choice, which makes it a perfectly suitable choice to match the concept.

Featuring six pockets, two of which are hidden under the shoulder straps, the jacket is made for adventure. Moreover, the zip-off hood also adds to its convenience, making it all the more appealing choice of jacket.

#13 Stripe Button Flap Front Steampunk Tapestry Pants 

Stripe Button Flap Front Steampunk Tapestry Pants

When it comes to men’s steampunk costumes, often the hardest part is getting the pants right. But with this pair of tapestry pants, we can assure you that it no longer has to be a concern.

Everything from the stripe pattern to the flap front and button detailing takes you back into time. Also, we love how the lacing gusset at the back completes the look, and makes them easy to put on and take off.

#14 Ivory Lace Steampunk Rogue’s Waistcoat 

Ivory Lace Steampunk Rogue's Waistcoat

Nothing beats a mens steampunk waistcoat when it comes to creating a memorable medieval look. Not only will this piece add a touch of elegance, it will also add a great element of sophistication to your look.

Moreover, we also think that will also guarantee an authentic look that speaks volumes about a bygone era. Plus, the color choice and fine detailing make it a true statement piece for the gentlemen in the house.

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#15 Distinguished Gentlemen Steampunk Outfit 

Distinguished Gentlemen Steampunk Outfit

Bring out the nobleman in you with one of the most outstanding mens steampunk outfits yet! If you are looking to catch the attention of a fair maiden, then this is the way to go. This one is truly one of the most recommended men’s steampunk costumes to pick!

Every detail about the outfit screams aristocracy, making it a great choice for the court gentlemen amongst us. Plus, the top hat and governor cane are also great additions that make the look complete.

#16 Red and Black Steampunk Victorian Lapeled Gentlemen’s Vest 

Red and Black Steampunk Victorian Lapeled Gentlemen's Vest

Looking for a way to become a hit at an upcoming black tie event? We have the perfect choice for you right here. This impossibly elegant vest is the simplest way to make that happen.

A high quality fabric with an irresistible color combination and pattern are among the highlights of its design. In addition, all that you need is a vintage pocket watch and you will be a focal point at the event.

#17 Men’s Black Steampunk Pirate shirt 

Men's Black Steampunk Pirate shirt

Have you always dreamed of being a pirate sailing the open seas while swinging a cutlass? If you have, then it is time to breathe life into that fantasy with the ultimate steampunk pirate shirt.

As one of the simplest men’s steampunk costumes on his list, simplicity is at the core of the design, and could in fact be the most captivating aspect of it. Not to mention the black lace and the silver skull pattern that adorns the sleeve make it truly authentic.

#18 Royal Blue Linen and Black Swallowtail Steampunk Pirate Wedding Jacket 

You do not have to wait till the next masquerade party to pull off this look. This time around, why not add some pizzazz to your dull wardrobe and cheer the world up every once in a while?

Alternatively, you could also spice up your look with it during at a pirate-themed wedding party. No matter where you choose to wear it, you will be the talk of the day.

#19 Brown and Black Tooled Faux Leather Gentlemen’s Steampunk Vest 

Brown and Black Tooled Faux Leather Gentlemen's Steampunk Vest

If you decide to pull off a gentleman’s steampunk look, then let’s be sure to take it all the way with one of these vests. What makes it special is definitely the choice of material, which is a combination of tooled faux leather and Dupioni silk.

Also, the brass buttons and a pocket watch on the left side show keen attention to detail, which is a key aspect of the Victorian gentleman.

#20 Mens Steampunk Adventurer Outfit 

Mens Steampunk Adventurer Outfit

Get into character as a Victorian-era adventurer by wearing this steampunk costume, which we think is one of the most adorable men’s steampunk costumes. One of the key highlights of the iconic look is that it could perfectly fit in any time period.

Striped pants and a matching top hat with goggles, together with a host of other steampunk costume accessories make it a great pick for any event.

#21 Steampunk Burning Man Festival Pants 

Steampunk Burning Man Festival Pants

For a more whimsical steampunk look, you might want to try the the burning man festival pants. Loaded with lots of fun details, the pair will instantly give a transformative and stylish touch to your look.

The perfect blend of polished and rustic is a great choice for taking you back to the dawn of the industrial era. Moreover, we also think the fabric choice will offer a cozy feel all through.

#22 Men’s White Steampunk Dandy Shirt 

Men's White Steampunk Dandy Shirt

Embrace your fashionable side with the stylish dandy pirate shirt. Evocative of a time period when men were as fashion-conscious as ladies, this shirt stands for all things elegant.

The detailing on the collar and sleeves and pleats down the front add that extra something that makes it special. Therefore, let’s recreate your favorite pirate fantasy in style and make indelible memories with this one.

#23 Lancelot Medieval Jacket 

Lancelot Medieval Jacket

You cannot go wrong with the Lancelot medieval jacket for any fancy themed party. Designed to make you fit in perfectly and stand out, this jacket will definitely turn you into an aristocrat in an instant.

Be believe without a doubt that simplicity is the key highlight of the style, ensuring comfort and convenience. Moreover, for anyone who ascribes to the “less is more” concept, in our opinion, this is the perfect choice.

#24 Pewter Grey and Black Diamond Steampunk Gentlemen’s Vest 

Pewter Grey and Black Diamond Steampunk Gentlemen's Vest

Steam up a medieval festival with this dapper gentlemen’s vest. Vintage vests such as this one are a costume staple for a steampunk look. we have no doubt that it will make a great choice for a minimalist gentleman and offers an authentic reflection of the era in question, too.

Moreover, the top notch fabric choice and expert craftsmanship complete the effect making it perfectly ideal for any given event.

#25 Adult Steampunk Traveler Costume 

Adult Steampunk Traveler Costume

Will you be playing the part of an aristocratic traveler looking for some excitement beyond the confines of high society?

With one of these men’s steampunk costumes, you will be sure to enjoy a lifetime of adventure. Its muted earth tones and vibrant detailing pay the perfect tribute to the industrial era, creating a truly authentic look.

#26 Mens Hipster Steampunk Vests 

Mens Hipster Steampunk Vests

Getting the sweet spot between dapper and rugged is no mean feat. But this hipster vest gets it right on both counts and then some.

Comprising three different tones of twill, it offers quite a feast for the eyes. Adjustable side straps add to the appeal and functionality, making it easy to get a custom fit. Last but not least, the brass detailing also gives the piece a rustic feel to complete the timeless appeal.

#27 Mens Victorian Two-Piece Tan Suit 

Mens Victorian Two-Piece Tan Suit

Versatility is woven into every aspect of this Victorian suit. As one of the most flexible steampunk costumes for men, it will look as great at a wedding as it will at the office.

A pin stripe pattern, brass detailing and also the meticulous craftsmanship all contribute to its high appeal. Not to mention the stretch cotton canvas also adds comfort to the mix, makes it perfect for all occasions.

#28 Flamboyant Purple Steampunk Festival Suit Vest 

Flamboyant Purple Steampunk Festival Suit Vest

Your search for an edgy look to rock at the next renaissance faire ends here. Purple is the color of royalty and that is precisely what you will be when you wear this suit.

With convenience as the highlight of the design, adjustable straps at the back of the vest allow you to get a custom fit. Also, we need to praise the maker as great attention to detail and a professional execution make it a true tribute to the steampunk revolution.

#29 Mens White Steampunk Suit 

Mens White Steampunk Suit

No one stands a chance of beating this white steampunk look no matter the occasion. In addition to being a timeless classic, the suit offers perfect resilience for the adventurers in the house.

A streamlined design, stretch fabric, lots of pockets and waist adjusting snaps are just a tip of the iceberg. In our opinion, wearing one of these mens steampunk costumes will make you be an instant favorite.

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#30 Gentleman Steampunk Costume 

Gentleman Steampunk Costume

One of the most enduring steampunk costume ideas for men is the mad scientist look. Therefore, we think that this next item is the perfect outfit to pull it off.

With the perfect mash-up of the industrial era and modern science, this look will have you conducting unscientific experiments in minutes. Most importantly, it will make you the star of the show.

#31 Men’s Black & White Striped Steampunk 2-Piece Victorian Suit 

Men's Black & White Striped Steampunk 2-Piece Victorian Suit

If you have created a reputation for always being sharply dressed, then here is the ultimate Victorian suit to keep up the image.

Not only will it be in keeping with your sophisticated personality, but it will refine you further as well. After all, life is all about first impression, and this elegant suit is the way to make yours count in Victorian style.

#32 Mens Two-Piece Steampunk Costume 

Mens Two-Piece Steampunk Costume

Do clothes really make the man? If this steampunk costume is anything to go by, then they certainly do. Offering an instant makeover, we have no doubt that the suit will turn you into a dapper Edwardian gent with the snap of a finger.

Refined in every respect, it speaks volumes on aristocratic sophistication and taste for the finer things in life.

#33 Green Crysthanamum Silk Brocade Steampunk Gentlemen’s Vest 

Green Crysthanamum Silk Brocade Steampunk Gentlemen's Vest

The easiest way to stand out at a medieval festival is by getting your costume colors right. Therefore, we think the beautiful contrast between green and maroon is spot on, and will definitely get the job done.

And to make it all the more outstanding, silk is the fabric of choice for the elegant piece. Plus, it would make the perfect addition to your wardrobe and come in handy for steampunk festivals year after year.

#34 The Pirate Dressing Steampunk Costume

ThePirateDressing Steampunk Victorian

Turn your time back into the Victorian era in this pirate’s steampunk costume. It has a removable front bib with a vintage button accent that adds a classic impression to this costume.

In terms of additional accessory, make sure you don’t forget to add a round black hat that matches the maroon top, because we think your cool look will be incomplete without it. So, interested in being a man of this era?

#35 Novelties Colonial Costume

Forum Novelties unisex-adult Adult Ruffled Colonial Costume Shirt

This is definitely one of the best steampunk costumes you’ve ever seen! Inspired by the colonial era, this long-sleeved costume features distinctive ruffle accents on the front and cuffs.

Short trousers are also worn as a complement to long socks. In addition, don’t forget the colonial-style hat with gold stitch details on the brim as the will enhance your look.

#36 Jack The Ripper Steampunk Costume

Jack The Ripper Costume

You may have heard about Jack The Ripper, a mysterious murderer back in the 1800s. Although still a mystery to this day, these steampunk costumes are a glimpse of this terrible man.

A combination of a robe with red stitching details, a button-accented vest, trousers, and a magician’s signature hat perfectly make this costume a creepy yet great choice for Halloween celebrations. As for accessories, you can buy long sticks to make your appearance look convincing.

Final Thoughts

Once in a while men would love to look different, and wearing steampunk costumes can be a great choice for that. For special costume events or Halloween, wearing steampunk costumes can also be a great idea, which is why we decided to create this cool list for you.

From unique medieval vests to stripe pants, we have everything you need to create an excellent steampunk appearance. You can thank us later after you enjoy being the center of attention, because with the perfect costume, all eyes will be on you!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you choose the right steampunk costume?

When choosing a steampunk costume, consider the occasion, the level of detail you want, and your personal style preferences. You can choose from full costumes, including jackets, vests, trousers, and accessories, or select individual pieces to build your own unique look.

What are the examples of steampunk style?

Here are five examples of steampunk fashion:

1. Adult Steampunk Traveler Costume 

2. The Pirate Dressing Steampunk Costume

3. Flamboyant Purple Steampunk Festival Suit Vest 

4. Red and Black Steampunk Victorian Lapeled Gentlemen’s Vest 

5. Pewter Grey and Black Diamond Steampunk Gentlemen’s Vest 

Whether this is your first time to the Renaissance Faire or another steampunk event, this comprehensive list of men’s steampunk clothing should have you covered. Be sure to match the look with a fitting attitude and you will definitely take the day.

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