27 Men’s Anime Costumes for Guys That Love to Cosplay

For men or guys who are into all about anime, cosplay exhibitions, Halloween parties, or costume events are the perfect moments for them to ‘become’ their favorite anime characters. So, we pretty much understand if they will try their best to wear the perfect costumes and wow everybody. If you are one of those guys, we can understand if choosing the best costume is not an east thing to do. With so many options of men’s anime costumes out there, it can also spend a lot of time to find the best one.

However, it’s good that we bump into you in this article, because we have created a list of 27 most recommended and coolest men’s anime costumes for you too choose from. Each costume combines elements of visual appeal with the compelling stories of the characters behind them.

As such, they offer a unique opportunity to breathe life into your favorite fantasy. Whether you are looking for male cosplay ideas for beginners or for more seasoned enthusiasts, we have got you covered!

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BEST Men’s Anime Costumes

#1 Afro Samurai – Afuro Samurai Anime Costume 

Afro Samurai - Afuro Samurai Anime Costume - Men’s Anime Costumes For Guys

Let’s start the list of men’s anime costumes with this cool item. If you are looking for a minimalist yet elegant anime cosplay costume for guys, then we would say that the Afro Samurai would be your best bet. Simplicity is evident in every aspect of the design and yet it has what it takes to make an indelible impression.

Afuro, better known as Afro Samurai, is an extremely talented swordsman. Following the traumatizing experience of seeing his father decapitated before his eyes, he grew up vengeful. He has spent most of his life avenging his father’s blood. His costume comprises a headband, Japanese folding shirt and baggy pants, which are frayed at the edges. Strut his style in confidence with the perfect replica of his costume.

#2 Naruto Shippuden Anbu 

Naruto Shippuden Anbu - Men’s Anime Costumes For Guys

For a more intriguing look, why not try one of these amazing men’s anime costumes? If you feel more inclined towards the dark side of anime, then this is the ideal choice for you! The Anbu literally means the dark side, and its Japanese long form refers to the Special Assassination and Tactical Squad. They are a team of talented ninja who operate as covert marksmen.

Naruto is one such ninja who as an adolescent seeks his peers’ recognition and dreams of becoming leader in his village. His costume combines high-quality leather and sintepon and consists of a vest, hands protection and a mask. For Naruto fans, this is one of the best picks!

#3 Kaname Kuran Vampire Knight Anime Costume 

Kaname Kuran Vampire Knight Anime Costume - Men’s Anime Costumes For Guys

Showcase your sense of style and love for cosplay with one of these anime costumes for guys. It is ideal for the men in the house who are known for their impeccable fashion tastes. And the best part about it is that the character behind it has a pretty inspiring story, too.

Kaname Kuran is a pureblood vampire and head of one of the remaining seven pureblood families, the Kuran. He is at least 10,000 years old and was among the vampires’ progenitors. He is lean and tall, and loves to dress formally. So, attend the next cosplay event in style dressed up in his full night class uniform and relish the attention it gets you!

#4 Kurama Kigu~ Kyuubi Tailed Beast From Naruto Anime Costume 

Kurama Kigu~ Kyuubi Tailed Beast From Naruto Anime Costume

Looking for a more whimsical yet highly inspirational anime costume? The Kurama Kigu Kyuubi is one of the best male anime characters to bring to life. The Kyuubi refers to an Aragami that can evoke the nine-tailed fox, hence the name. Kyuu is “nine” while bi means “tails.” In spite of its interesting appearance, it is a deadly foe, fearsome in battle.

Wearing this bright orange onesie inspired by the character will make you the highlight of the event. It comes complete with the beast’s nine tails and shows great attention to detail. With this costume, we think that you will have fun inspiring fear into the hearts of mortals around you.

#5 Kirito Anime Costume 

men's anime costumes

Try out the Kirito anime costume for a look that will make you the star of the show! If you love to operate as a solo player, then the character behind the costume is your perfect anime identity. Kirito is short for Kirigaya Kazuto, a character who was born as Narusaka Kazuto. He got the privilege of being one of a thousand selected beta testers for Sword Art Online. Thereafter, he became one of the 10,000 players trapped in the game.

Since then, he has been operating as a solo player, with temporary team stints to aid other players. In that sense, since he looks great in his tasteful black long-sleeve coat, we do believe that so will you!

#6 Boku no Hero Academia Todoroki Shoto Cosplay Costume 

Boku no Hero Academia Todoroki Shoto Cosplay Costume

Are you a fan of Boku no Hero Academia? If so, how about one of these Shoto Todoroki anime costumes? This is undoubtedly one of the coolest men’s anime costumes for you. When it comes to pulling off a striking appearance, few costumes hold as much potential as this one.

It comprises a navy blue jumpsuit with a regular belt, a shoulder belt and bracelets. To complete the look, you might want to get the hair and face right as well. Shoto has short hair, split between white and red, reflecting his quirky side. He also sports a characteristic marking over his left eye imprinted there by a childhood burn. And remember, the devil is always in the details, so get his attitude right as well and you’ll be good to go!

#7 Gintama – Takasugi Shinsuke Cloak 

Gintama Takasugi Shinsuke Joui Vr Cosplay Costume

One of the best men’s anime costumes of all time is Takasugi Shinsuke’s coat. It hits the sweet spot between simple and elegant, promising comfort and visual appeal in equal measure. It is a long black coat lined with violet, featuring gold detailing to match his hair color and personality. Born and raised in a low-class Samurai family, Takasugi has worked his way to his current position.

Disillusioned with his wealthier and stronger peers, he starts training to become a better Samurai. When his teacher Shouyou is later killed, Takasugi lives for the sole purpose of destroying Japan to avenge the murder. If you are a true fan of Takasugi, then you must spend a day in his shoes wearing this amazing costume.

#8 Roman Torchwick Handmade Cosplay Jacket 

Roman Torchwick Handmade Cosplay Jacket - Men’s Anime Costumes For Guys

Charm the world around you with the Roman Torchwick cosplay jacket. Showcasing his gentlemanly personality and flawless sense of style, this coat will enhance your natural charisma. His red-lined white suit with black detailing has what it takes to bring out the dapper gentleman in you! All you have to do to complete the effect is emit his devious charm and own the look.

The character behind the jacket, Roman Torchwick, is a fun character to cosplay. On the one hand, he is also a charming gentleman, while on the other, he is a ruthless criminal. If a double personality comes naturally for you, then we do think that this is the perfect look!

#9 Shaman King – Ryunosuke Umemiya Cosplay Costume 

Shaman King Ryunosuke Umemiya Cosplay Costume

Here is the perfect opportunity to show off that perfectly toned body in one of the best anime costumes for guys. Umemiya Ryunosuke is not only very muscular, but he also sports a unique look.

But what makes him even more outstanding is the exaggerated hairstyle he sports, with a goatee and sideburns that end in spikes. The best part about this costume is that it has everything you need to pull of the look! We can definitely say that this is one of the coolest men’s anime costumes to pick.

#10 Academia Yo Shindo Anime Cosplay Costume 

Academia Yo Shindo Anime Cosplay Costume  - Men’s Anime Costumes For Guys

What’s the point of having a well-sculpted body if you cannot show it off? Male anime costumes inspired by Yo Shindo offer you the opportunity to do precisely that! His costume comprises a gold-colored jaw guard covering his cheeks, black plates on part of his chest and arm guards. In addition to this, he wears a pair of black pants with a built-in belt and tucks them into black boots. This leaves out his mid-riff region, showcasing a perfectly toned six-pack!

Though he appears to be friendly, this is merely a façade to disguise his calculating and sneaky personality. Shaggy up your hair and wear a sinister smile to complete the effect of the costume!

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#11 Darker Than Black Hei Cosplay Set 

Darker Than Black Hei Cosplay Set

Have you ever envisioned yourself as the Black Reaper after a particularly engaging episode? Well, we are glad to tell you that here is your chance to live the dream with the ultimate Hei anime costume for guys. Hei is human but thanks to Contractor powers, he is a formidable force to reckon with. His day to day life involves taking on different personas as a member of the Syndicate.

The darker than black anime costume will allow you to spend a day in his life as a Contractor. Comprising a long black coat and a pair of masks, the set comes complete with a wig and gloves, which we believe with make the perfect the look.

#12 Youri on Ice Victor Cosplay Set 

Youri on Ice Victor Cosplay Set

Your cosplay collection is far from complete until you add one of these cool anime outfits for guys. Victor Nikiforov is considered one of the top male cosplay characters for good reason. He is an accomplished figure skater, choreographer and coach. After winning numerous consecutive titles in Europe, Grand Prix finals and even World Championships he is considered a legend.

In addition to his achievements, he also has magnetic charisma and is very flirtatious. Wearing one of these body-hugging costumes inspired by his character, you might get some of his magnetic appeal.Not to mention that you will enjoy reflecting his free-spirited and carefree attitude at least for a day.

#13 X/1999 Full Cosplay Set 

X/1999 Full Cosplay Set

Take a trip to the end of the world with this inspiring cosplay set. Based on X/1999, the set comprises a long bright red coat with a belt, a pair of black wings and a wig. X/1999 tells the story of Kamui Shiro, who together with other superhuman individuals, converge in Tokyo to fight the battle of Armageddon.

In spite of being a young esper, he grows into a powerful hero and protector of those near and dear to him. If you are a true fan, then wait no more and pick this one fast! Get in on the action by wearing this complete costume as well as his attitude and defend the world against the forces of evil.

#14 Anime Manga Darling Cosplay Costume 

Anime Manga Darling Cosplay Costume - Men’s Anime Costumes For Guys

Everyone wants to stand out and be the star of the show at cosplay events, which we believe including yourself. Here is the best way to be the center of attention without having to budge a finger. Darling in the Franxx Zero Two costume for men will place you in the limelight from the moment you strut in.

It comes as a complete set comprising a red top with black and white detailing, a pair of black pants, a pink wig and also a head band with horns. So what are you waiting for, harness the full power of her hybrid character and you might just bag an award for best anime outfit.

#15 Naruto Hatake Kakashi Anime Cosplay Costume 

Naruto Hatake Kakashi Anime Cosplay Costume

Among the most elusive fantasies for all anime lovers is to gain the expertise of talented ninjas. Fortunately, you can enjoy being one of the best ninjas of all time with this costume. Kakashi Hatake is one of the most highly renowned ninjas. The fact that many around him regularly turn to him for advice attests to this. He is a stickler for rules and a firm believer in teamwork.

His costume comprises a pair of navy pants and matching top, with a jungle green jacket. On this set, you will get everything you need to walk in his shoes for the day, including a pair of gloves and mask.

#16 Monokuma~ Danganronpa Onesie Costume 

Monokuma~ Danganronpa Onesie Costume

In case you have made a reputation for wearing unique cosplay outfits, it might be hard to retain the title year after year. Well, that is why we are here! And here is an outfit you can be sure no one else will think about!

This onesie turns you into Monokuma, the stuffed robotic bear who features in Danganronpa. Everything about his appearance matches with his split personality. His one half is white and resembles a teddy bear while the other is black and has a sinister look. Meticulous attention to detail brings the concept to life on this costume. Have fun playing his split personality and scaring everyone witless!

#17 Syaoran Li Tsubasa Anime Fantasy Costume 

Syaoran Li Tsubasa Anime Fantasy Costume

Wondering what costume to wear during Halloween? Fans of cosplay will definitely love one of these mens anime costumes. As one of the most mysterious anime characters of all time, Syaoran Li, offers an interesting character to cosplay. And his costume is just as interesting and mysterious as he is.

It comprises a shirt, dress coat and cape, all in captivating hues. The cape is a striking blue hue with a black lining while the faux suede dress coat sports golden tracery. Take a trip into your favorite fantasy world wearing one of these unique and timeless costumes.

#18 Fullmetal Alchemist Anime Cosplay Uniform 

Fullmetal Alchemist Anime Cosplay Uniform

The only thing better than getting the perfect cosplay outfit, is getting a matching set of them for yourself and your friends. If you are looking for a harmonious look to rock together with friends for your next cosplay, then we highly recommend you to pick the Fullmetal Alchemist uniform as it makes a great choice.

This set comes with a complete costume for Olivia Armstrong, Roy Mustang and Maes Hughes. You could also choose to have any other character included. And if you would rather choose just one of the outfits for a unique, individual look, you could pick out a favorite from the lot.

#19 Naruto Sasuke Uchiha Anime Costume 

Naruto Sasuke Uchiha Anime Costume - Men’s Anime Costumes For Guys

A compelling story is just as important as visual appeal in the cosplay costume you choose. Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto offers equal measures of both and then some. He is among the last surviving members of his clan and his life revolves around avenging his clansmen by killing his older brother.

In order to do so, he must polish his ninja skills and he does everything in his power to make that happen. But fate has other plans for him as he later finds out. A great story comes with one of these anime costumes for guys, and guess what? You can get a taste of his adventures firsthand by wearing it!

#20 Anime Trainer Costume Hoodie Cosplay Set

Anime Trainer Costume Hoodie Cosplay Jacket Gloves Hat Sets

Pokémon fans should not miss this costume. You can be an Ash Ketchum with this one. Dress up and bring your favorite Pikachu doll or you can dress up your dog or cat with a Pikachu costume as well. Do not forget to take a great pose as you are the best Pokémon trainer during the cosplay. Take this costume set and you are ready to gotta catch ‘em all!

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#21 Scouting Legion Cosplay Costume

Home Halloween Fashion Cloak Cape Hooded Jacket Scouting Legion Freedom Cosplay Costume Clothes

Be the best personnel of the Scouting Legion to get freedom in the world outside. This costume is suitable for you who want to get a simple yet meaningful costume set, making it one of the simplest men’s anime costumes for those who love simplicity.

Complete with the Wings of Freedom badge on the back. Now, you are ready to investigate the titans and explore more about the world.

#22 Eraserhead MHA Hero Shota Aizawa Cosplay Costume with Scarf Belt

miccostumes Men's Eraserhead MHA Hero Shota Aizawa Cosplay Costume with Scarf Belt

If you are looking for a character in which you do not have to strike a great pose, then this one is definitely the answer. Although this is one of the collest men’s anime costumes on this list, the costume is simple enough to wear, and the scarf belt will also add the surreal look for you who cosplay as Shota Aizawa.

Since Shota often looks fatigued, then, you can do a pose effortlessly but still catch the attention of others. In our opinion, this is probably not just the coolest, but also one of the most recommended men’s anime costumes to pick.

#23 Tanjiro Cosplay from Demon Slayer

Tanjiro Cosplay from Demon Slayer

Cosplaying as Tanjiro from Demon Slayer anime would be a good choice for you who want to have something simple but impactful. You just need to wear his iconic checkered kimono uniform. You might also need to apply a little bit of makeup to mimic the scar on Tanjiro’s forehead.

The whole costume set also includes Tanjiro’s earrings, belt, samurai pants, and legging. For a more accurate look, do not forget to bring a replica sword, Tanjiro’s main weapon against demons. You should also wear Japanese wooden sandals and memorize his sword stances, especially if you would like to have more immersive cosplay.

Tanjiro has earned his spot as Demon Slayer’s main protagonist thanks to his resilient character and his love for his cute half-demon sister, Nezuko. If you have a female partner who also loves cosplaying, you should ask her to dress up as Nezuko for a matching costume. Halloween or anime convention would be yours to conquer!

#24 Kaneki Cosplay from Tokyo Ghoul

Kaneki Cosplay from Tokyo Ghoul

For guys who prefer darker costumes, the we recommend you no other than this Kaneki’s outfit from Tokyo Ghoul series. Kaneki is one of the most interesting anti-hero characters, and perhaps the edgiest of them all. After all, as a ghoul, Kaneki would need to eat human flesh to sustain himself.

Yes, Tokyo Ghoul’s story revolves around cannibalism. It’s very dark, scary, and often heartbreaking. Hence, we believe that Kaneki, as the main character of the story, would make an excellent cosplay material.

You will need to wear this costume set that consists of the iconic ghoul mask, black jacket, and short pants. Also, you should also wear a high boot and white wig to complete the look. Do not forget to dye your nails black for an extra dark vibe.

#25 Edward Elric Cosplay from Full Metal Alchemist

Edward Elric Cosplay from Full Metal Alchemist

Since we have mentioned Full Metal Alchemist before, now it’s time for you to cosplay as the series’ main protagonist. Follow the tale of Edward Elric and his little brother, both alchemists, in their adventure to seek the Philospher’s stone. It’s a masterpiece!

If you are also a fan, you can cosplay as Edward Elric using this very accurate costume. The set includes Edward’s long-sleeved red coat and his black uniform. It also comes with white gloves and black pants, too. For an impressive Edward’s cosplay experience, we would advice that you wear a blond wig and buy a pocket watch as well. So, do the alchemy pose and have fun!

#26 Bakugou from My Hero Academia

Bakugou from My Hero Academia

As you might have noticed, our list has already mentioned several characters from the My Hero Academia series. Now, here is one more! The manga/anime has a lot of characters with fun designs. So, it’s no wonder that we highly recommend them. Yet, this Bakugou’s fiery cosplay costume is perhaps the most unique one!

You can mimic Bakugo’s style with this costume set. The whole set includes every accessory that you will need to cosplay as him. It even includes his iconic giant gauntlet hand guard. There is also a headdress that is supposed to represent fire, Bakugo’s power. Ask your friend to dress up as Deku and you two can pretend to fight as they have the most heated rivalry in My Hero Academia.

#27 Roronoa Zoro Cosplay from One Piece

Roronoa Zoro Cosplay from One Piece

Roronoa Zoro from One Piece would make an easy but fun cosplay for adults! To imitate his looks post-time-skip, you will need to wear this costume set featuring a green kimono and red sash. You may also want to wear his iconic golden earring that has three pendants.

Since Zoro is a swordsman who has the Satoryuu fighting style, you will have to carry three katana swords. Of course, we do not recommend you to bring real blades, some replicas would suffice. Zoro has many iconic that you can mimic for fun. For accurate cosplay, apply some makeup to replicate the scar on his eye.

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Final Thoughts

Given the rich storyline and interesting designs and concepts on these men’s anime costumes, you might now be spoilt for choice. Make your pick or picks to add to your existing collection and spice things up during upcoming costume parties.

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