25 Highly Recommended Unique Fountain Pens You Can Buy

Fountain pens are unique and distinctive compared to other stationery in general. The uniqueness and distinctiveness of the pen give off a luxurious impression. After all, they are only used on special occasions.

This retro pen is a writing device that applies water-based ink to paper through a metal nib. An internal ink reservoir inside avoids the need to dip the pen in an inkwell during use. The pen works by gravity and capillary actions, which draw ink from the reservoir to the nib. Due to the unique mechanism, the results of the of the handwriting are distinct from other stationery. In fact, it creates a unique and distinctive writing style.

You will normally only use this type of pen on special occasions, like contract signing or inauguration. Such pens can also make a good gift as well. And so, we have summarized 25 unique pens that are highly recommended to be used as stationery for special occasions or gifts. Here’s what it says.

1. Silver Lacquer Fountain Pens

Silver Lacquer Fountain Pens

Some occupations, like being a secretary, require unique pens that are able to demonstrate craftmanship. This silver lacquer pen might reflect that requirement. Made with silver lacquer, this pen looks opulence. As a superb secretary, you should consider having this one in your stationery collection.

2. Rosewood Fountain Pens

Rosewood Fountain Pens

The Rosewood pen is perfect for those who have high regard and interest in nature. This refers to the unique material used in the fountain pen frame, which is made of wood. In case you have a coworker who is celebrating a special day and is a nature enthusiast, this pen would be a great gift for him.

3. Majohn’s Pens

Majohn Fountain Pens

Simple does not imply low cost. There is a Majohn fountain pen that appears to be extremely simple to some people, however, make no mistake, the pen’s uniqueness is tough to be ignored. The uniqueness is that this bullpen is easy to carry anywhere as a tool for your work.

4. Customized Fountain Pen

Customized Fountain Pen

Another wooden bullpen, although this one is different from the previous one. The distinction lies in the possibility of customizing the pen by engraving a name on it. This uniqueness will help the customized pen be always safe because it is not easily confused with other people’s pens.

5. Vintage Fountain Pens

Vintage Fountain Pens

Vintage lover’s pens should check this one out! Vintage items are always worth more than other items. As a vintage lover, your coworker will definitely appreciate this pen. This vintage fountain pen will give some strong elegance and class to whoever holds it.

6. Supernova Fountain Pens

Supernova Fountain Pens

This unique pen with a brightly colored case, the Supernova, would add a splash of color to your stationery collection. With a design like this, this model is perfect for your younger relatives who love trendy design. In addition to being unique, the supernova pen design will make your relative’s day more colorful.

7. Rose Fountain Pens

Rose Fountain Pens

The Jinhao pen offers a vintage design that creates a different ambiance in your stationery collection. The rose fountain pen would look excellent as a decoration too. Moreover, the authentic looking tip would offer a distinctive handwriting style.

8. Fountain Pens Set

Fountain Pens Set

When you need budget-friendly pens for an official occasion, this fountain pen set is a good choice. It consists of three pens that will help you to save your budget.

9. Gentleman Fountain Pens

Fountain Pens

Here is a pen that every gentleman should have. The Gold desgin shows that this pen is not only a gentleman but also accentuates the luxury. Anyone could present this gentleman’s pen as a gift. The lucky recipient of this unique pen will certainly not be disappointed.

10. Stainless Fountain Pens

Fountain Pens

Here is a pen by Zebra that would offer an ergonomic design. It is a stainless pen that provides premium features. A fountain pen with the characteristics of anti-rust is in high demand because it must be long-lasting. The longevity will allow anyone who has this unique pen to treasure it forever.

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11. Visland Pens

Fountain Pens

Golden desgin are always a good choice when you need a dedicated pen to sign important contracts. The Visland brand has unveiled a pen edition with gold embellishments similar to ancient Egyptian embellishments. A pen-like this might also be perfect for your old friend who has recently been promoted to general manager.

12. Plastic Fountain Pens

Fountain Pens

Despite the fact, that it is made from plastic, this plastic fountain pen is as good as the stainless steel ones. JinHao has been able to demonstrate his existence as the creator of a superb pen thanks to his extensive experience. The flawless design makes this item a unique gift for your little brothers.

13. Skyline Fountain Pens

Fountain Pens

You will need a fountain pen for official signature ceremony. For the special occasion, the skyline pens offer a unique option. This item’s color is so impressive that it may be used on formal ocassion. Gift one to your father as a father’s day gift!

14. Dryden Fountain Pens

Dryden Fountain Pens

Refilling a fountain pen can be troublesome if you do not have the ink catride. Fortunately, the Dryden’s fountain pen offer a solution. The reason is that every purchase of a Dryden fountain pen comes with 24 ink cartridges consisting of 12 black and 12 blue inks. This package will ease users in their activities with the pens.

15. Parker’s Pens

Parker Fountain Pens

Parker Fountain Pen has a long history as a great stationery manufacturer. So, the quality of the Parker’s pen does not need to be explained at length. In case you want to award your older sister a memorable pen, this Parker’s product is the way to go.

16. Beiluner Fountain Pens 

Beiluner Fountain Pens

A silver stainless fountain pen is already widely common on the market today. Nonetheless, Beiluner’s pen stands out from the crowd of stainless silver pens. Beiluner anti-rust has a different material to its competitors’ pens, making Beiluner’s pen extremely durable and tough.

17. ZenZoi Fountain Pen

ZenZoi Fountain Pen

ZanZoi is already well-known for being the developer of a uniqu pen. Brand Zenzoi recently offered its product in the form of a matte black pen set with a nib made from Schmidt. This combination creates an excellent performing pen, which you might acquire as a gift for your boyfriend.

18. Calligraphy Fountain Pens

Fountain Pens

When your sweetheart is a calligraphy artist, this calligraphy pen is a unique gift to surprise her. Each calligraphy artist will enjoy using this pen to create beautiful calligraphy. In fact, calligraphers will have an easier time to detail their work with this high-quality calligraphy pen.

19. Metal Fountain Pen

Fountain Pens

Finding a pen made of original metal material is not an easy task. Metal material for pens is much sought because it is hardy and not easily broken. A pen like this will run out quickly thus you have to purchase it immediately. Perhaps this meta pen will find its way to complement your office’s desk.

20. Schmidt Fountain Pen 

Fountain Pens

A wonderful feeling is when we are able to find a unique gift and have a luxurious appearance. Schmidt’s pen is an option for anyone who needs a unique gift to impress those with luxurious taste. The gold-colored nib material is from stainless, making this pen deserving of high praise as a gift.

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21. Resin Fountain Pen

Fountain Pens

Everyone, including fountain pen enthusiasts, expects a fresh look. A resin pen is likely to be a unique fresh alternative. Anyone who uses this pen will be soothed by the pleasant color of the alloy.

22. Italian Fountain Pens

Fountain Pens

Italy is known for the Roman Empire, which was enormous in its prime. Similarly, this Italian pen has a full gold color, as if it were from the Roman era. Anyway, your parents’ 25th wedding anniversary could be commemorated with this pen.

23. Arteza Fountain Pens

Fountain Pens

Do you require a disposable fountain pen? In case you choose the Arteza pen, you have made the perfect decision. Available assorted colors in one package, this pen is very appealing. In addition, Arteza’s pen is classified as disposable stationery thus it brings out its uniqueness.

24. Meisterstück Fountain Pen

Fountain Pens

Classic things always offer something unique in comparison to other items. Perhaps that’s what Meisterstück’s pen is attempting to offer to pen enthusiasts. In particular, this pen is better suited to be used as a collection than as a writing device because of its classic uniqueness.

25. Classique Pen

Fountain Pens

Another classic timeless masterpiece from Meisterstück is the classic 145 fountain pen. Unlike the other series, this model is equipped with a black-and-gold wrap that emphasizes the classic design. This uniqueness could be used by you as a gift for your father who was recently elevated to vice president.

Latest Post:

This type of pen is considered as fancy stationery and you do not carelessly use it. The most popular pens are the ones that has a luxurious look and is unique. The unique appearance that we mean is probably like a customized fountain pen made from wood or a Supernova pen with outer space display. Both pens could become popular because of their appearance and their rarely used materials.

What is the most reliable fountain pen?

In general, choosing a reliable fountain pen is based on who the manufacturer is. Technically, several manufacturers have reliable pens. Meisterstück, for example, has his masterpiece Meisterstück’s pen, while ZanZoi has a matte black pen. Both manufacturers have a lengthy history of producingpens, thus they may be relied upon.

What are the most collectible fountain pens?

Discussingpens which are frequently in collections could not rule out how the pen was designed. The design process must also pay attention to the material and the appearance of the final result. Referring to this fact, the Rosewood fountain pen and the Island are the two most-watched pens in the collection. The Rosewood pen with its premium wood materials and the Visland with its ancient Egyptian embellishments.

Are old fountain pens worth anything?

Vintage or antiques are always a concern of collectors, no exception for pens collectors. In this case, collectors could refer to the vintage fountain pen and rose pen owned by Jinhao. Both pens are highly sought after by collectors due to the uniqueness of the age of the pen. In addition to age, the quality is maintained as a guarantee that it will last for long.

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