25 Unforgettable 25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The 25th wedding anniversary has been one special occasion that deserves to be celebrated. In many western countries, 25th anniversaries are also often referred to as “Silver Anniversaries”, due to their radiance and brilliance.

While you might not be able to throw a big party right now, you can pick out a thoughtful 25th anniversary gifts for the happy couple. Giving special gifts to your loved ones as a little token of appreciation is probably the best thing you can do right now to make their anniversary celebration at home a little more special.

We have made a long extensive list of memorable and unique gift ideas to help your family or friends celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.  Here are the best 25th wedding anniversary gifts to celebrate this super special occasion.

1. Anniversary Gift Keychain

25th anniversay gifts

Consider something unusual and antique for your loved ones? You might consider this quarter keychain as a small gift. Made with real dollar quarters and can be customized with messages, this keychain will forever have a special place in their heart.

2. Set of Champagne Glass

25th anniversay gifts

This beautiful set of champagne glasses is the perfect gift for couples who know how to party. The custom elegant writing at the front makes it super unique, soon it will be a treasured collection in their glass drawer.

3. Roman Numerals Necklace Custom Date

Roman Numerals Necklace Custom Date

Nothing more elegant than writing your anniversary date in roman numbers. Pick this necklace as a gift for your loved ones if they prefer anything minimalist, subtle, and lowkey. Made with silver or gold, this necklace will be a nice reminder for the extra special occasion that happened 25 years ago.

4. “Married Since” T-Shirt

25th anniversay gifts

Help them to celebrate their special wedding anniversary with these super cute couple t-shirts. This will make a terrific gift for married couples who like to show it off and get well wishes from strangers. The t-shirt can be fully customized and comes in various different sizes for men and women, while the price still falls within the budget.

5. US State Quarters Ring

25th anniversay gifts

For some couples, the 25th wedding anniversary also means renewing their vows. If you are looking for something wearable, antique and personalized, you might consider giving a pair of silver quarter rings as a gift to celebrate their union. It is a double sided ring made with 90% silver from US dollars’ quarters coin. It can be customized with any year and chosen state, so it will be a pleasant reminder for the couples on where and when they get hitched.

6. New York Times Anniversary Book

25th anniversay gifts

If you know a married couple who are both news junkies, look no further because this eccentric anniversary gift will absolutely make them smile. This keepsake book will include the New York Times’ front page from the date they get married up to their 25th anniversary. The name and the date can be personalized, both will be printed in elegant gold stamps. It is indeed a touching and memorable way to celebrate such an important anniversary, as it also became a witness of everlasting love.

7. Anniversary Flower Grow Kit

25th anniversay gifts

Giving something that is related to nature will always be a good idea.  Help them honor their marriage anniversary milestones with this flower grow kit. Each set comes with soil, seeds, grow instructions and a beautiful ceramic pot. Other than looking presentable as a home decor, the flower kit also could become a good reminder that love will always grow.

8. Past, Present, Future Bracelet

25th anniversay gifts

This simple bracelet will be valued as a kind gesture. It will act as a constant daily reminder that their relationship will last in the past, present and the future ahead.

9. Engraved Decanter Set

25th anniversay gifts

For couples who love their drinks, this engraved decanter set will surely impress them. Give this gift for their 25th wedding anniversary, and we are sure that they are completely in love with it. The decanter and two glasses are etched with “Ours, Yours and Mine”, so that they can freely enjoy their spirits without their glass getting switched.

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10. Vintage Spoon Wedding Ring Dishes

25th anniversay gifts

Reaching a 25th anniversary also means that they are no longer young, so they seem to always forget where they put their things. Get this vintage spoon wedding ring dish for your beloved couples, so that they can store their new silver rings safely and visibly within their reach.

11. Couples Conversation Card Game

25th anniversay gifts

Card games are not only made for young couples; it’s also a good way to freshen up the relationship of a longtime married couple in a more fun and entertaining way. Pick this gift and it will help them spend their quality time better with zero boredom. 

12. 25th Anniversary Coffee Mugs

25th Anniversary Coffee Mugs

Interested in buying something quick, practical and easy for your parent’s 25th wedding anniversary? Choose these lovely mugs as a gift and you won’t regret it. It also comes with a pair of stirring spoons and top lids, so they can enjoy their favorite beverages anywhere and anytime they like.

13. “Really Great News” Frame

25th anniversay gifts

Giving something humorous will make 25th wedding anniversaries to be more memorable. If you are planning to do so, you can check out this frame and consider giving this as a gift. Other than having a snarky sentiment, this frame is also functional and they will be able to put any photo they want, even the funniest ones. 

14. DIY Explosion Gift/Picture Box 

DIY Explosion Gift/Picture Box 

Surprise gifts will always have a special place in many people’s hearts, including this one. For couples who love to take pictures and make memories, this will be the perfect suitable gift for them. The gift set comes with a beautiful packaging that turns into a flower shape after being unwrapped, which also makes an artsy piece of statement in their living space.

15. Calvin Klein Unisex Perfume

25th anniversay gifts

Married couples who stayed together for more than 25 years had shared almost everything. From food, bed and drinks. This also may include scents. Get this unisex perfume for your beloved couple to share.

16. Silver Anniversary Mug Set

Silver Anniversary Mug Set

Giving a mug as a gift will always be forever appreciated. Consider giving the silver etched mug to celebrate a couple’s 25th wedding anniversary, so that they can enjoy their favorite drinks comfortably, either hot or cold.

17. Chunky Knit Throw Blanket

25th anniversay gifts

Sometimes, it can get cold in the living room, especially during the winter. Get this comfy knit throw blanket for your beloved married couple to celebrate their 25th anniversary. Bring this as a gift so they can watch TV together without being worried about catching a cold, as they are getting old at this stage.

18. 4th Generation Smart Speaker

25th anniversay gifts

Help them to get through their day with this high-tech smart speaker from Amazon. This speaker is not only able to play their favorite music, but also can give any essential information they need such as weather forecast, news reports, as well as setting the alarms.

19. Homedics Foot Massager

Homedics Foot Massager

For some couples, everyday can be a tiring day with a lot of daily errands and walks to do. Get this foot massager to relax and soothe their tired feet, remembering their ages probably are not that young anymore.

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20. Sharper Image Massager

Sharper Image Massager

When people are getting old, they do need a lot of pain relief, as their muscles sometimes do not work as they used to. This heated pain relief massager will surely help them to relax and unwind for a bit after having a long day at work and taking care of the house (and kids). Buy this as a 25th anniversary gift and they will be super happy.

21. Personalized Cutting Board

Personalized Cutting Board

This might be the unusual anniversary gift that you have been looking for. Other than being functional in the kitchen, the cutting board also can be customized with messages. You are more than free to write any funny message you want for the longstanding married couple. 

22. Wooden Heart Anniversary Key Ring

Wooden Heart Anniversary Key Ring

This is a wonderful keepsake that is small and useful. Buy this key ring as a gift as a simple daily reminder on how long they have been together and always been in love. 

23. 25th Anniversary Hoodie

25th Anniversary Hoodie

Nothing better than saying congratulations on their 25th anniversary with this large, comfy hoodie. Give this to your favorite married male relatives and help them stay cozy during cold days with a little joke and pride on the side. 

24. Moccamaster KBG Coffee Brewer

25th anniversay gifts

If your favorite couples are coffee lovers, you may consider giving this elegant coffee brewer as their 25th wedding anniversary gift. With this state-of-the-art coffee machine, they can enjoy their perfectly steeped coffee at an ideal temperature in every cup.

25. Engraved Whiskey Gift Set

Engraved Whiskey Gift Set

This beautifully handcrafted gift set will surely impress your favorite couples, especially the ones who like to chug on whiskeys. Wrapped with a wooden gift box, the glasses also have customized name initials and come with a compact travel pouch. They can enjoy their whiskeys anywhere they like with style.

With all the provided ideas, it is clearly certain that now you already have some things in mind to give as a 25th wedding anniversary gift. Choose the best gift that you think will suit their personality or personal preference, even though any sentimental gifts will always be appreciated and forever treasured. Make sure the gifts will give them the reason to celebrate their long-term commitment.

Happy shopping!

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