50 Sentimental Gifts for Best Friends That Are Thoughtful

In life there are people who are always there for us, in good and bad, and we are proud to call them best friends. If you are looking for the perfect way to show them how much they mean to you, giving them gifts will always be a great idea. For this time around, you might want to consider giving them a more special gift that holds a special meaning. For that reason, let’s take a look at our list of the most recommended options of sentimental gifts for best friends that will show your appreciation and gratitude for having them in your life. After all, we all love the feeling of being appreciated and loved, and sentimental gifts will give us the chance to pass on that feeling.

Whether it’s their birthday, anniversary, special holiday or simply a random day, these meaningful and sentimental gifts will be sure to brighten up their days and warm their hearts. We have put together a list of the most captivating sentimental gifts for best friends that show your thoughtfulness in the most beautiful way. There is the art-inspired gift for creative types and charming necklaces for accessory lovers. Moreover, we also have matching clothes for fashion enthusiasts and funny gifts that will give them a good laugh.

Regardless of your best friend’s personality and preferences, we have everything that will cheer them up. So let’s grab a seat and enjoy our collection of the ultimate list of the most meaningful friendship gifts.

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BEST Sentimental Gifts for Best Friends

#1 Funny Candle Scents & Personalized Candle Scents

Funny Candle Scents & Personalised Candle Scents

A personalized scented candle will always make one of the best sentimental gifts for best friends. That’s why we put this adorable personalized scented candle on on top of our list. Being a personalized item, this scented candle offers the opportunity for you to add a special message for your lovely best friends.

In terms of functionality, we all know that scented candles can create a certain calming ambience to any room. It will make your friends feel relaxed after a hectic day, and will keep them calm and fresh in the morning, too! Also, candles can add a warm and bright touch to their personal space as well. Choose the fragrance that appeals to them the most and makes it a meaningful friendship gift they will not forget.

#2 Personalised Docking Station Gift 

Gift for Men Docking Station

We all know how difficult it is to keep our essentials and personal belongings neat and tidy all the time. Therefore, we think your friends would appreciate a gift that can help them keep their essentials organized. Being one of the must useful and sentimental gifts for best friends, this personalized docking station offers lots of provisions to hold all their essential stuff.

It has spots for their phone plus the charging port, car keys, watches, glasses, flash disk and so many more. Also, we also think that the customization option makes it all even more special.

#3 Good Vibes Only Apparel


Show your besties how much they means to you by getting them this  “Good Vibes Only” hoodie! Since it’s a simple yet cool looking hoodie, it is definitely a unisex item that you can give to your male or female friends. You can also buy one for yourself and then wear it together while you are hanging out on weekends.

In our opinion, this hoodie will be the perfect gift to remind each other that no toxic traits are welcome between all of you, good vibes only, people!

#4 Custom Actual Handwriting & Signature Bracelets 

Custom Actual Handwriting & Signature Bracelets

Take personalization to the next level with this touching gift for your BFFs. A piece of jewelry will always be one of the most sentimental gifts for best friends. And this time, it comes as a dainty minimalist bracelet with an engraving of your actual handwriting.

The engraving is made with a deep cut method that will ensure your special message does not fade away with time. Moreover, you can also choose from gold, rose gold and silver to match your best friend’s preferences. What an adorable piece of gift for a special friend in your life.

#5 Nest Egg Necklace

Nest Egg Necklace - touching gift for best friend

Next up we have these adorable nest egg necklaces, which are among the best sentimental gifts for mom and also best friends. Each piece of this necklace comprises a sterling silver dome to host the little eggs, one for each egg.

This gift will the perfect way to show how much you treasure your friendship, which your friends will cherish it forever. Made of long lasting materials, the interior of the locket is a warm copper hue, and the exterior has a mother bird engraving to complete the symbolic effect.

#6 Best Friend Hoodies 

Best Friend Hoodies

Keep it trendy with these elegant best friend hoodies. A pair of these hoodies sports a heart shape with the phrase ‘best friend’ split between the two. With this hoodie as a gift, why don’t you take the effect a notch higher by choosing complementary colors like black and white?

Personally, we really think that these hoodies will be the perfect items to tell the world that you complete each other in a very cool way. And for your friend, it will be a very touching and meaningful gift.

#7 Personalized Gold and Black Cursive Letter for a Best Friend 

Personalised Gold and Black Cursive Letter for Best Friend - Sentimental Gifts For Best Friends

The best kinds of touching and sentimental gifts for your best friends do not come any better than this cursive letter. The cursive penmanship is just one of the many highlights of the gift. It also features a remarkable contrast between the black background and gold and white lettering.

The beauty of this gift is also enhanced by the perfect choice of the font, making it look like a piece-of-valuable-art. And most importantly, the affectionate message will be sure to touch their heart.

#8 Personalised Solid Sterling Silver Coffee Scoop 

Personalised Solid Sterling Silver Coffee Scoop

If your best friend is a total coffee head, then we have no doubt that this cute item will make a very touching gift for them. Being a valuable cute item, it features a classy solid sterling silver appearance with a leaf imprint handle. For us personally, this item looks super adorable!

To make it even more sentimental, you could add personalization in the form of a special date or text on the reverse side to make it a truly nostalgic gift.

#9 Personalized Soundwave Canvas Prints 

Personalized Soundwave Canvas Prints - Sentimental Gifts For Best Friends

Capture your tender feelings for that special friend on the sound wave canvas, which will make one of the most unique friendship gifts ever. This gift will be forever cherished and your friend would want to hang it on her bedroom wall the moment she receives it from you.

What makes it outstanding is definitely the fact that the concept of this art work creates is unmatchable, making it truly one-of-a-kind. Not to mention that it looks great and holds a lot of nostalgic value especially when distance separates you both.

#10 Just Let It Go Shirt

Disney Frozen Just Let It Go Script Tank

This simple piece of shirt is the perfect piece of apparel for a dear BFF who might have gone through a hard time in life. A sweet gift with encouraging words like “Let it Go” will be something that can make her feel a little bit better, even when you cannot be there with her. We can assure you that this gift will make a very touching gift for her.

Moreover, we would also suggest you to get this tank as a gift for a girlie best friend who loves Frozen. After all, you will never be too old to love a cartoon movie, right?

#11 Custom Engraved Gunmetal Pocket Watch 

Custom Engraved Gunmetal Pocket Watch - Sentimental Gifts For Best Friends

Pocket watch has always been a symbol of class and elegance. Based on that fact, why don’t you take advantage of its inherent appeal to create a memorable custom gift for a dear friend.

This gunmetal piece is undoubtedly one of the most appropriate sentimental gifts for your male best friend who stays with you when things go wrong. In addition, it also has the perfect blend of functionality and visual appeal, which will be perfect for a friend who loves vintage or classic design.

Personalised Paper Plane Cufflinks

If you have been best friends since childhood, you must have a lot of nostalgic memories together with your best friend. In that case, let’s celebrate that special bond and connection with these fun and stylish cufflinks. You can give this pair as a gift, which will make him ready for a formal dinner invitation or a black tie dinner.

Moreover, looking at the adorable these cufflinks look, they will be sure to bring out the child in him, which will give him plenty of reason to smile.

#13 Sentimental Handwriting Keepsake Bracelet 

Sentimental Handwriting Keepsake Bracelet - Sentimental Gifts For Best Friends

When it comes to sentimental gift ideas for best friends, we must say that only few pieces can match up to this one. This sentimental gift comes in the form of a classic-designed leather bracelet with short and sweet message based on your actual handwriting.

The leather bracelets are available in six different colors to match your friends’ personal tastes. Also, the message comes in black lettering on an aluminum plate, making it an outstanding piece of accessory to own.

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#14 Personalized Gift Box

Personalised Gift Box - Sentimental Gift for Him

If you find it hard to decide the item to make a perfect gift for your male best friend, why don’t you pick several items instead of just one? Take this box full of gifts for example. This wooden box gives you the opportunity to collect an assortment of meaningful birthday gifts for your best friend. It is appropriate for times when no single gift can express your tender feelings for them.

Imagine the look on their face when they open it up and see a collection of everything they ever wished for.

#15 Tote Bag with Leather Handles

Hope - Jute Tote Bag

You can never go wrong with this inspirational tote bag when it comes to choosing a gift for your best friend. After all, everyone needs some inspiration and cheer up from their closest friends every so often.

In our opinion, this tote bag will make a great gift for a dear friend who had been through a bad chapter in life. This bag will be a wonderful reminder that things will get better as long as we always hope for the best. Also, this tote bags can take your place when you cannot be by your best friend’s side during those days. Plus, it is stylish, thoughtful, and also meaningful.

#16 Personalized Hammer 

Personalised Hammer

For that best friend who happens to be a handyman, this personalized hammer is definitely the ideal gift option for you to pick. It will come in handy during their building and repair projects. Depending on the message that you choose to be engraved on the wooden handle, it could be a great way to cheer them up after a long, hard day on a DIY task.

#17 Personalized Family Necklace 

Personalised Family Necklace - touching gift for best friend

Best friends are families that we choose to be in our life. Therefore, they deserve a gift that symbolize their presence as our family, and we think this personalized necklace is one of the most sentimental gifts for best friends who became family, since family means everything. In terms of thoughtfulness, this necklace and the charms hold a special meaning to be cherished for good.

Each charm takes a custom color, gender outline, and size to make the necklace a truly thoughtful gift for your best friends in the world. It’s also a wonderful way to for you to give them the chance to celebrate your friendship.

#18 Personalized Fingerprint Bracelet 

Personalized Fingerprint Bracelet

Are you cracking your head up trying to choose sentimental gifts for best friends? You can sit back and relax now because this personalized fingerprint bracelet is the answer you seek. It is a dainty leather piece with an aluminum tag for personalization.

You can add their name or special message in your handwriting and your fingerprint for a custom effect.

#19 Personalized Handwriting Custom Necklaces 

Custom Necklaces

The custom vertical pendant makes this one of the most innovative and sentimental gifts for best friends when you are about to celebrate your friendship together. Ad for the charms, they were made based on your actual signature or handwriting.

The customization will not only make every piece of this necklace unique, but it also turns the minimalist necklace into a stunning statement piece. So, let’s wait no more and give your best friend a pleasant surprise with one of these.

#20 Matching Pizza Hoodies 

Matching Pizza Hoodies - touching gift for best friends

If your significant other is in fact your best friend, then these matching hoodies are the perfect touching gift for that person. They feature a delicious pizza with one piece missing on one hoodie and the missing piece on the other.

The symbolic design speaks volumes about the special connection you share. Moreover, a good hoodie will always make a great gift for both male of female.

#21 Personalised Jigsaw Puzzle Piece Keyrings 

Personalised Jigsaw Puzzle Piece Keyrings - touching gift for best friend

Celebrate a special friendship with this sentimental gift idea for your best friend. It comes as a set of keychains with complementary jigsaw puzzle pieces. This meaningful gift offers lots of functionality as well as aesthetic appeal. Moreover, the words ‘best bestie’ will be sure to cheer up both of you.

#22 Personalized Anniversary Pushpin World Map 

Personalized Anniversary Pushpin World Map

This is an ingenious gift choice for married couples who used to be the best of friends. A precious relationship like that needs to be cherished, and you can do it by gifting your significant other a.k.a your best friend for life a personalized vintage world map that holds your names and anniversary date.

It comes with 100 pins to mark your adventures together around the world. Therefore, if you both happen to have an unquenchable wanderlust, this is the ideal sentimental gift choice.

#23 Personalized Decanter Gift Set 

Personalized Decanter Gift Set

Do you have a friend who loves his glass of whisky more than any other liquor out there? Here we have the perfect idea for a sentimental gift for him. This understanding gift will be the perfect item to show how much you love your best friend just the way he is.

Moreover, this elegant whiskey decanter set allows you to engrave a custom message on every item.

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#24 Disney Best Friend T-Shirts 

Disney Best Friend T-Shirts - Sentimental Gifts For Best Friends

Do you share a special connection with your best friend based on a common love for Disney? If you do, then these trendy best friend t-shirts will make perfect sentimental tees for best friends like you two!

With such adorable contrasting colors, these tees feature cute images which are fun and adorable, just like your friendship.

#25 Personalized Family Photo Unique Monogram Album 

Family Monogram Album

Bring back the good old days to reminisce the times when photo albums ruled! We’re pretty sure that this photo album will be a very touching gift for a best friend. This is the kind of gift that has the ability to capture a lifetime of memories, in this case memories of the things you have shared together as best friends.

It comprises premium rustic wood, leather binding, and also metal hinges. To make it even more sentimental, sdd a personalized monogram engraving to make it the most memorable gift idea.

#26 Personalized Leather Toiletry Bag 

Personalized Leather Toiletry Bag

Choosing sentimental gifts for men is definitely not as easy as walking in the park. However, that’s not completely true because we have the perfect recommendation for you. There is no doubt that this personalized leather toiletry bag is the one item that every man needs.

It features a masculine look and feel, which will ensure your best friend don’t leave no essentials behind when traveling. In terms of materials, it uses cow leather to ensure a sophisticated look and timeless appeal.

#27 Personalised Fingerprint Ring 

Personalised Fingerprint Ring - Sentimental Gifts For Best Friends

These stunning yet unique rings will also be the ultimate gift that creates a unique way to celebrate a special connection between two best friends. Each ring features fingerprint engravings that guarantee each piece is one-of-a-kind.

Moreover, you can even take the customization up a notch by adding a custom message on the inside. Undoubtedly, this meaningful gift idea for your best friends is sure to excite them.

#28 Partners in Crime Hoodies Set 

Partners In Crime Couples Hoodies Set

These nostalgic hoodies are ideal to commemorate that friendship your mother kept warning you about. After all, we know that we all have those people who are not actually give a good influence to our life.

Nevertheless, they might also become the people who actually make your life so much more exciting. For those kind of friends, we highly recommend you these hoodies as sentimental gifts for them. These hoodies can be a stylish way to recollect the nostalgic old days and make new memories.

#29 Personalized Soundwave Necklace 

Custom Soundwave Birthstone Necklace Silver/Gold

Personalized sound wave necklace is one of the most recommended ideas of sentimental gifts for best friends. Aside of being a stunning piece of jewelry, this necklace also captures a special message that only the two of you can decode from the sound wave pattern.

When you both wear them close to your heart, you will keep the connection with you, and make it grow even stronger.

#30 Custom Friendship Mugs 

Custom Friendship Mugs

These creative couple mugs for long-distance friendships are a great way to keep your best friend close to your heart for always. They are a great way to keep memories of each other alive and survive the separation.

No matter how hard it is for you both to be away from each other, your hearts will remain close no matter what, thanks to the message on this set of mugs. In our opinion, the message and imagery are captivating, making the perfect start to every morning.

#31 “Let’s Have Coffee Together Forever” Spoon 

Lets Have Coffee Together Forever Stainless Steel Spoons engraved spoon

It could be that coffee introduced you to your best friend or that you enjoy a daily coffee ritual together. Whatever the case might be, this spoon will be the perfect item ti sum up your friendship in a way no other sentimental gift can.

The meaningful words and the elegant design are beautifully combined, making it a meaningful birthday gift choice for someone dear.

#32 Scratch-Off Travel Map 

Deluxe Erase World Travel Map Scratch Off World

This scratch-off travel map will make a meaningful birthday gift for friends who share wanderlust with you. This gift comes in a form of a golden map on a black background, made to perfection. With every fresh travel adventure, you get to erase a bit of gold off and enjoy vibrant colors underneath.

Also, the bottom of the map has fun info-graphics to engage your minds.

#33 Custom Made Folded Book Art Gift

Twinings of London Tea Classics Collection

Book art is without a doubt, one of the most appealing sentimental gifts for best friends who love to read. This time around, instead of giving your best friend the latest novel, why not give her a book that holds a different kind of meaning to it? Like this one, for example. It involves an artistic folding of your select message for that special someone.

This is creativity at its best and is certain to elicit affectionate memories for a lifetime. 

#34 “Today I Choose to Be Happy” Motivational Quotes Gift

Today I Choose To Be Happy Motivational Quotes Gift

Inspirational quotes can change a person’s life in a way that we can never tough of before. Based on that fact, here we have a gift of an inspirational quote in the form of a tiny ceramic charm. Also, we also think that this is one of the tiniest sentimental gifts for best friends on this list. For a friend who needs a piece of motivation everyday, this item is the perfect choice for that purpose.

When your friend is feeling down, this item bears a powerful quote that can cheer her up when she feels down. There are lots of options to suit every situation. Choose from the available quotes or get your own thoughts in writing for your best friend.

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#35 Wearable Art Wood Resin Necklace

I Combine Wood

Sentimental gift ideas for best friends are certainly not just apply for for special occasions. A gift will also make a remarkable way to make a random day special for your best friends.

For those kids of days, we think this resin necklace will become the perfect pick. It is dainty and elegant, and it will sure create a striking display. Your dear friend will immediately turn this necklace into a statement piece.

#36 Neighborwoods Map Coasters 

Neighborwoods Map Coasters

These wooden coasters create impressive depictions of your friend’s favorite neighborhood. Recreate their hometown or another treasured city as a unique and nostalgic gift. They come in sets of four, splitting the area you choose among them.

One of them has the city’s name and established date.

#37 Custom Message Sound Wave Bracelet Wrap 

Custom Message Sound Wave Bracelet Wrap - touching gift for best friend

Record a wonderful message for a special friend, and turn it into wearable art with the sound wave bracelet. The process uses laser engraving to make your message permanent and forever meaningful.

In terms of material, the blend of leather and stainless steel on this bracelet is part of the appeal, as is the artistic wrap design.

#38 Petal of Honor Sentimental Gift Set for Her 

Gift Basket for Maid of Honor Proposal

Having a hard time choosing sentimental gifts for best friends? Sit back and relax, because we have the perfect idea for you, and this soap set is your ultimate choice for that special friend.

There are multiple options available which will be allowing you to create the most suitable gift set. This set includes a scented soap, cologne, body mist, a scented candle, and also an oak soap dish among others.

#39 Healing Stone Mugs 

Healing Stone Mugs

Healing stone mugs offer visual, sentimental and amazing health benefits that will be super meaningful for your best friends.

These are ceramic mugs that contain healing minerals, which are believed to have the ability to soothe the problems away, as your friends sip on their favorite drink. Each one features a lustrous finish with inspiration from a specific healing stone. Super adorable!

#40 Personalized Sunglasses 

You can never go wrong with sunglasses. Making the perfect gifts for your cool best friends, these personalized sunglasses offer lots of customization room to turn them into the ultimate gift. They feature tea brown or grey-black lens, and UV ray protection.

To make it more meaningful, we would suggest that you engrave their name or special text on the arms, which will also inject a sentimental value into the gift.

#41 Matching Avocado T-Shirts 

Matching Avocado T-Shirts 

The matching avocado concept is a fun and memorable way to celebrate the bond between you and your vest friends. In this case, you get to pick out matching t-shirts, each one featuring one-half of an avocado. The complementary design has the two halves reaching out to complete each other. How fun and meaningful is that!

#42 Personalized Tree of Life Custom Music Box 

Personalized Tree of Life Custom Music Box - Sentimental Gifts For Best Friends

For best friends who love music, only few touching gift ideas can compare to this music box, which is why we highly recommend this adorable item as one of the best sentimental gifts for your best friends. The design of the box is astounding, and it also features the tree of life engraving on top.

Choose from a wide variety of songs to stun them to their wits end. Moreover, you could also add a custom message, a photo, or even a mirror on the inside cover.

#43 Flavors Tea Set

Twinings of London Tea Classics Collection

If your best friend is a tea kind of person, this next item might be the greatest gift for him. A flavored tea set can be enjoyed in the morning or night to help them relax. They may choose the tea based on what they need every day.

Whether to calm their mind, boost their energy, or to improve their sleep quality, a box of healthy tea packs is definitely the one thing they need. Packed with am exclusive box, you don’t need to add additional gift box for wrapping.

 #44 Pajamas Set

Avidlove Women Pajamas Set Notch Collar Soft Sleepwear

Wearing pajamas all day long on holidays is not a sin, at least for us. If you and your friends tend to be on the same page on that, then we think that giving a pajama set as a gift will be a great idea. It will definitely complete your best friend’s wish for the upcoming day off, which is to stay in bed watching Netflix all day.

Moreover, we would suggest that you buy a pair for you, too. You can then have a pajamas party or a sleep over, watch Netflix in bed, and enjoy the nigh away together. All in all, pajamas will always be a good idea for a gift.

#45 Bath Bomb Gift Set

LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Gift Set 12 USA made Fizzies, Shea & Coco Butter Dry Skin Moisturize, Perfect for Bubble & Spa Bath.

One of the best ways to have a quality time is definitely having a good bath while spoiling yourself by wearing self-care products. If you think your dear BFF needs a quality time, then you can encourage her to have her ‘me time’ by giving this set of bath bombs as a gift. All the bombs feature sweet scents that will make sure your friend feel refreshed after her quality bath.

So, give your BFF this bath bomb set that will allow her to enjoy a more colorful, fresh and sweet scented bath time. There are 12 handcrafted bath bombs for her to try, and we’re pretty sure she will love it to relax during the holidays.

#46 Premium Box of Chocolate

Premium Box of Chocolate

There is no better way to cheer your best friend than with a box of chocolate. If your soulmate is feeling down and sentimental without apparent reason lately, it might be a result of the swinging hormone. Their mood might be messed up, no thanks to that phenomenon. Fortunately, chocolate is an excellent way to remedy that.

People believe that sweet chocolate helps improve the mood because of some beneficial chemicals inside it. It triggers a good hormone that can lift up the mood. So, we recommend this premium box of chocolate that comes from the Godiva brand. The box contains 36 yummy chocolates, plenty for both of you.

#47 Compass with Uplifting Quote Engraving

Compass with Uplifting Quote Engraving

Your best friend might feel sentimental as he or she is getting antsy about the future. To help your soulmate overcome their anxiety, you can give them this compass. It will remind them that you will always have their back, whichever direction in life they’re going to choose.

The lid of the compass is engraved with a lovely quote by a philosopher, Henry David Thoreau. The compass also comes with a lovely leather pocket. It will surely make your best friend smile.

#48 The Complete Calvin & Hobbes Book Set

The Complete Calvin & Hobbes Book Set

Do you know who has the best friendship? That would be Calvin and Hobbes! The classic American comic characters now come in the form of bundled hard copies! Get the complete set and give it to your best friend, as a gift of appreciation for being the best buddy.

Nowadays, fewer people know about the story of Calvin, an adventurous imaginative boy, and his stuffed tiger, Hobbes. Both of them embark on various shenanigans that always get them in trouble. Calvin & Hobbes is a philosophical book disguised as a funny comic strip! It would teach whoever read it about friendship and wisdom.

#49 Adorable Cat Plushie

Adorable Cat Plushie

To cheer your best friend up, you might want to consider getting him or her this adorable cat plushie. It is super soft and furry, definitely something that can melt your soul mate’s heart. The plushie also has a super cute expression.

This particular cat plushie from TeeTurtle is unique and different compared to other ones. You can reverse the color, from white to black, and the expression, from smiling to series, of the cat by turning it inside out! The black cat version has a glow-in-the-dark set of eyes.

#50 Personalized Luxurious Pen

Personalized Luxurious Pen

A sentimental gift usually is very personalized. Thus, we recommend this luxurious pen that can be engraved with custom letters. You can put your best friend’s name on it or a lovely quote of up to 25 characters.

The pen, from Cross, has a premium design, featuring elegant white and some golden plating on some parts. In fact, the seller might provide real 23K gold plating on order. It is the perfect sentimental gift that would be treasured forever.

Final Thoughts

No matter the occasion or reason for celebrating your best friends, these meaningful friendship gifts will be sure to make a big impression. They will get your friendship through the hard times and ensure you never part in heart, even if you have to be thousands of miles apart. So go on, celebrate your best friend in style with one or more of these sentimental gifts for best friends.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are sentimental gifts for best friends?

Sentimental gifts for best friends are gifts that hold emotional and personal significance for the recipient and the giver. They are often items that serve as a reminder of a shared experience, memory, or special moment in the friendship.

When is the best time to give a sentimental gift to your best friend?

A sentimental gift can be given at any time, but it is often given on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays. It can also be given as a surprise, or simply as a way of expressing your love and appreciation for your best friend.

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