27 Nostalgic Gifts for Cowboys Fans

It’s been sometime now since the wild west became a huge influence in pop culture. Back then, a cowboy movie starring Clint Eastwood would dominate the cinema and be on everyone’s lips. Currently, interest in cowboys has dropped along with the emergence of superheroes. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that people have forgotten about the wild west at all. In fact, there are still lots of people who would have loved to live a life as a cowboy. Suppose you have cowboys lover’s friends. In that case, you will need some nostalgic gifts for cowboys fans to bring the cowboys era to life again.

There are various nostalgic gifts for cowboys fans out there in the market. If you are wondering where to start, we are here to help you to pick the perfect one for your friends here. From body apparel, decorations, to board games, these nostalgic gifts for cowboys fans will surely satisfy their taste. Let’s dive in!

What Do Every Cowboy Needs?

Back in the day, a cowboy needed weapons to survive and a horse as their partner. Currently, we live in a rather peaceful world, where weapons aren’t really that necessary. But cowboys still need to maintain their awesome appearance. Hence, you might want to try finding body apparel as gifts for cowboys fans.

Shirt and Accessory Gifts for Cowboy Fans

People still loved to dress like a cowboy. That’s why you can still find a lot of cowboy shirts and body apparel as gifts for cowboys fans. On this list, we got some cool shirt designs as well as interesting bags and cases that will definitely make your friend look cooler.

1. Native American Leather Jacket

gifts for cowboys fans

Cowboys are deeply related to wearing leather jackets. And if you are trying to find one, you might want to explore unique options with an amazing design. We thought that this particular cowboy leather jacket might fit the job. It’s made out of 100% genuine quality cowhide leather that ensures the best possible experience in wearing it. 

2. Overdrive Cowboy Leather Jacket

gifts for cowboys fans

Looking for a more traditional-looking cowboy jacket? Look no more because you might just fancy this bad boy! This overdrive cowboy leather jacket is made out of premium material that is suitable for different kinds of occasions. Besides that, this leather jacket can be worn by men or women!

3. Embroidered Cowboy Shirt

Embroidered Cowboy Shirt

Currently, there are lots of cowboy shirts that you can choose as gifts for cowboys fans. This particular cowboy shirt might seem a little cheerful and colorful, but that adds to the vintage vibes for the shirt. Besides, it can be used for many occasions such as leisure, work, themed parties, and others!

4. Brown Leather Cowboy Hat

gifts for cowboys fans

One leather jacket won’t make someone feel like a cowboy. And for that reason, add a cowboy hat and your beloved friend might suddenly get the idea.  If you have extra money to spare, you probably need to consider getting this beautiful cowboy hat for your friend.

5. Pink Cowgirl Hat

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Just like shirts, cowboy hats also came in different styles. It really depends on which model will suit your friend’s style. If your cowboy friend happened to be a woman and they loved colorful items, this pink cowgirl hat might be the perfect fit for them. 

6. Harness Cowboy Boot

gifts for cowboys fans

In the movies, you can clearly see that cowboys would never leave behind their boots. After all, it’s part of their signature look. If you want to help your friend in finding a cowboy boot, we thought that this Harness boot might be one of the best ones out there. This boot is indeed elastic, making it very comfy to use.

7. Cowboy Cell Phone Holster Case

gifts for cowboys fans

Back in the day, cowboys didn’t carry any kind of communication device. The main reason is caused by its technological handicap). But it doesn’t mean that present cowboys cannot have any phones! In fact, you should encourage them by giving them this stylish cellphone holster case!

8. Cowboy Leather Bags

gifts for cowboys fans

Bags are an essential item that is used to store important items for daily activities. Nowadays, people are picky about choosing bag designs too, as they also feel the need to go out in style. For your cowboy friend, we just have the right item! Take a look at this cowboy leather bag. We’re sure that they will undoubtedly love it. 

9. Leather Chest Bag

gifts for cowboys fans

Some people like to carry chest bags rather than normal bags as they are smaller in size. If your friend happened to be one of those guys, then this might do the job for them. It has a multifunctional purpose, as it can be used as a belt bag, crossbody backpack, and shoulder bag. It also has big enough space to store multiple items. 

10. Jamestown Revival x Cowboy Tee

gifts for cowboys fans

Jamestown Revival is one of the most popular modern folk duos out there. This Jamestown Revival t-shirt tries to capture their musical energy in vintage and cowboy-themed design. And so, it will be the perfect gift for your friend! Even if they haven’t heard of these magnificent musicians, this shirt might be the perfect introduction. 

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11. Cowboy Cologne Forest

gifts for cowboys fans

This item will indeed be the perfect finishing touch for a cowboy. Cowboys loved outdoor activities, so why not help them by giving out this cool cowboy cologne? With this, your friend will face their daily activities in style and with more confidence!

12. 11:11 Locket

gifts for cowboys fans

After all the vintage body apparel mentioned before, we thought it might be fitting to end it with one last vintage accessory. This time, we’d like to recommend this beautiful 11:11 locket. Although it isn’t a real working watch, this cool locket is very beautiful to be brought up. Now, your friend can travel in style as a full-blown cowboy. 

Decoration and Useful Gifts for Cowboy Fans

Being a cowboy fan doesn’t mean that you have to always dress like one. Sometimes, a person might like to collect items that are related to the wild west era. Let’s take a look at some antique stuff that you can get as gifts for cowboys fans.

13. Cowboy Ammo Box

gifts for cowboys fans

Back in the day, cowboys couldn’t forget carrying their weapons. Because to neglect to bring those might mean death to them. It’s fitting that they have an ammo box to help store all their extra ammo. This particular cowboy ammo box is a replica of a vintage ammo box that could store up to 500 shotgun ammo. Your friend would surely love this!

14. Guitar Man Wall Art

gifts for cowboys fans

An awesome home also needs awesome wall art. For a cowboy fan, this guitar man wall art might be the perfect candidate. It really gives out the vintage western vibe! Furthermore, this awesome wall art is handmade by the artist, which makes it all the more beautiful.   

15. Portable Campfire

gifts for cowboys fans

Want to feel the ol’ cowboy campfire experience from your own backyard? This portable campfire might be a practical way of doing just that. Made of recycled material, this fire pit will burn for hours without producing any smelly smoke to disturb your neighbor. 

16. Campfire Tumbler Set

gifts for cowboys fans

Cowboys liked to set up camps with their friends on their journey to visit different places. Perhaps, this campfire tumbler set will be a big help for your friend as a company during those cold night times.  

17. Outdoorsy Candle

Outdoorsy Candle

Some people don’t have the privilege to travel. In that case, if your cowboy friend wants to try and experience the outdoor world from home, you might want to consider giving out these lovely outdoorsy candles. They contain three different outdoor aromas that will make them feel as if they’re living the wild west dream. 

18. Cowboy Knowledge Poster

Cowboy Knowledge Poster

There are a lot of things to know about cowboys. Your friend might be a fan of one, but they might not have all of the information. Suppose you want to educate them a bit. In that case, you might consider to give this cool cowboy knowledge poster. Besides, it’ll look cool on their walls!

19. Cowboy Santa Figure

Cowboy Santa Figure

Ever wonder how Santa would dress up for Christmas during the wild west era? Well, wonder no more! Here, we’ve got this cute figure of Santa as a cowboy. This fantastic piece will indeed make your friend satisfied. 

20. Personalized Engraved Knife

Personalized Engraved Knife

Cowboy fans definitely loved collecting weapons as memorabilia. Therefore, we thought that you might want to consider giving this awesome engraved knife to them. Aside from having a cool and vintage design, you can also add their initials on the knife too. 

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21. Neon LED Cowboy

Neon LED Cowboy

Cowboy lovers must have the wild west atmosphere in their house. If they haven’t done that, you can help them by giving out this magnificent LED Neon Cowboy light. It can be hung in their dining room to give a more vintage vibe to it!

22. Cowboys and Horse Sculpture

Cowboys and Horse Sculpture

A horse is an important partner for a lone ranger such as cowboys. To honor that eternal bond, you can give your friend this beautifully sculpted cowboy statue. This statue is made out of bronze, which makes it elegant and cool. We’re positive that they will display it for everybody to see!

23. Rusty Door Knocker

Rusty Door Knocker

Cowboys in the wild west do not have bells as we do. If your friend would want to turn back time, you can start helping out by giving this rusty door knocker. It is specially painted to give a rusty and vintage vibe. Hence, it will fit perfectly on your friend’s door. Especially if their house has similar interior.

Cowboy Games Gifts for Cowboy Fans

Unsurprisingly, there are a lot of cowboy games for people of all ages to enjoy. These games are perfect gifts for cowboys fans, and they are fun for parties and special occasions, and they’ll definitely match your friend’s old western style.

24. Vintage Cowboy Maze Ball

Vintage Cowboy Maze Ball

This portable cowboy maze ball game is perfect for those who still like to carry games into their vacation. The rule is simple: bring the ball into the next section without falling into one of the holes. Go try it out!

25. Moustache Cow Party

Moustache Cow Party

This is the perfect game for special occasions. Your friend is definitely going to enjoy playing with this set, containing a paper game board with one paper blindfold! Truly a perfect game for western parties. 

26. Worthington Cowboys II

Worthington Cowboys II

This is a game that can be played by up to 10 people. With this game, you can get creative by making your own story. Kill your extra time with this addicting game!

27. Run, Cowboy, Run!

Run, Cowboy, Run!

To end our list, we’re going to provide you with a really cool card game. This is a card game that can be played by up to six players, where all of them must race to the finish line. But they must face difficult obstacles around the way. If your friend is up for the task, you might want to hand this as a present for them. 

Final Thoughts

What is cooler than being a cowboy? If you ask someone who loves everything about cowboys, the answer would definitely be ‘nothing’ and for that reason, giving them a nice cowboy gift is a great idea. Cowboys are known for their unique look with the iconic attire from head to toe. So, you can always pick something like a cowboy hat, shirt, pair of pants, boots, and maybe a gun replica, too!

One thing that you must remember, a horse is an important part of a cowboy because you can’t be a cowboy without a horse. So, we also suggest you to pick items that has a horse element on them, such as a horse sculpture, a book about horse, or maybe a t-shirt with a horse image on it.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What gift do you give a cowboys fan?

Cowboy fans loved western and vintage items. They might even wear retro shirts for their daily activities. On that note, we might suggest you find old memorabilia or items as gifts for cowboys fans, such as ammo box and cool posters. On the other hand, you might also try giving them leather jackets and hats for their fashion inventory. 

What should you get your cowboy boyfriend for Valentine’s day?

Cowboy loved cowboy stuff, it’s plain and simple. Even though it’s Valentine’s Day, you might still want to try and find items related to that. We might suggest you this cool leather bag. It definitely fits the criteria as a sweet present for Valentine’s while not missing out on the theme of a cowboy.

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