25 Cool Vintage Posters that Worth Collecting 

Even with the presence of digital arts and NFT nowadays, cool vintage posters still can shine even in this era. Posters considered vintage if it was made more than 20 years ago or, in other words, from the 20th century.

Cool vintage posters still attract a lot of collectors even today. These old-school artistic prints are worth collecting because of their historical value and rarity. But not just that, you can add those vintage posters as wall hangings to your room. You can combine the retro design of the old prints with your room interior to create art museum vibes.

1. Fisherman’s Paradise! 1967

Fisherman's Paradise! 1967

The 1967 tourist invitational poster is one of the rarest cool vintage posters. The poster has an artistic picture of a fisherman catching a big fish. It also features a quote that says fishermen’s paradise! The poster is in excellent condition and absolutely worth collecting. Fish lovers and art collectors should get this item.

2. Cool Vintage Ad Poster

Cool Vintage Ad Poster

Despite many big companies moving to digital marketing and leaving the old-style marketing, the cool vintage ads posters are not done yet. This beautiful item was initially made in Paris to promote Cinematheque, which refers to the movie theater in France. It features lips-shaped motifs with a soft color tone, very old-school.

3. Pulp Fiction Vintage Posters

Pulp Fiction Lose Your Mind Find Your Soul

This old-school artistic poster is made by someone who loves dancing. Even though the theme is vintage, the design is printed on high-quality paper to provide you with lasting art. It was inspired by a vintage Pulp Fiction movie. It also includes an inspiring quote that says Lose Your Mind, Find Your Soul.

4. French Liquor Vintage Posters

French Liquor Vintage Poster

This old-style poster shows a green demon holding liquor. It is an artistic ad that was designed by Leonetto Cappiello in 1906. Even though it is a vintage poster, it is still a brand new poster. Someone might want to buy liquor after looking at this poster. 

5. Japanese Plants And Frog Vintage Posters

Japanese Plants And Frog Vintage Poster

Japan is one of the best places to visit, but what if you can’t afford it yet? The best solution is to buy cool vintage posters that show how beautiful Japan is. You don’t need to google images, the vintage poster that shows the green plant and frog of Japan can be your warming up before going to Japan for real.

6. Vintage NOS Original 1970s

Vintage NOS Original 1970s

Someone takes the cool head in a denotative manner. The cool vintage posters were inspired by 1970. The design shows a zombie’s head stuck in an ice cube while the ice slowly melts. The zombie vintage poster is great for zombie lovers.

7. 70s Girls Pop Art

70s Pop Art Girls Poster

This poster shows a blonde girl wearing glasses and having curly hair. The design is very funky and soul-like. The poster was inspired by the 1970 era. The retro girls’ posters are great for anyone who admires blonde or dreams of having blonde hair.

8. Tokyo Vintage Posters

Japan Poster Tokyo

Previously, we have shown a Japanese poster that reveals its natural beauty. Now, it’s time for the metropolitan’s theme to make a grand appearance in your room! This item is one of the best-selling vintage posters in online stores. For anyone who dreams of entering Tokyo University or just wants to visit Tokyo, this poster might be a good idea as a gift.

9. Devil’s Harvest Vintage Movie Posters

Devil's Harvest Vintage Movie Poster

The Devil Harvest is an anti-marijuana movie from the 1940s. The poster of that movie shows a girl and demon embracing each other. It also displays several strong-worded slogans that describe marijuana as the devil himself. This poster will be a nice decoration for your room or a funny, ironic gift for someone who loves to smoke weeds.

10. The Overlook Hotel Cool Vintage Posters

The Overlook Hotel Cool Vintage Posters

The Overlook Hotel is one of the spookiest hotels in fiction. It is the place where The Shining took place. Now this poster uses the hotel as the inspiration. It has an excellent old-school design, great for anyone who has an immense amount of bravery. The hotel looks snowy outside, and true terror awaits inside!

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11. Fallout Shelter Vintage Posters

Fallout Shelter Vintage

The Fallout Shelter will not be a foreign title for fans of survival RPG games. It is one of the most popular video games in the world that has garnered large loyal followers. If you are a fan, don’t forget to buy this vintage-looking poster as a decoration in your room. It shows the radioactive logo from the Fallout game.

12. Antique World Map

World Map Antique Poster

Exploring the world might be the best idea to enjoy your life. These fantastic vintage posters of the world map will motivate you to achieve your dream of traveling around the world. Deliver this item to your home to bring the old-school exploration spirit.

13. Grand Prix De Monaco From 1937

Grand Prix De Monaco Poster 1937

The Grand Prix was held in 1937 at Monaco, in which the contestant must drive through 100 laps to become the winner. Manfred von Brauchitsch won that race with Mercedes-Benzes car. The cool vintage posters are designed for a Grand Prix fan who wants to commemorate that historic day.

Vintage 70s Kiss Poster

The cool vintage posters are inspired by the kiss band merchandise in the 1970s. The spider is creepy, but the design is superb. It has black, yellow, and red colors. The poster also uses premium materials and inks, providing outstanding quality.

15. World War II Navy Vintage Posters

Vintage World War II Navy Poster

The second world war is the most significant event in humanity so far. Almost every continent has a representative. Although, the second world war is popular among meme-makers and artists. The cool vintage posters depict the USA’s navy ship with superior design. It is a recruitment poster.

16. Celebrity Mugshot Poster Vintage Rock Posters

Celebrity Mugshot Poster Vintage Rock Posters

The cool vintage posters have many old-school artists from the rock band. You may know Johnny Cash because he is one of the most successful artists in this world, along with Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain, etc. The vintage poster will add an aesthetic feeling, especially if you play their old song.

17. The Beatles Cool Vintage Posters

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The Beatles are one of the most successful and famous bands this world has ever known. In 2004 and 2011, Rolling Stone acknowledged them as the best artists in the world in history. The Beatles still have many fans worldwide, so the cool vintage posters depicting them are definitely a must-buy!

18. Vintage Marvel Superhero Iron Man

Vintage Marvel Superhero Iron Man

Marvel followers, without a doubt, will need this vintage poster in their room, especially for Iron Man fans. He is one of the most incredible superheroes despite not having a superpower. Instead, he relies on his engineering prowess. He founded the Avengers to save the world, which proves his generosity.

19. Vintage Style Guitar Poster

Vintage Style Guitar Poster

Girls often love boys who can play guitar because it looks romantic for them. If you are a guitar expert or can play guitar, that’s good news. The cool vintage posters like these guitar posters are great for anyone who practices guitars who wants to decorate their rooms. 

20. Vintage Black Cat Poster

Vintage Black Cat Poster

Cats often hate water and try to avoid it at any cost. Despite that fact, this poster depicts a black cat inside a bathtub and enjoying its bath session. The poster was established in 1959. It shows a message that says, “wash your paws”. The poster is great for cat lovers, for sure.

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21. Vintage Rolex Gold Watch Posters

Vintage Rolex Gold Watch Posters

Rolex is one of the most famous and expensive watches in the world. Entrepreneurs or lawyers often wear this watch to show their charisma and who they are in terms of power and wealth. The cool vintage posters depict the Rolex watch with fish. Any watch lovers would want this poster in their room without a doubt.

22. Soviet Poster Glory

Soviet Poster Glory

The Soviets may be long gone but not forgotten. However, many people are still fans of the communist superpower. The posters have a bunch of Soviet armies that hold a weapon in their respective arms. The sign is suitable for Soviet history lovers.

23. Retro Seventies 02 Poster

Retro Seventies 02 Poster

There are many art styles, including abstracts. For instance, this poster uses that style. The variety of colors makes it one of the coolest vintage posters globally. The poster is worth collecting, especially for anyone that loves abstract painting.

24. Retro Surfer Poster

Retro Surfer Poster

Surfing is one of the most challenging sports to practice. Even though it is difficult, surfing is thrilling. Once you are better, you will ride the tide effortlessly while surfing. Along with beach ball, surfing is one of the sports that can be played on the beach. The cool vintage posters depict someone riding the wave with his surfing board. Surfers will surely buy this poster for their room.

25. US. Vintage Classic I Want To Believe

US. Vintage Classic I Want To Believe

UFOs are one of the scariest things to see if you encounter them. The “I want to believe” statement refers to the fact that they want to believe that they have seen a UFO. The cool vintage posters are great for conspiracy lovers and UFO maniacs.

Final Thoughts

For those who love the beauty of old stuff, vintage style posters will definitely attract their attention. If you are one of them or in perhaps in the process of hunting for gifts for a friend who loves vintage stuff, then you are on the right page. From music posters to those with abstract designs, we have it all. The best way to choose the best kind of posters for vintage style lovers is to know what type of vintage style they love the most. So make sure you choose wisely and see how it can make the receiver the happiest!

Latest Post:

What is the most iconic poster?

The most iconic poster is the first one on the list. This vintage poster shows a quote that invites you to come to the fisherman’s paradise. Also, it is one of the oldest posters, which came from the 1960 era.

What are the most common posters?

The most common posters are the ones that were used for movie trailers or advertorial reasons. Since it was for advertorial purposes, there is a high chance that the sign has been seen anywhere because digital marketing wasn’t the trend in the past.

Are old posters worth anything?

It depends. If you are a poster collector, then the poster is worth collecting. For those who can afford to spend more money, rare genuine vintage signs will be suitable for them. They are costly. Sometimes, It is worth it to buy the vintage one instead of buying NFT because you have the physical copy that you can enjoy.

How do I protect my vintage posters?

You can protect your cool vintage posters by framing them with acid-free materials and protective display glass. Also, you can put it where kids won’t reach it, so they can’t tear your beloved posters. In addition, don’t put it near a water source.

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